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kjessie44's shop

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by kjessie44, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. kjessie44

    kjessie44 New Member

    I have these up for trade:
    5x Adamant Absols(Pressure)
    5x Adamant Absols(Super Luck)
    2x Adamant Scythers(Technician)
    1x shiny Vanillite
    1x Adamant Heracross
    1x Fully Defense/Sp Defense EV trained Shuckle
    2x Modest Infiltrator Noibats
    5x Timid Snorunts
    1x Adamant Speed Boost Venipede

    Looking for:
    a Shiny Furfrou
    a female Fennekin with Magician
    a Gale Wings Fletchling
    Serene Grace Togepi
    a Female Modest Eevee
    Any Accelgor
    Any Escavalier
    a Modest Rotom
    any Weavile
    a Japanese Espurr
    a Kingdra

    Note: I do not care about IVs so feel free to breed
  2. Guiman

    Guiman Abra Master

    i can give you gale wings flechling and a modest rotom for a adamnat scyther and if possible the venipede

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