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Kygen Chronicles

Deoxys Trainer

This is my character's side of Evan-Master Trainer's fic! In case you haven't figured it out I am aone of the main characters! Enjoy!

Chapter #1: VS. Poliwhirl!

A moving van turned around the corner. In the passenger’s seat was a 16-year-old boy. His name was Lloyd Lee. He had dark skin, curly black hair, and glasses. He wore a black shirt with a PokéBall picture on it, some jeans, and some Running Shoes. Across from him in the driver’s seat was his mother. She was in her mid-30s and had long, smooth hair. She wore a purple shirt and some Capri pants. She also wore glasses.

“Cheer up, sweetie. We had to move from Littleroot Town because your father works in the Ruby Lab in Emerald City now,” his mom said.

He sighed and remembers when he lived in Littleroot Town. He used to play with Sapphire and visit Prof. Birch everyday. He remembered finding a hurt Ralts and raising it until it evolved into a Kirlia.

“I guess it’s for the best…” he sighed.

“That’s the spirit! Huh? Look over there. There’s a Pokémon battle going on…”

Lloyd looked in the direction where his mom was pointing. Sure enough, people were crowded around a Pokémon battle in the center of town. You see, Lloyd loved Pokémon battles. They were friendly, and it allowed both the trainer and the Pokémon grow.

“Can I go see it?”

“Sure. We’re at the new house anyway…”

They pulled up to a brick house near the center of town. It had a nice yard, and the house was a two-story. He got out of the van and began to run towards the battle until his mom stopped him.

“Call out Kirlia so he can help me unpack,” his mom said.

“Okay. Go! Kirlia!” he shouted, throwing Kirlia’s PokéBall in the air.

In a flash of light, a green and white Pokémon appeared. It had two red horn-like things on the right and left sides of its head. Its white body seemed to form a dress at the bottom.

“Now I want you to help Mom while I’m gone, okay?” he asked Kirlia.

Kirlia nodded and floated into the house after Lloyd’s mom. Lloyd then ran over to the Pokémon battle.

“Go! Rhyhorn!” a trainer of about eleven or twelve yelled.

He chucked a PokéBall into the air. A gray, rhinoceros-like Pokemon actually made of stone came out of the sphere in an amazing flash of white light. It stomped on the ground and glared across the street it and its trainer was on at its opponent- a wild Pokemon that escaped into the city somehow. It was a blue tadpole Pokemon with a swirl in the center of its chest and two white hands. It was glaring out of its normally calm, peaceful eyes, and it was standing very firmly on the tar of the street.

“Rhyhorn! Use Horn Attack!” the Pokemon Trainer ordered his Pokemon.

They stared anxiously as Rhyhorn charged towards the tadpole named Poliwhirl. The Poliwhirl was speedy and agile, so it easily leapt up and avoided Rhyhorn’s oncoming horn. It flipped in mid-leap, so it was facing in the direction of the trainer. It pointed one gloved-hand at the trainer, and the other at Rhyhorn, and shot a blast of bubbles out of each.

“That can’t be good…” Lloyd said to himself as he kept his eyes on the battle.

One stream hit Rhyhorn as it prepared to turn around and attack again, actually causing it to fall on its side, extremely damaged. The second one hit the trainer himself, blowing him off his feet and onto his back, holding his stomach where the attack hurt and locking his eyes shut as he tried to recover before Poliwhirl could strike again.

“Err…Rhyhorn! AAHH! Use…Rock Blast!” the young boy screamed as Poliwhirl landed.

Rhyhorn struggled to get on its feet with all of its might and did in about a second. It then generated a bunch of rocks in front of it and shot them at Poliwhirl one-by-one. The rocks were shooting towards Poliwhirl at blinding speeds, but it turned around about two feet away from the trainer and shot a couple of small streams of bubbles at each rock. All of the rocks shattered upon contact with the bubbles, and Poliwhirl then shot another beam of bubbles at Rhyhorn, hitting it right between the eyes and knocking it out.

“Doesn’t he know Water Pokémon have an advantage over Rock Pokémon?” Lloyd heard one of the spectators say.

“I guess not! What a moron!” another spectator laughed.

“Rhy…Rhy…Rhy…” Rhyhorn moaned after it was blown on its back by the bubbles.

“POLIWHIRL!” Poliwhirl yelled angrily, shooting bubbles in random directions, shattering random windows.

Lloyd had to move out of the way to avoid getting hit. Poliwhirl then turned to the red-haired trainer, who had just taken his arms off of his dark blue buttoned jean-jacket, but was still in great pain. His green eyes were filled with pure fear as Poliwhirl drew closer, getting ready to attack. It held up its hand, and it began glowing bright white; it was charging its Bubble Beam…

<He’s doomed…> Lloyd thought to himself.

“Alright, this has gone on far enough,” Lloyd heard one of the spectators say. “Vigoroth! Use Shadow Ball!”

Suddenly, a white monkey-like Pokemon leapt from behind the fourteen-year old boy with blinding speeds and leapt into the air, surprising everyone watching the battle so that some of them jumped up in the air. Poliwhirl stopped charging and looked around to see the “spectator’s” Vigoroth, as it was called, shot a sphere of dark energy right at it!

Poliwhirl tried to dodge the attack, but Vigoroth was much too fast for it. The Pokémon’s attack hit it right in the center of its swirl, causing it to fly above the heads of the other spectators and crash into a concrete building, but it was far from fainted.

The teenager stepped onto the street, opposite Poliwhirl, revealing what he looked like. He had thick, wavy brown hair, and dark brown eyes with the intensity of pure strength and confidence in them. He wore a black and red T-Shirt, had a pair of blue jeans on, and wore a golden cross across his neck. He also looked very strong, not football-player strong, but still big.

“Wow… He looks strong. He must be a powerful trainer…” Lloyd said in awe as the teenager stared at Poliwhirl.

“So, think you can handle a real Pokemon trainer?” the teen asked. “If not, too bad. Vigoroth! Use Slash!”

Vigoroth charged towards Poliwhirl, who was now standing straight up on the street again, ready to attack. It charged towards the oncoming Vigoroth, ready to punch it if it could get in the first strike. However, Vigoroth brought the level of its speed up a little, giving it much more than enough agility to deliver a heavy Slash to Poliwhirl’s chest, sending it flying.

“Good, now end this with Fury Swipes!” Evan commanded immediately after the Slash hit, as he was the kind of person who used every chance he got to hit the opponent.

Vigoroth then hit Poliwhirl with many consecutive swipes, and it was all too much for the little frog to handle. The teenager gave the red-haired trainer a PokéBall so he could catch the Poliwhirl. The sun was setting. After it was over, everyone started to go about his or her own business. As Lloyd walked across the street to his home, he overheard another spectator talking about the red-haired trainer.

“Geez, that kid is such a loser! He needed help from another trainer just catch a Poliwhirl!” he laughed.

Lloyd turned around to see that the red-haired trainer stood there, staring at Poliwhirl’s PokéBall. Lloyd decided to go cheer him up.

“Hey, kid! What’s your name?”

“Dorian…” the trainer mumbled.

“Hi, Dorian! I’m Lloyd! I just moved to that house over there! Nice to meet you!”

“Same here…”

“Say, that was a great battle you had! You nearly beat that Poliwhirl!”

“Are you blind? I humiliated myself just now! Leave me alone!” Dorian said, pushing Lloyd out of the way.

“Wait! I was wondering if maybe one day, we could battle each other!”

