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Kingsworn [The Roleplay]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by AJ2000, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member

    | Garret Bryers |


    Bryers Residence

    “Nobody out there is going to help you. Everyone that gets picked, I am telling you, is out there for themselves and themselves only.” Garret’s father muttered, taking a sip of his morning tea and gently placing it on the round wooden table he was seated at. Garret and his mother sat on the other sides of the square table, simply eating their bread and butter and listening to the man that ran their household. “I swear if one of us gets picked I'm going to put his head on a pike.” He said with a cold tone.

    “Dear, don’t say that! If the wrong people hear we could -“ His mother quickly shouted, before being interrupted by his father again.

    “I know, I know. It’s just…how many times are we going to go through with this?” His father scratched his somewhat long and scruffy brown beard, seemingly angered with the situation at hand. Granted, he had reason to worry, however, mindlessly ranting about it at the food table was not going to do anything.

    “We aren’t going to get picked, you need to calm down a bit, father.” Garret spoke, taking a bite of his bread, seemingly more relaxed than his old man. “And even if we do…we can just pay it off for someone else to replace us. Or hope there’s someone willing to volunteer so there isn’t that many draws.” Garret said, trying to reason with his father.

    “Volunteer? Day you know how many people actually volunteer to go out there? Maybe a small handful.” His father scoffed.

    “Supposedly there’s some woman in this town that does so.” His mother spoke. Garret simply arched an eyebrow at his mother, to see if what she was saying was true. “Yes, its true! Don’t look at me like that! She has been hunting since she was young. Rumour has it she has ventured outside by herself before too.” She said.

    “Well if that’s true, then I guess maybe we have a chance at actually surviving this hunt.” His father said, taking one last piece of bread, and taking the final sip of his tea.


    Garret hammered away at a nail, digging it deeper inside the beam of wood with each strike until the head was flush with the rugged surface of the wood. "There, I think that should do it." Garret muttered, wiping away a bead of sweat on his forehead, hammer in hand.

    "Oh, is it sturdy enough?" An older man looked at the job Garret had done, fixing his wooden booth stand, that he used to sell goods and wares. The man grabbed ahold of the side plank, giving it a slight shake to see if it held up.

    "I can add a nail or two if you want." Garret shrugged. If he was going to do a job, he wanted to do a job well done at least, even if it meant spending a little longer than usual.

    "No, no I think that's good son." The man pulled out a small sack from his pocket, reaching into a pulling out a few coins. Garret held out his hand, clutching the coins in his hand before putting them in his own pocket. With that, the man nodded to do his own business, whilst Garret stared down the streets of Glynstone. Empty for the most part, save for a few people, it had seemed a majority of the town opted to stay in until midday rather than perform their daily duties. For someone like Garret and his family however, everyday could be considered a working day regardless if the lottery was on or not.

    Garret then turned to a small nearby crowd located right in front of a small shop, where an older man was standing on top of a wooden box, seemingly spreading the word of something. “…and the day where they eat our children comes again! Those foul beasts, they’ll bring the end to mankind as we know it!” The man shouted. Garret approached the man and the crowd in the middle of his speech, and everyone seemed to have been listening intently and getting riled up at what he was saying. Garret couldn’t tell if he was a member of the church, as he was not wearing any sort of robes or traditional garbs of the sorts, however, he definitely was some sort of preacher judging by the way he talked. “How much longer are we going to be treated like this? Like disposable pawns? How much longer do we have to suffer in this filthy town?” The man shouted. The crowd merely murmured amongst each other, with Garret staring in silence. That kind of talk would easily get him sentenced to death, should the right people hear, but judging by the way he was talking, it had seemed he had little care even left in that soul of his.
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  2. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Lucas Renard
    Liation Church, Library

    At the back most corner of the Church Library, a young boy slept. Though unusual for most, this boy was allowed a bed and desk there specifically for him, as he desired to be in the library as much as he could to study the scriptures there. He hoped the scriptures would hold the secret to undoing a curse that had been placed on him long ago, one that has made him an outcast to the townsfolk.

