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Kyogre versus groudon


Kanto Region Champ
So, to break this down, both decks are, for lack of better words, fairly not located to tier, then again the bases on what people think is tier currently is 100% inaccurate. Something nobody could really say in the previous pokemon tcg formats as certain decks would over dominate, it is so wide spread that any deck tested well enough and to have experience plus format advantage could easily win. For instance a friend of mine won with primal kyogre in an extremely heavy seismetoad format 6 out of 8 top 8 decks were toad, to verify that factor, though players are willing to make the statement that it is just proving the fact that those who win tournaments are obviously more experienced, better, or well tested players. Since this is a thing I think it's time to walk towards the format and throw a few curve balls.

***please note that the bellow lists are by no means generic lists***

The first is primal kyogre, given the past week of testing have come to a conclusion on the engine, the engine at any variation needs to be based around kyogre solely or it's pressure is greatly reduced, also suicune techs are not viable versus kyurem, the wall is a liability against both toad and eggs due to hp, type, and attack setup.

3-3 primal kyogre
2 kyurem
(keldeo reduction, my argument stands from about worlds 2013 with TDK, switch reduces bench space for increased dmg and allows for concise plays)

12 water energy

3 shauna
3 sycamore
2 N
4 roller skates
2 Skyla
3 vs seeker
3 muscle band
1 scramble switch
2 rough seas
2 tool retriever
3 switch
3 spirit link
4 dive ball
1 shrine of memories
2 profs letter
1 lysandre's trump card


3-3 primal groudon
2-2 miltoic flf
1 landorus fif (insurance)
3 ditto brc (miltoic cannot attaché energy to an EX, and though wallys and evosoda seem good, turn 2 korrina from miltic for 3 and 1 from hand is a much stronger option, I have rather elegantly made lock decks from last year that used the milotic/ditto engine)

4 strong energy
8 fighting energy

3 shauna
2 colress
4 juniper
4 korrina
2 vs seeker
1 switch
1 escape rope
4 spirit link
3 magnetic storm
2 fighting stadium
1 profs letter
1 lysandre
1 sacred ash
1 pokemon centre lady
1 scramble switch
2 battle compressor

Both list have a ton of combinations I could spend a solid hour typing out in great detail to how universal it is in each decklist, both are fun decks to play, are fairly balanced, kyogre could use a max potion and ground a trump card (which is heavily played atm so no big deal). What I think is the better deck is the one that can hit for 240 in one shot, which one is fun to play against friends a whale, but it ultimately comes down to who's the better player. I had fun playing both decks and I hope you guys do to peace.
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