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Kingdom Hearts Mafia BBS


Like a BadLuck Absol
My Personal Intro

My original submission had a big write up which I didn’t save. The basic summary is... I am not happen with the games of this year most of the best games of last year mafia, UT and rumble have basically died. I have followed private forums of each of these games with the coinciding game owners but each time the forum lasted less and less. Mafia this year has basically sucked if you forum search mafia, you will see many failed mafia games, all from this year. Games given up on halfway. Games not even getting past the sign up phase. This has tarnished the reputation of mafia. I know however that I can finish a mafia. So I am going to finish a mafia started in 2010. That is my goal with this.


1. This game will be held in 48 hour blocks. During the appropriate phase everyone who has an action will PM their actions to me. After the 48 hour deadline I will write up the actions and post them, therefore starting the day round. That is where you vote to execute a player.

2. Ask me if you have any doubts about something you wanna do.

3. You MAY NOT say whether you are Good or Evil you may only hint at your role. You can obviously say you are good though cos I mean who would claim evil?

4. NO outside discussion of this game unless you are evil or you have been told otherwise by me. No planning attacks or revealing roles. Seriously it ruins the game. You can not trust people anyway. (by no outside discussion I mean that you can only communicate with each other in this thread)

5. If you are unsure what the roles mean, please ask first, rather than halfway through the game. As always, action choices are sent in to me via PM.

6. There is to be no rp-ing this is not classic mafia from over a year ago and any post has to be game related repeated breaking of this rule will result in penalties vote, ability or even if it is serious being modkilled!

7. No dead talking. If you are dead you are not allowed to post in this thread until the game is over. If your dead your dead you are dead for a reason so stay quiet and save everything you need to say for the end.

8. Keep it clean no flaming, spamming or excessive swearing and also follow serebii game forum overall rules. If you can’t follow these rules don’t sign up.

9. Perhaps the most important rule BE ACTIVE!!!

Game play:
First round begins:

•I post an opening Write-up signifying the start of the game and every player votes by picking one player to be lynched to start the game. We then move on to the night phase.

• Each player decides on an action and sends their PM. Anyone with ability or skill may choose to use it. The evil players decide together who they want to kill. Note: There is going to be a 48 hour limit to send in your actions. That way there's less waiting on one person. If someone doesn’t send in their action on time(3 times) their role will be re-assigned to anyone interested in joining the game.


Game Outline-

Follows the events of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, with the characters and scenes influenced by this.

EVIL- They all know each other(except Braig and Vanitus). Master Xehanort and Vanitus may communicate freely throughout the NIGHT PHASE. They win when they outnumber all the goods(Braig does not count to this total). Once every night phase Master Xehanort decides on a kill (communication with Vanitus advised) and sends it in to me.

Master Xehanort- TRIGGER ACTIVATED Master Xehanort's plan has come to fruition, Terra having lost all his friends has given into the darkness. Giving Master Xehanort his oppurtunity, taking control of Terra's body forming Xehanort. But having lost his memory he is now rogue.

Vanitus- The apprentice(of sorts). Vanitus is a nilla mafia he has no action. TRIGGER HIDDEN!!!
Braig- The uninformed gun for hire. As such Braig wins with the mafia but he does not participate in mafia meetings and only knows Master Xehanort.(he cannot message the mafia and vice versa and he does not count to the total mafia)

Good- Uninformed minority. Nobody knows who each other is. Win when all evils are killed(Braig not needed to be killed to win)

Master Eraqus- The father figure. Master Eraqus gains an extra vote to use for every good that dies.
Mickey- The rookie king. He is the cop. Once every night phase he may find out what someones role is(this may not be directly told to others only hinted at). BUT by finding out someones role you must give up your next vote(you still vote normally but it does not count).
Aqua- The young magician. She is the doctor role. She may choose to protect someone every night. While protected that person cannot be killed.
Terra- TRIGGER ACTIVATED Terra gives into the darkness after losing his friends. Master Xehanort however takes over his body forming Xehanort. Terra however with his lingering spirit makes Xehanort lose his memory and go rogue. With Master Xehanort and Terra fighting for control.

Ventus- The one with the mysterious past. Oracle/hunter. If killed at night he oracles someone he chooses someone and their role is revealed(if its cop or doc they cannot reveal their previous targets). If lynched in the day phase he is the hunter he may choose someone else and they die with him. TRIGGER HIDDEN!!!

ROGUE- Wins if is the last one standing.

Xehanort- The young amnesiac powerhouse. Xehanort has the power to kill once every night phase and may use his heartless to cancel one person's night action.
IMPORTANT- Xehanort will be played by both Terra and Master Xehanort for kill and cancelling of the action they each send me a choice. The 2 choices for each action are rng'd and whichever choice is picked is the target. For vote, both vote normally and the vote choice will also be rng'd. There is to be no communication between Terra and Master Xehanort.

Triggers- Are something that happens during the course of the game. It is a random action that occurs during the game which will in turn have an effect on the players original role.

Sign Up Sheet-
1. Epwna is a sceptile DEAD NIGHT 2. HAD THE ROLE OF AQUA!!!
2. Corinton
4. Devastator2000
6. pokemon expert chris DEAD DAY 3. HAD THE ROLE OF VENTUS
7. crazysteve1001 DEAD DAY 3. HAD THE ROLE OF VANITAS
8. linox

GAME OVER WON BY Mafia and Rogues
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Epwna is a Sceptile

The epic turnip king
I'm in. I love mafia games.


I'm in too.


Mr. Soul Stealer
I shall join since I love both Kingdom Hearts and somewhat love mafia.


Like a BadLuck Absol
4 in will keep this open until next tuesday unless the sign ups start to slow down. I will start it earlier if we get a lot of sign ups.

Minimum number of sign ups still needed to start the game 3-4.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
I'm in. I love to role play!


Like a BadLuck Absol
Jean role playing won't be allowed and also how the hell do you roleplay in kh mafia. You say who you are and your dead depending on what it is.

Also Chris its undecided at this moment you probably won't be able to claim but if we get a lot of people i may make 2 roles(town sided and maf sided) so you can claim but will say now VERY unlikely that i will allow claiming.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Sorry, got confused! I just call these games "role play" because of sides, characters and the like. Sorry for confusion, t's just my terminology. XD


How can you hate it?
ill join to


Like a BadLuck Absol
Just got back from a year in italy so i will leave this open another 2 days for sign ups.

Fongers with a post which is completely useless to this thread.

And steve yes you can join.