    This was Lucas, though most in the town simply knew him through rumors as 'The Monster of The Liation Church', as he was a human with animal like features unique to him, on his head rested a pair of pointed, fur-covered ears, and behind him a long, fluffy tail, both of which gave the boy a fox-like appearance. This was his curse, and only by the grace of the caring Mother Seena was he allowed to live, albeit now forced into a life of priesthood, yet still feared and despised as a monster, despite being anything but. He was nothing more than a gentle child forced to appear as such, by who's fault and for what reason he couldn't remember, but he hoped that one day the scriptures within the Church's Library would allow him to find a Grand Art with which he could undo the curse and become a normal human again.

    As morning came, the boy stirred from his sleep, his eyes opened to the sight of the Library he called home. Rising into a sitting position, he looked towards his nearby desk to see the scripture he had been in the middle of studying last night, though near it now was bread and a flask of drinking water, both of which he knew was left there for him by his adoptive mother not long ago.

    Making a mental note to thank Seena when he saw her, Lucas ate the bread and drank the water first thing before proceeding to resume studying the scripture resting on his desk, which he just so happened to had almost been finished with before having to rest for the night prior. After about a half an hour, he sighed in disappointment. The texts said nothing about how to cure any curse, let alone the one placed on him.

    After shelving the finished scripture, Lucas looked out a nearby window to see the streets of Glynstone less populated than usual, something that didn't surprise him at this particular time. He was told there was to be a lottery today, one that would send townsfolk out into the wilderness to hunt. He knew that wilderness first hand, he remembered setting out into it once to escape the town, and more importantly his real home and father, years ago. That act is what lead to him becoming cursed, whether it was by the will of Griswald himself as punishment for attempting to escape his town or because he had angered someone secretly residing within the wilderness itself, he couldn't say, as all he can remember is waking up in this new half-beast like form and returning to the town afterwards.

    Thinking about the wilderness brought to mind someone he knew to set out into it frequently, and he knew would likely volunteer to do so today. He wanted to see this person, as she was one of the very few that show him kindness despite his appearance, before she set out again, but he wasn't sure it was safe to leave the Church at the moment. He knew the townsfolk would be reluctant to leave their houses right now, which on one hand meant there were less people to act out should he be seen, but also meant he might stand out more to the few townsfolk still active.

    "There's gonna be another hunt today..." Lucas said out loud as he continued to watch the streets. "Ms. Emilia is likely gonna go out there too, but I don't think Mother wants me to go out to see her right now..."

    Knowing there was still time before midday, Lucas decided to wait until he got to see Mother Seena this morning in case of the off chance she had an errand for him to run.
  3. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    The Rendevouz

    Raja was about doing his morning routine in his bedchamber. It was the morning, and his client had sneakily exited the Rendevouz after her payment was collected. She was a middle aged woman in a loveless marriage, and she was into some pretty weird things. Loveless marriages seemed to be an ongoing theme in the gloomy city of Glynstone, and the Rendevouz was all the richer for it, not to mention Raja, who had pickpocketed the womans wedding ring from her gown as he had been slowly removing it from the womans body the evening before. Trudana Goodwill was by all means a decently attractive woman. She had curves in... most the right places, and always kept her appearance top notch, though it was easy to spot her loneliness underneth all that makeup, which was the sole reason she had spent her fourth night in total with Raja. He was wearing his linen robes as he was removing the old sheets, which were smelling of old fun, perfume and citrus, and threw them into the laundry basket neatly placed at the footend of the bed. Raja didn't speak very often on mornings like these, but one could often sense his mood based on whether he was humming or not. This morning, he was, as evenings with Trudana was far from the worst type of clientel one could get across.

