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L.O.A: Protectors of Peace


This is my first time ever posting anything on this forum so I hope you enjoy it.

The premise of this story is that a team of legendary pokemon is kind of like a world defense force, their job being to protect the World from any threat and to stop wars and natural disasters from happening. One trainer, Billy, is in charge of this team and he, along with two other trainers, are in charge of the whole operation. This team is not a government project but a privately owned and funded one. Oh yeah, and this team does not include all legendaries so some of the legendaries could possibly be adversaries of the team. The beginning paragraphs will make sense later. The first couple of paragraphs won't make sense until later in the series so stick around. I’ll flesh out the rest of the story as we go along but that there is the basic idea of the story. Enjoy!

“It’s awfully cold today isn’t it,” said Billy to his friend trying to break the silence of about ten minutes. Tom just nodded in agreement, barely looking at him.

“Oh, Tom, don’t be that way,” said Susan who was also walking with them. “We did everything that we could; it just had to happen that way.” She concluded with a remark to the effect of ‘you can’t win them all.’

“It just seems that we could’ve done something more, something more than what we did do.” There was silence, and then the three heard a loud scream in an ally only a couple of blocks ahead.

“What was that?” said Billy simultaneously starting to run and motioning the others to follow. The screams got louder as Billy, Tom and Susan got farther down the street and closer to the alley. Once they got there they saw a gang of thugs pitilessly harassing a young woman. “Hey, stop that,” Billy shouted as he charged into the group of four gangsters. Having caught the thugs off guard, Billy quickly got the upper hand on them as he began to execute some of the most lethal martial arts techniques he knew. Susan grabbed the helpless woman and took her to safety and Tom joined the fight. Seeing that they had been out brawned without being outnumbered, the thugs fled. Billy and Tom joined Susan in tending to the woman who was in shock but not hurt. “Are you okay miss,” Billy asked as she looked at him and the others with grateful eyes and an expression of gratitude on the rest of her face that made the whole rescue worthwhile. Her hair, her clothes, all looked incredibly undisturbed considering the ordeal she had just been through. She hugged Bill tightly and nodded that she was okay. The team then walked her the rest of the way home.

About four days later, the space shuttle Quazzy was set for launch at noon. This mission would be an important one for NASA because this shuttle was to complete the space station that orbited the earth. This space station had been in construction for seven years and was now about to be complete. Noon came and the shuttle was ready for lift off. Billy thought that he ought to be there just in case anything went wrong. He caught a Pelipper on his way to the launch site and used it to shroud him and the Rayquaza he was riding on in a mist so that they would be undetectable by radar. He didn’t want to draw attention to himself. The launch preparations complete, the countdown proceeded: 3…2…1…lift off! There was a short pause and then a quick burst of fire from the rocket’s thrusters. “An amazing site to see this close isn’t it Rayquaza?” Billy’s inquisition met with an indecipherable series of roars. “Oh yeah, you can’t talk.” Billy was slightly frustrated that he couldn’t communicate with this powerful beast that had, over the years, become like a best friend to him. The launch having been successful, Rayquazza and Billy headed home.

The next month went by very quickly. There were few disturbances that required the intervention of Billy’s legendary team and the one’s that did require his intervention were quickly put down. Billy sat at his kitchen table, eating a piece of toast and reading a newspaper. All of the sudden, the monitor next to his table turned on signifying an emergency. Sirens began to howl throughout the halls of the building, the base of operations for the legendary team. Susan and Tom rushed down the hallway and opened the door to the prep room. Billy had beaten them there and was already equipped with his poke belt and other equipment. Tom and Susan hurriedly donned their gear and all three rushed to the briefing screen for details of the situation. To their shock and horror, Tom, Billy, and Susan heard that there was a nuclear missile headed straight towards North Korea which had seemingly been fired from the newly completed space station. “What do we do about this one?” asked Tom trying with all his might to keep the fear out of his voice. Billy, without hesitation, hastened to the exit pad where Rayquaza had been waiting for take off ever since he heard the alarm.

“Go HO-OH,” Tom said as he jumped on the back of the great fire bird. Susan also got on HO-OH’s back and in a streak of green and red, the team was off. They flew as fast as they could towards the air space above Korea to stop the missiles from landing. Billy quickly calculated that the team would have to intercept the missile 50 miles above the earth’s surface in order to render it harmless. They arrived too late and the missile was already too close to the ground.

