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Kurogane/Fai General Shipping Discussion Ver. 2.0 :]

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Tiffany, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Fai/KuroFai are basically the only things keeping me interested in TRC now. :<

    IAWTAP. KuroFai needs to come back.

    Can anyone catch me up with KuroFai? lol, I'm catching up on so many animangas atm. TRC is next on my list, but I love spoilers. <3
  2. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    I'll just tell you over MSN, it's nothing too big. It's all been more of the action because of.. yeah I don't wanna spoil it, but they're pushed aside for the moment sadly. D:

    I still love the epic punch from Fai which in my book basically means they're canon hurr. /biasedfangirl Kurogane gets so happy that the nicknames are back. He's all like ":D stupid mage".

    God I love them.

    How did you react to the bar scene in Outo?

    Fai was like "I WANT SOMEONE TO TAKE ME AWAY" and KURO CAN TAKE YOU THERE. ;________; basically I squealed because I am a foolish fangirl and was like OHHOKUROFAI. sorry I'm a spaz atm. :<
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2009
  3. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    I'm going to live here now XD

    and thanks (Fay is Just so *_* ~<33333), My next sig will be KuroFay XD

    Where have they gone in the manga? I read chap 225 today and I'm like:

    What? They're not even in this chapter ?

    *waits for kurofay stuff*

    they are the only reason I read it at all XD. I mean, come on, Its epic luuuuurrrvveee ;D

    XD you're not foolish I do things like that too over them its cuz they're cuuute. And the look on Fay's face XD Oh dear he is such a flirt XD.

    chapter 167= canon. Its so the truth, now go on all you fangirls, run around in circles like I am, and don't forget the fangirl screaming XD
    I bet 100's of fangirls screamed their lungs out when they read that chapter. I know I was like:


    I love what Fay was wearing, I bet Tomoyo gave it to him! She is soooo good at reading people. ohohohoho~

    I am seriously spazzed out right now, am I scaring you guys?

  4. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    *stumbles into the party late*

    Glad this thread is back. Maybe I'll even find more of that KuroFai fanart that I promised to hunt up *checks* several months ago.

    I'm hopeful for more KuroFai in coming chapters since at least the flashbacks have now stopped. (<- That's not really a spoiler is it? They had to stop eventually!) Of course, now I'm wondering how close we are to the completion of the series.

    How did you react to the bar scene in Outo?

    I stroked my beardless chin (which is good since I'm a chick) and said, "Interesting... INTERESTING."

    How can there be any doubt that they are canon?
  5. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    *gives candy* WELCOME BACKKKKKKK~!

    Yup! They are sooo canon ^w^. (When people say they're just friends it makes me wonder if I'm reading the same manga as they are.)

    I read some of those tsubasa omake thingys yesterday and I was hyper after reading the scary stories one XD (The look on Fays face! I don't think he was talking about the same kind of scary as everyone else... and kuro-tan's face when Fay shoved his face up realllly close to his. LAWL) CLAMP~<333

    Yes, interesting XDXDXD I would have screamed out loud... but.. I wasn't alone.... so I didn't (I sunk my teeth into my hand to stop myself....)

    Hyuu~! Hyuu~!


    What do you want to happen to Kuro and Fay when Tsubasa ends?

    I want them to.... uhhhh..... NOT DIE! If they get killed off I'll be so mad! I want Kuro to take Fay away somewhere, just like he wanted ^w^.

  6. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Found some cute KuroFai art from http://wawon.tobiiro.jp/top.htm:

    [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/0101.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/1119.gif[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/402.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/horituba.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/only-raku1.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/onlym3-4.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-106.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-107.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-122.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-123.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-141.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-25.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-38.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-39.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-40.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-45.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-g-7.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/p-g-9.png[/img139]
    What do you want to happen to Kuro and Fay when Tsubasa ends?

    Yeah, I'm going to be conservative here and second the "not dying" wish. My inclination is to be cynical and say that their relationship will be left rather ambiguously, but then again it's Clamp, so you never know.
  7. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod


    Oh and in the latest chapter.. Kuro-myuu is such a mom.