“……… Maybe… We’ll see…”

Dorian ran off before Lloyd could say anything else. Lloyd walked in his new home to see everything unpacked. He saw his mom and Kirlia eating dinner.

“So who won that Pokémon battle?” she asked him.

“Hmm? Oh. Some kid named Dorian…”

“I see. Are you going to visit Dad tomorrow?”

“Actually, I was going to get my starter from Prof. Rose…”

“That’s near your dad’s lab. After you get your Pokémon, go and visit!”

“Yes ma’am…”

You see, for the past six years, since Lloyd was of legal age to become a Pokemon Trainer, he couldn’t go off on his journey, as many important things happened. His sister had twins. His father moved to Emerald City. His other sister moved to Viridian City. So every time he tried to leave on a journey with Kirlia back in Hoenn, something always came up. Now, he could go get his starter without worrying about anything.

Lloyd walked up the stairs to his room. He swung the door open, and closed it behind him. He then walked over to his PC, and turned it on. He opened the Item Storage, and looked at his items, searching for his Potions and Antidotes. He clicked on them, and they instantly materialized in front of him, thanks to the transfer machine that’s hooked up to the PC. He picked them up, along with his khaki backpack, and stored them in the Items pouch.

“So are you ready for tomorrow?” a voice in his head asked him.

This voice was his Kirlia, speaking to him telepathically. Lloyd turned on his TV and turned on his GameCube. He began to play his favorite game, “Pokémon Battle Tournament.”

“Yeah. I’m ready. I can’t wait for tomorrow! I hope Mom got my PokéNavi like I asked her to…”

“Can I play? I’m bored…”

“Sure, why not?”

The next morning…

Lloyd awoke to the sound of his Pidgey alarm clock. Half asleep, he went to the bathroom and got ready to go. Afterwards, he ran downstairs and hurriedly ate his breakfast.

“So long, Mom! I’ll back in a few minutes!” he shouted as he left his home.

He walked onto the porch and looked for the Emerald Lab. The Emerald Lab is the biggest building in Emerald City; so it didn’t take him long to find the street. After a few minutes, he reached the street of Rose Labs. It was a long street with a few buildings, and at the end, blocking off the end of the street, was a huge lab, in front of a huge Pokemon Preserve. He walked up to the door, and jiggled the doorknob- it was open. So, he turned it, and let himself in.

He walked in and saw that the place was a mess! Lab workers were scrambling to fix the room. One of the tall bookshelves was getting ready to fall on one of the lab workers. Lloyd acted fast. He took Kirlia’s PokéBall and held in the air.

“Kirlia, use Psychic to save that person!”

The PokéBall glowed a light blue as the bookshelf stopped in mid-air. From inside the PokéBall, Kirlia used his psychic abilities set the bookshelf back standing up.

“Thanks. Are you here looking for Prof. Rose? She’s in the back room…” the lab worker said.

He walked to the back of the room and saw Prof. Rose. She was a woman in her mid-thirties. She had a white lab-coat on, and white pants, and had purple, shoulder-length hair and the same colored eyes. She was standing near a “tower”-like containment machine about four feet tall. It was hollow, but had electricity running through it. It also had a glass dome on top of it, and inside of it were some PokéBalls floating in plain sight.


“Hmm? Oh hello! You must be Lloyd. Your father told me you were coming!” she said.

“Yeah. What happened here?”

“Oh, some thieves or whatever came in here last night and stole a Chikorita for some reason…”

“Oh why?”

“Don’t know. But don’t worry about that. Let’s get you your starter Pokémon!”

The professor walked over to a half-mechanical drawer, and pushed a few of the flashing buttons on it. The drawer unlocked, and slid open. Inside of it were three red mini-computers that opened like a Nintendo DS and had a screen on top and buttons on the bottom half. Lloyd was finally getting a PokéDex. She gave him the PokéDex and five empty PokéBalls. She then walked over to the Pokémon Containment Tower.

“X-00214!” she said.

The tower must have been voice-operated because when she said it, several lights on the tower lit up, and the glass dome opened. Then, a mechanic voice said emotionlessly, “Please select one Pokemon.” Lloyd then saw that the PokéBalls were surrounded by an energy-shield. The screen above the first PokéBall was red, the screen above the middle one was green, and the light above the last one was blue.

“That screen uses Touch Pad Technology. You have to touch the screen above the PokéBall containing the Pokemon you want, and the screen around that PokéBall, and ONLY that PokéBall, would disappear. You can choose from a Chikorita, a Charmander, or a Mudkip…”

“Oh, really? I was kinda hoping that you had a Bulbasaur…”

“I see. Wait right here…”

She walked over to her desk and pulled out a PokéBall with a leaf symbol on it. She walked over and put it in Lloyd’s hand.

“I caught that Bulbasaur earlier yesterday. It needs a good trainer, and I think that you’re it!”

“Really? Thanks!” Lloyd said, grinning from ear-to-ear.

He and Prof. Rose walked out of the Emerald Lab (which was made from real emerald) and onto the Pokémon Preserve. She then turned to him and smiled.

“You are the spitting image of your father. Don’t forget to go visit him on your way home…”

“I won’t! Bye, Prof. Rose!”

He ran off the preserve and ran down the street. He then stopped at the Ruby Lab, which was made from real ruby. He walked inside to see that his father wasn’t there.

“Excuse me,” he said to a lab worker. “Have you seen my dad?”

“Uhm… Yeah! Some men dressed in black and purple shirts and dark purple pants took him… Sorry. But before he left, he told me to give this to you…”

He gave Lloyd a weird PokéBall. It was yellow and seemed like it was slightly glowing.

“What is it?” Lloyd asked.

“Don’t know. Some PokéBall your dad made…”

He walked out of the Ruby Lab and used the Entry Call on his PokéNavi to call his dad. A man with a Mohawk appeared on the PokéNavi’s screen.

“Sorry, but your father can’t come to the phone. He’s all tied up!” the man laughed.

He showed Lloyd’s father tied up and sitting on a rock. An Abra was using Thunder Wave to shock him. He noticed a Poliwhirl in the background. There was something familiar about that Poliwhirl…

“What do you want?”

“Bring me that PokéBall you hold in your hand, and I’ll give you your father…”

He thought about answered, “You got yourself a deal. Where are you?”

“I’m at the Shainingu Ruins. Be here!” the man said, disappearing from off screen.

Lloyd switched from the Entry Call mode to the Kygen Map mode to see where the Shainingu Ruins were. The ruins were right at the edge of Route 001.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’m coming…”

He began to run towards the ruins. He noticed that as he got closer, more and more Pokémon were around. He made to Shainingu Ruins in a few minutes. As he walked inside, it started to get darker. Some Zubat flew over his head, startling him.

“Dad? Where are you?” he shouted.

His voice echoed throughout the ruins. In another part of the ruins, the men who kidnapped his father heard him. A Golbat and a Duskull was near them.

“Bring the kid here…”

The two Pokémon nodded and backed away into the darkness. Lloyd went further into the ruins. He then stopped. He heard the flapping of wings.

<Probably some more Zubat…> he thought.

Just then, he felt a stinging sensation on his back. He turned around and saw two red eyes looking at him. The eyes then turned black as a beam of dark energy was fired from each of them, knocking out Lloyd. The Golbat picked him up and flew towards the back room of the ruins. As they got back there, Lloyd came to and opened his eyes. The room was big.

<Must be where my dad is…> he thought.

