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Kingsworn | A Dark Fantasy Roleplay (The Discussion)


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At first the world was nothing. A blank canvas that contained not even a spec of life. Then, out of the blue, The Creator planted a seed. This seed, soon sprouted into an empty world with nothing but barren wasteland. The Creator sought to paint this canvas to his liking, and dropped another seed into the wasteland, this time sprouting a monstrous tree. This tree grew a fruit, containing the first life forms to inhabit this world. After that, the tree grew more fruit, each containing different life forms, including humans. Then, one day the tree grew its final fruit. This fruit however, was tainted. The tainted fruit fell from the tree and to the world below, and gave birth to the beasts that plague our world. Feasting on our children, and spilling blood on the soil, that is the sole purpose of the beasts that roam our earth. Since the beginning of mankind, we have been constantly tested. In fact, we are still being tested. Tested on whether or not we have the drive and the will to stay in this world.

- Mother Seena

| The World |

Nestled in a hill surrounded valley, Glynstone is a small town where lawfulness, peace and order are highly emphasized. Dreary, dark, and often cold, Glynstone is essentially in the middle of nowhere, and there aren’t many travellers that find their way to Glynstone, let alone move here willingly. The town chief, Griswald, rules the town with an iron fist. Nothing happens without his permission, and many people would rather eat dirt than get on his bad side. His first most goal is to maintain a sense of order in his town, and he will do that by any means necessary. Stoning citizens, hanging no-gooders, if you do anything to disrupt the town he will make you pay. If it wasn’t for the fact that the outer world is dwelling with man-eating beasts, many of the citizens would have moved out already in search of a non cult-like city.

Life in Gylnstone can be boring, tiresome and monotonous. Many citizens do the same thing day in and day out, without much change in their schedules. Jobs include selling wares, labor jobs, etc. Griswald’s forces all citizens to pay a tax every week, and failure to do so often results in physical punishment. Repeat offences can sometimes result in something worse than just a physical beating. Punishments can include lashes, dunking, beating, drowning, hanging, and sometimes banishment without any weapons to defend one’s self for the outer world.

Because of the location, Griswald sometimes does various things to ‘fix’ his problems according to his own ways. Once in a while, anytime he feels the population of Glynstone is too high, he will hold a lottery to determine who to get rid of. The methods of picking usually changes and is determined up to him, but generally you can pay your way out of a scary fate. The second method, is one he uses often, and generally does not involve anyone being killed, or at least, very little. Utilizing his own lottery system once again, Griswald picks numerous citizens, and sends them off outside the safety of the town and into the wilderness. Out here, the citizens are required to bring back beasts they have hunted, and eat them as food for the city (as well as any other large animals).

All in all, its safe to say that Glynstone is not a pleasant place to live. It’s a dog eat dog world, where every man thinks only for himself, and is full of backstabbers. It’s hard to find loyal people who won’t back out anytime Griswald and the authorities show up at your doorstep, so bewarned.

| Religion & Grand Arts |​

Liaism, is the main path of faith in this town. The Liation Church is a place nearly every single citizen goes to, as per Griswald’s orders. Here, Mother Seena and her disciples often recite verses from the holy book, and tell the stories within it. Only those who are apart of the church are allowed to read from the scriptures, as well as any book located in the Church’s library. Essentially, the faith believes in The Creator, and the Creation Tree, and almost everyone in the town has been brought up in this faith. Some follow it more than others.

Those who are active and apart of the church, have access to the scriptures that allow for the knowledge of Grand Arts. Often volatile in nature, and unpredictable, Grand Arts are forbidden to use as per Griswald’s orders, and is punishable by death. Grand Arts are in a nutshell, act almost like magic to a certain degree. Things such as healing, protection, offense, etc. It takes years to master just one scripture, and thus, can be time consuming.

Mother Seena herself is caring, and nurturing. She often takes care of those who have no real family, or whose family has met some sort of demise. She knows Griswald’s true character, and secretly despises the man, and is one of the few people who is able to get away with snarky remarks at him without punishment. She preaches a lot, and is a mother to all, trying to see good in anything and anyone. She is also one of the few people immune to Griswald’s lotteries and punishments.

Note: Grand Arts is not magic in the sense where there’s energy blasts, or anything crazy. For the most part, they are the simplest forms of magic, spells, etc (maybe a few exceptions here and there). There’s a reason why I am not calling it ‘magic’ in this roleplay.

| The Roleplay Itself + World Information |​

This role-play is not really sandbox, as I do have a plot that I intend to stick with. However, that does not mean you don’t have freedom over your actions. For the most part, play like you normally would like a regular roleplay, and if something comes up that you shouldn’t do, I will let you know. For example, your character can be rich, poor, middle class, etc (usually the richer you are, the more influence you have in the town). The role-play does in fact take place in the town of Glynstone, and its not really an exploration role-play (although I do have a plot set in mind to allow for travel outside of Glynstone, for now I highly doubt that the role-play will allow for that. If the role-play gets to that point where people want it to expand, then I will). If anything, characters would be venturing outside the town just into the wilderness areas. I intend for it to be a somewhat shorter roleplay, so that’s my reasoning.

As for weapons, your character will have no real need for them right away, but will acquire them once things settle in. This world timeline is set in around 5-6th century somewhere there, so the weapons available will be according to that timeline (maybe a little exception here and there). If your character does not have some sort permission, they are not generally allowed to carry weapons around as per Griswald’s orders.

As I said before, Grand Arts are not allowed to be used or versed at all for that matter within the town, unless you are a member of the church, or if you are practicing it within the confines of the church. Not every player needs to know any Grand Arts, it’s not a requirement. If your character was some sort of ex-church member, then they still retain the knowledge of the Grand Art, but cannot teach it to anyone (that results in punishment for both parties).

And one more thing: The world outside Glynstone for the most part, is unknown by the citizens. Books in the church library speak of what lies out there, but very few people form the town have ventured as far as actually making any significant discoveries as Griswald doesn’t allow for it.

RP Rules:
1) All forums apply (obviously)
2) Roleplay is rated M, and I’m also gonna throw in a trigger warning here so I don’t get into any sort of trouble. If there’s any of that stuff that bothers you, lemme know (won’t be much if any).
3)The usual combat rules apply. Although this won’t apply to PvP (which, is prolly not gonna happen due to the nature of the roleplay), make sure your character doesn’t overpower every single foe they come across (aka no powerplaying/godmodding). Make it realistic, as physics still apply.
5) Only one character per player.


So here is the discussion thread for this role-play, which of course can be used to discuss plot ideas, character development and plans and anything else related to the role-play. I will be using this thread for updates as well, so keep an eye on it from time to time. I have pretty much copy and pasted the SU OP to this, because this is the page where I will updating with various new sections including the lore.


Accepted Characters:

1) Reserve for Hydrangea
2) Brother Lars [REAL DADS]
3) Reserve for Slim Schady
4) Reserve For Jean Grey
5) Reserve for Innes
6) Reserve for Vern
7) Trisanne Calogera Filomena Allegra Pentaghast [Minteh]
8) Lucas Renard [Andydemon]


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Okay, so role-play thread is officially up. Your first post doesn't have to be anything detailed, just a typical opening of your character going about their day. Some things to note:

1) The lottery for the hunt is going to start at midday
2) It is likely that your characters have heard of each other at some point so if you choose that route, you don't have to introduce each other (although introductions will eventually come up soon anyways)
3) Things will move very fast for this first part up until the hunt, so make sure you are tuned in

Any questions, let me know