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L.C.S.R.C. RPG (Discussion Thread)

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Eso, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Eso

    Eso Guest

    -Since I couldn't find the old discussion thread (wierd eh?) I made a new one (that's actually official this time). So, feel free to sit back, read over the info and ask questions until your brain goes numb. I'll try to answer all your questions as best I can. Also, I like to take polls on what people would like to have happen from time to time, so be sure you don't miss those. Your opinions are important to me, so you can say whatever's on your mind and it won't bother me.-

    This RPG is rated PG-13 for Violence, Gore and maybe Suggestive Situations. Other things may pop up later as well. If any of the above offends you, or if you aren't ready to handle said issues that might come up, please DO NOT PROCEED. If you feel you are mature and responsible enough to take these things without flaming, bashing or being scarred for life then go on ahead.

    Extract of PEOPLE Magazine

    The construction of a new Pokemon based school began this month in spite of the murders that have occurred around all of Hoenn recently. The founder of this school, the prestigious Lady Rosalyn Coradera, answered a few of our questions at the building site.

    "I'm very sorry about what happened to those trainers and their pokemon. My sympathies are with their families." She said, when asked about what she thought of the killings and how it would affect the building schedule. "However, it will not slow the construction of my school in the least. If anything it should only motivate us to work that much harder and faster towards its completion. L.C.S.R.C. will serve as a haven to those young trainers who feel discouraged, and even threatened by these recent tragedies."

    "And what about the death of one of your own employees?"

    "That was accidental, and I renounce all theories that an act of terrorism was responsible. I would like to add that anyone who wishes to lend a good pair of hands, and a strong pokemon to our effort would be appreciated. We are in need of more construction workers and back-up security."

    "When can we expect this school to be open to the public?"

    "Sometime late next year, give or take a few months."

    Lady Rosalyn then said she needed to leave immediately, apologized for having to and walked further into the construction site.*

    "The Last Rogue Broadcast"

    "Here we are in one of the few relatively safe buildings in Celadon. The room is empty except for a cot and a table. The silence seems so much more apparent in this place. The whole district looks and sounds deserted."

    The man walks out of view for a moment, but the frame swings to the side and he's visible standing next to a window. He pushes the lower half of the glass upward and looks outside. He then motions for whoever is holding the camera to come look.

    “The streets are desolate, as you can see. Ugh, if you could only smell this! There’s not a single corpse, nor any sign of blood, but it still smells very strong from here.”

    Sounds of a semi-automatic firing nearby fill the air. The reporter backs away from the window, but the camera stays in place.

    “A rebel is in the street. He’s firing at whatever’s around the corner of that building. He appears to be carrying something in a pack on his back, but I can’t make out what it is . . .”

    The hidden return fire and blood splashes through the air from several different places on the young man’s body. He keeps standing for a few seconds, and then falls to the ground in a bloody heap.

    “That rebel was just a child. Couldn’t have been more than fourteen years old. I—Dear God!”

    A sound of horror fills the reporter’s voice as a small minun timidly crawls out of the boy’s backpack. It looks as if long pins are sticking out of it at different angles, and it’s bleeding badly. Still it doesn’t run, but tugs at the boy’s clothing. The minun looks up, and as soon as it does we can hear more gunfire. The minun is shot three times before it falls to the ground, next to its human. Both are now dead.

    Chilling silence is all that prevails for a few minuets. Then marching can be heard. The reporter begins to speak again as an army rounds the corner. They move into the street, callously ignoring the corpse, or even kicking it in disgust.

    “Somehow I think we should’ve seen this coming. The murders, riots and rallies . . . It should’ve been so clear. But still I don’t see how anyone could—“

    The door bursts open and cuts his sentence short. The picture blurs as the camera swings around. A man stands in the doorway, and he’s yelling furiously in another language. The reporter tries to talk to the man, speaking the strange language. But the man just raises his automatic rifle, and gun shots fill the air again. Then all we see is the floor at a sideways angle.

    We see the reporter again, but not like before. His face is expressionless and his eyes are starting to glaze over. A deep red liquid is seeping onto the floor and surrounding the bottom of the frame.

    Seconds pass, and more yelling is heard. Again it is followed by rapid gunfire. The room falls silent, and is shortly reanimated by sounds of footsteps. By the time the footsteps stop, all we can hear is one loud “BANG”.

