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Kingflygon's trade shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by kingflygon, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here


    Welcome to my trade shop ill keep updateing this as i get new pokemon
    -i do not trade hack or accept them if i trade you a hack by accident ill give a refund
    -be paitent
    -follow serebii's rules

    Annoucements:new shinys added thanks to one of my freinds

    ON SPECIAL DW Hoppip 5 female 1 male

    COMEING SOON: more shinys more dw

    Purrloin lvl4 ut
    gyarados lvl58 t
    amoonguss lvl39 t
    bronzong lvl 100 t (from my pearl)
    geodude lvl13 ut
    zubat lvl12 ut
    bidoof lvl11 ut
    ev'd virizion
    Flawless adamant axewlvl1 ut
    garbadore ut
    Flawless lapras lvl 1 ut modest

    PKLATAM jirachi
    ALAMOS darkrai
    Han Jiu Scraggy
    Korean Cinema Arceus
    Han Jiu Pikachu
    Dalgeon Scizor
    Mikena Pichu
    Nintendo of Korea Jirachi

    Nidoran f ut
    Hoppip f ut
    dratini f ut with dragon dance
    murkrow f ut torchi m ut(could be hacked i got it in trade so trade at pwn risk)
    stantler m ut
    lickitung m ut
    ponyta m ut
    poochyena f ut
    kangaskhan f ut
    tangela m ut
    igglybuff m ut
    gligar f ut
    exeggcute m ut
    vulpix f ut
    poliwag f ut
    bronzor ut
    malwile f ut
    medicham m ut

    ferroseed :tackle harden stealth rocks
    Zorua:Scratch leer taunt snarl
    cerubi:morning sun tackle
    lotad synthisys

    Palkia lvl72 t
    kyurem lvl75 ut
    Heatran lvl100 t
    terrakion lvl42 t
    cobalion lvl45 t
    japan giratine lvl83 t
    dialga lvl70 ut
    cresselia lvl100 t
    zekrom lvl69 t
    phione lvl1 ut
    regice lvl41 t
    japan raikou lvl 47 t
    deoxys lvl43 t
    regigigas lvl100 t
    registeel lvl100
    thundurus lvl50 t
    tornados 40 ut

    i also have mysterie eggs witch could have alot of different pokemon like lotud tepig and some egg move pokemon

    shint shelmet
    shiny tepig
    dw i dont have
    shiny karrablast
    Shiny Trapinch
    shinys i dont have
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2011
  2. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2011
  3. Dakilla455

    Dakilla455 Darkrai

    id like shiny bronzong for
    shiny ditto
    Shiny riolu
    Shiny musharna
    Shiny munna
    shiny boldore
    Shiny krikettune

    win2011 Celebi (event)
    Shiny excadrill

    i can also clone the bronzong if you dont wanna lose, just to get a head start with your shop
  4. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    ill trade for shiny excadrill and it would be nice if you can make me a copy
  5. Nevlo

    Nevlo Jack of all Trades

    hey man,i have a shiny axew and shelmet. what offer for them? oh i'm a cloner soo maybe we can do bussiness?
  6. D.Dusk

    D.Dusk Member

    I have both Female DW Poliwag and Vulpix, I'd gladly trade both of them for a Timid/Modest UT Tornadus (don't really care if it's Jap or not). :)
  7. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    k lets trade when you can but its impish nature and can you get me a modest vulpix?

    nevlo can you clone for me?
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2011
  8. D.Dusk

    D.Dusk Member

    Sorry but I currently only have Timid Vulpix, is that okay with you? I should be available for trades tomorrow around 4pm~9pm(GMT+8).
  9. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    is there anything else you need on the list if just tornados i might trade but ill see later
  10. If U Seek Amy

    If U Seek Amy i am a god

    I am interested in this shiny, "Purrloin lvl4 ut"

    Anything in my shop you want? (Please post it there, since it's easier for me to get there to see)
  11. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    added 4 new shinys
  12. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!


