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La La Land (PG)

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by PrismaticPrincessAnna, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Rating: PG (Contains violence and mild swearing)
    Genre: Action/Comedy/Friendship
    Status: In-Progress All SIX chappies done ^^
    Summary: A mysterious black sparkly item landed on Earth, two girls named PiPa and Meow wanted to find the item but got beaten by May. Little did they know, the item was magical and it takes them to a different world that makes drawings come to life.
    By: PPLyra
    Notes: Some jokes here are mentioned from other shows, such as Pokemon, Digimon, Crash Bandicoot, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Harry Potter and Slayers, nya~

    Chapter One: The Wolf-Girl Who Cried 'Nya~'.
    Chapter Two: Real Fan Arts.
    Chapter Three: Stars, Stars and more Stars.
    Chapter Four: Blame It On Eternia!
    Chapter Five: Drawing Invaders.
    Chapter Six: And then, there were two.


    PopPrincess_Lyra as PiPa.
    ~Age: 16.
    ~Height: 5'2".
    ~Weight: 55kg.
    ~Hobby: Climbing up high places.
    ~Personality: Bubbly/Hyper and always gets everyone into a mess.
    Some say PiPa is a natural leader, but it's probably because she's always hyper and can't keep still for a second. When she's bored, she stuff her face with food or get everyone right smack into trouble. She seems to give impression she always needs help so she always has someone looking after her.

    Meowth City as Meow.
    ~Age: 17.
    ~Height: 5'0".
    ~Weight: 48kg.
    ~Hobby: Listening to music.
    ~Personality: Adventurous and always complains.
    Meow is like an older sister to PiPa. She lets her lead, but always keeping an eye on her to make sure she's not leading to any trouble, which fails. She gets annoyed easily when PiPa and Eternia doesn't listen to her. She listens to music a lot while she cooks. Also, she's the person who's always eager for new adventures.

    EternalSword7 as Eternia.
    ~Age: 20.
    ~Height: 6'0".
    ~Weight: 63kg.
    ~Hobby: Playing his games and his laptop.
    ~Personality: Protective and timid.
    Eternia seems to hide his feelings, but he's really caring. He's not known for his bravery, but he's tough on the inside (So he thinks). He's sometimes smart as May in the story. There's only one way to describe him - he's a game freak. He's either playing his Wii or his DS or in the laptop surfing the net.

    Sweet May as May.
    ~Age: 19.
    ~Height: 5'6".
    ~Weight: 57kg.
    ~Hobby: Exploring.
    ~Personality: Smartarse and spontaneous.
    Other than keeping her house clean, May searches anything unusual around her. She's always curious to know what's going to happen near future. Not to mention that she's the one who found the item first. She's like a magnet to anything suspicious that's outside of Earth. When she's not calculating, she's out exploring.

    Chapter One: The Wolf-Girl Who Cried 'Nya~'.

    One sunny day, when the sun was at its highest peak, it was scorching hot. People mostly took a dive at the beach to cool off, others just stay home. A particular girl with long black hair that was tied up in two ponytails, wearing a wolf-hat and half of her face on the right was covered with her bangs and wearing a fully black hooded t-shirt and shorts, was climbing up a tree while looking out in the open field in the park. This was her favourite place to just be by herself. She reached the biggest branch and sat there, looking up in the clear sky and daydreamed. The sun didn't bother her much since the tree had a lot of leaves that it blocked the sunrays. The wind gently blew in her face and she felt calm.

    Until... "PiPa!" a voice called out. It sounded like a girl. "There you are!"

    The wolf-hat girl stopped daydreaming and looked around the place. A bit confused that she might be hearing things, but then she looked down and saw a familiar face below the tree branch that she was sitting on. The other girl had a medium, black, straight hair, wearing a big set of red headphones around her neck that matched her bright red top that was half long sleeved on her right side and half short sleeved on the left side and tight blue jeans that were up to her knees. She was smaller than PiPa herself. "Oh, hey, Meowcy. What are ye doin' here?" she asked.

    "I'm here 'cause Eternia's looking for you."

    "Oh, really? Is he worried about me or somethin'?"

    "Well, no," her friend said quietly while looking down, then back up at PiPa.

    "Well, go away. I'm busy daydreaming." PiPa frowned as she crossed her arms and looked away.

    Meow sighed to herself. PiPa was one of the people that was hard to go through. Then, she had an idea, "Well, fine. I was just here to let you know that him and I are going to have lunch now. If you don't want to come, suit yourself," her friend said, walking away. "C'ya-- ahhh!"

    But before she could walk another step, PiPa playfully jumped on her friend's back, making her friend fall to the grass right in her face with a loud thump. "Why didn't ye say so, Meowcy?!"

    Meow stood up on her feet as soon as PiPa left her. "Eugh!" she spat grass out of her mouth and gagged her tongue out then wipe her mouth with her arm. "For the last time, PiPa, don't call me Meowcy! It's Meow!" her friend explained, brushing the grass off her hair and clothes.

    "Oh, come on! Ye kno' ye like that name!" PiPa teased, with a smug smile spread across her face and nudged her friends' arm.

    "Pfft, whatever..."

    "Anyway, the food is-- I mean, Eternia's waiting. Let's get going already!" PiPa grabbed Meow's hand and dragged her along as they ran out the park.

    Meow gasped at the sudden touch. "Wah! I have my own legs to run! Don't drag... meeeee....."

    It was a long walk for a normal person to walk to their place, but since PiPa and Meow were running to their place, it just took them forty minutes to get home. Their place was small. Plain baby-blue house, with a black roof, the lawn was mowed messy and bits of lawn grass was on the pavement, the garage was open and revealed boxes, bikes and a skateboard in the middle. They went inside their place. The living room was messy. A Wii console was in the side. Games, controllers and toys were everywhere. PiPa went straight to the kitchen, finding that was no food in the table and no scent of food anywhere. "ETERNIA!!! Where's my lunch!?" PiPa shouted, making Meow cover her ears.

    Behind them comes out a familiar face. Both Meow and PiPa turned around. He was wearing light green shirt and blue jeans, his hair was short and it was dark brown coloured and he was taller than PiPa. "Food? What food?" he asked, walking up to PiPa and Meow.

    "Meowcy said ye guys were about to eat lunch. Now where's the food, Eternia?" PiPa exclaimed, grabbing Eternia's shirt and pulling it.

    "There's no food. I just asked her to fetch you because I want you two girls to do me a small favour," Eternia said, then giggling to himself. "Seems like she got you excited to come here too soon."

    "Nya?! No food?!" PiPa cried. "And there's absolutely no way I'm going to do any favours for ye 'cause there's no food!"

    "Okay, fine. Can this cover it?" Eternia said, pulling out a bag full of mixed biscuits and cookies and handing it over to PiPa. "I just want you two girls to go back to the park. I saw something fell in that direction hours ago."

    PiPa was too distracted eating the biscuits that she wasn't paying too much attention to Eternia. "Uhm... PiPa..." Meow said, nudging her arm.

    "Caah- cahnk caawk... Uhm eeekahng! (Can't talk, I'm eating) " PiPa said, while munching on a chocolate chip cookie.