    Now, everything is static.

    It is now August Sixth in the year of 2058, fifteen years since the last rogue transmission aired on public television. Two years after a riot in Fuchsia, an all out war broke out in Celadon. The public was unprepared, and hundreds of civilians and pokemon were slaughtered in just two weeks alone. After another week, an organization called “The Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods Against Pokemon”, or B.S.A.P. for short, claimed responsibility for the bloodshed. The Massacre of Celadon was over by the end of the fourth week. No reporters, civilians or even wild pokemon survived. The only two rebels reported to have lived past that week were two young women and their pokemon. The first, who was oldest, was tied to a stake and burned in front of the other’s eyes. Before sharing the same fate, the younger girl said “I live for freedom. If this is what will be left of the world, you’re only setting me free.”

    Battles broke out in every city across Kanto. Few of which lasted longer than Celadon. By the end of the year, the only places for rebels to hide were small villages. By the end of the new year’s first month they had to flee to another area. Now the last free country is the significantly smaller Hoenn region. L.C.S.R.C. still stands along the borderline. It is now considered to be last safe school for young trainers, and also the last great resistance.

    All media is controlled by the military now. The cities of Kanto and other regions have been or are being rebuilt. The entire world is at peace, except for the border of Hoenn.
    The war has been forgotten, and most young people have never even heard of such a thing. There is no place where pokemon can truly thrive any longer.​

    L.C.S.R.C., Lady Coradera’s School for Rising Champions:

    Set on the border of Hoenn, the school is built like a fort. Twenty-five foot tall steel walls surround the expansive grounds, topped with loops of barbed wire and covered in serrated blades. The only way to enter is by riding a large flying pokemon, and even then it is difficult. Many pokemon such as Charizards and Skarmories patrol the walls, ready to fight back any intruder. Human and pokemon guards are also posted at the sentry towers that make a pattern just behind the wall.

    The Courtyards:

    The courtyards consist of many patterned fields. Some are for training, battling, recreation and pokemon habitat. All of these are contained within fifty acres of otherwise bare lands. They stop near the secondary guard gate, which is a simple chain-link fence with some guards always posted at the entrance.

    The School Itself:

    From the outside the place appears to be a giant castle, but on the inside everything is modern. Long hallways are flecked with hundreds of doors. Most of which are student dorms. At the center of the school is a clearing, a botanical garden run by some scientists and the resident Grass and occasionally Water-type teachers. There are six exits to and fro from the gardens. Depending on which way you go, you could end up near the classrooms, the laboratories, libraries, cafeteria, residential (Staff) rooms or dormitories. You can probably find a passage that leads through a balcony, or if you’re on the first floor, you’d probably be able to find your way out to the courtyards eventually. Students are discouraged from exploring the school on their own. They are told to stay near the dorms, or if going to the cafeteria, classrooms or garden, they must go in groups of at least two.

    The Botanical Garden:

    This is basically a small, tame rainforest. Pokemon are raised here, and some of the grown ones still come for rest and relaxation. At the very center is a deep pool where water pokemon may swim. The plants that grow here are cared for by the Grass Teacher and her assistants, as well as some of the resident pokemon. The young pokemon are cared for by some scientists that visit thrice daily from the laboratories. There is a short fence and a weak gravitational field protecting this area. Trained pokemon are allowed in and out as they please, but humans need a pass to get in and the resident pokemon are not allowed to leave.

    The Laboratories:

    These are many large offices scattered across a long hallway. Here, many teachers with free time and the scientists that run the place can be found. Methods of breeding and cloning rare pokemon are researched, and it is where all the pokemon residing in L.C.S.R.C. are born. Whether their birth is in an egg or a tank depends on the pokemon.

    The Classrooms:

    There are seventeen of these, one for each type of pokemon.
    Students will depart from their dorms every day to go to these rooms. A student’s home room is determined by what type of pokemon they chose to start with. The first classroom they will go to, regardless of home room, is the Fire classroom. Then they will sort out until near the end of the day, and their classes will end with a lesson in the Water room. Each room is designed to fit the teacher’s own personal tastes and style. Thus they vary from room to room.