    Shiny Minun (M) - Naive, level.16, UT (In a Masterball & Japanese)
    Shiny Volcarona - level.100
    Shiny Rhyperior - lvl.100

    Shiny Kyurem - Timid, lvl.75, UT
    Kyurem - Lonely, lvl.78 (Pokerus)
    Kyurem - Sassy, lvl.77 (Japanese)
    Kyurem - Mild, lvl.75, UT
    Zekrom - Careful, lvl.52
    Zekrom - Jolly, lvl.76 (Pokerus)
    Reshiram - Hardy, lvl.59
    Terrakion - Brave, lvl.42 UT
    Terrakion - Bashful, lvl.42 UT
    Cobalion - Relaxed, lvl.42 UT
    Cobalion - Bashful, lvl.42 UT
    Virizion - Lax, lvl.42, UT
    Shiny Thundurus - Timid, lvl.40, UT
    Shiny Thundurus - Sassy, lvl.40, UT (Japanese)

    WIN2011 Celebi - Lax, lvl.50
    Ranger Egg Manaphy - Quiet, lvl.7

    Moltres - Docile, lvl.55 (Japanese)
    Mewtwo - Timid, lvl.74 (EV trained but unknown)(Nicknamed 'Exodus' by previous owner)
    Cresselia - Brave, lvl.50
    Rayquaza - Serious, lvl.40
    Shiny Giratina - Hasty, lvl.72
    Shiny Heatran - Hasty, lvl.70 (Pokerus)
    Shiny Darkrai - Adamant, lvl.100 (Had Pokerus)

    DW Flareon: Male - lvl.10 - OT Marco - DW Pokeball - Guts Ability
    DW Vaporeon: Male - lvl.10 - OT MATT - DW Pokeball - Hydration Ability
    DW Mamoswine (Jap): Bold - Male - lvl.34 - OT Snow - DW Pokeball - Thick Fat Ability

    DW Ponyta: Lonely - Male - lvl.10 - OT Midna - DW Pokeball - Flame Body Ability
    DW Ponyta: Relaxed - Male - lvl.10 - OT Hikari - DW Pokeball - Flame Body Ability
    DW Lickitung (Jap): Serious - Female - lvl.10 - OT Tsu - DW Pokeball - Cloud Nine Ability
    DW Tangela: Adamant - Male - lvl.10 - OT Sari - DW Pokeball - Regenerator
    DW Oddish: Jolly - Male - lvl.10 - OT Batboy - DW Pokeball - Run Away Ability
    DW Sunkern: Relaxed - Male - lvl.10 - OT Hilda - DW Pokeball - Early Bird Ability
    DW Hoppip: Jolly - Male - lvl.10 - OT Ben - DW Pokeball - Infiltrator Ability

    DW Vulpix: Bashful - Female - lvl.1 - OT Heather - Pokeball - Drought Ability - x3! - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    DW Oddish: Jolly - Male - lvl.10 - OT Buzz - Pokeball - Run Away Ability - 14/5/28/23/4/23
    DW Poochyena (Jap): - Male - lvl.10 - OT Buzz - Red Pokeball (?) - Rattled Ability - 14/25/22/23/5/22
    DW Poliwag: - Female - lvl.1 - OT Steven - Pokeball - Swift Swim Ability - 25/15/26/9/25/25

    Bit more relaxed on 'clones' now. Can't avoid them. Just don't want people to ask to clone my stuff.
  13. D.Dusk

    D.Dusk Member

    I'll have to breed tonight and I'll inform you ASAP once I'm ready. :)
  14. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    hi im interested in your shiny buizel and bidoof. I can offer a pklatam jirachi plus golem unfezant stoutland mamoswine shinies
  15. Nevlo

    Nevlo Jack of all Trades

    Sure thing mate i could clone for ya
    but which time zone u live in?

    Should be über ;013;
  16. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    aus witch i think is GMT+10
  17. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    i want pklatam jirachi is it ut and unfezant if its ut
  18. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    jirachi is ut but unfezant is trained.
  19. kingflygon

    kingflygon The Flygons Are Here

    are the others ut? exept golem
  20. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    I assume you overlooked my post? It has several things you want.

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