    "Make up your mind! Talk or eat!" PiPa just stared at Meow for a minute, then continued eating. "Ughh. You sicken me, PiPa..." Meow placed her hand over her forehead then looked at Eternia. "Continue talking. I'll just repeat this to PiPa later."

    "Anyway!" Eternia sighed. "That's the only information I know. Something sparkly that's coloured black fell from the sky towards the park. It's so mysterious... just get back here with that item in one peace, not pieces."

    "All right, okay!" Meow nodded.

    PiPa swallowed the chewed up biscuits inside her mouth and wiped off the crumbs with her hand. "From the sky? Why is it so mysterious?" she asked. "Can we just think of it like its some bird's big poop falling from the sky instead? 'Cause... It seems like it--"

    That moment, Meow took PiPa's bag of biscuits. "PiPa, you are so clueless! This calls for an adventure!" Meow smiled at PiPa, taking a bite of a cookie.

    "Meowcy, that's mine! No fair, give it back!" PiPa grabbed her biscuit-bag. "Okay, then. Let's get going."

    When Meow and PiPa arrived back to the park, they began to walk around the place. "I don't even know what it looks like for a start..." Meow said, looking around the newly cut grass. "Just... sparkly... black item?"

    "Wah... What's that...?" PiPa asked, continuing to munch. "All I heard was... crunch crunch..."

    "Ah, never mind! Just look around that tree for anything suspicious," the shorter girl said.

    PiPa made her way to the tree that Meow mentioned. It was a different tree than she was sitting on before. She went around it and saw something near a pebble. "Oh, Meowcy! Lookie! This is suspicious!" the taller girl exclaimed, picking up the brown-white item, showing it to her friend.

    Meow looked at PiPa and grabbed the item she found, then threw it straight at PiPa's forehead. "What the hell, PiPa?! That was a chicken bone!"

    "Wahh...?! No fair!" PiPa then punched the tree using her left hand with all her might, causing the tree to shake violently from the impact.

    "Whooooaa!" an unfamiliar girl said. That moment, something above them fell straight on top of PiPa.

    "Waaah!" PiPa and the girl from the tree shouted.

    "Oh, my. Are you alright?" Meow asked, looking at the PiPa and the other girl.

    "Ye... Yes, I'm alright..." PiPa answered.

    "Not you! I meant... her!" Meow pointed at the girl who fell from the tree branch and helped her get back on her feet. The girl had medium length, brown, wavy hair and a white and black leather-long sleeved top and tight shorts.

    "Yes, I'm okay," the girl said. "I'm May, who are you guys?"

    "I'm Meow," Meow said. "And that's PiPa, the one you fell on..." Meow pointed at PiPa and she stood up. May was inches taller from PiPa's height. Almost tall as Eternia.

    "Ye... I'm PiPa," she frowned at May. "Tell me, what were ye doing up there, May? Ye could've gave us some sign before I went and punched that tree..."

    "I'm sorry, I was too distracted with this," May showed Meow and PiPa a sparkly black item. "I went here to look for this."

    "Un-bloody-able! We came here to look for that and you found it!" Meow exclaimed, looking shocked as May held up the item. "Why're you interested on it?"

    "Since when I was a kid, I like anything space-related. Everything outside this planet is just so mysterious," May explained. "When I saw this item falling from the sky, I thought it was a meteorite, but I guess I was wrong."

    PiPa took the item off May's hand and began to clean it with her shirt while Meow and May were talking. "Ye guys,"she said. "Lookie..."

    "Not now, PiPa..." Meow said, listening to May.

    'Hmph! Meowcy never listens to me when I'm serious,' PiPa thought to herself while looking at the item. Once she brushed it clean, it was coloured cyan and shaped like a Nintendo DS stylus. She looked at it closer and saw the number 5 carved on the stylus. 'What does this number mean...?' she asked herself. PiPa held the stylus up and began to flick it about in front of her. Rainbow sparkles appeared in the trail of the stylus. "What in the--" PiPa blinked a couple of times, making sure she wasn't dreaming. She went and whisked the stylus again and this time, a gap in front of her appeared when she made a sharp turn. It looked so dark inside as it started to open wider, making PiPa walk back a few steps away from it and held the stylus firmly in her hand. "Whoa, my golly-gosh! Meowcy! May! What the heck is this!?" PiPa shouted.

    The gap began to release tiny electric sparks and the wind was blowing out from it. Both May and Meowcy turned around to look at PiPa and saw the black hole. "PiPa, what in the world did you do now!?" Meow asked, looking at PiPa.

    "That looks so suspicious!" May added.

    "I don't know how the heck this happened! It's 'cause of this styl-- Waaaaaah!!" Before PiPa could finish her sentence, she was being dragged inside the black hole.

    "Oh, crap! You are so in trouble, young lady!" Meow said, running up to PiPa to grab her hands.

    "Don't let it get me, Meowcy!" PiPa cried out. "I'm scared! I'M FREAKIN' SCAAAREEEED!"

    PiPa wrapped her arms around Meow, but half of her body was already getting sucked in the black hole. May went and decided to help the two girls, but it was no use, the black hole was too strong that it sucked all the three girls inside. "Wooaaaahhh!!" May, PiPa and Meow screamed out. No-one heard them scream and the black hole closed and disappeared while they slowly fade out.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2013
  2. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Notes: I love meadows! nya~


    Chapter Two: Real Fan Arts.

    The warm and fuzzy feeling around PiPa made her eyes slowly open. She had been clinging onto Meow. 'Ew! What have I been doing!?' she thought to herself, moving away from Meow, seeing the cyan DS stylus still firmly grasped on her right hand. She stood up and walked around while Meow and May were still passed out. The place they were at was covered with trees and bushes all around them, like a beautiful meadow. Small yellow and white flowers and fallen leaves covered the grass where they were lying on. Birds were flying and chirping above them and the clouds covered up the sun so it wasn't too sunny and running water from a river can be heard nearby.

    'Where are we...?' PiPa looked around more, then at the stylus, seeing the number 5 was gone, instead, there was a different number carved there. It was number 4. 'Huh. That's weird. I know this said 5 before...'

    She looked at where she was laying before. "Meeeeeowwwwcyyyyyy!!!" she shrieked, running towards them.

    Meow opened her eyes wide and sat up, seeing PiPa running towards her like mad. "Whoa, PiPa! What!?" she wondered.

    "I'm dreaming, right!?" PiPa cried out and stopped to kneel down on front of Meow and suddenly slapped her right cheek with her free hand, making the half-conscious girl to face the other direction from the impact. "Tell me, did that hurt?"

    "Eeeowch!" Meow cried out in pain. "What the hell!? Here, check this out!" Meowcy slapped PiPa back on her left cheek.

    "Ow! That hurts..." Both Meow and PiPa held their own injured cheeks and looked at each other.

    May woke up from the noise. "Mm... Why are you guys making such a racket? I was having a nice dream of sky-diving..." She yawned and saw the other two girl's wounded cheeks. "Did you guys got into a fight or something?!"

    "No. I thought this was a dream so I attacked Meowcy... But she attacked me back. This isn't fair..." PiPa complained.

    "Stop your whining! Whatever this place is... must be a dream..." Meow said, scanning the area and getting up, "...where it hurts."