    "You done in there yet?" a voice said form the doors. In peeked the bushy red head of Blossom; another of the Rendevouz' workers. "Ysolde would want us to finish laundry before noon. There is some commotion going on regarding the hunt for this week, and she wants us to attend in order to make an impression.". Blossom was a cute girl. A few years younger than Raja was, and came to the Rendevouz after her parents were chosen for Griswalds lottery. She resented the man, as did most of the people Raja knew, and she would never miss out on the lotteries. It was more like a stamp of power at this point. The workers of the Rendevouz were primarily immune to Griswalds lotteries, as a large chunk of Glynstone's nobles were regulars, and all had their favorites. "I am almost done", Raja said as he laid down a fresh clean sheet on the large decorative bed in one swift swoop. Blossom then somehow picked up his laundry basket and put it on top of the three baskets she was already carrying. The girl had strength, there was no doubt about that, and she always had that radiant shine to her, despite her background and current situation. She ws the newest girl to the family, and Ysolde gave her extra attention because of it. To Ysolde, it was important that every man and woman working under her felt like they belonged, and that they were loved. Most, if not all of Rajas adopted "family" came from horrid backgrounds such as himself, and though no one liked talking about it, they eventually learned to be open and honest with each other. "Go find Ash and meet at the bar downstairs" Blossom said as she danced her way out of Rajas room, somehow managing to balance all the laundry baskets as she went.

    Ash was Raja's best friend at the brothel, and had been there for a bit over 6 years. He was a year older than Raja was, and shared his interest in obtaining goods that did not belong to him. Though not as stealthy as Raja was, Ash was a master pickpocket, and was in charge of the Rendevouz finances, and in paying off Griswalds goons during lottery times. Though the brothel was primarily immune to Griswalds evil, they still needed to thread carefully. As horrible as the man was, he was still very evil, and very scary to deal with. Ash was always the most presentable-looking of the group too, with his dark brown skin and white hair. His piercing blue eyes were only complimented by his sense of fashion. Ash was also one of the only two workers at the brothel to exclusively meet with male customers, whereas Raja go both ways. His style and youthful arrogance was what made him so appealing, especially to those in high positions in the local political field. To Raja though, Ash would always be known as the pudding-thief.

    Having changed out of his morning robes and into his regular attire, Raja and Ash met up with the others downstairs. The Rendevouz was seperated into two parts: The first floor was the bar where the clients would discretely meet up with the workers, or just sit and have a beer. The bar was popular not only for its variety of alcoholic beverages, but also for Wanda who served the drinks. An exotic bombshell who arrived in town by boat, she used to be a high ranking pirate, but had to resort to less reputable work due to a high bounty overseas. She was a big hit with more or less anyone in town, and would often be considered the face of the brothel, as she was often the first one you would encounter when you entered. She was now serving breakfast for some of the workers who had not had the time to properly clean up yet. Mother Ysolde ws sitting by the bar, eating a banana in a very suggestive way as she addressed the others. She was in her mid-fifties, and though her courting days were long passed, she was still a stunning example of a woman. On the larger side of the spectrum, Ysolde have long, raven-black hair which she typically tie into a loose braid hanging over her shoulder. her face is mostly covered with makeup, and her makeup skills give her the all natural look tht the noble women could only dream of. She was a woman that sparked envy in most around her, and she knew it.

    "Gather around, my pretties. It is once again time for Griswalds nasty shenanigans. Though we are in the clear i want you all to be on your best behavior, understood? Griswald is a difficult man, and i do not want any of you to take your status for granted. He might just decide to throw everything aside for a petty spite if he needs to.." she then stopped to reflect on an incident from many years ago before continuing. "Anyway, the Rendevouz will not open until further out during the evening. I am certain we will have patrons mourn potential losses here, so watch out for that.". And with that and another few words of encouragement, the working crew of the Rendevouz ventured out into the fresh fair of the early afternoon to witness the potential horror that unfortunately was standard routine in Glynstone.
  4. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    | Tris Pentaghast |
    The Mollymauk​

    Business was slow at this hour, not helped by the impending lottery in a few hours. The Mollymauk was a dark and damp tavern in one of the less favourable parts of town. It was a small ram-shackled building, that looked and smelled like it had been built centuries ago; a statement which had become something of a running joke amongst some of the workers. Still, despite the less desirable qualities of the tavern, it could be a a very homely place on occasion, bought to life by the customers who frequented it most often.

