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~~Kingdra55's Sea Market~~

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Kingdra55, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

    ;116; ;117; ;230;
    |--(Kingdra55's Sea Market)--|
    IMPORTANT NOTE(WILL BE REMOVED AFTER NAME CHANGE):I am changing my name to Kingdra55(check the username change thread), thats why I have a shop under THE KINGDRA TITLE title, this time going at it without sage and looking for 3 people to help me here!!

    Welcome to the sea Market, run by me Kingdra55. Here at my shop, I can do almost everything, Read & Follow the rules carefully, because if you don't, there are consequences. Disobeying the rules will result in a ban, The ban theory is listed below. Please understand, that I cannot attend the shop 24/7, and I do have to get a rest sometime, so if I don't reply to your request, I must be busy or asleep, so don't worry they will be done as-soon-as I return. Thats it, now for the rules, examples and lists!!

    1 - No Flaming or harsh criticism
    2 - No SPAMming
    3 - Only 3 requests per person, per day
    4 - Always use the form when requesting
    5 - Be Patient!! No 'hurry up!!' and 'when will this be ready?' comments
    6 - Pick up within 2 days, notify me someway that you have recieved it
    7 - Give credit where it's due
    8 - Obey the other SPPf rules.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BAN THEORY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This is my BAN THEORY, It is a way to calculate the ban length of someone who is about to recieve a ban, pretty easy, just follow it carefully!!


    Thank you!!

    Now here are the lists of the 3 most important things about this shop...The waiting List, the Ban List & the Staff List. Here they are.

    ~~~~~~Staff List~~~~~~
    1 - Kingdra55 (ME!!)
    2 - ''APPLY WITHIN''
    3 - ''APPLY WITHIN''
    4 - ''APPLY WITHIN''

    ~~~~~~Waiting List~~~~~~
    1 - NO-ONE
    2 - NO-ONE
    3 - NO-ONE
    4 - NO-ONE
    5 - NO-ONE

    ~~~~~~Ban List~~~~~~
    1 - VACANT
    2 - VACANT
    3 - VACANT
    4 - VACANT
    5 - VACANT

    PLEASE NOTE : Once the waiting list is full, no more requests will be taken at the present time, if you however have already requested on the page and the list becomes full, your request will be done, ONLY if you request before we realize the list is full. Now to move on to show you what I can do for you here in the shop. The following is a list of things I can do:-

    Trainer/Gym Leader Cards - EXAMPLE
    Pokeballs/Eggs - EXAMPLES
    De-Vamps/Revamps - NO EXAMPLES YET
    Recolours - EXAMPLES
    Siamese Pokemon - EXAMPLES
    Summary Screens - EXAMPLE
    Pokemon/Trainer Fusions : POKEMON MAX = 4, TRAINER MAX = 3 - EXAMPLES
    Dead/Shadow pokemon - EXAMPLES
    Trozei Cards(THANKS TO ShadowHo-oH) - JUST STARTED ASWELL

    That is quite alot, NOW too move onto the forms and examples for each of these things stated above.

    ~~Trainer Cards~~
    Name - Your Name here.
    6 Pokemon - Your 6 pokemon
    Pokemon w/trainer - What pokemon do you want next to the trainer
    Badge set - Pick a badge set (Kanto/johto/hoenn/orange)
    Trainer Sprite - Pick any trainer sprite
    Items - Pick an item to have on your card (MAX.2)
    Favourite type/style - Pick your fav. types or style (MAX.2)
    Trozei Symbol - choose wether or not to have a trozei symbol on the corner of your card
    ID No. - pick a 5 digit ID number (ONLY FOR CERTAIN CARDS)

    Pokemon - pick a pokemon for your item
    parts - state specific parts to be taken from the pokemon

    Pokemon - Pick a pokemon for the item
    Version 1 - Pick the game version to take 1 sprite from
    Version 2 - Pick the game version to take the other sprite from

    Pokemon/Trainer - Pick a pokemon/Trainer to be re-coloured
    Specification - Specify which body parts are to be edited and of which colour

    ~~Siamese Pokemon~~
    Pokemon - Pick a pokemon to be made siamese

    ~~Summary Screens~~(FR/LG ONLY)
    Pokemon - Pick your pokemon
    Summary - A short sentence about your pokemon (MAX. 8 WORDS)
    Level - pick a level
    Nickname - pick one then...(Not necessary/optional)
    Gender - MALE/FEMALE
    Original Trainer - your name, or someone elses
    Date-Of-Birth - Pick a D/O/B
    Item - Pick an item (MAX.1)
    Ball - Ball you caught it with/we're given or recieved it in