    "Oh, no! A place without fried chicken, rice or cookies!? This is a nightmare, Meowcy!"

    "Get a hold of yourself, PiPa!" Meow looked at her wailing friend, with her hands on her hips. "We'll get out of here somehow."

    "From what I remember, we got suck into this... black hole," May said, getting up and looking at Meow. "Could be we're in a different dimension."

    "Uhm... can I make a suggestion?" PiPa asked the two.

    "Not now, PiPa..."

    PiPa sighed to herself, sitting on her legs and looking down, drawing something in a pile of half-dried mud, with the stylus. 'Meowcy never listens to me. What's the point of me even talking to her when I'm dead serious?' she asked herself. She doodled a happy face of a girl, with two spiky ponytails and a puffy hat with a big bow on it. 'Well, atleast my doodle of Ly-Ly makes me happy.' She finished doodling.

    Suddenly, where she sketched, out came some orange coloured rays from the outlines of her doodle. PiPa fell on her butt, her hands supporting her fall and watched in awe. "Ye guys..." PiPa turned to look at the other two for a moment. "Lookie!"

    The rays started to disappear as soon PiPa's eyes came back to it. "What?" May wondered. She and Meow looked just a split second after the rays were completely gone.

    "That's odd... I knew my doodle of Lyra was shining just a second ago..."

    "You must have Jumpluff dancing in your head, PiPa. I see no shining rays around your Lyra doodle..." Meow said.

    "Lyra? Jumpluff?" May wondered. "Oh, my Arceus! Pokemon! Am I not correct?"

    "Oh, PiPa, Eternia and I grew up watching it."

    May couldn't answer for a moment because she saw something white and grey began appearing beside Meow. She pointed at Meow's left side, drastically and moving back. "Meow! Th-there's a guh-ghost beside yuh-yuh-you!!" she panicked.

    Meow gasped, "May, don't look at me like that and lie about some ghost!" she said, trembling slightly.

    "Weh-Well, look on your left if you don't buh-believe me!"

    Meow crossed her arms in disbelief but felt something brushed against her shoulder. She screamed, causing some birds to fly away from the trees near them. She ran towards the other girl and shouted, "Maaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!" The two girls hugged each other firmly on the ground, looking at the ghost that May saw.

    In the distance, PiPa guffawed at the two. "Oh, ye love-birds. That's what ye get for not listening to me when I'm dead serious!" PiPa giggled, walking towards the white and grey thing. "That ghost ye saw was no ghost."

    "Huh?" the two frightened girls said.

    "It's Ly-Ly."

    When May and Meow payed more attention, the grey and white thing began to take shape. "I... I knew that!" Meow said, looking away and flushed slightly from the embarrassment as she lets go off May.

    "Oh, really? You surely screamed so loud... you scared off a million birds!" May giggled.

    "Whatever! But... wait a sec... Ly-Ly?" Meow wondered, getting up from the ground.

    "Ly-Ly? Who's Ly-Ly?"

    "Lyra. PiPa calls Lyra as Ly-Ly," Meow walked closer to PiPa. "But how come Lyra's head is floating about here?" She looked around.

    "Oh? I drew it with this," PiPa said, showing Meow the stylus.

    "Wait, isn't that the item May found?"

    "Yes, it is. When I finished cleaning it, I played around with it by flicking it and made a black hole somehow. Then, it took us here and also made my Lyra drawing come to life! Pretty amazing stuff, I say!"

    "Wow, you sounded like you knew something out of the ordinary, PiPa. I'm impressed." Meow looked at the doodle-Lyra. "Uhm... sorry to say to break it to you but, uh... that's only Lyra's head floating, PiPa," Meow said. "Where's her body?"

    "I ate it! "PiPa giggled, licking her lips. "I'm joking! I'll draw it now!" PiPa swiftly began scribbling a body underneath the floating head. May stood up and watched, along with Meow.

    Once PiPa was finished, Meow looked at her work, while the doodle-Lyra began to move slightly on the spot. "Overalls, check. Long sleeved top, check. Puffy hat, check. Knee-high stockings, check. Shoes, check. Big bow on the hat, check. Those trademark spiky ponytails, check. Big busty boo-- Now, hold on a minute, PiPa!" Meow turned to face PiPa. "I clearly do not remember Lyra having a massive chest!"

    PiPa turned to face her chum, a deep blush spread across her face in an instant. "Well, it doesn't hurt to do a little fan art on it, does it!?" PiPa poked her tongue out and turned away. "Hmph!"

    Meow grabbed the stylus from her hand. "I'll show you the real style of fan art!" Meow started to doodle something in front of her. The stylus made a noticeable white doodle lines as Meow was drawing. Two triangular ears, egg-shaped head, 6 whiskers, coin in the forehead, chubby body, arms, legs and curly tail.

    She drew a grumpy face on it when she was done.

    Rays of different colours of orange came out from her doodle and it began to move. It was the cat Pokemon, Meowth, with a angry look in its face. "Oh, look, it's Meowth!" PiPa exclaimed happily, about to hug the doodle-Meowth that Meow just drew. But the doodle-Meowth had a mind of its own. It hissed at PiPa as she came close, with its tail sticking straight out. "Eeesh! What the!? Why did it hissed at me? What did I do!?" she wondered, hiding behind Meow.

    "I'm just clueless as you are in this!"

    Meow's and PiPa's pulse pounded faster from the fear they were feeling, but the doodle-Meowth looked away from the two, seeing May by herself and ran off to her. "Whoa!" she gasped, running away from the doodle-Meowth.

    "Oh, no! It's going to try to take a bite out of May's butt!" PiPa cried out. "Meowcy! Do something!!"

    "All right, I have a plan! Let's chase the doodle-Meowth and I'll sort out everything!"

    That moment, PiPa ran after the doodle-Meowth. May tripped over a root from a tree and fell. She turned around and sat on her butt, with her hands supporting her. "Whoa! Heeeeelp!!" she cried out, she stick her hand out in front to cover her eyes and the doodle-Meowth jumped at her.

    At that moment, PiPa knew she didn't make it in time. The doodle-Meowth managed to bite May's hand that caused her to scream a little in pain. PiPa saw what happened to her friend and immediately stopped on her tracks to falling on her knees and hands. Looking down in the grass, she started to whimper.

    "PiPa!" Meow called out. She bolted behind PiPa and swiftly ran to May. She rubbed the face of the doodle-Meowth to erase its face. It froze for a moment so Meow can scribble another face on it. Instead of a grumpy face, she drew a smiling face on it.

    A second after Meow was finished, it started to move again. This time it saw May's hand was bleeding a little, so it lick the small amount of blood off, trying to cheer May up, who smiled weakly. "Thanks, Meow! If another second was wasted, I'd be Meowth-food!" May sighed in relief. PiPa can be heard sobbing softly when Meow and May were quiet for a second. "PiPa, I'm all right. Stop your crying," May said.

    "Well, at least the doodle-Meowth didn't bite May's butt, right?" PiPa joked.

    "Don't crack jokes right now, PiPa, this is serious!" Meow said.