    However, today the tavern was looking rather miserable. As was usual on days when lotteries were held, many of the morning crowd had elected to stay home, and the few people who had ventured in, were truly amongst the poorest in society, who valued the warm drinks and food the tavern provided. Tris was not on food preparation today, and had instead been bought to the the front to help with Robett and Nell. Morwenna was supposed to have been preparing food today, but had came to the front of the tavern, since business was slow. If it had been a different day, Longwhisker would've probably ordered back to the kitchen, but since it wasn't she had been permitted to stay.

    "Lovely tea again, Tris." Commented an elderly woman, as she approached the bar to pay for her drink. Tris watched as the woman slowly retrieved a copper coin from one of her pockets and placed it on the countertop, sliding it towards Tris. "What soup are you serving today?"

    "I'm not sure if we will be serving food today," Longwhisker said, coming up behind Tris, and acknowledging both women with a brief smile. "We'll just have to see what happens at the lottery today."

    Longwhisker then struck up a conversation with the elderly woman, moving to the opposite side of the bar, where they quite openly discussed their disapproval of the Griswald's lottery schemes.

    "I hope I don't get picked." Morwenna said. The young woman was seated on a stool behind the bar, arms folded across her tiny chest. "I know its a hunt, and it's kinda important, but I really hope I don't get picked."

    "The likelihood your name will get drawn out is very slim, Morwenna." Tris pointed out, her tone remained light in an effort to calm the girls nerves. "You shouldn't worry too much."

    Morwenna made a vague shrug. A few moments later, Tris looked up to see the elderly woman leaving, turning to wave at Longwhisker when she got to the door, and then going on her way.

    "Right, you, gather round." Longwhisker instructed, clapping his hands together to alert them. It was an unnecessary move really, the tavern was small enough that he could have simply spoken in a softer voice, and everyone would have heard him. Nell and Robett stopped cleaning their tables to stand on the opposite side of the bar, whereas Morwenna and Tris remained where they were.

    "The time has come for one of these bloody lotteries again. Although Griswald has no reason to dislike us at this moment, I want you all on your best behaviours, understood?" He paused and shot a glance at Robett and Nell. Tris knew that the warning was intended for them mostly. "The bar will probably stay closed till the evening now, so if when we return anyone turns up before then, send them away. Morwenna has prepared today's soup, but should things get too hectic, as they always seem to do after these things, we still have some of the special soup we made last week that you can warm up. I wish you all good luck today, and sincerely hope none of your names get called...I would hate to lose any of my valued staff. But remember - if any of you do get picked, save some of the good cuts for the Mollymauk, yes? Many of the other hunters treat us unfavourably, but I would expect some loyalty from my staff."

    And with that, the five of them exited the tavern and onto the streets, where they made their way through the town, readying themselves for the potential horrors that could await them.
  5. Vern

    Vern Why not both?


    Haze moves through the crowd with the silent grace of a spirit, weaving through the sea of jostling bodies with practiced ease. She is dressed in a simple grey shirt and pants - in a place this crowded, there was no point trying to disguise yourself. Better to blend in with the crowd, avoid drawing attention, and disappear by the time the target knew what they had just lost. Despite her preference for solitude, she found that she operated best in these kinds of environments - perhaps because she could do the job without ever even looking at her victim's face. It created a disconnect between the action of malice and the resulting prize, and let her sleep more easily at night.

    Quickly, her eyes land on a promising target. Nobleman. Obviously rich, obviously not a common visitor to these markets, who probably happened to stop by as a sort of sightseeing trip. He had no bodyguards with him, but was accompanied by what was presumably his wife and child. He was standing in front of a fruit vendor’s stall, where people were crowding around to buy some of the latest stock. Perfect. Like a shadow, Haze darts through the crowd and appears byes side, pretending to be trying to get a better look at some of the green, oddly-shaped, expensive fruits at the back. And then, Just as the crowd begins pressing in on her, her left hand darts forward into the man’s pocket, and she slides back into the crowd, allowing the others to take her place. The nobleman would have felt nothing besides a soft elbow to his hip - a common occurrence when visiting a stand like this.

