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K'yoril's Caravan

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by K'yoril, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. BugZ

    BugZ Look Left------>

    U wanna trade now?
  2. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    I've been having some problems cloning, but should be done tomorrow
    You do realize I only offer one of those right? I'll try for the Salamence and Tentacool, but I can't do the Zapdos. Sorry
    No sorry :/ Could you quote it please?
  3. Janoty

    Janoty New Member

    Ok I am offering a Shiny Sableye (on your want list) for your flawless shiny scraggy.
  4. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Ok, I need to get that cloned. I'll contact you tomorrow ok?
  5. Mesarin

    Mesarin Well-Known Member

    I have a japanese flawless UT DW umbreon if youre interested.
  6. Diablix

    Diablix New Member

    Yes I know, but you stated to feel free to ask for Breed Moves which weren't on your list.. so I did try to ask.
    If that's a problem I'm sorry, I never intended to cause you any kind of confusion!

    Anyway the three shinies for Ferrothorn+Tentacool and Salamence would be more than cool for me. If the Salamence is a problem then let me know, we can work it out something different for sure :)

    And sorry again!
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2011
  7. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    I'm not particularly interested, but if there's something you want, I'll definately take it
    No problem ^^ It might take a while, but I'll give it a go. It would definatly help if you could provide the chains for the eggmove sand what gen the need to be bred in, but I can figure that out on my own if need be.
  8. Diablix

    Diablix New Member

    Tentacruel can learn Rapid Spin through a Lileep/Cradily which learns it by levelling up.
    Another chain could be Blastoise (level up) -> Kabutops -> Tentacruel.
    They work in Gen 5 for sure, but I believe it should work on Gen 4 also.
    Sex, Nature, IVs and everything else is irrelevant, I'll breed it by myself.

    For Salamence it learns Outrage by Move Tutor on Gen 4, the problem is that you can't transfer the move through breeding, so I need to already have good IVs before teaching outrage. The nature should be Adamant.

    If you have lack of time we can trade ferroseed and tentacool for 2 shinies and complete the third trade in the future without any haste.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2011
  9. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    If outrage is a tutor move, then I can't help with salamence :/ I could get a flawless adamant one for you though if you want ( with firefang as long as that's an eggmove)
  10. Ausgirl

    Ausgirl Well-Known Member

    I can't remember if I've posted here befor or not so anyway:

    Looking for:

    -UT Channel bold Jirachi
    -UT WISHMKR bold Jirachi
    -UT Liberty Garden adamant Victini
    -UT Ranger timid Manaphy
    -UT Movie 11 adamant Victini
    -UT TRU adamant & timid Arceus
    -UT Fal2010 timid Mew


    -UT WIN2011 Raikou
    -UT WIN2011 Suicune
    -UT Celebi

    1 event for 1 event.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2011
  11. Diablix

    Diablix New Member

    I need Outrage sorry.

    What about my 3 shinies (beware, they have above average IVs [ >= 16 ], but not flawless) for:

    - male ferroseed/ferrothorn with stealth rock AND leech seed
    - male tentacool/tentacruel with rapid spin
    - gamestop jirachi

    Is it ok for you?
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2011
  12. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Do I have all/any of those you're looking for?
    Yup, I'll try and get those ready for you
  13. AwesomeSamurott

    AwesomeSamurott New Member

    Hi, my shiny flawless pawniard ( adamant - sucker punch ), shiny flawless cottonee ( bold - encore, memento ) and shiny flawless deino ( modest - dark pulse ) for your shiny flawless sawk, shiny flawless scizor and shiny flawless DW dratini? :)
  14. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Sure, I'll vm you when their cloned
  15. wacwacwac

    wacwacwac Member

    Hey, little question. When you (or others) clone, are you using the ir-gts? Also, you can't clone pokemon with ribbons, correct?
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2011
  16. wacwacwac

    wacwacwac Member

    I have a shiny Steelix ut Lv 1 Careful nature, and a shiny squirtle, Calm, Level 1 ut. I also have a Jolly shiny Axew. Not sure what your nature is on your axew. Im interested in your Totodile, solosis and mudkip. I can throw in an evo stone to sweeten the deal. Also, I brought back a DW Beldum last night. If you are interested, its in a Dreamball rash with the ability Light metal, and the moves Iron head and take down.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2011
  17. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Could you switch out the Axew for the Beldum? Otherwise, sure.
    I can't clone until some unknown time today, or tomorrow. I'll let you know when.

    Also, I saw the badge; thanks ^^
  18. wacwacwac

    wacwacwac Member

    Steelix, Squirtle, and Beldum for your Totodile, solosis and mudkip. Sweet. I can clone too. I figured out how to and it has worked successfully many times. I can trade it back within 15 minutes of trading. :) Or we can wait till tomorrow.
  19. K'yoril

    K'yoril Wannabe RNGer

    Ok, I'll add your fc then we can trade whenever
  20. wacwacwac

    wacwacwac Member

    Lets trade now if you can

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