“Go Latios.” Susan hopped off of HO-OH and on to the newly deployed legendary dragon. Latios shot ahead of the other two with a speed so tremendous that it left a trail of blue far behind it. Latios, doing barrel roll dragon dances along the way, began to glow as his speed increased exponentially. The streak of blue lightning, then above Korea, shot up vertically and came face to face with a most powerful weapon. Latios used his mind to stop the missile in mid-air. That alone, however, was not a victory because this bomb was set to explode above Korea whether it impacted or not. Someone was in control of this bomb and could detonate it when they pleased. The others were still far behind Latios and Susan. Then there was an audible click followed by a loud beep emanating from within the missile itself and Susan’s fear became a tangible feeling inside of her. Her feeling of helplessness and hopelessness outweighed her sense of duty to protect. She failed to give Latios an order fearing that this was the end of both of them. Latios took it upon himself to act in a way he saw fit. Latios used his psychic powers in an attempt to contain the impending explosion. For the first time, Susan saw Latios sweat profusely as his eyes and body began to glow a luminous blue. The explosion looked like it had been contained by a blue lining and was frozen in mid-air. Susan could tell that it took all Latios had to maintain this position and that he was trying to throw the missile back into space with no avail. Susan could not help thinking that Latios was only delaying the inevitable if he could not muster the strength to keep the explosion contained and to accelerate the missile back into space at the same time. “This is it,” she thought as she closed her eyes and said what she thought was the final prayer of her life.

That is the end of Chapter 1. Depending on the feedback that I get, I’ll post more chapters. If you like this story, say so. Also, give me suggestions for things that I could possibly change in upcoming chapters. Thank you for your comments and, most of all, thank you for reading my story.
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Alright, I know you’ve all been waiting for the next installment in this exciting adventure. Hey, where’d that tumble weed come from?! Anyway, I see that people are reading it and just not replying so I’m gonna post the next bit of the story anyway. Enjoy!

“Amen.” The end of Susan’s prayer and the bursting open of Latios’ psychic energy containment field coincided perfectly and Susan was thrown off of Latios. The nuclear explosion, no longer contained, was revealed in its entirety. Krakakaboom! This was the loud sound of the regular bomb heating the fission reaction of Uranium to an acceptable temperature to set off the second and larger explosion within the missile. Its magnitude was great and the expansion of the explosion was rapid yet the whole thing happened in slow motion. Then, just when a big chunk of the world was on the dawn of destruction, moobakakark. “nemA.” Time warped backwards and the fission reaction of Uranium was reversed and each individual nuclear particle was reverted to its previous neutral position. The regular explosion seemed to be sucked back into the bomb as the metal plates that made up the outside of the missile were quickly put back into place. “?no gniog s’tahW” Susan’s speech was backwards as the time warp was not complete. Then, having been behind the whole time warp, Celebii appeared. Then Celebii froze time at the spot where Latios had contained the explosion and then she shot back to the other two members of the team and used her time warping powers to speed them up enough so that they caught up with Susan and Latios and then Celebii disappeared, leaving the team with another chance to save this side of the globe. “Oh my goodness,” shouted Susan, excited to have another chance but equally anxious about the whole operation again.

“This is gonna take some extreme power,” said Billy and he received a couple of ‘no kidding’ looks that made him skip to the next thing he had to say. Billy reached for a black and purple pokeball that was at the end of a chain wrapped around his neck. “Go Mewtwo!” This was the first time Billy had seen fit to release Mewtwo. He hadn’t completely gained Mewtwo’s trust yet, but the powerful psychic obeyed him almost completely. Mewtwo, without being told, examined the situation and all of the sudden, around the blue containment field that Latios had been controlling the explosion with, appeared a second, purple lining around the explosion. “Mewtwo, tighten the containment field and you and Latios send that explosion back into outer space,” Billy said. Mewtwo’s eyes glowed and the missile and the explosion, contained by two powerful psychic containment fields, began to shrink. Then, the whole explosion reduced to the size of a soccer ball, Mewtwo flicked his wrist and sent the thing flying at such a high rate of speed that Mewtwo himself was amazed. “Mewtwo, return.”

If this last exploit didn’t put the L.O.A. team onto the map then nothing would. It did, and after only a few months of operation, L.O.A. was presented with more awards than any other privately owned organization in history. The people of Korea were especially grateful and so was the rest of Asia. The magnitude of their accomplishment was great and L.O.A. was showered with outside funding. Their new base of operations was larger and their staff grew. Everything was great.

The first order of business for the newly expanded organization was to investigate the cause of the missile fire. Having gained the trust of the world, L.O.A. was allowed to examine space station schematics and records of activities from the space station. NASA complied with L.O.A.’s investigation. Billy, not much of a rocket scientist, left the investigation up to the rest of his workers who were. Weeks went by and no one had a clue as to why the new space station had launched nuclear missiles at Korea.

