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Knights of Unova [PG-13]


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(OOC: Sorry for being gone I'm in the middle of finals right now :()

Sandra Veruen
Ernst Camp

As Sandra approached the two she heard the other woman with the Cofagrigus say “Perhaps, but is it not for the best? If we intimidate the enemy, it is possible that that will discourage them from attacking. Keeping the morale high is vital.” It seemed to her that they were talking about the camps defenses and she assumed it would be rude to butt in so she lingered at the edge of the conversation, hoping she'd learn something valuable and wouldn't have to speak up herself. She felt her Lampent push her from behind to join the discussion but she pushed back whispering "Stop it Shadow, it's rude to jump into people's conversations." she heard the Lampent make some sort of noise and sensed that it was backhandedly insulting her fear of socialization, she pushed it again and a small fight ensued between them. Soon they heard the man say "I know a guy with a Foresight monocle. He'll see any Ghosts before they cause any trouble." Sandra stopped and nearly panicked, somebody could have seen Lampent last night on his half of the patrol and mistaken him for an enemy scout! She quickly tried to think of a way to ask who this person was without sounding too suspicious, but before she could do anything the Golurk suddenly rose and stepped forward shaking the ground and sent up a could of dust. Then it rotated its head and pointed one of its arms straight at her.

Panicking at the sudden change in the giant Sandra raised her hood again and reached inside of her cloak for her sword and throwing knives as Shadowfire got between the two of them with the fire in its body fire blazing with intensity; a quick flashback of her as a child throwing rocks at a rampaging Golurk as it attacked her father who was gravely injured as he shouted at her to get away before a Litwick arrived launching a weak Night Shade and using Fire Spin. She wondered if she could take on such a powerful Pokemon like her father had before she heard the man shout at the Golurk and it stopped then made a strange sound and brought its arms to its sides looking straight ahead. Sandra let out a small sigh realizing that she had panicked for nothing. Noting that she could find out later who this mystery man with the monocle was, she took her hood off again and tidied up her short hair to seem like less of a brooding assassin and stepped closer to the two people saying "So, what did the General tell us to do? We kind of overslept because we stayed up late to patrol the camp." Shadowfire having now grown curious of what happened to the giant had lowered the intensity of its flames and flew in front of it and poked its head for a reaction. Sandra quickly shouted at the Lampent "Stop that Shadow! Poking people is rude, apologize now!" The Lampent made a noise and moved its arms upwards as if to try to apologize.


Pokedex Researcher
The sea was rough, its waves trying to reach him. Aleksandr stood on a rock watching it, trying not to be affected. With him was Zekrom, wild, natural, and beautiful like the sea. Ever-changing on the surface while remaining just the same. If he could blend into the scene like her, he could elevate it to something better.

Turning at a call, he saw his brother Ernst approaching. The waves churned wildly in his wake, turning violent instead of normal. With him was Reshiram, brashly calling over the ocean waves to disturb the peace and force its presence on the scene.

In a moment, Aleksandr rushed at Ernst, clashing blades with him. It was intense, but not as much as the eyes of the two dragons, waiting for one to falter and die.

Both brothers' blades pierced the heart of the other and the icy sea swallowed them both until nothing was left.

Knights headquarters, practice arena

Aleksandr held a defensive posture, keeping the wooden blade of his sparring partner from striking him. For an unsettling moment, the practice match brought back the dream that had kept him from sleeping long today. He could almost feel it again, the blood of his twin brother on his hands while Ernst's blade pierced deeper into his head, the overwhelming sea. A hateful blow distracting him from a killing blow...

But it wouldn't do to get distracted with that, even in this match with no real consequences. He blocked the next blow with his own practice sword, then gave an extra push to throw the young knight facing him off balance. That allowed him to give a hard blow to his opponent's torso, knocking him on his back. “I told you not to hold back,” Aleksandr said.

“I, I wasn't, your majesty,” the young man said, getting back on his feet.

He frowned. “Well I’m not satisfied, with my own performance.” Since he should keep his mind clear, focused on the fight going on in front of him. “I still noticed you not trying as well as you could. It shouldn't matter who you're fighting, especially since this will only bruise.” Aleksandr glanced around at those who were still in the practice area. “Either you give me your best or, will someone else rather show him how things are done?”