    Quickly, Haze moves away, first disappearing into a jostling hoard of bodies and then reappearing on the other side of the market a few minutes later, an extravagant-looking purse hidden within the folds of her clothing. Ducking into an alleyway, she quickly peaks inside the pouch and does a quick survey of her loot. Some gold coins, and some sort of voucher for a brothel called the Rendezvous. That could go in the trash, or be left somewhere for someone to pick up. She didn’t know anyone who’d be willing to buy something like that. The coins, though, would probably be enough to feed her for a decent amount of time if she rationed it.


    The voice by her ear causes her to jump in surprise, almost dropping the purse on the floor. She hadn’t heard anyone approach. Whirling around, her purple eyes meet a pair of familiar, black ones, and her feeling of momentary panic is quickly replaced by relief. Kale, her surrogate father and loving mentor, is seated on the floor besides her, having appeared out of nowhere. Sighing, she relaxes and leans back on the wall.

    “Good morning.” She smiles, dropping the purse back into her pocket, “Are you doing well?”

    “Of course.” He smirks, tugging absentmindedly on his black hair. “Better than ever, in fact.” He pauses for a moment, then continues. "Say, do you want to team up again for this afternoon? There’ll be some easy pickings in the courtyard when the draws come around. If things go well, we’ll be set for weeks.”

    Haze blinks, caught unawares. She had planned on returning home after this, but the offer was tempting. Besides, she hadn’t seen Kale for a long time, and would be happy to spend some more time with him. On the other hand, she had always preferred to stay away from Griswald’s lotteries whenever possible. She had no idea if she was even a registered citizen - and she wasn’t exactly in a hurry to find out. If anything, she kept decidedly away from anything even closely related to the people who were in charge.

    “Don’t worry.” Kale says, as if reading her mind with those piercing black eyes of his, his voice taking on that familiar, slightly protective, fatherly tone, “You’ll be perfectly safe. If anything goes wrong, you can hide out at my place until it all blows over. I made some new friends while you were away, and they’d be happy to take care of you if they have to.” He pushes himself into a standing position and smiles. “Well, I’ll let you think it over. I’m not your father anymore - you can do as you like.” His voice is joking, but it has a slightly wistful tone to it. He gives her a wave, then the outline of his body shimmers and seems to disappear, blending into the wall behind him. When Haze had first seen him use the scripture she had stolen, it had unnerved her - but by now she was used to it.

    She sighs, then starts walking back towards her home, flicking the brothel voucher over her shoulder and allowing the wind to carry it away to someone who may want it more.
  6. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Emilia Ulric

    "Fuck you, Griswald...as if you still don't have enough to eat?" Emilia swore as she finished the last of her breakfast - a simple meat stew that she had cooked using what she set aside from yesterday's hunts for herself. It was lottery day once more...not that it was supposed to matter to a hunter like herself anyway. It wasn't going to stop her from heading out. Not only because so many people were counting on her, but also because she actually loved being in the wilderness, where she was free to use her weapon, to feel the wind in her face...and where no one was master over her. For the past few years, already, she had been trying to find an end to the woods, mostly to prove that Griswald was lying to all of them just to keep them under his thumb.

    Emilia got up and began to braid sections of her hair into its usual hairstyle. Most of the rich dressed up for the lotteries - all fancy outfits and presentable hairstyles, as if to show off exactly how much they bribed in order to be excluded. Emilia couldn't care less, however, and preferred coming as she was - in her hunting leathers and practical braids. She had her morning hunt to accomplish anyway. Lotteries were something that most of Glynstone's ordinary citizens dreaded, though the hunting lottery was the less feared of the two. Emilia knew that all too well, her parents fell victim to the other sort of lottery themselves. Still, hunts like these often had their fair share of casualties, as she had seen so for herself; some of them died from inexperience, while others died at the hands of other participants for the sake of stealing their kills. Nobody wanted to head home empty-handed, out of fear for whatever it was that Griswald had in store for them.