“The only way I can see to figure this problem is to take a trip up to the space station and check it out ourselves,” Billy said as he sat at a table with the original members of L.O.A.

“Billy’s right, no one can find anything wrong with the space station from down here but we all know that something is amiss.” Susan’s vote of confidence was welcomed and Tom agreed to the assertion with a solemn nod. NASA agreed to let Billy and the other two original members to go up in the next shuttle to investigate the incident.

It was about a month and a half after the last shuttle had lifted off to complete the space station and everyone anxiously awaited its return. NASA had some questions for the astronauts aboard that shuttle. Without radio confirmation, NASA scientists noticed the shuttle on radar. It was coming in fast and looked as if it was going to land in the ocean. Billy, Susan, and Tom were urged to intercept the shuttle and bring the astronauts back to the base for questioning. “Go Rayquaza, Go HO-OH, Go Latios” They all hopped on their respective legendaries and shot off towards the coordinates that NASA had given them.

When they arrived at the spot in the ocean where the shuttle was to land, they surprised to see nothing at all. Then, like a ball of fire, the shuttle came bursting through the atmosphere and crashing into the ocean all in a matter of seconds. A giant wave was created and a great cloud of steam rose up to the sky. Rayquaza, with Billy on his back, rushed down through all the steam and heat to where the shuttle landed. “Go Milotic.” Billy hopped off of Rayquaza’s back and on to that of a beautiful sea serpent. They surfed forward until the shuttle was visible. When they were right outside of it, the shuttle’s hatch slowly opened and Billy and Milotic surfed forward to greet the astronaut. But no astronaut came forth from this steaming pile of metal. To their surprise, what looked to be a brown and green colored pokemon emerged from the shuttle. It looked somewhat human and somewhat like a monkey. It had stringy arms and a green face outlined with brown around his head. Billy, and now Susan and Tom, sat staring at this creature not knowing whether he was friend or foe.


If no one is reading it, I guess I'll just stop writing chapters. If people are reading, please reply. Its no fun writing if no one reads it.


Nevermind. I'll keep writing. I have so much more to say. I see that people are "viewing" this thread so i'll keep it open. For all you "viewers" I'll have a new chapter tomorrow.

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
What a pleasant surprise! I actually thought that this wasn't going to be as good as this is. Very nice spelling, but I caught some errors (ally-alley, worth-while, worthwhile). The grammar is also good but more paragraphs would also be nice and also this:
“What do we do about this one,” asked Tom trying with all his might to keep the fear out of his voice.

When it should be like this:
“What do we do about this one?” asked Tom, trying with all his might to keep the fear out of his voice.

There's also another example at the beginning of the story.

The story is quite original - never seen anything quite like this. :) One thing, though. Your characters need a bit of a backstory and more of a defined personality - including the Pokemon (also tell how they were captured and their emotions about it - Mewtwo wouldn't have been pleased!)

This was quite a nice story! :)


Oh, I'm so glad you replied with a review! I was thinking about what you said about backstory and history of the characters and such when i read over the fic after completing it. I'm gonna try and work some kind of flash back or something in in a later chapter. Thanks again for your review. Tell your friends about "L.O.A. protectors of peace." Chapter 2 tomorrow.

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
Heh, glad that you're happy! :) Also, apart from the history of each character you write, also try to define more their personalities. How long is this story going to be? Because if it's long, it could be easily added in; if not, the flashback is a good idea! :)


Its gonna be a pretty long story spanned out across the next few weeks

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
Approximately how many chapters? Don't forget to put a description of how each Legendary Pokemon were captured - which brings more questions. Why weren't all the Legendaries captured if most of the powerful ones were? Why are the free Legendaries mad against the other Legendaries? Do people think of Billy and the rest as gods for capturing them? Do they fear them? Love them?


Your questions will be answered with time. Believe it or not, I've thought of a couple of those already. I'm not exactly sure how many chapters this will take, I just have a general feel of the story that I want to tell. Well, Here's the next chapter. Enjoy!


The sinister-looking pokemon started to gather energy in his hands and threw a large mass of darkness at Billy’s Rayquaza. Rayquaza dodged it and Billy, realizing that this pokemon was a foe indeed, ordered the team to go into attack formation. Rayquaza drifted back behind the cloud of steam and so did Billy, Susan and Tom. They circled the landing site and the space pokemon, now called Deoxys, stood still.

“Rayquaza, use thunderbolt!” Billy said.

“HO-OH, use sacred fire,” shouted Tom.

“Latios, use luster purge,” exhorted Susan finally.