His father was in there, twitching from the effects of the Thunder Wave. The room was illuminated, as the Abra was using Flash. The cave wall was practically made up of strange hieroglyphics. There were pictures of strange black Pokemon shaped like the letters of the alphabet instead of regular letters. In the center, the Pokemon were huge and were blue instead of black. They also appeared to be the letters J, I, R, A, C, H, and I.

“What do you want?” Lloyd demanded.

“I want that PokéBall you have!” the man said.

“Why? What’s so special about it?”

“Why not just let your old man tell you?”

Lloyd looked at his father in puzzlement. His father struggled to sit up and to speak. He managed to shake off the paralyzing effects, though.

“Son… I call it the ‘Purity Ball.’ That PokéBall can instantly catch an evil Pokémon and turn it good. Team Shadow wants to retool it for evil reasons…”

“Who’s Team Shadow?”

His father pointed to the three men standing near the wall. Lloyd had his eyes locked on one of them. He had a skullcap on his head and a bandana around his face. The strange thing is that Lloyd felt he knew him…

“Well, if you’ll let my dad go…”

“Lloyd?! What are you doing?!” his father shouted, standing up even though he was tied up.

He looked at his father and gave him his “Don’t worry about a thing!” look. His father smirked and sat down. He gave the man in the skullcap the Purity Ball. He then went to untie his father. He then took Kirlia’s PokéBall from his belt and chucked it in the air.

“Kirlia, use Psychic!”

Kirlia shot from the PokéBall and engulfed himself in a blue light. He used his psychic abilities to lift the Purity Ball and give it back to Lloyd. The man in the skullcap threw a PokéBall in the air and out shot a Rhyhorn. Lloyd then realized.

“Dorian?! Is that you?”

Dorian nodded and removed the skullcap and bandana. He walked over to Lloyd and smirked.

“Ready for our battle?” he said in a smug voice.

“Bring it on… Kirlia, use Psybeam!”

One of Kirlia’s horns fired a multicolored beam at Rhyhorn. Devon saw this and laughed.

“Use Rock Blast!” he shouted.

Rhyhorn generated a bunch of rocks in front of it and shot them at Kirlia one-by-one. The Psybeam hit each and every one of the rocks, causing neither Pokémon to receive damage. Meanwhile, the Abra was about to strike Lloyd when his father sent out his loyal Dusclops.

“Dusclops, use Shadow Punch on Abra!” he shouted.

Dusclops disappeared into the shadows and reappeared behind Abra. It then struck Abra in the back with a punch of darkness, instantly knocking it out. The Golbat and Duskull appeared and tried to attack, but his father was ready.

“Use Blizzard!”

The crimson eye of Dusclops glowed white as a blizzard appeared and froze the two Pokémon. Their trainers recalled them and began to run away until Dusclops appeared in front of them.

“Going somewhere?” Lloyd’s father taunted.

“Rhyhorn, use Horn Attack!”

Rhyhorn began to charge towards Kirlia. It then rammed into him with his horn. Kirlia flew into Lloyd from the force of the attack.

“Okay, that hurt… Kirlia, use Psychic!”

Kirlia glowed a light blue. It then lifted Rhyhorn into the air and threw it into the wall. Rhyhorn retaliated by firing another Rock Blast. Kirlia used his Psychic to send the rocks back at Rhyhorn.

“Grr… Rhyhorn, attack with Take Down!” Devon shouted.

Rhyhorn got up and began charging towards Kirlia. Kirlia hurriedly dodged it and landed safely in front of Lloyd.

“Kirlia, use Magical Leaf!”

Kirlia held out his arms and leaves of different colors materialized in front of him. He then pointed his arms towards Rhyhorn, causing the leaves to speed towards it. Rhyhorn tried to dodge them, but they were too fast. Rhyhorn fainted from the attack’s power.

“One down… Any more?” asked Lloyd.

“Rhyhorn, return! Go! Poliwhirl! Use Bubblebeam!” Dorian said, recalling his defeated Rhyhorn.

Poliwhirl jumped in the air and fired a beam of bubbles at Kirlia. Kirlia flew back a few feet, but he wasn’t really hurt. He was getting a little tired, though…

“Kirlia, Magical Leaf!”

Kirlia fired more leaves towards Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl, however, fired a small jet of water to knock down every one. It then jumped towards Kirlia and punched him…hard.

“Was that a Mega Punch?!”

“Yup… Poliwhirl! End this with Ice Beam!” said Dorian.

Poliwhirl began charging up a sphere of icy energy in its hands. Kirlia fired another Psybeam to counter as Poliwhirl fired the icy beam. The two attacks collided and caused a small explosion. From the smoke, however, came another Ice Beam, freezing Kirlia in a block of ice.

“NO! Kirlia, return!” Lloyd said. <Now what do I do? Wait! I still have…> “Bulbasaur! I choose you!”

He threw Bulbasaur’s PokéBall in the air and opened, revealing his Bulbasaur. He let out a low roar, as he stood tall.

“Ready for your first battle, Bulbasaur?”

“Bulba!” he smiled.

“Good! Let’s start this off with a Vine Whip!”

Bulbasaur fired two thick vines at Poliwhirl, knocking it from off its feet. Dorian was surprised to see the Bulbasaur, as it was a little bigger than a normal one.

“Poliwhirl, this’ll be easy! Ice Beam!”

Poliwhirl fired another Ice Beam, but Bulbasaur dodged it with great speed. The beam hit the ground, causing a block of ice to form. Bulbasaur hurriedly tackled the block of ice, causing Poliwhirl to get hit by it.

“Bulbasaur! Use Razor Leaf!”

Bulbasaur shot sharp leaves from the plant bulb on his back at Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl dodged a few, but it still got hit by some of the leaves.

“Poliwhirl, use Double Slap!”

Poliwhirl began to slap Bulbasaur silly with its glove-like hands. Lloyd’s father wanted to help him, but he figured to let Lloyd do this on his own.

“Good job! Now use Water Gun!”

“Bulbasaur, dodge it!”

Poliwhirl shot another small jet of water from the center of the swirl on its chest at Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur tried to dodge it, but the Water Gun pushed Bulbasaur into the wall, leaving a small hole in it. Lloyd could see that Bulbasaur was getting tired.

<What do I do?> he thought. Then, he got an idea. “Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip to constrain it!”

Bulbasaur nodded and fired the vines at Poliwhirl again. This time, he wrapped them around Poliwhirl, covering it from head to toe. He began squeezing it as hard as he can.

“Now that he’s immobilized, use a full-charged Tackle!”

Bulbasaur used the vines to launch himself at Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl struggled to move, but it couldn’t. Bulbasaur made contact with the Tackle, sending Poliwhirl across the room.

“Use your Leech Seed while it’s down!” exclaimed Lloyd.

Bulbasaur fired a seed that opened on contact with Poliwhirl. Out of the seed came vines that covered it all around. These vines began to take energy from Poliwhirl and send it to Bulbasaur.

“Looks like we’re back in the game, huh?” Lloyd asked Bulbasaur.

“Bulba! Saur!” he replied with a smile.

Dorian was furious. He began to shake violently.

“Poliwhirl, Ice Beam! FULL POWER!!!” screamed Dorian.

Poliwhirl began to charge up another Ice Beam. Bulbasaur stood tall, awaiting instruction from Lloyd.

“Use Razor Leaf before he fires the Ice Beam!” Lloyd shouted.

