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Kyuu's Fanart Miscellany.

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Kyuu-Tales, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    *Banner forthcoming*

    Though I've been drawing most of my life, only now have I finally mustered up the courage to post my work here. I'll start with some old Pokemon-related drawings from the mid 2000s:

    Lucario in colored pencil and ink.

    XD001 in watercolor and ink.

    Turtwig in Photoshop 7 (pen tool used for the outline).​

    I feel like the quality of my work has dramatically declined since high school due to tremors and goodness-knows what else. Take, for example, the following (which I did in a hurry)...:

    Hau and Iris sketch in Photoshop Elements 2.​

    Big difference, right? =/ I'm not in a good place with my art right now. I used to be so patient with my work, but now I've still got a ways to go with anatomy and folds in addition to neatness.

    Regardless, do tell me what you think (if you feel so inclined).
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  2. Hello! I'm always happy to see the art of people from around here.

    Lucario - to me this one looks really great! The yellow could be a little less bold but the anatomy and other colours work really well overall!

    XD001 - again, great! The colours are perfect on this one, and the posing works really well! I'm especially a fan of the purple-ish colour its skin is.

    Turtwig - I'd honestly be fooled into believing this is an official art, it looks so good. The colours are perfect, the pose is adorable and I can't get over how sweet its eye looks!

    Hau and Iris - you might not be as much of a fan of this one as I am, but I love it. I'm actually quite a fan of more sketchy styles, and that drawing just looks like the cutest thing! The posing and anatomy are great, th facial expressions are adorable and the way you shaded in everything is awesome!

    I hope you get into a better place with you art soon, and keep on drawing!
  3. Kyuu-Tales

    Kyuu-Tales 織田信長☆FAN

    @Nerdy McNerdface: Hehe, thanks. ^^;; I don't feel like I've improved a ton since then, but that's probably my inner critic speaking. A lot of people comment on how they like the "sketchiness" of my style... too bad I'm not a fan of it.

    Time for some recent pencil sketches.

    First, my Pokemon OC (whose design has changed at least half a dozen times since I created him circa 2003).

    UB Adhesive! Ain't it cute?​
  4. Sketchie

    Sketchie blue.

    You mention tremors, and that your art has declined, but I don't see that. I love your style! I love how sketchy it is (and I do mean sketches, not my name ;)), it looks alive. Your poke-OC boy looks so fun and alive, I would want to be friends with him! You've really captured the elements of the Pokemon Art Style, and I really do love it. Your UB-Adhesive looks like a fun lil friend too. I honestly don't have critique for you right now, other than I hope you don't give up on art, and that you keep showing us!
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  5. Sorry it’s been a while!

    That OC looks GORGEOUS, like I love his eyes, I love the way you drew his hand, he just looks great! You really know how to do human anatomy... and make it look cute at the same time :3

    As for Adhesive, let me give it a cuddle now I need it in m life oh my god. It looks so cheeky in that lil picture, and it just makes me want one in real life so bad! You got the shading great in this one.

    Overall, keep up the awesome stuff!
  6. doks31

    doks31 New Member

    The OC's eyes attracts me from the first time. Show us your art work more ;)
  7. DingoPox

    DingoPox Member

    Sketching is actually a discipline that's really hard to learn. So many beginners get caught up making it look perfect the first time around and get discouraged. I really like your OC, tell us about them!
  8. NobleJanobii

    NobleJanobii The Maddest Shaymim

    I really like seeing your improvement as time as gone on. Your Poipole sketch is too cute!

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