The electricity, the light from the luster purge and the sacred fire all came together and impacted the spot where Deoxys stood with a deafening boom that could be heard from miles around. Billy, and the others came back in to where Deoxys had been standing and saw nothing there. “I guess we got him.” Billy would’ve greatly appreciated visible evidence of Deoxys’ demise such as charred remains or something to that effect but, in the absence of such evidence, he remained semi-confident in the team’s triumph nonetheless.

The team headed back to NASA with news of their discovery. As they reached Texas’ shore, a disturbing site confronted them. Beams of light shot up from where the Houston NASA base was and the sky above it was darkened. “Come on!” Billy exhorted the team to follow as he and Rayquaza sped up towards the distressed site. NASA, engulfed in a dark dome of psychic energy was impregnable and the team tried, with no avail, to get in. “I bet you that space monkey is doing all this,” said Tom in a tone that suggested that he doubted the validity of the team’s previous triumph all along. Billy knew it too, for he also suspected that they had not defeated Deoxys at the landing site.

“What is there to do now?” asked Billy in a bewildered tone. Susan, hardly paying attention to the mood of helplessness that was settling over the group, ordered her Latios over and over to use its dragon claw attack on the barrier. She, more so than the others, had also felt this helplessness that now revisited them and had conquered it before. She was determined to do it again.

“Dragon claw,” she said as Latios relentlessly pounded at the wall. No progress was made.

“Stop it now, Susan!” Billy said this loud enough for Susan to here but Latios had been shut off from the present time and continued to use it dragon claw attack even against Susan’s will. All of the sudden, Susan remembered.

No longer was she above a Houston space center pounding at an impenetrable wall of psychic energy but she was in a jungle in South America. A trip had brought her there along with others who had an interest in archaeology. They were studying ancient burial sites of tribes long gone. Susan wondered off from the rest of the group one day taking only her Umbreon and Swellow with her. Hours passed and Susan had unintentionally wondered far enough away from her group that she was lost. All of the sudden she heard a series of growls that sounded like a pokemon in distress. She rushed towards them, forgetting about her current predicament and focusing on the impending excitement. Upon arriving, she saw a circle of Banette crowded around Latios. They had apparently caught the Latios sleeping or off guard and were now pounding it with shadow balls. The Latios was trying to fend them off with powerful dragon claw attacks but there were just too many of them. They continued to pour out of the darkness like the shadows themselves, relentless, endless in number and magnitude. Finally, Latios the legendary psychic dragon, gave up and fell to the ground.

Susan could not take any more of this and she sprang forth from behind a tree and shouted at the Banette. Slightly startled they looked at her with their chipped teeth and disregarded her interruption. “Go Umbreon!” Umbreon appeared from its ball in a flash of light that contrasted so completely with its blackness. This caught the Banette circle’s attention. “Umbreon, use bite attack!” Umbreon viciously sprang forth upon the crowd of Banette who now dispersed in all different directions. It caught two of them with the attack and they fainted upon contact. The rest fled and Susan was left standing right above a badly injured Latios. She was aware of how awesome this creature was especially compared to her frail body. She stood five foot six over the dragon and her long dark hair complimented her skin which was only a slightly lighter shade than the night that surrounded both of them. She put her ear against its heart and could here it beating. She spoke to the Latios with tears running down her face. “Everything will be okay, I promise.” The Latios opened its eyes, glanced at Susan and then shut them again. Susan grabbed her master ball, which she had received as a gift from her father who was good friends with the head of the now forgotten Silph Co. She threw it at the injured Latios and it submitted to her will tacitly. She then deployed her Swellow and flew to a pokemon center as fast as she could.

Latios and Susan had shared a bond ever since. Latios felt indebted to Susan for the rest of its life and there was a mutual respect between them that could not be broken.*

Susan awakened from this memory only minutes after Billy’s initial command and gave Latios a hug. It ceased its attempt at breaking the barrier, not out of exhaustion, but as a result of the calming effect that sharing this memory had on it. Billy knew that he only had two pokemon with the power to break a barrier this strong. As he grasped Mewtwo’s ball, he thought about what had brought them together and the fateful twists that ended in him being a Mewtwo trainer. Years ago he had been a scientist who specialized in DNA and gene splicing. Although he was not directly involved in the Mewtwo project, word of it swept across the scientist community like wildfire after its initial unveiling at a scientific convention. Scientists working on the project explained how a pokemon named Mew supposedly possessed the DNA signatures of all known pokemon and how they had successfully modified the DNA samples they had of it and cloned Mew. This successful cloning of a human-like being was what scientists thought would finally persuade the government to give the go-ahead on human cloning. The clone was not perfect though. Its flaws rested in its hostility and its destructive power. Those minor details were kept under-wraps for the scientist community feared the loss of government confidence in the safety of their cloning techniques. Billy, being apart of the scientific community, was aware of the flaws in the Mewtwo project and was intent upon observing the clone for himself.