Bulbasaur hurriedly fired a Razor Leaf at Poliwhirl. The leaves knocked Poliwhirl off balance, causing it to fire the Ice Beam at the ceiling. The vines from the Leech Seed sapped away the last of Poliwhirl’s strength. Poliwhirl fell to the ground, defeated.

“All right! We win!” cheered Lloyd.

“Bulbasaur!” said Bulbasaur.

Dorian recalled Poliwhirl back to its PokéBall. He then took out a Smoke Ball from his pocket.

“This isn’t over, Lloyd. Soon you will lose and join Team Shadow!” he exclaimed.

Lloyd just looked at him. “Don’t count on it…”

Dorian growled and threw the Smoke Ball on the ground. A smokescreen appeared and enshrouded Dorian and the other Team Shadow members. When the smoke cleared, they were gone! Lloyd and his father left the ruins and headed back towards Emerald City. At home, Lloyd told his mother what happened.

“And then I won the battle and saved Dad!” he said.

“Well, I’m glad you saved your father, but if you EVER do anything that dangerous again, I swear I am going to kill you!” his mother said.

“Don’t worry, Mom. I won’t!”

Lloyd then went in his pocket and took out the Purity Ball. He then gave it to his father.

“Here, Dad. I think this is for you!”

His father then gave it back. Lloyd looked puzzled, but his father smiled.

“You hold on to it. You might need it later…”

“Okay. I’ll keep it…”

And with that, the story has begun. Lloyd will face difficult challenges on his journey to the World Cup, but with his Pokémon, he’ll overcome them!

To be continued…

So whatcha think?

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Deoxys Trainer

Chapter #2: VS. Houndour!

After Lloyd left his hometown to start his journey, he bypassed the Shainingu Ruins and continued traveling to Route 001. He stood at the base of the route with his Pokémon.

“Well, guys. Ready to start our journey?” he asked them.

“Bulbasaur!” smiled Bulbasaur.

“Yeah. Let’s get going…” said Kirlia.

They kept walking and saw the place was full of Pokémon. Lloyd walked past a couple of Zigzagoon and Shroomish. He decided that this was a perfect time to practice before his gym battle.

“Kirlia, use Psychic on the Shroomish! Bulbasaur, use Razor Leaf on the Zigzagoon!” he shouted.

Kirlia used Psychic to create a small gust to blow the Shroomish back a few feet. Bulbasaur fired the Razor Leaf at the Zigzagoon, causing them to become dazed. The Shroomish retaliated by tackling Kirlia into a tree. The Zigzagoon began to fire Pin Missile attacks at Bulbasaur.

“Kirlia, defend Bulbasaur with Protect! Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip!” said Lloyd.

Kirlia hurriedly jumped in front of the Pin Missiles and created a force field in front of them. The Pin Missiles exploded on contact with the force field. Bulbasaur fired a Vine Whip attack to push the Zigzagoon back a bit.

“Good job, guys! Now, Kirlia, finish ‘em with another Psychic!”

Kirlia glowed a light shade of blue and held out his arms. A small wind began to pick up and lift the Shroomish and Zigzagoon in the air. Kirlia then flung his arms, causing the wind to blow the Shroomish and Zigzagoon clear across the forest.

“Well, that was ea-” Kirlia began to say.

Lloyd and Bulbasaur began to wonder what was wrong. Kirlia then pointed at an oncoming Bug Pokémon swarm. They had a number of Butterfree, Beedrill, Beautifly, and Dustox. Lloyd sweat-dropped at the sight of the Bug Pokémon.

“Uh… hello, guys… We were just on our way…”

The Pokémon didn’t hear of it, though. The Butterfree and Beautifly began to use Silver Wind while the Beedrill and Dustox used Poison Sting.

“Well, if that’s the way you wanna play… Kirlia, use Psychic! Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip!”

Kirlia’s Psychic and Bulbasaur’s Vine Whip created a gap for them to run through. Lloyd and his Pokémon began to hightail it out of there, but the Bug Pokémon were close behind them. They got to an open area and stopped. There was nowhere to go. The Bug Pokémon were getting closer and closer…

“Well, it was nice knowing you guys!” said Kirlia.

The Bug Pokémon began to strike. However, a Raticate came from out of nowhere and defended Lloyd and his Pokémon. There was something weird about this Raticate, though; it was red-orange!

“Raticate, Hidden Power!” a voice shouted.

Spheres of yellow energy rose from the ground, surrounding Raticate. Raticate then shot the spheres at the Bug Pokémon. On contact, the spheres shocked the Bug Pokémon, so they flew off. The Raticate’s trainer appeared from behind a tree.

“Who are you?” asked Lloyd.

“My name’s Billy. This here is my Raticate,” the trainer replied.

“Oh. I’m Lloyd…”

They began to talk until an explosion was heard. Lloyd was confused as to what was going on, but Billy knew.

“The Mad Dashers…”

Billy ran off in the direction of the explosion, leaving Lloyd standing confused. He turned to his Pokémon, who motioned to follow him.

“Oh, all right…”

They made it to the spot where the explosion happened. There was a little girl, about 7 or 8 years old, sitting on the ground, crying.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lloyd.

The girl raised her head and wiped her face. “Some guys on motorbikes came and took my Poochyena away from me!”

“Just as I thought…”

Billy looked at the ground and saw the tracks the bikers left. He ran in that direction. Lloyd sighed as he ran after him.

“Hey, Billy? What’s going on?” huffed Lloyd.

“The bikers that took that girl’s Poochyena, they’re called the Mad Dashers. They steal the rare Pokemon of the trainers on Route 001, but the police can never seem to find them, because they always motor every time they fail to catch a Pokemon. Whether they catch the Pokemon they’re after or not, though, they use some sort of Poison Attack on them that gives the trainers amnesia, but it only works if the victim is already hurt badly… They’ve already tried to take my Raticate…”

“Well, they must have powerful Pokémon to have them give trainers amnesia. You think we can win?”

“Yeah. We’ll be fine… Wait! I think I hear them!”

They stopped and hid behind a bush. The Mad Dashers were there, checking out the Poochyena, which was a brownish color. They put it in a cage.

“What’s up with that Poochyena?” Lloyd asked Billy.

“It’s a shiny Pokémon, like my Raticate. Shiny Pokémon, as you make have guessed are Pokémon of different color. Whenever my Raticate’s emotions got extreme, like when it got really happy or angry, stars surrounded it for a second… Anyways, shiny Pokémon are extremely rare, and are worth at least 200,000 PokéDollars, which is why the Mad Dashers steal them, to sell them on the black market.”

“Oh man… Maybe I should catch a shiny Pokémon and sell it…” Lloyd joked.

“Very funny,” Billy sarcastically said.

The Mad Dashers were about to ride off on their bikes until a barrage of Razor Leaf attacks appeared in front of them. They turned around and saw Lloyd, his Bulbasaur, and Billy standing behind them.

“Well, well, well! If it isn’t that little runt from before! You decided to let us have your Pokémon, kid?” one of them said.

“Like I’ll ever give my Raticate to you!” Billy exclaimed.

“Fine! We’ll take it from you! Go! Houndour!” the middle one, who was probably the leader, shouted, throwing a PokéBall in the air.

In a flash of light, a black and silver dog burst from it, and bared its teeth with a glare in its angry eyes. It barked at Lloyd and Billy, ready to battle.

“Raticate, use Hyper Fang!” said Billy.