    YOU KNEW THE WHOLE TIME! and Fai's like... :3 teehee. He looks so genuinely affected. BEST PARENTS EVER.

    and I think Fai and Kurogane are at least gonna stay together... I WISH AND HOPE ONE OR THE OTHER WON'T DIE. Kurogane is Fai's food basically and he needs him.

    oh god I love KuroFai. SO MUCH.
  8. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    I read chap 226. Yay!

    They're back they're back THEY'RE BACK!
    I'm sooooo happyyyy~!

    Yeah! That fanart is XDXDXD SQUEEEE~!

    And no, THEY CANT DIIIIEEEEE! I will be so sad If they do TT_TT

    I think they'll prolly end up going back to Kuro's world. He did say he'd come back. Just think how much fun Tomoyo and Fay could have messing with him! XD That sounds like a good Idea for a fanfic XD.

    I thought Fay was un-vampified because he got his eye back...... In any case;
    Gay Vampires; Wayyy better that twilight XD

    I LOVE KuroFay oh god it is so awsome! *runs around like a crazy fangirl*

    I LOVE YOUTUBE XD (some nice vids I found)

    I don't know the person who made this vid but I still love them!

    this song will be stuck in your head for days.

    KuroFayyyyyyy♥♥♥ I LOVE IT TO DEATH!
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2009
  9. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    Oh at that one thing.. How could I not catch that? ;_;

    ...and I doubt Fai will go back to Celes, to be honest. So... yeah. He really has nothing to go back to and I doubt he could seperate from all of them after everything has happened.

    I need to reread that chapter. I feel like I didn't take all of the information in, luls. D:

    ...edit. It was in 211, wtf why didn't I catch it? Maybe I missed a few chapters. Knowing me, I probably did.

    edit 2: yeah, I missed it. XD I need to catch up on the chapters I've missed.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2009
  10. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    You missed it D=?

    Anyway... It'd be weird If Fay went back to Celes. There is no way he could leave kuro after all that. (YAY~!)

    I have NO clue what is going on, Yet seeing Kuro and Fay try to save S&S (and S&S) form that glass thing-y made me happy! Lets hear it for the best battle couple eva~! =3

    We need a new topic.

    When did you start shipping KF?

    I think I saw the nicknames as a hint.. I mean come on.. You don't often see people acting like that... ( X3)

    What do you love most about KuroFay?
    Ummm..... How well they go together! they just sort of fit!
    And at first I thought the nicknames and 'Damn mage' stuff was cute... But now I love the deepness they have XD.

    Well Thats all I guess~! (sept I had a really weird dream with them in it... It was funny,..)

  11. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    I probably started shipping KuroFai right when I started reading the manga. I was like OH MY GOD THEY'RE SO YING AND YANG! PERFECT! And they've been my OTP ever since. I love them.

    and I don't know HOW IN THE HELL I missed that he had his eye back. I've noticed that it was back in the recent chapter and I was like "wutttt.. did CLAMP mess up?"

    yeah, I'm kinda stupid. D:
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2009
  12. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    When did you start shipping KF?

    Well, I'd honestly heard of the pairing before I'd even started reading TRC, so I asked my friend who'd been reading it for awhile about it. She didn't want to spoil it for me if I was going to read it, but I assured her that I had no intention of doing so (Ha!). So then she told me about...

    the vampire thing

    ...and I thought that sounded pretty darn conclusive.

    Then later I started reading the series, noted their interaction, thought it was cute and gave it the Skiyomi seal of approval. It probably wasn't until Outo that I really started getting into the pairing though (I think. I'm going to have to reread the thing it's so long.)

    And now for today's Guilty Fan Moment!

    Spoilers for Chapter 185:


    I don't even think I have to tell you what went through my head as I was reading that.
  13. Pikachu_luver

    Pikachu_luver ♪ Blue Bird ♪

    I feel so bad for not noticing this thread sooner! I always love kurofai ever since I found out about TRC last year.