He requested a visit with the pokemon and, only weeks later, his request was granted. He and a group of other scientists would observe Mewtwo in a laboratory. During his visit things went wrong. Mewtwo, finally at full power and tired of being a spectacle, unleashed a powerful psychic attack that frightened everyone and destroyed his containment chamber. Things were destroyed and scientists finally calmed Mewtwo down with coercion from an army of dark and ghost pokemon that they kept around just in case. Mewtwo was relocated to an underground chamber where there were no more visitations allowed. Billy was made aware of this location by an anonymous source who had the good of Mewtwo in mind. Billy also did not want to see this poor, innocent creature suffer a life of isolation and despair. Billy burst into the underground chamber with his Blaziken and, with the element of surprise on his side, took out guard after guard. He finally accessed Mewtwo’s chamber and stood face to face with the most powerful pokemon in existence.

Billy used access codes that he had also received from his anonymous source to open Mewtwo’s chamber. The chamber slowly opened and Billy said “You’re free now, go.” Mewtwo did not want to go. He saw in Blaziken the happiness that he had longed for. Billy’s relationship with his Blaziken summed up everything Mewtwo wanted in his own life. Mewtwo did not move from his spot and curled up in a ball on the floor and wrapped his arms around his knees. All of the sudden the lab door burst open and countless heavily armed guards came rushing in. They fired on Billy without hesitation. Mewtwo instantly lifted his head and created a protective barrier around Billy and then sprung up snatching Billy in his arms. Mewtwo created a hole in the ceiling with a powerful psychic attack and flew away from that horrible place carrying his only human companion in his arms and that human’s Blaziken in a field of psychic energy. Billy and Mewtwo landed in an isolated location and Billy discussed with Mewtwo everything that he knew about life and what it was worth. Billy’s words only served to heighten and confirm Mewtwo’s initial envy of Blaziken and Billy’s trusting and caring relationship. Mewtwo had from then on been Billy’s pokemon.

“Go Mewtwo!” Mewtwo appeared. He was ready to do whatever Billy commanded. “Use your psychic energy to counteract and destroy this barrier!” Mewtwo bowed his head and moved both of his arms to his side as he gathered energy in the palms of his hands. His eyes began to glow and he released a powerful psychic attack.

“Latios, use your psychic attack too, urged Susan.” The two energies came together and formed a power with magnitude beyond comprehension. The barrier shattered and was destroyed.

*Author’s note: You see, Latios has the ability to make people see an image of what it has seen or imagines in its head. Here, the repeated dragon claw attack that Susan orders Latios to execute induces a memory of the past in which he was doing the same thing. He projects this memory to Susan.

That was the end of chapter two folks. Hope you enjoyed. As always comments are welcome and so are suggestions. I know I made a few grammar mistakes here and there so comment on style and content as well. Until next time, Goodbye.

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
Well, I see that you took some of my advice - I'm glad! :D I caught one spelling error, though (here-hear). I'll say it again: more paragraphs. There were two huge paragraphs that could've been easily been seperated into, at least, five paragraphs. More dialogue would also be appreciated.
You've also made this same mistake again:
“What is there to do now,” asked Billy in a bewildered tone.

When it should be:
"What is there to do now?" asked Billy in a bewildered tone.
Don't forget the question mark.

The *No longer the present* and the *Back to the present* are really not needed. After the sentence: All of the sudden, Susan remembered. you could've put the text in italics to show that she was remembering all those memories.

And you've got one major error... Author's Notes - in the middle of the story. No matter how important you think those Author's Notes are, you NEVER put them in the actual story; you either add them in the beginning or the end - never in between. It cuts the flow of the story and annoys the readers - keep that in mind.

Apart from all those mistakes, grammar, spelling and description are great as always. :)

Now, onto the second chapter which is much better in character development than the other two. I can finally see a trace of a personality in Susan and some added background. Mewtwo's backstory was ok but his reasonings to go with Billy were not that much. Remember that Mewtwo had seen the strong friendship between Pikachu and Ash, but he thought that Pikachu was a complete and brainwashed fool for having a human as a friend. Though he does change significantly, I couldn't see Mewtwo wanting to belong to a human from one day to another.

My questions were still left unanswered, but that's ok! :) I'm very happy that you took some of my advice and it had improved your writing in terms of story. Please keep writing! :D


Thanks for the input. I'm still new at this writing thing so your advice is greatly appreciated. Next chapter is tomorrow or later today depending on how long this History homework takes.


Not bad Billy.

Jiggly: "You're just saying that!"