Raticate’s front teeth glowed bright as it rammed into Houndour with them. Houndour retaliated by using Flamethrower. The other two Mad Dashers got angry and sent out a Nidorino and a Nidorina. Lloyd saw this and called out Kirlia and Bulbasaur.

“Nidorina, use Horn Attack!”

“Nidorino, use Poison Sting!”

The Nidorina ran, horn first, towards Kirlia. Nidorino opened its mouth and fired poisonous needles at Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur didn’t pay any mind to it as it fired a Vine Whip to knock the needles away. Kirlia just moved out of the way of the oncoming Nidorina…

“Kirlia, just use Psywave. Bulbasaur, Vine Whip to constrain ‘em…” Lloyd said dully.

Bulbasaur used his Vine Whip to constrain Nidorino and Nidorina together while Kirlia fired a Psywave, instantly knocking them out. The two Mad Dashers just stood there with their mouths open.

“I’d run if I were you. But thank goodness, I’m not!”

Lloyd snapped his fingers, and Kirlia sent them flying (imagine Team Rocket). Lloyd then turned to the other Pokémon battle, where it looked as if Raticate was losing…

“Raticate, Hidden Power!” shouted Billy.

Silver spheres lifted from the ground, which signaled that this Hidden Power was a Steel attack. Raticate fired the spheres at Houndour, but the attack hardly did any damage!

“Houndour,” said the Mad Dasher, “use Bite!”

Houndour ran up to Raticate and bit it on its tail. Raticate screamed in pain. Suddenly, a Magical Leaf and a Razor Leaf barrage hit Houndour in a weak spot, knocking it back a few feet.

“Good job, guys. Need some help?” Lloyd asked Billy, giving him a Potion.

“Yeah. He must’ve been training since the last time we fought…” said Billy, spraying the Potion on Raticate.

Raticate looked a little better, but Billy could see that it needed some rest. He recalled it to its PokéBall and took out another one.

“Go! Dustox! Silver Wind!” he shouted, throwing the PokéBall in the air.

Out popped a purple moth-like Pokémon with green wings. Its wings glowed and blew out a silvery wind. It hit Houndour, but it dealt regular damage.

“What?! That should’ve been a super effective hit!” shouted Billy.

Lloyd checked in the PokéDex and saw that since Houndour was a Dark type AND a Fire type, the attack was going to have regular damage, since the two types cancel each other out.

“Kirlia, use Psybeam! Bulbasaur, use Razor Leaf!” said Lloyd.

Kirlia’s Psybeam combined with Bulbasaur’s Razor Leaf and directly hit Houndour. Billy then ordered Dustox to use Gust, which blew the Houndour back to its trainer.

“Houndour, use Flamethrower!”

Houndour ran towards the other Pokémon, as they stood ready. Houndour, however, jumped over the Pokémon and aimed the Flamethrower at Billy and Lloyd! When Houndour fired the attack, Dustox hurriedly got in front of them and took the attack.

“Dustox, use Moonlight!” said Billy.


Dustox weakly got up. It then began shining, and moonbeams appeared around it. When the moonbeams went away, Dustox was fully recharged and ready to battle.

“Dustox, Tackle!”

Dustox flew towards Houndour and rammed into it. Kirlia shot a Psybeam at it, knocking it into a tree. Houndour got up and looked at them angrier than before.

“Houndour, use a Bite attack!”

Houndour showed its teeth before biting into Kirlia’s arm, extremely damaging him. Bulbasaur saw this and retaliated by tackling it. Bulbasaur then used Vine Whip to push Houndour into its trainer.

“Houndour, use-” the Mad Dasher started.

“Kirlia, Magical Leaf! Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!” shouted Lloyd.

Kirlia and Bulbasaur shot their attacks at the Mad Dasher and his Houndour, damaging both of them. Dustox and Kirlia then fired a Psybeam at them, causing an explosion that sent him and his Houndour flying.

“This isn’t over, you little twerps!” he shouted as he flew away.

Kirlia used his Psychic to break open the cage where the Poochyena was being in. Lloyd then bought the Poochyena back to the little girl.

“Oh thank you! I was so worried about you, Poochyena!” she said, hugging her Poochyena.

“It’s no problem. We were doing what was right…” said Billy.

“Yeah. Hey, Billy. Do you know the way to Emerald Forest?” asked Lloyd.

He led Lloyd to a path. After some walking and some battles with wild Pokémon, they made it to the end of Route 001. Lloyd and Billy stood at the base of the forest.

“There it is! Emerald Forest!” said Billy.

“Gee thanks!” said Lloyd. “I’ve gotta get going to PyroTech City now. Maybe we’ll see each other again!”

“Yeah. By then, I’ll have more Pokémon, and I’ll challenge you to a battle!”

“I’ll hold you to it!”

Lloyd began to walk into the forest until a stream of fire blocked his way in. They turned around to see the Mad Dashers, and they looked furious.

“I told you little runts this wasn’t over! Houndour, Tackle!” said the leader.

Houndour tackled Lloyd into Billy, causing them to fall over. Houndour stood near them to make sure that they didn’t escape. The leader got off his bike, walked over, and held Lloyd up by his throat.

“Listen, you little maggot. We don’t like it when we don’t get what we want,” he said, tightening his grip. “Now I’m going to ask you nicely. Hand over your Pokémon and your valuables, and I’ll let you pass…”

Even though he was choking him, Lloyd managed to speak. “I don’t listen to creeps…”

The Mad Dasher leader threw him to the ground and kicked him in the stomach. Billy couldn’t take any more, so he punched him in the nose. When the Mad Dasher touched his nose, he felt it was bleeding.

“Grr… Houndour, use your Ember attack!”

Houndour opened its mouth and shot small embers at Lloyd and Billy. Billy, however, hurriedly called out his Dustox and told it to use a Silver Wind attack to deflect it.

“Lloyd, are you all right?” he asked.

Lloyd coughed and tried to catch his breath. He nodded since he was trying to catch his breath. Billy turned to the Mad Dashers and held up a thumbs-down sign.

“Dustox, Use Gust on Houndour!” he said.

Dustox used its wings to create a gust of wind that blew Houndour into its trainer. The other Mad Dashers called out their Pokémon to help Houndour.

“Go! Nidorino!”

“Go! Nidorina!”

“Go! Raticate!” said Billy, calling out his Raticate.

“Kirlia! Bulbasaur! Help me out!” said Lloyd. “Billy, I’ll deal with the Houndour. You handle Nidorino and Nidorina!”

“You got it! Raticate, use Hyper Fang on Nidorina! Dustox, Psybeam on Nidorino!”

Raticate’s front teeth began to glow as it rammed into Nidorina with them. Dustox fired a Psybeam at Nidorino. The Nidos retaliated by attacking both of them with a double Horn Attack.

“Houndour, Flamethrower!”

“Kirlia, Thunder Punch! Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!” shouted Lloyd.

Houndour began charging up for a Flamethrower. Kirlia began charging up his fist with electrical energy. As Houndour fired its Flamethrower, Kirlia hurriedly dodged it and jabbed it. Bulbasaur then fired a Razor Leaf, dealing more damage than before.

“Whoa. Bulbasaur, that Razor Leaf was more powerful than last time! What happened?” He then noticed that the bulb on his back was glowing with grass energy. “Okay! I get it! It must be your Overgrow ability!”

Bulbasaur nodded. Houndour’s Faint Attack then knocked him back into a tree. Bulbasaur tried to get up, but Houndour fired an Ember, nearly taking away his health. Luckily, Lloyd had a Potion in his backpack, so he took it out and sprayed Bulbasaur with it.