    Momentarily, she debated not showing up and instead stay in the wilderness the whole day until the whole thing blew over and return with everyone by nightfall. It didn't matter in her case, didn't it? After all, it was a waste of a prime hunting time if she did. However, a small thought crept into the back of her head. Lucas, she remembered. She had grown extremely fond of the young boy who had healed her back during her darkest hour, and while he was exempt from Griswald's lottery due to the Liation Church's protection, she couldn't help but admit that she still worried about the boy a lot. She knew of the names people called him - they were terrible names that he didn't deserve. Names that fit so many other people much better than they fit him. It was just that some people were fucking cowards towards things they couldn't explain or understand.

    Once she tied a leather strap over the last braid, she pushed herself up and reached for the bottle of cheap, dark beer she left on the wooden table next to her bed - her last one. Giving it a few shakes, she cursed under her breath when she heard no sloshing. Empty again, and on lottery day to boot. Few establishments were open today, thanks to what was going on.

    Deciding that she was going to head out to town after all, Emilia headed out, splashed her face with a few scoops of icy cold water from the barrel she had placed in front of her house and grabbed her hunting spear.

    "Out to shag or kill someone, Ulric? Your tanner boy? Heard he was eighteen. Or was it the Monster?" A sneering voice called out from a short distance away. Emilia's blood boiled, but she didn't have to look back where the voice was coming from to know who it was. It was Haytham, the oldest and nastiest among her fellow hunters. He had been one to loudly voice out his issues about a woman hunting from the get-go. His scarred face was twisted into a taunting smirk.

    "And you're to the brothel then, Paine? Figured you'd want a good fucking shag just in case you get killed. Why don't you just shag Griswald if you enjoy kissing his ass so much?" Emilia snarked back, gripping her spear the way she did when she was out hunting. She knew committing murder was punishable by Griswald's law with death. Yet she came close to giving in to her urges to kill Haytham too many times already, and as the days went on, the more she really wanted to, consequences be damned.

    "Watch your mouth, whore. I'm not the one who fucked Griswald like a coward to escape punishment," Haytham warned, his voice filled with vitriol.

    "Coward, huh? Look who's talking, you right motherfucker," she countered as she turned around. What he said was untrue, but was something around half the town believed. She had literally told Griswald to execute her if he wanted to, but for some reason, he preferred to see how long it took before she squirmed. Walking towards him, she spat dead-on in his left eye, kicked his groin hard and went on her way, giving him the finger as he cursed aloud and yelled at her that she would regret doing that.

    "You know that I could fucking spear you alive and make you meat!" She snarled. Maybe it was going to make her a monster, but she knew that it would be very satisfying to see him gone indeed.


    Emilia sat in the dark tavern, gulping from her mug of strong mead as she faced the lone window, watching as more and more people walked towards the town square, where the stage for the drawing was erected. Some of them were dressed in their best clothes, while others just came as they were. She saw the expressions of dread barely concealed on some of their faces - mostly the thinner, dirt-streaked ones. It was almost noon indeed, and the names were about to be chosen.

    "Sometimes, I wonder if Griswald is only doing this for his own entertainment," she wondered aloud.

    "I guess we'll never know, Lia. Don't you worry though. I can handle myself out there if ever I'm lucky enough," Finn, the tanner and one of her few close friends, replied, before he himself took a gulp of his own pint of dark beer.

    "Lies," Emilia cut in, giving him a sharp look...before laughing. It wasn't at all a common sight to see the redheaded huntress laugh, but when she did, it was always genuine. Finn nearly choked mid-gulp as he joined her, his thick, dark curls bouncing. "Hey, you're lucky enough to have never been picked by that son of a bitch!" She reasoned, jabbing a finger into his arm.

    "Do you see these hands, Lia? These arms? Do they look puny to you? I've been working for four years now," Finn offered jokingly, prompting Emilia to snort.

    "Punier than mine, that's for sure. Aren't you already worried that I might just break 'em and leave you for dead?" She snarked. Finn gave her an earnest look with his warm, brown eyes and squeezed her shoulder. There was a reason why Finn was one of her best friends, and it was because he always treated her as she was - not like an outcast, or some sort of unnatural woman, despite the things being whispered about her.

    "I know that you wouldn't do that, Lia. Those lies are just...lies," he assured. The huntress smiled slightly as she heard his words. Already, she had heard of some of the more judgmental, gullible townspeople warning Finn about her and how he might eventually be her next "victim" if he wasn't careful. The boy chose not to heed their advice.