Maybe... >_>;;
Anyway, neat story so far. Not that many mistakes (save just a few), and good understanding od what exactly you're writing about.

Later! ;039;


Phew. It's not like work though. Ideas are just poping into my head. Maybe I'll take time and edit them before posting them from now on.


This chapter is not extremely long but its not extremely short either. Here, some issues will be resolved. If you don't exactly know what's going on, tell me. I tried a new kind of style in part of this story that could be kind of confusing. Anyway, here it is.


You all may have noticed that the flashback chapter did not include Tom. He’s gonna remain mysterious for now. Oh, and this story does not necessarily have to line up with the actual pokemon show or movies. I’m just saying this because the feasibility of Mewtwo’s capture was questioned. Anyway, on with the show!

The pieces of the barrier fell to the ground like so many shards of broken glass. The team rushed towards the building and landed right outside.

“I guess we should just go right in,” Billy said as he, Susan, and Tom approached the main entrance. Rayquaza, Mewtwo, Latios, and HO-OH all returned to their pokeballs and the team slowly advanced down the quiet halls of the building. The building was shrouded in what seemed to be a veil of silence and darkness.

“This is creepy,” said Susan feeling so scared that her words were barely audible as her mouth trembled with fear.

“You must not show fear,” Billy said trying to hide his own with his reprimand of Susan. He too was scared out of his mind. They continued to walk down hallway after hallway not exactly knowing where they were going.

“Where is everyone?” Susan asked with a worried expression. “I hope everyone’s okay.” They continued to walk, aimlessly, and directionless. Down this hallway, up that one, around this corner, and down this stairway and up that one. There was silence amongst the group and they wondered on like this for hours not even caring anymore about where they were going or why they were there. The darkness lifted from the building and Billy was the first to come to his senses.

“Alright, we’re in, let’s find that space invader.” He said this, not realizing that hours had passed since their initial incursion into the NASA building. All around them, scientists could be heard coming out of the state of confusion that Deoxys had shrouded the entire building with. Susan was the first to realize what happened and felt ashamed that she and the group had been tricked like this. They hadn’t even really progressed that far into the building they were so confused. Now that they had come to their senses, Billy and the group hurriedly investigated the entire building for traces of that horrible space creature. Finally a scientist spoke up.

“Deoxys was an accident but I can tell you my hypothesis on how he came to be,” the scientist said. “NASA has been doing extensive research on gene splicing and other experiments, genetic in nature, to see how the conditions of space affect the outcome. The DNA samples we use are taken from volunteers and Deoxys is most likely a mutation of someone’s genes sent up on the last shuttle flight. We don’t exactly know how Deoxys’ body came about but we do know that none of the astronauts returned from the last mission. It is possible that mutation of the test DNA took place and that that mutated DNA somehow found its way into a human host thus creating Deoxys.”

“So, if your hypothesis is correct, Deoxys is part human and part something else.” Billy was bewildered. “Can we have a copy of the list of DNA samples that were sent up on the last trip?” Billy’s inquisition met with enthusiastic acquiescence and the list was produced in a matter of minutes. “Tom and Susan, I want you two to go and find Deoxys. Take my Rayquaza with you and I’ll stay back here and figure out a way to defeat him for sure.” With that, Susan and Tom were off as a streak of blue and red in the sky.

“I do hope that Billy finds a way to defeat this creature,” Susan said with a tone that clearly denoted her doubts.

“He will, don’t worry about it. Where do we look first?” Tom truly did believe that this problem had a solution just like any other.

* * *

“Did any of you see anything?” Billy asked the room full of rocket scientists in bewilderment. They all nodded no and he had made no progress.

* * *

“Oh, I’m awfully thankful for your call. I made it home safely alright,” Sarah was thankful that someone cared about her safety. She remembered that night in the alley and shivered at the thought of it. “Goodbye, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

* * *

“I really don’t know how Billy expects us to find Deoxys. He’s so fast. He could be anywhere by now.” Susan was obviously bewildered and said this hoping that Tom would reply with an encouraging and solid plan of action. She got no such reply.

* * *

Reading over the list of DNA donors, Billy noticed that there were DNA samples of pokemon and humans. “Who is Sarah Wyatts? I want a report on each of these human DNA samples and the people that donated them.” Billy, out of desperation was hoping to find a weakness in Deoxys by finding the weaknesses of the components that made him up.

* * *

The door burst open and Sarah screamed. “What the heck are you?! Please, don’t hurt me. Oh my God!”

