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*knock knock*

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by Chocolate Pokemon, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Chocolate Pokemon

    Chocolate Pokemon Black&White=NoRacism

    Hi. I'm new here. I like looking at pokemon sprites and fan art. Before I joined I was already a big time fan of serebii.:025n172:;479-c; My favourite Pokemon are Sneasel, Vibrava, Cut Rotom and Mawile.
  2. Pink Moogoo

    Pink Moogoo strawberry milk

    hey hey, hello to you too!
  3. MegaGirl

    MegaGirl Hello! :3

    Welcome to the forum!! I hope you find it cozy in here xD!
    .w. Plz read the rules, so you won't get banned or anything :>
  4. Welcome to the forums! Be sure to read the rules (it's in the annoucements forums, together with lots of other helpful threads). Be sure to have fun! Oh and don't be scared to talk to mods or veteran people, we don't bite. (Well I was scared when I just joined xD)
  5. Insidious_Dreamer

    Insidious_Dreamer Dreams = Reality

    Well my friend, I hope you enjoy ur stay here

  6. Luckystar699

    Luckystar699 Experienced Trainer

    Hmm! I hope that you will enjoy staying here as there is a lot of information on Pokemon. :D
  7. Chocolate Pokemon

    Chocolate Pokemon Black&White=NoRacism

    Thanks Everyone! I'm sure I will have a good time here!
  8. Chii

    Chii First Time Cosplayer

    Chii:Hey There~ Hope Ya Have A Fun Time In The Forums.

    Airi: Y do u gotta be so nice. Don t get into trouble Kid.\

    Chii: Dun bother wit her, shes always grumpy. Well Cya round the forums then

    ~Chii & Airi~
  9. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    Welcome to the forums, i hope you have fun.

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