    The Cafeteria:

    This would be your average school lunchroom, only a LOT bigger. Half of the room is reserved for pokemon, the other half for students and teachers. The only meals the students will share are breakfast and lunch. The students are free to come back after classes to pick up whatever’s left, and the teachers eat at different times throughout the day.

    The Dorms:

    These make up the majority of the school, and many are empty. The rooms remain plain except for basic furniture until a student moves in. The students usually share the room with another (sorted by gender, of course). The rooms will vary in appearance according to what its residents add to it. They will always have a computer system outlet that serves many-a-purpose.

    The Libraries:

    The libraries have to be the second largest part of the school, next to the Bio-garden. Books are lined on massive shelves that reach two stories high. Ladders are scattered throughout the massive and round area, and large pokemon are prohibited from entering because of book and student safety risks. Leather chairs, couches, footstools and quite a few tables are scattered across the scene. Students may take books any time they please, so long as they check it into the computer system that always has an outlet near the doors. Scanners prevent students from taking the older, more fragile books and from taking a book without registering it as out.

    The Residential Rooms:

    These are the rooms reserved for the teachers and other staff to live in. They are about the same size as the student dorms, only the staff will very rarely share a room. These rooms all have a computer system outlet open for use. The rooms are not set to a style, and the appearances will change depending on the occupant’s tastes.

    The Top Floor:

    The top floor consists of only two somewhat large rooms. The first room is connected to an elevator which leads down to the other levels. It is Lady Coradera’s personal office. There are many features in the room, but what sticks out is the large desk, behind and in front of which sit large burgundy-colored leather chairs. The rest is lavish decoration, a small wall library and a few more chairs. The second room is connected to the office, and it is the Lady’s apartment. No one except the Lady herself has ever been inside of it, so an accurate description would be impossible.

    The Basement:

    Only staff may enter this area. Contained within it is the kitchen, laundry center, water center and other needed facilities. There is an iron door at the lowest part of the basement, which is bolted shut. No one has entered the locked room in ages, and no one can even speculate as to what’s inside.

    The Plot:

    Students are once again being accepted into L.C.S.R.C. Rebel trainers and pokemon supporters are trying their best to get either themselves or their children accepted into the school. The age one must be to apply ranges from six years old to fourteen. Those with prior experience with pokemon are preferred. Once picked from the crowd by Lady Coradera herself, the children must undergo a series of tests to ensure they are not a threat, and are suitable to the school. The first is a mental exam, given by a Psychic expert. The second is a physical exam to check for any diseases, which is given by the head Doctor of the school. Once a student passes these exams, they are asked two final questions: What they wish to do with their life, and what type of pokemon they like most. They are assigned dorms one at a time, and the following day they are issued their first pokemon. From there they must participate in the Newcomer’s Tournament, and the winners are issued pokemon as prizes. These kinds of tournaments are the only way for a student to gain more pokemon. The higher they rank in the final, the rarer the pokemon they receive. Early in the year, rumors will already be running rampant. One of these is that the school is the only mediator between higher beings and people, or that it’s the only thing that’s keeping these beings from destroying mankind. But really, who would believe such a rumor?

    SO, I figure we should get this going pretty soon, before people start dying from my procrastination. The people on the "Joinees" list below won't need to read this though, so you can just skip it.

    The time I gave everybody is up (yeah, sorry about that), and the only ones that I didn't see were Saffire Persian, Dream Breaker and Argent. So I'm opening the Sign Ups again until the places they left behind are filled. You guys (one of the three) can still stay in the RPG though. Just repost your Sign Up. If you have a reservation this doesn't apply to you. But I would like to hear from people with reservations, just to know your still staying n' all. (Except for Psychic. I already know she's staying.)

    Evan-Master Trainer
    Jon Jen

    Note: If your going to play a teacher, please state if you still wish to do so. I know some of you said you were busy, so I'd just like to know if you'd still have the time to make another character and keep up with both the teacher and the student.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2006
  2. MerkelHog

    MerkelHog Metallic fighter

    Eso, I still want to participate if you will let me.
  3. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    I'd love to be in the RPG, despite my not-posted Sign-Up...don't bring it up, I feel stupid enough about it as is. -.-

    I say keep it going, but since it's been so long, make sure everyone's ready and let people make edits to their characters and whatnot.
    Just, yunno...wait for my Sign Up before starting? Pweeze?

    That will be all.

    ...End post.

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