    "Thanks, Finn...and you know what? You're right...you could handle yourself. Griswald's lies make the wilderness sound worse than it is," she said. Few people knew of what lay outside Glynstone's walls, save for the regular hunters and a few others. Most feared the outside, however, mostly due to what Griswald had been feeding them. That, and the fact that Lucas came back with merely some fox ears and a tail - something that almost nobody had ever seen, led most to believe that the outside was teeming with beasts and monsters ready to curse and eat them when they had the chance. Nevermind that nothing about the boy was remotely beastly to begin with - he was a sweet, kind kid.

    Outside the tavern, the crowds thinned, indicating that most of them were already gathered at the stage. She got up, and Finn did the same.

    "May the odds be ever in your favor?" Finn jokingly offered.

    "Funny...I should be the one telling you that, dolt. I make my own luck," Emilia replied, though she cracked a small smile as she spoke.
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    REAL DADS Shampoo Thief

    Brother Lars
    Laition Church

    Brother Lars awoke at the strike of five. The cold stone floors of his chamber roused any drowsiness he may have had as he walked to the communal bathrooms. By the dim light of his candle, he washed his face. A stern and stoic face met him in the mirror as the weight of the day began to set in. Today the hunters were to be chosen by lottery, an ‘honor’ few survive. He returned to his room in silence.

    Lars dressed in the brown robes typical of the monks of the Liation Church. Loose fitting and with a certain air of flow, the garbs may have been comfortable if they were made of higher-quality material. The varying shades of tan and brown showed no signs of ostentation. He then grabbed his bag and staff, and headed to the Chapel of the Creator.
    There were a few others there once Lars arrived. He found a secluded spot and sat on the stone floor to begin his morning prayers. He prayed to the Creator first and foremost that the children he watched over may be spared from the Lottery. He prayed that, if need be, he be chosen in their place. He prayed for protection, mercy and strength. He then prayed for the end to Griswald’s harsh rule over the city. Finally, he prayed for forgiveness for the violent urges he had to end Griswald.

    After an hour of his prayers and self reflections, he rose to his feet to begin his daily chores. The children should be waking soon and would need to be fed. He went to the kitchens to help hand out the morning meal.

    “Blessed morn, Besalda,” he said to the woman carrying a tray of bread loafs.

    “And a blessed day, Creator willing,” she responded in a rushed but kind tone.

    Lars grabbed a knife and began breaking the bread. He was disappointed to see bread was, again, the only thing on the menu. He had to be thankful for any sustenance they were provided by the Creator, but rations have been running low as of late. The children soon came through the doors, lining up for their bread and water without complaint. He did a mental head-count as they walked through the line. One furry-eared head was missing, which was not out of the ordinary. Chances were, the poor boy had fallen asleep in the library again.

    “Brother Lars, how are the children this morning?”

    It was Mother Seena. On Lottery days she took special care to make the children at ease.

    “There’s a tense feeling in the air, but they know they have the Creator watching over them.”

    She nodded with a soft smile.

    “Lucas hasn’t come down to eat, however,” Lars quickly added.

    “I will be sure he gets something to eat” she said, before making rounds to the tables to talk to the children.


    Later that morning, Lars walked the streets of the city, offering solace to those distraught about the Lottery. He was always awed at the comfort the Creator brought to people. Even in harsh times as these, the spirit of the Creator found ways to inspire.

    He soon found himself near the stage for the drawing. Lars looked to the sky; it was getting close to midday. Any time now, the names should be chosen. More people began to fill the plaza as the time drew nearer. An anxious aura filled the air, making it unnaturally quiet for the amount of people in attendance. Lars wondered how many of them had prayed to not be selected in the lottery. He never included himself in his divine pleas to be spared. He would gladly take a spot in the hunt if it saved someone else. He wondered if Griswald was aware of the evil in his heart. He wondered if it was a sin to save people from someone so evil. If it was, could he be forgiven? Would he even feel remorse?

    His knuckles were turning white as he gripped his staff.

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