This is the end of chapter 3. I tried something new here with the skipping from one scene to another to cover many facets of the plot simultaneously. Thoughts about this? Anyway, tomorrow or Thursday will be chapter 4. Hopefully, you’ve figured out who Sarah is. This chapter was kinda slow on the action front but that’s because it served to expand the plot and set a resolution to one facet of the story as a whole. Next few chapters will be where the rumble is. Good night.
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Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
Great! :D

You certainly came a long way from the first chapter that you posted - your imrovement is very noticeable, Billy. :) Your new writing style is definetely a welcome change. ;) No spelling errors that I could find; the biggest flaw that I could point out to you in this chapter would be a few missing commas and the absence of asterisks (***) when you change suddenly from one scene to another.

I loved the explanation of Deoxys' origin - never read anything like that. Your characters are finally coming alive, which is something to be proud of.

Very good chapter! I await more! :)


so glad you enjoyed it. I aim to please.


Here's the next chapter.


“Whoa!” was all that Susan could say as Latios swooped down from their high altitude with a sudden jerk. Latios sensed danger nearby with his mind. Tom and HO-OH followed. Latios’s tangent brought them down in a coastal city in California. To be exact, San Jose on the corner of Hyde and David, the big brick house. Latios followed the path created by the screams which, although no longer audible, still rang loud in Latios’s mind.

As Deoxys moved closer and closer to Sarah, her heart began to race faster and faster. Then Deoxys turned around and fired shadow balls out of his hand at a rapid rate. This did not catch Latios off guard, if that’s even possible, and Latios dodged them.

“Whoa, that was close,” Susan said as she hopped off of Latios. They backed up from the door and into the yard. Deoxys came out of the house so fast that Latios only just sensed him coming. This time there was nothing he could do and Deoxys hit him with a Psycho Boost.

“Go Rayquaza,” shouted Tom as he released Billy’s pokemon. The great dragon breathed out an attack roar so vicious that he caught Deoxys’ attention immediately. Rayquaza quickly advanced towards Deoxys with his claws sharpened and glowing. Then, right in front of their eyes, Deoxys shifted into another form. He became like a tank and just stood still. As Rayquaza’s claws passed over Deoxys’ body, Rayquaza could see himself in D Deoxys’ armor and he howled with pain and fainted.*

“What just happened?” Tom asked in confusion. Then Deoxys shifted back into attack mode and raised his hand and aimed it at Latios. Shadow balls came out of his hand at a rapid rate like bullets from an automatic gun. Latios dodged the first few but once he was hit, he was hit with multiple shadow balls at the same time. Latios fell to the ground and Deoxys moved closer to him so that he might finish the job. Latios did not move and his eyes were tightly shut. He looked like a lifeless blue yard ornament sitting there as inanimate as the gnomes surrounding him.

“No, stop it now!” Tears streamed down Susan’s face as she let herself drift back into that South American jungle where she had found Latios in a similar state. “Go, Umbreon!” Umbreon, as if he was aware of the situation, eagerly appeared in front of his trainer. “Bite attack now!” Umbreon lunged forward with a fury in his eyes that was reminiscent of his jungle exploit against the Banette.

“HO-OH use sacred fire!” Tom’s legendary bird shot forth a ball of fire that flew parallel to the charging Umbreon. Deoxys transformed into his speed mode and move out of the way of the attacks. The sacred flame kept going and Sarah’s neighbor’s house burst into flames. Umbreon dug his feet into the lawn to come to a stop. Deoxys moved up to HO-OH so fast and used a psycho boost attack. Then another, all in a matter of seconds as Tom watched in horror as his idealized symbol of power fell before him. HO-OH was down for the count and Umbreon shivered a little bit. Not from the cold air on this frigid winter night but rather from the chill running down his spine. Having witnessed Deoxys’ great power Umbreon’s fear ran deep but was not in control of him. He charged at Deoxys again snarling and glowing as he prepared to unleash the most vicious attack of his life.

Deoxys dodged again and came up behind Umbreon. He grabbed the dark pokemon by the neck and prepared to send him to oblivion with the others. Then, as if controlled by some invisible force, he stopped. The team, literally frozen with the fear they felt combined with their helplessness, recognized the look on Deoxys’ face as one of guilt and regret. It caught them off guard but was no reason to relax or celebrate. There, peering through the window of her home, was Sarah Wyatts. Her gaze was fixed on the evil space invader with whom she felt peculiarly at one with. The fire of the neighbor’s house had caused someone to call the fire station and neighbors, awakened by the noise stood in awe of the scene before them. Three legendary pokemon sprawled out on their yards and one evil looking creature in the midst of them with an Umbreon’s neck in his hands was the midnight eye-snack that the residents of this county had woken up to.

“Umbreon, use confuse ray!” A small patch of darkness loomed over Deoxys’ face. Billy came from out of the sky holding his Heracross. Mewtwo had flown them there, carrying them with his mind.

