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K'yoril's Caravan

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by K'yoril, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Ok, I'll need to clone them but hen we can trade. I'll vm you
    Yup anything else or is that it?
    I can trade now if you want
  2. Ninja Gallade

    Ninja Gallade Epic ninja

    Hey K'yoril, the chess tourney ended earlier than I thought, so can we trade now?
  3. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    No sorry, they were both trades

    Okay, very sorry, but what was it you wanted? I can't make sense of my outgoing box :/
  4. DarkDream79

    DarkDream79 Member

    I'm in wifi when you're ready, K'yoril.
  5. Ninja Gallade

    Ninja Gallade Epic ninja

    I wanted the Shiny Flawless Excadrill for my Head Smash aron, Rock Blast Shellder, and Inferno Misdreavus (with a reaper cloth for kicks). I'll be in the Wifi room
  6. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    I don't see you
    Thanks for the trades everyone
  7. Ninja Gallade

    Ninja Gallade Epic ninja

    I'm in the wifi room
  8. Hi K'yoril,I'm interested in your DW Rayquaza,Jungle Tours Celebi and CHANNEL Jirachi.I can offer you a shiny Roggenrola,GAMESTP Suicune,Raikou,Entei plus male Pichu with Volt Tackle and Light Ball for the 3 events.
  9. Drizzle

    Drizzle New Member

    I want that DW rayquaza and TRU Arceus i will trade you a Shiny UT Flawless Adamant Magikarp for one and a Shiny UT Flawless Sabelye for the other
  10. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    enjoy the excadrill!
    Just Sableye please; I'm getting a Magikarp already
  11. deviantShiny

    deviantShiny Shiny Data Collector

    I really want your Siny Nincada :)

    I can give you a shiny flawless Ferroseed!
  12. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Sure. I'll go clone him
  13. deviantShiny

    deviantShiny Shiny Data Collector

    My FC is in my signature :) can you trade now?
  14. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Yeah, I'll add your fc
  15. lochydc

    lochydc Pokemon Breeder


    I will just breed a male one for you.
    Could i get a DW Poliwag for that?

    I will be on in 4 hours.
    Hope to see you there!
  16. Livinitup17

    Livinitup17 Looking for trades

    Jungle Tours Celebi-Lvl 10, Modest
    check my events in my shop for it
  17. squirtle123

    squirtle123 legendary master.

    Interested in either of your jirachi's, and fal2010mew:) i have shiny gyrafos ut,(sorta a magikarp), and event banette (f) and event mamoswine (m), any items and loadsa lgendaries:)
  18. shikinokurai

    shikinokurai Gazerock is Not DEAD

    i have a male pichu with volt tackle
    and i'm interested in ur larvitar with outrage and dragon dance :)
  19. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Sorry, I missed you. Are you still on?
    No CMT's please
    The mamoswine is interesting, but not much else :/
    Ok, I think I might be getting that already, but I'll keep you on hold ok?
  20. lochydc

    lochydc Pokemon Breeder

    Yep im still on!

    I can just get the egg for you and hatch it. Then were ready!!!

    Friend code in the sig

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