“Dustox, Silver Wind! Raticate, Quick Attack!”

“I don’t think so! Nidorina, Poison Sting!”

“Nidorino, Horn Attack!”

Dustox’s Silver Wind and Nidorina’s Poison Sting collided in mid-air, causing a small explosion. Raticate’s Quick Attack and Nidorino’s Horn Attack clashed, creating small shockwaves at they rammed into each other.

“Kirlia, Magical Leaf! Bulbasaur, Vine Whip!”

“Houndour, use Dig and then Ember!”

Kirlia fired his Magical Leaf at Houndour, who was burrowing into the ground. Houndour then came up behind Kirlia and attacked it with an Ember attack. Luckily, Bulbasaur fired a Vine Whip, knocking Houndour back.

“Good job, Bulbasaur! Now Leech Seed! Kirlia, Psychic!”

Bulbasaur fired the Leech Seed at Houndour and its trainer, coving them with small vines. And as if the Leech Seed taking their energy away wasn’t enough, Kirlia’s Psychic took more energy away from them! Raticate and Dustox used a combined Tackle on the Nidos sending them and their trainers to their leader.

“All right! Raticate, Hidden Power! Dustox, Silver Wind!” shouted Billy.

“Kirlia, Psychic! Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!” said Lloyd.

The combined attacks of all four Pokémon created a huge explosion, sending the Mad Dashers flying away again. As Lloyd, Billy, and their Pokémon looked on, Bulbasaur noticed some items fall from the sky. It landed around the base of Emerald Forest. Lloyd and Billy then registered each other on their PokéNavis.

“Thanks for all your help, Lloyd…” said Billy.

“No problem! Now I gotta get going… These badges aren’t gonna collect themselves!” laughed Lloyd.

They waved good-bye and Lloyd went into the forest. Bulbasaur then ran towards he saw the mysterious objects fall. Lloyd and Kirlia looked at Bulbasaur, puzzled.

“What’s with him?” asked Lloyd.

Kirlia just shrugged. They ran towards Bulbasaur who was looking at the items. There was an orange rock with a fire symbol on it, a big golden sphere, and a green CD-like device.

“Hey! Bulbasaur, you found a Fire Stone, a Nugget, and a TM Bullet Seed!” said Lloyd, examining the items.

“Bulbasaur! Bulba! Saur!”

“Bulbasaur said that he noticed them fall from the sky when the Mad Dashers was flying away. These must be some things they stole!” Kirlia translated.

“Well, I guess we can keep them… I mean, they probably stole these things a while ago…”

He put the items in their respected areas in his backpack and continued on into Emerald Forest. Now Lloyd’s adventures in Emerald Forest has begun. See what happens next time!

To Be Continued…

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Chapter #3: VS. Corphish!

After his run-in with the Mad Dashers, Lloyd decided to get some more training done while on his way to Pyrotech City. Currently, he was in a battle against a Youngster named Sam.

“Sentret, use Tackle!” said Sam.

Sentret began running towards Bulbasaur. At the last minute, Bulbasaur jumped out of the way. Lloyd was scanning Sentret’s data on his PokéDex.

“Sentret: the Scout Pokémon. It stands on its tail so it can see a long way. If it spots an enemy, it cries loudly or bangs its tail on the ground to warn other Pokémon,” the PokéDex said.

“Okay. That helps a little. Bulbasaur, use your Tackle!” said Lloyd.

Bulbasaur rammed into Sentret, dealing minor damage. Sentret began digging into the ground.

“Oh great. It’s about to use a Dig attack. Bulbasaur, stand your ground!” Lloyd shouted.

“Bad move! Sentret, attack with Dig and then use Iron Tail!” shouted Sam.

Sentret blasted through the ground behind Bulbasaur and rammed into him. Its tail then glowed and became stiff as steel. Sentret struck Bulbasaur with the Iron Tail, sending him into a tree.

<Okay. So far, it’s been using physical attacks. Maybe I can win if…> Lloyd thought. “Use Leech Seed, Bulbasaur!”

Bulbasaur fired the Leech Seed at the Sentret, which opened on contact and spread vines all over it. Sentret fell to the ground, unable to move.

“Sentret!” said Sam, worried.

“All right! Bulbasaur, finish it with Vine Whip!” shouted Lloyd.

Bulbasaur fired a Vine Whip at the Sentret, ramming the vines in its chest, knocking it out. Sam recalled his Sentret and congratulated Lloyd on his win.

“Well, that’s another win for us!” said Lloyd.

A few minutes later, Lloyd and his Pokémon were walking near the center of the forest. Lloyd was reading a book while Bulbasaur was humming. Kirlia was just walking.

“Hey! According to this Gym Leader guidebook, the Pyrotech Gym Leader uses Fire Pokémon…” said Lloyd.

“No surprise there… PYRO-tech?” Kirlia said sarcastically.

“Shut up… That means that I need to catch another Pokémon before we get there…”

“What if you can’t?”

“Then you’d better hope that Bulbasaur could win against a Fire-type…”

Just as he said that, a small brown bird Pokémon hopped in front of them. Lloyd took out his PokéDex and looked up its information.

“Pidgey are common sights in grassy areas and forests. It is very docile and will chase off enemies by flapping up sand,” it said.

“Hey! A Pidgey would be a good Pokémon to use in a battle! Let’s try to catch it!” said Lloyd.

“Whatever…” sighed Kirlia.

“Well, since you don’t wanna battle… Bulbasaur, use Tackle!” Lloyd shouted.

Bulbasaur rammed into the Pidgey. The Pidgey, however, retaliated by flapping its wings to produce a Gust attack. The Gust attack blew Bulbasaur straight into Lloyd.

“Ow! Bulbasaur, use Razor Leaf!”

Bulbasaur fired the sharp leaves at Pidgey. Pidgey flapped its wings to blow sand from the ground, knocking the leaves down. It then sent another Gust attack at Bulbasaur.

“All right, no more playing games… Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip and then Tackle!”

Bulbasaur shot the vines at Pidgey, wrapping them around it. After that, Bulbasaur hurriedly rammed into the Pidgey while it was still wrapped in the vines. This stunned the Pidgey, allowing Lloyd to throw an empty PokéBall at it. It sucked it in with a beam of red light. The PokéBall shook three times, paused, and finally made a ‘Ping!’ sound, signaling that Pidgey was caught.

“All right!” said Lloyd, picking up the PokéBall. “I caught a Pidgey!”

Bulbasaur smiled happily, seeing as how he has a new friend. Kirlia looked and lightly smirked. They ventured on in the forest, until they got to a small meadow.

“You know, this would be a great place to rest a while…”

Lloyd reached into his backpack and pulled out a bowl and filled it with Pokémon food. He then called out his new Pidgey to introduce himself and his Pokémon.

“Hello, Pidgey! I’m Lloyd and this is Bulbasaur and Kirlia!” he said, pointing to his other Pokémon. “We hope you can consider us friends…”

Pidgey looked at how well Lloyd raised Kirlia and Bulbasaur. It then looked down at the ground and thought about it. After a minute, Pidgey looked back at Lloyd and smiled. It then hopped over to Kirlia and Bulbasaur and joined them in eating the Pokémon food. Lloyd reached in his backpack again and pulled out a sandwich. They began to eat, but they didn’t know they were being watched.