Then, like a spear from the sky, a megahorn attack connected with Deoxys and he was forced to let Umbreon go. “Sorry, I’m late.” Billy said as he was released from the mental field Mewtwo was using to carry him. Deoxys had not sensed this attack coming because he was confused.

“Mewtwo, move in and use shadow ball!” Mewtwo, in a split second, was upon Deoxys with shadows covering his right fist. He struck Deoxys with this shadow attack and Deoxys was clearly hurt.

“We’ve got him on the ropes, finish him Umbreon!” Susan shouted this command with all the fury that she could muster and Umbreon complied with equal ferocity. Before he and Mewtwo could land another attack though, Deoxys had left.

“Oh my goodness, Rayquaza are you alright?” Billy, caught up in the heat of battle, hadn’t realized his injured dragon lying prostrate in someone’s lawn about a block away. Billy rushed towards Rayquaza with snot running down his nose, a reaction from the cold air. Tears rushed down his face as he feared the worse. The numbness in his hands could be as easily accredited to sadness as it could be to the cold weather. He brushed the snot from his face with his sleeve and rubbed his hands together to offset the cold and was reminded of a similar instance when he was younger.

* * *

He had lived in a city on the coast. In Honshu, Japan there were legends of a great dragon that lived atop a pillar in the middle of the Pacific Ocean north of Australia. Billy’s father believed the legend as did many others. He quit his job and, after having saved money from working, got an expedition ready to go and find this great dragon of the sky. Billy was only 15 at the time and he begged his father to let him go. His dad eventually agreed and they were off, in the middle of October, to find this legendary pokemon.

“You should take your Blaziken with you for protection.” Billy’s dad gave him this advice and he took with him a Pelipper and a few other pokemon. The expedition team looked for that pillar for days with no luck. Then what looked to be a smoke signal caught their attention. They sped their boat up and headed in the direction of the smoke signal.

“That’s definitely it,” Billy’s father said as he stared at the sky pillar in awe. They quickly docked their boat and Billy’s dad got on his Pelipper and flew upwards. Billy deployed his Pidgeotto and followed. When they reached the top, they were surprised to see no legendary dragon but instead a whole bunch of Salamence. They were fighting atop the sky pillar and using fire blast attacks on each other.

“That must’ve been why we saw a smoke signal,” Billy’s father concluded. Feeling threatened, Pelipper released a blizzard attack that hit each and every Salamence on the roof top. Billy then deployed his Alakazam in hopes of communicating with the Salamence.

“Alakazam, ask them what happened to Rayquaza.” Alakazam did and he translated the reply to Billy.

“He flew north after we muscled in and took over his territory.”

“Good job, return.” Alakazam returned to its ball and Billy and his father headed north on their respective bird pokemon leaving the other members of the expeditionary team behind. They wandered around for hours and finally had to land on the top of a cold patch of glaciers somewhere way up north. Billy and his father recalled their bird pokemon seeing as how they were growing faint in the icy weather. Then, amongst the floating masses of ice was what appeared to be a large green icicle floating in the water.

“What’s that?” Billy asked his father. “Go, Alakazam.” Alakazam appeared and Billy implored it to carry him over to the peculiarly green glacier. The air was so cold against his face that he, for the first time experienced snot-cicles that wiped off on his sleeve as frost. This inconvenience was negligible though considering the magnitude of his discovery.

“Whoa,” was all that Billy could think of to express his excitement for there in front of him lay the most powerful dragon in the world frozen in ice. “Blaziken, use overheat!” Blaziken released fire from his body in all directions with an intensity such that not only did the ice around Rayquaza melt but also the glaciers that were in the vicinity. Billy’s father had his Pelipper re-freeze them before they caused a flood. The Rayquaza was knocked out cold and Billy used his master ball to capture it. Later, when Billy was getting acquainted with his new and most powerful pokemon, Rayquaza was unexpectedly contented with his new condition. Considering his former one, who could blame him? It would be another 7 years from this moment when he would capture Mewtwo but already Billy felt that there was something about him that calmed even the fiercest of pokemon and conjured up feelings of companionship between he and the pokemon he came in contact with.

Now, on this October night, Billy fell down next to Rayquaza and begged him to get up. “Go Blaziken, use flamethrower,” Billy said and Blaziken warmed Rayquaza with the heat from the flames.

Rayquaza still didn’t move and neither did Billy.

Okay, that was the end of the fourth chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. I don’t think you’re gonna want to miss what happens next time. A couple of new things were revealed in this chapter that will explode open with detail in the next so stay tuned.

*(that was Defense deoxys using mirror coat.)
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