    PiPa felt something pat her back. She looked up, it wasn't May or Meow. She turned to face who it was and it was her doodle-Lyra, smiling happily at her. "Ly-Ly! Ye make me happy somehow!" She hugged her doodle's leg, crying more louder.

    "I think she just wants attention..." Meow whispered to May.

    "I heard that!" PiPa growled, looking straight at her two companions. "Besides, is that what ye call a fan art, Meowcy? That was... scary." Meow laughed nervously at her, placing her own hand behind her head.

    A while later, PiPa was playing with the doodle-Lyra and Meowth near the river. May and Meow were talking from the distance. "Ideas on how to get out of here, May?" Meow asked.

    "I do, I just can't put my finger on it..."

    "Well, think deeper," Meow said, then looked over to PiPa, who had the doodle-Meowth on her back, "before PiPa's hunger strikes..."

    "Hm. I didn't see exactly what PiPa did with that stylus... but maybe, if she re-created what she did... we could go back to our own world..."

    "Not a bad idea, May! Let's try it!" Meow looked around for PiPa, this time she was giggling when the doodle-Lyra was carrying her on her back.

    "Uhm... PiPa!" she called out, startling her.

    PiPa jumped off the doodle-Lyra and ran to her. "What is it?"

    "I need you to remake what you've done to before we got sucked into that black hole." Meow said, handing over the stylus to PiPa.

    "But, what'll happen to..." PiPa sniffled as she turned around to face the doodle-Meowth and Lyra.

    "It's time to leave your fantasies, PiPa," Meow said quietly, "and face the real world." PiPa tried to hold back her tears as Meow placed a hand over her shoulder. "You must be starving, I'll cook your favorite once we get home." She tried to cheer her up.

    "Nya! Really!? Chicken and rice!?" PiPa's eyes sparkled as she faced her friend.

    "Uh-huh!" Meow nodded.

    "Well, what are ye waitin' for!? Let's go!" PiPa completely forgot about the doodles and swiftly re-traced the movements she done earlier with the stylus. Once she done the positions correctly, a huge black hole appeared in front of her. Wind and small sparks were coming out from it yet again as the hole grew bigger. "Come on, ye two. Let's go," PiPa said, looking at May and Meow. All three girls jumped into the black hole and it faded out.

    Something fell on PiPa's face that made her wake up. She sat up on her knees and rubbed her eyes. The stylus was still on her hand and decided to put it inside her pocket. She looked around and saw May and Meow next to her. She stood up and saw that they were back on the park they were at before. She turned around and saw the tree where May fell from.

    'Was that just a dream?' PiPa thought to herself, scratching her head. She looked down at May and sat next to her to grab the hand where the doodle-Meowth bit her. She gasped and it was there. 'Oh, so it wasn't a dream after all.' she stood up. "Wakey! We're back home! Meow, get a move on! I want my dinner!"

    The shouting startled both Meow and May and they both got up. "Wow, we made it back," May said.

    "Yeah, and I better get cookin' too," Meow muttered.

    The two got up. May looked at her phone to check the time and it was two o'clock. "Huh, that's weird. I swore we were in that other world for two hours. I left home about half past one. Don't tell me..."

    "Tell ye what?" PiPa asked.

    "I think the time stopped while we were there."

    "Ye have got to be kidding me!"
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  3. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Notes: If you've played Harry Potter games, you'd know what Flipendo is! Also, my little sis got a blanket the same as May's one, nya~


    Chapter Three: Stars, Stars and more Stars.

    PiPa walked up to the taller girl and looked at her. "Ye can't be so serious, May!" she said as she placed her hands on May's shoulders and barked at her. "How can that possibly happen?!"

    May shrugged PiPa's grip off her shoulders. "I can hear you fine from the distance, you know," she mumbled at PiPa, "and I don't know!" She looked at her phone again, then back at the petite girl. "But I'm sure if you two go back to... Uhm, what's-his-name... he'll bound to think you guys didn't check that item out because the time here hasn't moved."

    "Guess yer right... and I think ye mean Eternia."

    "Then where should we head off to?" asked Meow. "It's getting dark and I think its about to rain." She looked up the clouds above them and the other two girls followed as Meow walked out from the shade of the big tree with her hands out and droplets of rain gently fell on her waiting hands. She turned to see the other two and wiped her damp palms on her shirt.

    "How about my place?" May exclaimed. "It would be fun to stay there for a while. I'll serve out some snacks."

    PiPa smiled and her eyes sparkled. "Oh, my! Sure!" she said, excitedly. Her hands clasped together.

    When the three girls made their way to May's home, they had to walk out from the park. The park wasn't that big and it wasn't small either. The newly cut grass smelt nice. It was like sniffling fresh green apples, but it made their shoes filthy as they walked passed the grass. Meow began to complain that her best shoes were ruined from the grass. Especially the grass was wet from the drizzle that it was likely to stick onto her shoes. It began to drizzle more on the way and they finally made it out of the park. Meow stomped her feet against the sidewalk to get rid of the grass that was stuck on her shoes.

    The drizzle was getting worse now and PiPa wore her hoodie, not wanting to get her wolf-hat wet. Meow began to complain again because her headphones were getting wet. May was getting irritated of her complaints that she was pissed off and told the nagging girl to shut the hell up. Meow muttered things to herself as they kept walking.

    It didn't take them half an hour to go to May's place, it was just nearby. Her house wasn't a palace or anything, it was just a normal one-story house. Light brown fence surrounded it, a few flights of stairs can be seen before the entrance door, the lawn was nicely trimmed, the house was coloured pale-green and in the roof, there was a small attic-like room and it had a dark blue rounded roof. It looked like it was an observatory. "Okay, May, we're here. Now, let's get inside already! I'm shivering my ass out here!" Meow said and she wrapped her body with her hands.

    "Ye should've been more prepared, just like me!" PiPa said, pointing at her hoodie then placing her hands back in her pockets. Meow gave a weird nonchalant look at PiPa and the wolf-girl looked away.

    May took out a key from her pocket to open the door. The other two entered after her. First thing they saw was the lobby and the girls placed their filthy shoes there. Inside the house was very tidy. The living room had a forty-two inched TV, two big speakers on the sides and two black couches in front of the set. Both PiPa and Meow were amazed. The wallpaper's colour matched the colour of the carpet, mauve. "Wow, your place is nice," Meow said. "There's no way I can scold PiPa and Eternia to clean our place like this!"

    "Thank you." May just giggled. "My room is just the first room in the hallway. You guys can wait there while I grab some food in the kitchen." May pointed on her left side and the other two girls went in that direction.

    The hallway was small, but Meow and PiPa can still fit. There were three rooms that can be seen. The first room door had a paper that was selotaped at the door and had a handrawn crayon-used scribble of a stick-person riding a green rocket, with their arms up, the background was filled with gold stars, zigzag blue lines and it had a sentence written beside the drawing, Me at age 25! "Wow, May! Ye can draw?!" PiPa exclaimed across the hallway and it was loud that it echoed a little.

    "Of course, I can! I have a talent of drawing," May said and blushed, but the other two girls didn't noticed because they were far away from her. "You two aren't the only ones that can do fan arts." She then gathered a few snacks from the fridge and in the cabinet.