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Darcy Sparrow
Knights Practice Area

Darcy, followed by his Zoroark, walked amongst the crowd of the Knights headquarters in the practice arena. He wasn't overly friends with anyone, so Darcy just walked around watching the odd spar here and there. A couple of Knights did make brief eye contact with him and gave the obligatory head nod, to which Darcy reciprocated with the same. He eyed the clusters of Knights talking amongst one another, and couldn't help but feel a little pang of jealousy. But that was all, just a little bit.

Upon approaching a somewhat crowd of people encircling two sparring combatants, Darcy wedged his way to the front, his cloak flowing nicely behind him. When he reached the front, he was happily surprised to see the king, Aleksandr sparring with some Knight Darcy didn't know. He watched as the king blocked blow after blow, with eventually pushing the knight off balance. Darcy smirked, that was always a problem when sparring with a king. Do you go easy since he is your king, or do you bring you’re A-game and possibly risk beating him. The king gave a hard blow to the Knight’s torso, causing him to fall back. The king knew the young Knight was holding back despite the Knight insisting he wasn't. When the king announced the knight should give it all he can or someone else to step forward, Darcy hesitated for a second before deciding this was the perfect chance. The king obviously knew about Darcy’s bar fights, so maybe he could redeem himself here. Plus, he could see how well of a fighter the king was, and if he stood a chance in battle, despite knowing he himself was no excellent knight like some.
“I’ll show you” Darcy said aloud as he stepped forward into the sparring area. He quickly turned to his Zoroark and gave him a dead stare indicating that no matter what Zoroark should not interfere with his illusion powers.
“I mean, I’d be honored to spar with you milord” he repeated, with a slight bow.


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Andrea Blacker
Ernestian Camp

“Andrea and Oscura. Pleasure to meet ya both,” David said. Andrea noted his accent, but did not say anything. She accepted his hand in order to shake it, but Oscura proudly showed off her teeth at him. “I'd shake yours, but I'm afraid I might end up like one of them shriveled dead guys in the royal catacombs.” The Cofagrigus seemed pleased to hear that he knew of her origins, but otherwise kept quiet.

“Oscura will not harm anyone unless it is my command,” Andrea said, assuring the Engineer that he would come to no harm by her Partner’s…pseudo-hands. “She may like to scare people, but those are harmless pranks and so you may safely ignore them.” She emphasized the ignore part, looking at her wayward pokemon.

“You don't have to worry about that defenses though. My buddies and I set 'em up ourselves - nothin' is getting past that wall if we don't want it to.” He was getting a bit too confident for Andrea’s liking, but she felt as if he had more to say and so thus let him continue. “’Sides, I know a guy with a Foresight monocle. He'll see any Ghosts before they cause any trouble.” She still had her worries, but the answer placated her a bit.

’But, the question is, how far will that monocle see?’ Andrea believed in no quick fixes, preferring to rely on patience instead. Her thoughts were interrupted by the Golurk suddenly awakening from what she now dubbed “sleep mode”.

It stomped on the ground in front of it, the impact producing a small cloud of dust around its foot and the sound quite painful to the ears. Spinning its head in a complete circle once, it seemed to be surveying the area for “trouble”. The things that made it tick were causing a ruckus inside it, resounding against its body. “Goliath, להפסיק!” David shouted, his voice louder than the uproar. The Golurk halted. It was nearly standing over Andrea and Oscura, with one gargantuan hand pointing directly at the other woman and her Lampent. Goliath turned its face to David. He ordered it again, with the same phrase, and the Golurk calmed down. It reverted to its “sleep mode”, no longer threatening the others. All the while, Andrea had been calmly staring at it, ready to pull out her shield and negate whatever it would try to use against her.

“Sorry 'bout that. Goliath gets a little... Funny sometimes,” David admitted, smiling a bit.

“Do you know why he does that?” Andrea asked. Normally, she could understand Ghost- and Dark-type’s motivations, but it seemed that this one was throwing her for a loop. ’It probably just wanted to protect its Knight, but why did it activate on the word “trouble”?’ She hesitated a bit before she said, “Oscura does have her own mysterious ways.”