    ~~Fusuions - Trainer/Pokemon~~
    Pokemon/Trainer1 - Pick the base source
    Pokemon/Trainer2 - Pick the next source and specify parts
    Pokemon/Trainer3 - Pick the 3rd Source and specify parts
    Pokemon4(POKEMON ONLY) - Pick the final pokemon and specify parts(TRAINER MAX.3)

    ~~Dead/Shadow pokemon~~
    Pokemon - Pick a pokemon to use for the item
    Shadow or Dead - State what
    Aura - choose wether or not to have a red aura around your pokemon


    ~~Trozei Cards~~
    Trainer - Pick a sprite
    6 pokemon - Pick 6 pokemon to be boxed
    other poke's - pick other pokemon to be next to the trainer(MAX.2)

    Well, Thats it for my shop, Hope You all like my work and request something!! If your reading this then there is a 55% chance you read the full post, THANKS if you did!​
    ;116; ;117; ;230;
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2006
  2. .:Ultimate Shroomish:.

    .:Ultimate Shroomish:. Need a hand?

    YAY! first request! ^^

    trainer splice please! I wold like the magma grunts legs and head on normans body please!

    base trainer: [​IMG]

    second trainer: [​IMG]
  3. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

    No Problem, shouldn't be too long, I'll get it right!!
  4. .:Ultimate Shroomish:.

    .:Ultimate Shroomish:. Need a hand?

    ok thanks! ^^ (wow, I'm never the first request! i feel special!! ^^)
  5. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

  6. .:Ultimate Shroomish:.

    .:Ultimate Shroomish:. Need a hand?

    it....it...it.loo.....looks..........awe.......aweso........AWESOM!!!! I LOVE THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! ^^
  7. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

    Thanks, anymore requests or anyone want too work here?!
  8. Lishus13

    Lishus13 Poli-Spriter!

    I like your Shadow Pupitar, can I get a Shadow Diglett please?
  9. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

    Sorry for the extremely late request, you probobaly already have one done, but here it is anyway....
  10. matrix_Logic

    matrix_Logic Nothing of interest.

    Pokemon - Blastoise
    Shadow or Dead - Shadow
    Aura - Redness would be nice!

    ~~Fusuions - Trainer/Pokemon~~
    Pokemon 1 - Blastoise
    Pokemon 2 - Charizard
    Thank you in advance!
  11. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

    Okay, here's your requests.
    The Blastoise/Charizard fusion is 'A Bit' of a mess, it's very difficult to do.(No need for credit on that one).
    But I like the shadow Blastoise, so credit will be needed for that one if you use it
  12. .:Ultimate Shroomish:.

    .:Ultimate Shroomish:. Need a hand?

    poke egg and ball please!

    Pokemon - typhlosion
    parts - the flames

    I want that for the ball and the egg please! ^^
  13. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

    Okay, this is the last request I am doing today(for where I am), can I ask what you are going to do with these, as I don't see many eggs or pokeballs in peoples sigs anymore.
  14. .:Ultimate Shroomish:.

    .:Ultimate Shroomish:. Need a hand?

    I shall put them in my homepage and advertize serebii and your shop.
  15. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

    Okay, Well I am back now. Anymore requests or would anyone like to work here?
  16. Deputy55

    Deputy55 RK9 Unit

    Yes Please!

    I like you TC's so I desire one please.

    Name - Blaze
    6 Pokemon - Arcanine, Salamence, Charizard, Typhlosion, Dragonair, Scizor
    Pokemon w/trainer - Growlithe
    Badge set - Could you put the magma logo icon thing or how bout the volcano and Flannery's badge repeating each other. If you cant do that then just do Hoenn badges.
    Trainer Sprite - Male Magma Admin
    Items-Magma emblem icon(it is like the coin you get in emerald) and charcoal
    Favourite type/style - Fire and Dragon
    Trozei Symbol: Ninetails(could you make two TC's one with the trozei and one without the trozei please)
    Background: Something fiery
    Number: Dont care

    Thanks. PM me when it is done please.
  17. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

    Okay, it may be about an extra 15 minutes I am having dinner at the moment, but it will be done!!
    Can I ask what your using it for?
  18. Deputy55

    Deputy55 RK9 Unit

    Okay, thanks. I am gonna put it on my Urasing Cave's sig. Do you want me to put credit to Kingdra55 or Ikana Spirit? You can join if you want and have the name you want. Here is the link.
  19. Kingdra55

    Kingdra55 Oh well!!

    Thanks for the offer but I'll pass for now.
    I'll start your card right away, please note that if you want 2 cards made, yo can only make one more request today, and credit goes to 'Kingrda55 from Serebii.net' Thanks!
  20. Deputy55

    Deputy55 RK9 Unit

    Okay, I just wanted to see the differences between the cards to see of I like the trozei on my TC. I will make sure to do so.

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