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Kitty Aruseus' Shop of Art!

Do you like my Blood-shot eye pokemon?

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Kitty Aruseus

The werewolf cometh.
Welcome! I have made this for selling stuff....

All SPPf rules
No Spamming or flaming.
Give credit to the worker that made your request.
ALWAYS say Kitties Rule! When you request or you'll be warned, then banned.
If you have a custom template, plz post it then I can use it.

Kitty Aruseus.

Banned list:

Warned List:

NEW! Blood-shot eyemon! http://i5.*******.com/43754lh.jpg (My idea, don't steal.) Here are some templates!
Click the link for the templates! http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=183858&highlight=shebang
Credit to Shebang for the templates!
I can also do userbars!
NEW! Blood-shot eyemon icons! http://i11.*******.com/2z7q32b.jpg (my idea, don't steal)
Example TCs:
http://i15.*******.com/2nv9nch.jpg http://i16.*******.com/2lbp4cn.jpg
Example Siamese:
Tc form:
Template no.
Pokemon in order
Pokemon by trainer (optional)

facing away or towards.

Blood-shot eyemon
Both eyes or not:
Request away!


Biggest lucario fan!
kitties rule
yeah first post
can i have a blood shot eye lucario

Kitty Aruseus

The werewolf cometh.
will do! Will be done by 5 minutes!

Dragon Dude

Well-Known Member
Kitty rules

can i have a tc please

Template no:14
Pokemon in order:Dragonite,Tyranitar,Gyrados,Sceptile,Metagross And Arcanine
Pokemon by trainer (optional): none

Kitty Aruseus

The werewolf cometh.


Just remove star when in the signature!

Come again!

Kitty Aruseus

The werewolf cometh.
crud...having problems with the TC maker...won't be able to be done till I get back from school...... Hopefully it will be fixed by then.. I can do other stuff somehow....

Kitty Aruseus

The werewolf cometh.
I am leaving Serebii...I am srry