<This is a good sandwich! I just hope we make it to Pyrotech City before I run out of food…> Lloyd thought.

A dark figure was watching them while they were eating. Suddenly, a Bubblebeam came out of nowhere, startling the gang. They hurriedly shielded themselves from the dust the Bubblebeam made. When the dust cleared, Lloyd noticed that their lunch was gone!

“What the-? Who ate my sandwich?!” shouted Lloyd.

“Wasn’t us… Someone ate our Pokémon food!” replied Kirlia.

Lloyd looked around but didn’t see anyone. Bulbasaur listened and heard something rustling in the bushes. He then used a vine to grab the culprit. It was a small red crab-like Pokémon.

“What’s that Pokémon?” asked Lloyd, taking out his PokéDex.

The PokéDex stated: “Corphish: the Ruffian Pokémon. Once it grips prey with its large pincers, it will never let go, no matter what. It is a hardy Pokémon that can thrive in any environment.”

“A Corphish? Wait a minute, I saw one of those back in Hoenn!” said Lloyd. “A trainer who came to visit Professor Birch had one!”

“Yeah, whatever! It took our lunch!” shouted Kirlia.

“Hey, yeah! That was wrong! Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!”

Bulbasaur fired the Razor Leaf at Corphish. To their surprise, however, Corphish used Bubblebeam to knock down the oncoming leaves. It then ran up to Bulbasaur and slammed a pincer on Bulbasaur’s head.

“That must be its Knock Off attack! Bulbasaur, Vine Whip it!”

Bulbasaur sent the vines at full force towards Corphish. Corphish actually moved out of their path and grabbed them with its pincer. It then jumped in the air and began spinning Bulbasaur in mid-air. It then let go and sent Bulbasaur crashing on the ground in front of Lloyd.

“Damn! How strong is this thing?!” he demanded, taking out his PokéDex.

While he was doing that, Corphish fired another Bubblebeam at them, creating a small explosion on the ground in front of them. This caused Lloyd to become startled and drop his PokéDex. When Lloyd picked it up, the screen was blank. He tried to use it, but the PokéDex still didn’t work.

“Great, just great. The PokéDex is malfunctioning…” he said to himself.

Corphish then ran off into the forest. Kirlia looked on and sneered. “That Corphish had better watch out! I won’t rest until my lunch is avenged!”

“Bulbasaur?” Bulbasaur looked at Lloyd with a puzzled look.

“He’s always been like that… A word to the wise: Never take Kirlia’s food… ever…” he laughed.

Lloyd and his Pokémon continued on in the forest. Lloyd and Bulbasaur were watching Kirlia crazily looking for that Corphish.

“Maybe we should stop him…” Lloyd said.

Bulbasaur furiously shook his head in disagreement. Lloyd understood that Bulbasaur wanted to challenge the Corphish to another battle. Just then, Lloyd heard something close by.

“What was that?” he asked.

“It might be that Corphish… Let’s go look!” Kirlia shouted.

Lloyd and Bulbasaur sweat-dropped and hesitantly went after Kirlia. Instead of the Corphish, Lloyd found a thin pale-skin girl with a black shirt and some low-cut jeans. She had hip-length black hair in a ponytail and purple stripes on her hair. She had a purple watch on right wrist and a purple wristband on left wrist. Also, she had small loop earrings in each ear. Next to her were a Treecko and a Skitty.

“Oh I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to interrupt you… We were looking for a Corphish…” said Lloyd.

“That’s okay… Did you say a Corphish? It went that a way…” the girl said, pointing in the direction the Corphish went.

“Thanks a lot…” Lloyd said, preparing to leave.

“Hey wait! You think you got time for a battle?” she said to him.

“I always have time for a battle! How about a 2-on-2 double battle?” he asked her.

“Sure! By the way, my name’s Evelon Dufane!”

“Hi there! I’m Lloyd! Now let’s get started!”

“Okay then! Let’s go, Treecko and Skitty!” she said.

“All right… Go Pidgey and Kirlia!” Lloyd said, tossing Pidgey’s PokéBall in the air.

In a flash of light, Pidgey appeared. Kirlia then jumped on to the battlefield next to it. Evelon’s Pokémon got in a battle stance while Lloyd’s did the same.

“Kirlia, use Magical Leaf! Pidgey, use Gust now!” Lloyd shouted. Bulbasaur fired the Magical Leaf while Pidgey’s Gust combined with it to create a leaf cyclone.

“Treecko, dodge it and use Bullet Seed! Skitty, use Double Slap!”

Treecko jumped into the air and landed on a tree branch. Lloyd noticed that the Treecko had a small rose in its mouth. The Skitty used its tail to slap the leaves away. Treecko then opened its mouth and fired green energy seeds at Kirlia and Pidgey.

“Good job, you two! Now use Quick Attack and Tackle!” Evelon shouted.

Treecko then used the tree branch it was on for propulsion and quickly rammed into Pidgey. Skitty ran up to Kirlia and tackled it into a tree. Kirlia got up and used Psychic to pick up Treecko and throw it into Skitty. Pidgey then used his own Quick Attack and rammed into both Pokémon.

“All right! Now use Psybeam and Wing Attack!”

Kirlia fired the Psybeam at Skitty, who got confused from the attack. Pidgey then slammed into Treecko with one of its wings, taking heavy damage.

“Skitty, use another Tackle! Treecko, use Pound!”

Skitty and Treecko began running up to Kirlia and Pidgey, ready to attack. Kirlia was ready, however, and used Protect to defend them both.

“All right, let’s finish this! Kirlia, use Psychic! Pidgey, use Gust!” Lloyd said.

Kirlia and Pidgey unleashed their attacks, causing an explosion. After the dust cleared, both Skitty and Treecko were on the ground. Lloyd had won yet again!

“Wow… You beat me… You’re so strong…” Evelon said.

Lloyd looked into her lavender eyes and smiled. “You battled great, too! Are you trying out for the World Cup?” he asked her.

“Yes, but I’m also trying to beat the Pokémon Contests, too… That’s why I caught Skitty…” she replied.

“Mia! Mia!” Skitty happily said.

“Well, thanks for the battle, Evelon! Wanna register me in your PokéNavi?” he asked.

She nodded and they both registered each other. After that, Lloyd waved goodbye and continued to find that Corphish. Evelon looked on as Lloyd left and sighed. After a couple of wild Pokémon battles, Lloyd still hadn’t found Corphish.

“Maybe someone caught it already…” Lloyd said.

“No… I can still sense it…” Kirlia snarled.

“Bulba?” asked Bulbasaur.

“No, it’s not hiding! It’s somewhere…” Kirlia said.

“Okay, let’s think. The PokéDex said that Corphish can thrive in any environment, and we didn’t find it in the forest, so…” Lloyd said.

“Bulbasaur! Bulba!” Bulbasaur shouted.

“Of course! It must be in a cave or something! You’re a genius, Bulbasaur!” Kirlia said.

“And I know a way to find it! Pidgey, let’s go!” he said, releasing his Pidgey. “Pidgey, I want you to find the Corphish. Try looking for a cave…”

Pidgey chirped and flew away. Lloyd began to search on foot with his other Pokémon. Lloyd managed to find a pond, but Corphish wasn’t there.

“You think Pidgey found that cave?” Kirlia asked.