    Well on to the topic.
    When did you start shipping KF?

    I started I think when I was around chapters 1-10. When Fai started (And never stopped) giving nicknames to Kurogane like ''Kuro-pun'' or ''Mr.Black'' Also when I noticed they're complete opposites of each other. Fai is always happy no matter what, (Which frankly freaks me out XD) while Kurogane is all dark and such.

    Also can someone please tell me whats the latest chapters released in the English volumes? So I know what I should put in spoilers. ^^;
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2009
  14. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    Heya Guys~!

    HITHERE. and.... Welcome XD *gives cookies*

    Hehe yeah! They're now my OTP too♥.

    I guess the thing I love most about this pairing is how they fit. They're perfect.

    I also love how:

    Fay gives up the colour of/magic in his eye for kuro-tan XD

    We all know about CLAMPs eye-thing.

    Congrads. I'm now giggling like an idiot...
    EPIC punch from Fay! XD I love how he was to kuro-tan in that chap. (we know he cares XD)

    also... in page 16...(I think) ... I think Fay has his hand on kuro's shoulder... Go look. Now.

    I got one of my friends into this pairing. No joke.

    I love KuroFay!
  15. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Hmm? *checks 185* I think Kurogane's just in front of him... but who knows!

    I found some more cute fanart. This time from http://www.geocities.jp/niwatoko_f/

    [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/comic008.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/comic020.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/comic023.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/illustration004.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/illustration007.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/illustration012.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/illustration014.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/illustration020.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/illustration023.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/impression008.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/rakugaki103.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/rakugaki118.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/rakugaki125.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/rakugaki129.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/rakugaki133.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/rakugaki151.png[/img139] [img139]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/DesdemonaVIII/Other%20Images/rakugaki171.png[/img139]
  16. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    It still looks cute. XD

    OMG that fan art is amazing. I fangirl screamed. IRL... I didn't even think i could fangirl scream!

    I re-read part of outo XD

    Tsubasa is mostly like:

    would you like some subtext with that plot line?

    Outo was:

    would you like a plot line to go with that subtext?


    I still bang my head against the wall when some one brings up those names. We all know what 'kitty' means..... Hey! first
    '*nosebleed*' in the thread. Yay?

    I loved it when Fay gave up his eye colour! Kuro-tan smiled at himmmm~! (face it... thats as 'mushy' as they're gonna get) I could stare at that page forever...

  17. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    ...BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! I laughed. so hard. just now. omg.

    I wanna reread everything now. I always miss little stuff that can bring me the most entertainment. ;3;

    ..is Fai playing with his hair?

    OH and I totally had a KuroFai dream last night. And a few nights ago, also. It was awesome until the end. I basically dreamed that it was the last chaptire of TRC and Kurogane just grabs him and was like "...stay with me" and Fai said yes, of course. Then they kissed. And then it turned horrible when I realized that wasn't the real chapter, it was some doujinishi that was published as the chapter (weird, I know) or something. I was kind of disappointed. ;.;
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2009
  18. Nightning

    Nightning Hyuu~

    ^ Lulz...

    I had one the other night... The cast was being asked ( by me XD) about what they thought of the fan shippings..... Then it got silly... a lion and the cast of pokemon showed up (0_0) but it ended with Kuro and Fay hugging so, yay XD.

    Hey..... Is he??? Hmmm I think so....XD

    there was so much Tension between them after acid Tokyo...(ALL kinds of tension if you get what I mean;D) That punch from Fay seemed to get rid of it all XD how epic...

  19. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Now, see, that's what I thought too. Pretty darn flirty behavior, no? My WTF moment is perfectly justified XD

    I've never had a KuroFai dream... I've had a few for Slayers couples but they're not very romantic. I have very little romance in my soul.
  20. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod


    Oh Fai.. You're so cute. /hugs Fai plushie

    So flirty with Kuro-tango. :3:
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