    PiPa placed her hand on the door-knob to twist it open. She pushed the door gently and Meow was the first to see the bedroom. "Whoa!" she exclaimed. "Holy shi--"

    "Shining stars!" PiPa said, interrupting Meow and suddenly she bolted inside May's bedroom. The wallpaper was dark blue with different shapes and sized yellow stars and a laptop was on a desk near a bed that had, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star written all over the bedsheet which had a few Pokemon plush toys upon top of it - Swablu, Altaria and Jirachi.

    PiPa giggled and bounced on May's bed, causing the plush toys to fall off the bed except for the Swablu one. "PiPa! That isn't your bed! Don't do that," Meow berated at PiPa and made her way inside the bedroom. She sat on the chair near the laptop-desk that had pencil and other art stuff in there. Her laptop was black and had glittery meteorite stickers all over it.

    PiPa then laid on her back upon May's bed and saw a moon-roof at the ceiling. The outside sky was seen from there. 'Wow! That's awesome!' she thought to herself. The ceiling had glow-in-the-dark space stuff that can be seen. It was filled of them that there wasn't any space left to put more. "Meowcy, look above," she said.

    Meow followed PiPa's instruction and looked up, seeing the ceiling. "Holy molly! That's so... space-zing!"

    "A what?"

    "Space and amazing!"

    "I'm glad you two girls like my bedroom," May said. The two girls faced her and she entered the room with two plates. One had soda pop drinks in there and the other had cookies, biscuits and sliced fruits. She placed them on her laptop desk.

    PiPa then got up to grab a soda pop, a cookie and the fruits, then sat back on May's bed and ate the sliced apple like a rabbit. Meow grabbed a soda pop and sipped on it. "So, about you, May. Are you really going to space in a couple of years?" she asked.

    May blushed, "Yeah, well... sort of... I drew that as a child." she broke the cookie into three pieces and placed one in her mouth to eat. "I was an arrogant kid--" The rain poured down hard suddenly, causing the three girls to jump onto their feet from the sudden noise.

    Meow sipped her soda and set it on the desk with a thunk. "Crap! The rain is getting hard. How are we going to get home, PiPa?"

    "If May has a spaceship to get us home..." PiPa said, giggling to herself.

    "You twerp! That's not what I meant!" Meow said, wrapping an arm lightly around PiPa's neck and rubbing her friend's cheek with her knuckles.

    "Ow ow, that hurts!"

    "Anyway... That other world...?" May interrupted and Meow let PiPa go to sit back on the chair.

    'Oh,' PiPa thought. "I should really show this to Eternia. He's usually good at solving these thingies."

    "Let me see it before you do," May said, holding her hand out. PiPa took out the stylus from her pocket and gave it to May and she began to scrutinize it. "Well, this stylus... uhh... Looks a little different from the one for my DS Lite." May stood up and opened a drawer to take out her white Nintendo DS Lite. She removed the stylus from the side and placed it together with the other stylus.

    The difference was her stylus was one centimeter taller than the other. "They look very much alike, but your stylus is bigger," Meow said.

    "Plus, the number 4 is carved in there," PiPa added. "First time I saw it, it was 5, now it's 4... I don't know why though."

    "Maybe it's there for how many times you use it," added Meow.

    "What if we use it again for four times?!" PiPa exclaimed.

    "Who knows? But let's not try to look forward, or else it might be dangerous," said May and placed her DS back and gave the other stylus back to PiPa.

    Hours had past and PiPa peacefully slept on May's bed while Meow was using May's laptop searching up for anything mysterious that might connect to the stylus and May herself was looking out her walk-in window to see if anymore items from the sky would come. "Mmm... Who painted the cat...?" PiPa asked in her sleep. "Paint...? What do ye mean that I can't paint?!" She then held her hand up. The stylus was on her hand as she suddenly whisked it about above her. "Flipendo!" she shouted and kept brandishing the item.

    Suddenly, the same black hole that she created in the park appeared just above her. The noise from the electric sparks startled Meow. She turned around and gasped, then said, "What the hell?!" She stood up, making the chair to tumble over from the sudden movement. "May!! Get in here!" she screeched.

    The shouting woke PiPa up, but instead of sitting up, the wind from the black hole was sucking her in, even the Swablu plush toy May had on the bed. "Not Swaaabluu!" PiPa exclaimed, grabbing the plush toy.

    May got back in her bedroom and saw what was happening. "My Baby!" she cried and dived onto her bed, but PiPa already got sucked in along with May. Meow just made it in the hole before it closed.

    The twisting and turning of her whole body from her head to her feet in every single second made PiPa sick. It could be nausea hitting her in any instant. It felt like forever that she was spinning, until she came to a sudden halt. She still felt her head was spinning. The strong wind was blowing in her face. Luckily, she'd kept her wolf-hat closed underneath her chin and that it won't fly off. She slowly opened her eyes. She was floating in mid-air. 'Don't tell me...' she thought to herself. 'That I transported us to the Slayers Universe! And I'm using Levitation?!'

    She looked around where she was. It was nothing like the Slayers scene at all. All she can identify were some weird patterns and designs encircled her. Looked like she was inside an egg and the strange markings were wallpapared around her. She couldn't tell what they were. Not even the signs at the Pyramids can compare to these. 'Wow, it's like being inside the internet when Tentomon and Agumon surfed the net in the first Digimon movie! Or maybe Makoto from The Girl Who Leapt through Time!' she looked around more and spots a huge black rectangular shape that had numbers on it, that says, 16:58:03. It wasn't moving.

    Suddenly, she felt a change in the climate. Wind picked up again and was pushed and dragged forward into a great speed. 'Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh.....' she screamed in her head as she blacked out.
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    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Notes: I never played on a Wii or even touched it. I had some help from ES7 about the Wii scene, nya~


    Chapter Four: Blame It On Eternia!


    There was wetness PiPa was feeling between her legs to her feet and her hands. "Uggghh...." she grunted. When she felt her senses back, she snapped her eyes open. She found herself back at the meadow from earlier, but there was something that felt a bit off. She looked down and saw herself surrounded by water. 'Did I drink way too much soda pop?!' she thought, then she looked around and she was in the river. Suddenly, she held her hands up and waved them around. "HAAAAALLLLLPP!!!" she shouted. "I can't swim!!"

    "PiPa," a voice called out, "you're just sitting on shallow water!"

    PiPa stopped waving her arms and stood up. The water was only up to her ankles. "Oh, I knew that..."She looked up and saw that Meow and May were standing at the shore, with May holding her Swablu plush. "Lucky I'm not holding your plush..." PiPa said.

    "If my Baby fell on the water, I'm going to hurt the person who'll be responsible for it," said May, calmly, but with a malevolent look in her expression.

    "Whoa, badass over here!" Meow exclaimed, but looking away from May, in case she'll scold the shorter girl.

    "PiPa, you have to take us back, there's nothing we can do here."

    "Geez, someone needs to do some colouring in!"


    "Someone needs to turn that frown upside down!"

    May sighed at PiPa's weird joke as she made her way out of the river. "You're all wet, PiPa. Plus, we're aging every second. We need to go back!"