“We can only hope…”

Pidgey, however, was still flying around looking for a cave. Then a Bubblebeam came from out of nowhere and nearly hit Pidgey! Pidgey looked down and saw the Corphish was in a battle against three wild Mankeys! Corphish tried to defend itself, but the Mankeys were too strong. Pidgey swooped down and got rid of all three with a Gust attack. Corphish looked at Pidgey and ran off.

“Pidgey?” Pidgey chirped, following it.

Pidgey followed it to a cave. Pidgey then decided to fly back and tell Lloyd. After a while, it found Lloyd sitting on a log.

“Pidgey! Didya find that Corphish?” asked Lloyd.

Pidgey nodded and motioned for Lloyd and company to follow it. Kirlia then got excited.

“Finally, my lunch will be avenged!” he evilly laughed.

After following Pidgey, he stood at the entrance to the Emerald Forest cave. They went in only to see that it was really a lake inside a cave! He saw the Corphish in the middle of the lake, staring at them.

“All right! Corphish, prepared to be captured!” said Lloyd as he held up an empty PokéBall.

Corphish then raised a pincer. Suddenly, a Quagsire and a Poliwag appeared from under the water and fired a Water Gun at Lloyd, hitting him in the stomach! He fell to the ground, clenching his stomach from the sting of the jets of water.

“I see these guys want a battle… Fine! Kirlia, use Thunder Punch!” Lloyd shouted.

Kirlia used its psychic ability to levitate over to the Poliwag. His fist then charged with electrical energy as he jabbed the Poliwag into the other wall of the cave, instantly knocking it out. He then fired a Psybeam at Quagsire, which dazed it enough for Bulbasaur to finish it with a Razor Leaf.

“Cor…” the Corphish sneered.

It then fired a Bubblebeam underwater. Suddenly a Gyarados popped out of the lake! Lloyd and his Pokémon were startled, but they managed to keep their cool.

“It seems to me that Corphish is calling help by using gestures… interesting…” Lloyd said.

“You think?!” shouted Kirlia, who was hanging on to the Gyarados’ mouth to prevent from getting eaten.

“Huh? Oh sorry, Kirlia. Use Psychic and then Thunder Punch again!”

Kirlia used a Psychic attack to knock the Gyarados away and used Thunder Punch to knock it out. Suddenly a Goldeen and a Krabby appeared and Kirlia used Magical Leaf to knock them out. More Water Pokémon appeared from the lake, but Corphish stopped them. It then jumped out of the water and stood in front of Lloyd, ready to battle.

“Looks like Corphish finally want to battle! Fine then! Take this!” said Kirlia, striking it with a Thunder Punch.

Corphish crossed its pincers and shined. When the Thunder Punch struck, it hardly took damage. It used a Harden. It then used a Knock Off to knock Kirlia away. Kirlia got up and used Magical Leaf, surprising Corphish.

“Good job, Kirlia! Now use a Psychic!”

Kirlia used Psychic to make a psychic energy ball. It then threw the energy ball at Corphish, knocking into the lake. Corphish stayed underwater and attacked with a Bubblebeam, dazing Kirlia. Kirlia shook his head and angrily used a Thunder Punch on it, sending it into a wall. The impact made a hole in the wall…

“This is too easy!” said Kirlia. He then fell to his knees in pain.

“Kirlia! What’s wrong?” asked Lloyd.

“That Knock Off kinda weakened me a little too much there… I can’t move…”

“Okay buddy… Pidgey! Take over and use Wing Attack!”

Pidgey shot out his PokéBall and rammed into Corphish with its wing. Corphish used a Knock Off to send Pidgey into the lake. Pidgey struggled to get out of the lake. It managed to get out and it used Gust on the water to create a small water cyclone that picked up Corphish and send it in the air. While in the air, Corphish fired a Bubblebeam at Pidgey.

“Pidgey, use Quick Attack! Then use another Gust!”

Pidgey used the Quick Attack to dodge the Bubblebeam and rammed into Corphish. It then used Gust to blow it to the roof of the cave. Corphish then fell into the lake. Pidgey then chirped happily, but Corphish came out of the lake and used Bubblebeam to make Pidgey fall to the lake, defeated.

<That Corphish is so strong… Now I know I want it!> Lloyd thought, recalling Pidgey. “Looks like it’s up to you, Bulbasaur… Use Vine Whip!”

Bulbasaur fired the Vine Whip at Corphish, which knocked it into the wall again, making the hole bigger. Corphish got back up and used Knock Off again. It then used a Bubblebeam to send Bulbasaur out of the cave.

“Bulbasaur!” shouted Lloyd, as Corphish knocked him to the ground with a Bubblebeam. “Use… Razor… Leaf!”

Bulbasaur ran back into the cave and used Razor Leaf on Corphish. Corphish couldn’t take the barrage of leaves anymore. It fell into the lake. Lloyd got his PokéBall ready for capture, but Corphish busted out of the water fully rejuvenated! Lloyd gasped at this.

“How?! Bulbasaur, use a Vine Whip again!” he shouted.

Bulbasaur shot the vines at Corphish again, but Corphish blocked it with another Harden. Bulbasaur then used Razor Leaf and managed to hit Corphish, instantly weakening it. Before Corphish hopped back into the water again, Lloyd hurriedly threw the PokéBall at it, hitting one of its pincers. The PokéBall fell into the water, floated back to the surface, and made a ‘Ping!’ sound. Corphish was finally caught! It took a while, but Lloyd did it!

“All right! Corphish is mine!” he said, throwing up its PokéBall in the air.

Corphish came out and stared blankly at Lloyd and the other Pokémon. It then sighed and decided to be a part of the team. Lloyd then picked it up.

“Corphish, when you fell into the water, how did you heal yourself?” he asked it.

“Corphish cor Corphish! Corphish! ” it replied.

“Translation: The lake has healing powers. Apparently only the Water Pokémon that live here can unlock its power…” Kirlia said.

“Oh… Hey, I got an idea! Corphish, can you let the lake heal my other Pokémon?”

Corphish thought about it and nodded. Lloyd then let out his other three Pokémon and let then get in the lake. Lloyd then got in the lake himself. Corphish then went to the bottom of the lake. Suddenly, Lloyd and the other Pokémon began to glow and they were completely healthy! Later, Lloyd and his Pokémon were back on track and on the path that lead through Emerald Forest.

“Well, guys… Looks like Corphish came through for us. Even though it stole our lunch earlier!” Lloyd chuckled.

The other Pokémon laughed and they continued on through the forest. Lloyd’s trek through Emerald Forest has been very rewarding so far, since now he has two new Pokémon! Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

“Wait a minute! My PokéDex is still busted! That wasn’t very rewarding!” shouted Lloyd.

To be continued…

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I read the chapters, but I didn't have enough time to review last time, sorry about that ^^;;;

While I'm not an expert FF reviewer, I'll leave the grammer and spelling to someone else. It's overall a good story, but in some ways, Lloyd is perfect. So far, he won 99% of his battles. Put in some unpredictablity in the story by making him lose(or win) in different ways. Another thing is that he has a powerful Kirlia and an amateur Bulbasaur in his team. How about put Kirlia on the sidelines for a while (like breaking a limb or getting sick) while Lloyd trains Bulbasuar and catches some other Pokemon.

That should be all, I think.

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Wow. I love this. Could you somewhere have Kirlia start to evolve but decide not to, since Gardevoir looks like a woman and Kirlia is a boy? Anyway I liked how Lloyd caught a Corphish and a Pidgey and was given a Bulbasaur. (that little thing is strong for a Bulbasaur.) I'll review at the end of the story.