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K'yoril's Caravan

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by K'yoril, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    No thank you^^
  2. Ninja Gallade

    Ninja Gallade Epic ninja

    Shiny Excadrill-Lvl 100, Male
    Adamant, Sand Rush, Live PKRS, Japanese
    Iv's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Ev's: 4 Hp, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
    Moves: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide, X-Scissor

    for an Egg move Aron (head smash) with ability rock head and Shelder (rock blast) with ability skill link, along with a DW Misdreavus in a dream ball
  3. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Ok, can you trade now?
  4. GrassTypes.

    GrassTypes. Well-Known Member

    Shiny Haxorus-Lvl 100, Female
    Jolly, Mold Breaker
    Iv's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Ev's: 6 Hp, 252 Attack, 252 Speed
    Moves: Outrage, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Dragon Dance

    Can I get a Reserve? I need to see which evolution items I have, Ik I have a lot though.
  5. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Reserve? But ok, I'd need 4

    Updated wares

    Still looking for an employee
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2011
  6. GrassTypes.

    GrassTypes. Well-Known Member

    Dubious Disk
    Protector x2
    Razor Fang
    Razor Claw x2
    Dragon Scale x2
    Moon Stone x2
    Shiny Stone x2
    Sun Stone x2
    Leaf Stone x2
    Water Stone
    Prism Scale

    Enough? I'd like to get some extra points too, if my math serves correct its 10 Points. You could call me an item collector.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2011
  7. lochydc

    lochydc Pokemon Breeder

    Hey K'yoril,

    I got a sunkern with early bird and earth power. Specify if you do want it (or not) in a dream ball or otherwise I will breed one for you. Female or male, your choice. If you want it in the dream ball, its is a female
  8. DarkDream79

    DarkDream79 Member

    My DWF Near Flawless Gastly and Shiny Oak's Letter Shaymin

    Your Shiny Flawless Scraggy...

    Let me know. I've been trying to build up things to trade with you.
  9. Ninja Gallade

    Ninja Gallade Epic ninja

    K'yoril, I can attach a few reaper clothes to the trading pokemon (I have 6) since I noticed GrassTypes didn't say anything about them. Also, I have a chess tournament today so I won't be able to trade. How about tomorrow at 4:00. My time is GMT-7:00 Mountain time
  10. truevillany

    truevillany Well-Known Member

    my shiny flawless adamant magikarp for your shiny adamant flawless scraggy
  11. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Yup that's 10, sir item collector. I'd be happy to take those off your hands ^^
    Male with earthpower please
    Yup that sounds great
    If you want but you don't have to; I've got a few

    Also I might be able to get on then, but can definately be on a around 6:00 your time
    Yes please ^^
  12. Miss Alexis

    Miss Alexis Event Collector :)

    hi kyoril do we have a pending trade
  13. jayred7

    jayred7 Off and On Trainer

    I'm interested in your flawless totodile, venipede, and gible. I'm also interested in the near flawless litwick. Here's My offers:

    Event pokes*

    ANA lv 50 flying pikachu
    Satoshi's lv 50 pikachu
    ALAMOS Darkrai
    Movie 11 lv 100 Reshiram
    Movie 11 lv 100 Zekrom
    Movie 11 lv 70 Shiny Golurk
    Movie 11 lv50 Victini
    Jap event lv 70 Janta's golurk
    Jap event lv 70 Carlita's Hydreigon*
    TRU lv 50 Dragonite
    TRU lv 100 Regigas
    TRU lv 50 Manaphy
    TRU lv 50 Shaymin
    TRU LV100 Arceus
    TRU lv 50 Ash's Pikachu*
    TRU Ash's lv 1 pidove*
    TRU Iris' lv 1 axew
    TRU Cilan's lv 1 pansage
    Gstop shiny lv 30 Raikou*
    Gstop shiny lv 30 Entei*
    Gstop shiny lv 30 Suicune*
    Gstop lv 50 deoxys
    Gstop lv5 jirachi
    GStop lv30 pikachu colored pichu*
    Win2011 lv50 celebi
    Fal2010 lv 5 Mew
    Space C lv70 deoxys
    Hayley's lv50 Mew
    Hayley's lv50 Phione
    Event11 lv50 Zoroark
    Jap event lv50 Zoroark
    Jap event lv70 pokesmash Mew
    10th anniversary lv70 Celebi
    10th anniversary lv70 Charizard*
    10th anniversary lv70 Latias
    10th anniversary lv70 Latios
    10th anniversary lv70 Suicune
    10th anniversary lv70 Raikou
    10th anniversary lv70 Entei
    10th anniversary*lv70*Blaziken
    10th anniversary*lv70*Typhlosion
    10th anniversary*lv70*Tyranitar
    10th anniversary*lv70*Bulbasaur
    10th anniversary*lv70*Blastoise
    10th anniversary*lv70*Alakazam
    10th anniversary*lv70*Articuno
    10th anniversary*lv70*Moltres
    10th anniversary*lv70*Zapdos
    10th anniversary*lv70*Umbreon
    10th anniversary*lv70*Espeon
    10th anniversary lv 70 Pikachu*
    10th anniversary lv 70 Absol
    10th anniversary lv 70 Dragonite
    Japan event lv1 Satoshi's scraggy
    Goon's scizor
    TCG WORLD07 pikachu with light ball (no longer knows surf in order to transfer to b/w)
    TCG WORLD08 Lucario
    Pokemon world championship09 Weavile
    VGC2009 lv 50 Shiny Milotic*
    VGC2010 lv 50 shiny Eevee*
    WDS2010 Crobat
    World11 scrafty
    Birthday lv 40 Charmander
    Birthday lv 40 chimchar
    Lv 30 birthday Audino
    Birthday pikachu with lucky egg (no longer knows surf in order to transfer to b/w)
    smr2010 jirachi
    ske48 lv30 pikachu (sing)
    Poketopia lv 50 electrivire
    Poketopia Lv 50 magmortar
    Saikyou lv 50 magmortar*
    Saikyou lv 50Electivire
    Pc Osaka lv 10 meowth
    Hadou lv 40 regice
    Hadou lv 40 regirock
    Hadou lv 40 registeel
    Spain, France, Italy & UK lv 70 10th anniv lugia
    Spain, France, Italy & UK lv 70 10th anniv ho-oh
    DW event Banette
    DW event mamoswine
    DW event torchic
    DW event croagunk
    DW event turtwig
    DW event bulbasaur
    DW event squirtle
    DW event treecko
    DW event chimchar*
    DW event mudkip
    DW Korean event charmander
    DW arceus*
    DW NoK rayquaza (modest)
    DW NoK rayquaza *(gentle)
    Trade for evolution karrablast*
    Oblivia Shaymin
    Oblivia Heatran
    Michina arceus
    Searcher axew
    Pokesmash lv 15 cubchoo
    Pcnyd kingdra
    Pcnyd salamence
    Pcnyc 45 flygon (touched)
    Pcnyc lv 30 seviper
    DOEL Deoxys
    Enigma stone event lv 40latias
    Enigma stone event lv 40latios
    Korean Movie Arceus lv 100
    Kor Character Fair *lv 50 Shaymin
    NoK lv 100 Regigigas
    Kor Battle series 09 lv 50 arcanine*
    NoK lv 50 deoxys
    Winner's path lv5 beldum (knows zen Headbutt)
    Winner's path lv5 duskull (knows imprison)
    Winner's path bronzor (knows trick room)
    Winner's path munchlax (knows self destruct)& has pokerus
    10th Deoxys
    Kor lv 50 Station Zoroark
    Kor lv 5*Shinsegae Feebas
    Win2011 celebi
    Hadou lv 10 mew
    Birth island lv 30 deoxys
    CHANNEL lv 5 jirachi
    New moon lv 50 darkrai
    McDonald lv 20 pikachu
    Hacked tcgwc07 pikachu(knows surf)
    Befriend a pokemon! Jolteon
    Befriend a pokemon! Glaceon
    Befriend a pokemon! Umbreon
    Befriend a pokemon! Espeon
    Befriend a pokemon! Leafeon
    Befriend a pokemon! Flareon

    DW females

    Egg moves
    Scraggy- DD, drain punch, ice punch, thunderpunch
    Scraggy- DD, zen Headbutt*
    Oshawatt- air slash
    Deino- dark pulse

    Flawless pokes
    DW Torchic
    DW Gligar*
    DW Dratini*
    DW pichu*
  14. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Yes I believe we did, but I can't remember what... :/
    DW Spiritomb, Skarmory, Sableye + DW Squirtle, Torchic, Turtwig + World09 Weavile, Sing Pikachu Please
  15. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    Can you RNG me a Jap. flawless Ditto? I have several Mansion DWs: Houndour, Smoochum, Misdreavus, and Drowzee. All bar Misdreavus are Female (meh, Misdreavus doesn't have a DW ability anyway, but it has Inferno), Houndour has Dark Pulse, and Drowzee has Psycho Cut. Apparently, Misdreavus is 1 point?
  16. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Nope sorry, no non american games... :(

    *facepalm* Thanks for letting me know about Misdreavus' not so DW ability... I'd better go change that XD Thanks
  17. GrassTypes.

    GrassTypes. Well-Known Member

    K'yoril, I'd like the Haxorus I talked about earlier and the Shiny Flawless Scizor for all my items (the rest of the points that are leftover can be converted into spare points) You can VM/PM me from now on if you want to.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2011
  18. Miss Alexis

    Miss Alexis Event Collector :)

    I won the shiny Zorua ^^
  19. DarkDream79

    DarkDream79 Member

    Hey K'yoril, when do you want to trade?
  20. Lagoon

    Lagoon Mew Seeker

    Hi :)

    did you get those 2 yourself?
    If yes do you have the book and can you do a screenshot of them on friend board?

    My shop is waiting for approval. But i can send my list by mail (PDF) if you want.

    Thank you

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