    "Fine, sorry about what happen with the stylus... I was having a dream that this person said I had no talent of painting..." PiPa sighed, taking out the stylus and whisked it.

    The black hole appeared again and they all went inside it. Nothing happened when they went back. PiPa just landed smack bang on May's bedroom floor, making a slight saturate mess on her carpet. "PiPa, you need to get cleaned up," Meow said.

    "Does it look like that I carry spare clothes around?!" PiPa asked.

    "Calm down! And you look worn out, too. Are you alright?"

    "When did I say that I was feeling okay?!" PiPa felt like crap.

    "I have clothes that can't fit me that you can have," May said, opening a closet door. She took out a cyan and red shirt with a C in the middle and black knee-deeped shorts. "Here."

    "Thank you." PiPa grabbed the attire and walked out of the bedroom to change at the bathroom. A minute later she came back. "I look so adorable in this outfit!" she said.

    "I used to love that outfit as a kid," May giggled.

    "Anyway, I think we should go back home now to Eternia. He's probably getting worried," Meow said.

    "Can I come?" asked May.

    "Yeah, I'm sure Eternia won't mind," PiPa said, then looking out the window. The rain was fading away. She ran out of May's bedroom and into the lobby to put her grassy shoes back on and so did May and Meow. May locked the door as PiPa ran straight under the cloudy-night sky as the rain died down completely. She inhaled the refreshing fragrance of newly fallen rain that lingered around her. It smelt like a garden that been showered by filtered water. "Hmm... Freshy!" she exclaimed as the other two caught up to her.

    On the way, the sun was setting on them and created a dramatic background behind them as it went down the horizon. PiPa started to run, while the other two did too. Half way the journey, PiPa was tired and began to walk, while both May and Meow were still running, then they reached to PiPa and Meow's place. To May's surprised, she was shocked of how messy their house looked like from outside. "Uhh... Nice place..." she said, trying not to pissed Meow off.

    "Sorry about the mess. It's like living with two rats," Meow mumbled.

    "Wait!" PiPa exclaimed. "I have to tell ye guys... some... something important..."

    The two girls turned around and saw PiPa wearily making her way to them. Meow looked at her and said, "Well?"

    PiPa wheezed and panted, then held onto May's arm for support. She inhaled and looked at Meow. "I'm fine, thanks for asking..." she then coughed, "meh... maybe need some water..."

    "You idiot."

    "...What?" asked PiPa, sounding so clueless as she rose up.

    "I thought you were going to say something important..."

    "Oh, I'll tell ye inside," PiPa said, entering their house and left her shoes on the doorway. The other girls did too. Then she saw Eternia, playing what look liked a sorcerer slaying creatures with his character's weapons on his Wii console while sitting on the floor, with a bowl full of potato chips that was placed near him and walked towards him. "Oi, Eternia. We have a visitor."

    "Hm?" he said as he paused his game and turned to the girls. "Oh, hello. I'm Eternia, eldest one here." He walked over to May and shook her hand. " I apologize for the mess."

    "I'm May," she said, "and it's alright. PiPa, Meow and I checked out that item and it was actually a DS Lite stylus."

    "Hm, that's weird. Let me see it." PiPa handed over the stylus as the four made their way at the dining table. "Seems normal, but it's slight smaller from a real DS stylus." they sat on the chairs. Eternia sat next to Meow and May and PiPa sat across from the other two. "Was there anything suspicious from it that you guys saw when you first got this?"

    "It created some black hole and we got sent to another dimension when we got sucked inside it," PiPa explained. "It's great place."

    "I beg to differ about the great bit 'cause I got bitten by that Doodle-Meowth," said May, disagreeing to what PiPa just said.

    "Why are ye going to beg me to differ? Is that some kind of food?" Meow threw a dictionary directly at PiPa and she gets hit. "Nya!" she cried and tumbled over the chair. May looked down at her with a Uhh... sound and PiPa shot back up and earned a bleeding nose. "That hurt, Meowcy!!

    "You deserved it for being so clueless," Meow said. "Pay attention, PiPa!"

    "Uhm... Yeah..." Eternia said, "as I was wondering, what else did it do?"

    "When the black hole sucked us, we sort of... blacked out. So we only remember getting sucked in and waking up in a strange place."

    "So, none of you three actually stayed up to see what's inside that black hole?"

    "Nope," May said.

    PiPa stood up, then sat back down on her seat, then stood up again a second later. "Can... Can I make a suggestion?" she asked nervously, remembering Meow rejected her suggestion from earlier and that she was afraid of another dictionary that'll be thrown at her face.

    "No," Meow said, sighing to herself, "you're just going to say something dumb as usual."

    Frustrated look upon PiPa's face, she screamed, "CAN I MAKE A BLOODY SUGGESTION?!" Meow suddenly threw another dictionary at PiPa, but she swiftly ducked under the table. May swung herself to the other direction to dodge the sudden attack and the dictionary made a loud thud sound against the wall. PiPa then popped her head out under the table, saying, "Ha-ha! Missed me, Meow--" Just then, Eternia threw a dictionary right at her forehead and got hit. "Nyaaawww... Yuh... Ye guys are so... so... cruel!!" PiPa cried underneath the table. "Stop with the dictionary throwing! They're expensive, ye know!"

    "We can't exactly throw a laptop at you with Google on the screen! Laptops costs more than a dictionary!" Meow said.

    "I was going to tell ye guys about what I saw inside the black hole..." PiPa said, wiping both her bleeding nose and forehead with a paper towel, "'cause I woke up when I was right inside it the last time... Nyaaa....." PiPa continued to sob.

    "You were?! Why didn't you tell us?!" Eternia wondered.

    "Well, ye guys kept throwing crap at me..." PiPa said, then getting up to grab a pencil and paper from the top of the fridge and walked back, starting to scribble something on the paper. "I saw some strange markings inside the black hole..." she drew an oblong, then a circle then two spike-like ears on the side of the oblong outside it, "they were like this..." she then drew a shape that looks like a powder-puff with a swirly shape with boxing gloves on the tip of it, "even this..." she drew a cone shaped thing and it had small triangles outside it, "also...!" she then drew the rectangular shape with the numbers 16:58:03 right in the middle of her drawing, then slammed her pencil on the table to show that she was finished. "This is what I saw!" she exclaimed, handing the paper to Eternia and Meow. May tried to understand it while it was upside-down from her.

    "Geez, I thought you were great at drawing... but this... this looks like some five-year-old's drawing!" Meow said.

    "Hey! That's what they looked when I saw them, okay?!" PiPa growled.

    "Stop mucking around, PiPa and do something right for a change!" Eternia darted up, accidentally smashing the stylus against the table and it made a beep sound. All four suddenly looked around, finding out where the sound came from. "What's that...?"

    "Maybe its the stylus?" asked May, pointing at Eternia's hand.

    "Duh-Don't break that stylus..." PiPa mumbled.

    "The hell I care!" Eternia suddenly whisked his arms up, even the stylus on his hand and it made a black hole right in front of him. "Oopsies..." he mumbled as the four of them got sucked in.

    "Not... agaaaaaaiiiiiin....." May complained.

