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KyogreKnight Is Approaching!


Hey Serebii i'm Kyogre Knight. Kyogre's favorite fanatic >:3

I like Kirby more than Pokemon right now (phases lol) but Pokemon is still my number one someplace deep in my hart :3

I can draw. Well? I don't think so, but I can do it. Same with writing :p

I'm furry. -_- I don't have a fursona yet though. All I know is I'm gunna be a reptile. :D


The Splicer. ^_^
Heya. welcome to Serebii! ^_^ I'm Codey. ;D

3 words. Kirby Is EPIC! ;D

Lol, same with me. I like to draw, but im no good at it. LOL

Your.. Furry? o_O & You're gunna be a reptile?.. Coolio. ;D

Enjoy you're stay, and eat your fresh batch of welcome cookies. ;D
If you ever need help, just ask. ;D


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the forums!

I love Kirby to! He's so cute with his pink blobby-ness <-- I invetented a word :D

I'd like to see you some Kirby drawing's ;) or maybe some stories about Kirby?

Please read the rules OK?

I'll add you as a friend if you like :) Hopefully the first of many :)


~The musical leaf
Hey, welcome to the forums! ^^

LOL. I can't relate about Kirby, so I can't say anything about that. xD

Anyway, hope you have fun here. =D


Yay for being at school all day!! :D (and going to Wal*Mart, lol)

Hi hi hi hi

I read the FAQ, it's cool well written.

I like Kirby GAMES I don't like Kirby tbh. Meta Knight and King Dedede are better. Heck even Dynablade is better than Kirby XD

Gosh, thanks for being so accepting of my furrie-ness. I'm just now starting to get into this sub culture. It's pretty fun so far :)