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Kyuram's artwork

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Xerneltal, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Xerneltal

    Xerneltal Sonic aficionado

    Hello! I've mentioned in my intro topic that I love to draw. Here I'll showcase some of my art...(Sadly, the files are apparently too big so I'll post links)

    Sonic the Hedgehog (Drawn/colored in markers)

    Emmet (Done in PhotoShop Elements)

    Colress trying to look evil while petting a Joltik

    Some clay figures of Ingo, Emmet, and a Joltik

    The best Christmas tree with a Joltik cookie for a star
    (I'm telling you, Joltiks will rule the world)

    Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph
  2. Xerneltal

    Xerneltal Sonic aficionado

    Well, it sure has been a while, hasn't it? I might as well post some of my more recent drawings!

    Excuse me for my, erm, horrible digital erasing skills.
    If I didn't erase, you could clearly see Metal Sonic on the next page.
    And since I didn't have a greyish off-white, you're gonna have to deal with bronze or something. OTL
    Anyway, Escavalier is my favorite Bug-type :3

    Mainly just a coloring test, but Super Sonic is awesome!

    Now this one none of you may be familiar with. NegaRen is one of the many aliases of a musician by the name Lapfox. I recommend a lot of his music, but the ones under the NegaRen alias I personally prefer.

    And last but not least, some fanart for the new Sonic game, supposedly releasing just the day after Pokemon XY.

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