    "Nyaaa... Nyaaaaaa....." PiPa wailed as she was spinning out of control again. She made a gagged noise before her body slowly stopped spinning. 'Oh, Mother of Arceus... This place again...' she thought. She saw the same patterns and sighed. 'How am I going to persuade Eternia to believe what I'm seeing right now...?' She scratched her head, then took her cellphone out. 'Hah, who's stupid now?!' She snapped a couple of photos with the camera on her phone. She even snapped a photo of the numbers, but it was different this time. It had 19:21:55:10 on it, then putting it back on her pocket. 'That's weird. It changed!' A moment later, she was dragged again and blacked out. "Nyaaaaaa!!"

    "Whoa-Whoa-Whoooaaaa... hell!" Eternia shouted. "Someone... Anyone... get me down from here!"

    PiPa felt something so comfortable that she squished her face onto it and let out a Hmm..... sound. "PiPa! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Meow asked. PiPa snapped her eyes open and saw her on top of Meow's back and May was below them. They landed on a big branch of a tree.

    PiPa jumped down perfectly on her hands and feet while May and Meow fell down with a loud bang against the grass. PiPa looked up and saw Eternia, who was tied up on vines near the tree branch. "Hah, nice for you to... hang around with us..." PiPa said, tauntingly.

    "Very funny, PiPa! Now, help me out here!"

    "No way!" PiPa then grab the stylus from Eternia's grip and looked at it. "What the heck?! It says 0 on it!"

    Both May and Meow stood up and looked at the stylus. "Shouldn't it say 2?!" asked May. "This is just the third time we've been here!"

    The three girls glared at Eternia and he had a bemused look. "What?" he wondered.

    "This was all your fault for smashing the stylus against the table! Now, we can only get home once and we can never get back here!"

    "Who cares?! This world is probably dangerous and I don't want any of you get hurt!"

    "We've been here twice already and nothing bad happened to us..." said Meow.

    "Except the doodle-Meowth biting me..." May added.

    "Look, we'd love to stay and hang around with you to talk more, but ta-ta," said PiPa, walking away, with Meow and May following her.

    "Wait, you're leaving me here?!" Eternia asked.

    "Yep. I have to figure out the markings I saw again from earlier. I snapped some images on my phone."

    When the three girls settled down near the tree, PiPa handed her phone for Meow and May to look at. Took them a while to get some words out. "Besides those... weird images of Lyra in her phone... the photos from the black hole doesn't even make any sense," Meow said, giving PiPa's cellphone back to her. "Never in my life I've seen those sorts of patterns before.

    "Not even astronomy can compare to this. They don't look like any star patterns either," added May, "but the rectangular shape with numbers somewhat made sense. It's probably the current time in the real world that was showing."

    "Oh, that explains it, then," said PiPa, scribbling something on the tree's trunk with the stylus. It wasn't clearly visible, but she drew their house there. She placed her hands over it and it started to glow, but the glow was flickering like a broken light bulb, then it stopped. "Huh. I wonder why it didn't come alive..." she asked.

    "A-ha!" Eternia exclaimed, grabbing the stylus from PiPa's hand. "Sorry, but I left my Wii console on at home." He ran off far away suddenly. The girls were forsaken.

    "Eternia!" Meow said, running after him.

    "Wait!" said May, following them.

    PiPa just sat there, watching the three ran off.

    From the distance, Eternia whisked the stylus and made that same black hole. PiPa's eyes widen. She knew that they were going home except her. She stood up on her feet as she saw them making their way inside the black hole. "PiPa!!" Meow shouted. "Get your butt here, we're leaving! You know this black hole isn't going to last!"

    "PiPa!! Hurry up!" Add May's voice to the chorus.

    "Wait!" PiPa exclaimed. "WAIT! Meowcy, May, Eternia! Please don't leave me here!" she cried, running towards them, with her arms reaching out. She tripped up because she was jittery. She started to cry knowing that her friends were leaving her, but fully knowing that they weren't doing it on purpose. "Please, please, please don't leave me here!" she stood up again to run, letting her hands out more to try to reach them.

    "PiPa! Hurry!" Meow commanded, trying to reach for her awating friend, but she was still far away. "Hurry up, damn it!"

    Suddenly, the black hole started to close and PiPa was nowhere near it. Both Meow and May went inside it. "Oh, no, no, please, no!" PiPa sobbed. She decided to risk it and to jump straight at the black hole. "Here I come!" She then jumped with all her might with her arms up towards Meow, but it was too late, Meow and May placed their hands closed to each other as the black hole closed with a zzztt sound, leaving PiPa to tumble down the grass and she rolled to the side with her arms swathed around her body to prevent her to break any bones. 'I... I didn't make it.....' she cried.
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    Notes: Eek... My cellphone broke...and my Fics are late ._. nya~


    Chapter Five: Drawing Invaders.

    Hours passed and PiPa just sat near the tree, waiting for a miracle to happen. All that time, she just walked around the place, even ran around to look if she can find anything that can help her to elude herself from here. Once she was totally worn out, she sat back near the same tree and she took out her cellphone to study the photos she had taken earlier.


    They were far too complicated for her to solve. 'Eternia's good at solving this type of stuff... but why did he behave like a total deplorable creep at a time like that?!' she thought to herself. She then leaned herself against the tree, looking up at the clouds. 'Well, look at the bright side, PiPa... no Eternia, no May and best of all... no Meowcy!' she smiled to herself, but it quickly faded, 'but wait... that means-- No Meowcy's cooking! Oh, golly-gosh!' She placed her hands on her head and growled. "No, no, no! I want to go back!" she then stood up and faced the tree and punched it repeatedly. "I want to go home, I want to go home!" cried PiPa, then she fell onto her knees, placing her face against the tree, still punching it. "I miss my friends... especially the food... I'm freakin' hungry..." She then punched the tree really hard one last time cause her knuckles to graze. She stopped punching the tree and looked at her injured fingers and knuckles. "I guess that's what ye call a knuckle sandwich..." she joked at herself and laughed nervously, then sighed. "Meowcy should've insult me with some kind of... insulting sentence by now... but, she ain't here..." She held her injured hand close.

    At that moment, the bottom right side of the tree glistened and released some orange and yellow rays. PiPa blinked and wiped her tears away as she starred in awe. "What the...?" She placed her hands upon the glow. It was the doodle of her house that she tried drawing earlier. "Yikes! Took a long time to--" All of a sudden, PiPa's whole body got sucked into her doodle in an instant that she didn't had a chance to scream.

    A minute later, "Oh, golly-gosh..." said PiPa. She opened her eyes and saw herself in the strange pattern place again, but something was different.

    They were... moving.

    'Impossible...' she thought. 'Why're they moving? What's happening?!' She turned around and saw the numbers. They were moving too! It was 19:25:05:15 and the last three numbers were moving like a timer as she floated there. 'I don't get it... Why's that thing moving now, when before it didn't? Could it be 'cause Eternia broke the stylus?!' she gasped, then tried to run in place, "If I run, I'll go back!" She didn't move an inch, so then she stretched one of her arm forward, shouting, "Ray Wiiing!" She waited. That didn't work, too. 'Crap... How come I can't move?! Oh, I'll just wait patiently, then.' she then crossed her arms and legs, waiting.

    Just her luck, a while later she got dragged just like before and screamed, forcing her to a major blackout.

    Back in the real world, Eternia landed on his feet, the other two girls sat on the dining table. May gave out a painful shriek, sitting on the pencil that PiPa left on the table. Eternia wasted no time, he then bashed the stylus against the table, trying to destroy it. Meow stood up on her feet and shouted, "Eternia! What the hell are you doing?!" She grabbed his arm to turn him.

    Eternia looked at her and stopped what he was doing. "Destroying this stylus and... where is PiPa?" he asked.

    The smaller girl grabbed his shirt to pull it and dragged his face three inches closer to hers. He had to bend down at her short height. "PiPa is stuck in the other world, Eternia! Now that the stylus malfunctioned, there's no way PiPa can go home!"

    "Well, I fainted when I went inside the black hole, so I didn't know! Plus, she'll come back here, I know she will..."

    Meow snarled at him, "How can you say that with such a calm face?!"

    Eternia just stood there doing nothing, then drops the stylus on the table. Meow released him and she looked at May. "I hope PiPa is alright..." said May to Meow.

    "I know PiPa over seven years now. She'll probably comes back running whenever she's famished," Meow said, giggling nervously.

    At that moment... PiPa came running in from the hallway in a flash. She gasped in shock and cried suddenly. "Meowcy! I missed ye!" She then dived at the smaller girl to give her a bear hug. "Ye too, May!" she got up and snuggled herself on May. "Not really about Eternia... He left me there to rot, right?"

    Eternia looked at her. "Well, at least you figure out how to get out in minutes!" he said.

    "What do ye mean minutes?! I was in the other world for five hours!!"

    "PiPa, we just arrived here..." May said. "The real world didn't move much while you were there."

    "Thought so," said PiPa. "Anyway, Meowcy, chop-chop! Can I have my dinner now?"

    "Alright, PiPa, you wait here," Meow said, patting the wolf-hat PiPa was wearing, then pinches it to pull it down on her face. PiPa giggled and lifted it back up as Meow made her way at the kitchen.

    For the rest of the night, PiPa ate and ate. The others did too. PiPa was so full that she fell asleep on the dining table. "Mm... One more fried chicken... with ketchup and rice..." she said in her sleep.

    Meow and May fell asleep on the couch, far away from each other. May can be heard snoring softly in the distance. Meow sleepily placed a small orange pillow above May's mouth to muffle her snores while the sleepy girl was half-sleeping. Eternia was still up, looking at the stylus. PiPa was sleeping across from him. "Sorry..." he said quietly. He wanted to wake her up to tell her to go to her bed, but he didn't want to disturb her or she might cause a clamour. So he stood up to grab three blankets. Two for the girls in the couch and one for PiPa. He gently placed it over her and she smiled in her sleep. He then quietly placed her plates on the sink and went to his own bedroom to sleep.

    The rest of the evening was pleasant. The evening theme was quiet. Only the sound of far away dogs were howling. Cars zoomed passed their house and headlights were shone through the window curtains. It was a normal night...

    ...Until a woman screaming awoke PiPa in a bolt. "What the..." she said as another scream of a male child was heard. She then looked at her cellphone. "Nya... 6AM?!" then a loud ambulance siren came on the scene. She got up to look outside the nearest window. The place outside was encircled in flames. "Agh!" She then awoke the other two girls by hitting them with the pillow over May's face. "Oi! There's trouble ouside!"

    The two girls stood up and looked out the window. "My, my! We need to do something!" Meow said.

    PiPa looked outside closely and saw something familar. "Hold on... I've seen that thing before..." she said. She took her cellphone out. "Ah! Here!"

    May looked at her cellphone. "Those patterns you saw inside that black hole are destroying the town?!" she exclaimed.

    "If I'm not dreaming, then, yes!" Then there was a loud boom that caused the ground to shake violently. PiPa held onto Meow's hair and strangely pulling it as May fell on her butt.

    "Aagh!" the three girls exclaimed from the impact.

    "What was that?!" Eternia asked then he ran into the living room with the girls.

    "There's trouble outside. Those strange patterns I saw inside the black hole somehow escaped from there and got here into the real world!"

    "Wait, how's that possible?!"

    "How the heck should I know?!"

    "Still... It's been a long day and I still want to sleep... So can we check it out later?" said May, yawning while rubbing her sore butt.

    "No way!" Meow said. "We have to do something!"

    "I have an idea!" PiPa said, grabbing the stylus from the dining table. The other three were confused until she ran outside, they followed. It was still twilight, but the place was already a mess.

    Then, something approached them. They turned to face it. It had light blue skin, oblong shaped head, ears were so huge that they looked like biscuits with light green squiggly shaped on the sides, it had a yellow, red and orange attire that looked like a kimono and it smiled in a very cute way showing one tooth. "Awhhh! That's so adorable!" May exclaimed.

    "Could it be...?!" Eternia said.

    "What?" asked Meow.

    "That thing is a Pokemon from Generation Six?!"

    "Don't be stupid!"

    May suddenly ran up to the creature. "Adorable thing! You can't possibly the one who caused all this!" She then picked it up.

    It was twelve inches tal. The fur was smooth that its almost silky as the kimono it wore, the green marks on its skin were unusual and the big dark black eyes looked at May. "Nyan?" it said.

    "May, get away from that thing! It might be dangerous!" Meow exclaimed.

    "This thing! No way?!" Suddenly, the creature Nyan again with its mouth wide open, showing its sharp piranha-teeth inside. There were a lot inside compared to the one outside.

    "Nyan!!" it growled, biting May's hand, the same spot of where the doodle-Meowth bit her before.

    May screamed in pain, shaking her whole arm to throw the thing that impaled her skin. It flew out of its grasped and hit against the cement in a thud. "Damn! It may seem cute, but it's so evil!" she said.

    PiPa went and helped May with her injured hand. She removed her wristband to wrap it around the taller girls hand. "Nyan!" the thing exclaimed. It gave a growl. It didn't like the lack of attention. It ran straight at PiPa. She turned around, hearing its footsteps towards her and suddenly, it jumped onto PiPa, all it's piranha-like teeth in sight.

    "PiPa!" the other three shouted in shock.

    All PiPa done was block her face with her arms and felt a tug and heavy feeling upon her head. It took her a while to remove her arms from her face, until she spotted the creature was biting on her wolf-hat. PiPa gasped, causing the creature to Grrr at her and it pulled her wolf-hat off with one tug. "Crap!" PiPa exclaimed. "I didn't tighten my wolf-hat!"

    "Nyan!" the creature said and holding PiPa's wolf-hat in its light-blue paws and sniffled it. "Nyaaaan!!" it growled. It took the fluffy grey and white material upon its sharp teeth and began to rip it apart.

    "Ah, no! Not my Wolfy!!" PiPa cried. She jumped to the creature as it ripped her wolf-hat into four pieces. PiPa just sat there in her legs, with her palms upon the pavement. She bent down at the point of her black hair and ponytails dangled near her face. Tears dropped onto the ground, making small hue of darker tones shape of circles in the grey cement. "You're... You're going to pay, you piece of shit!!" she growled.

    "Wha-what's goin' on?!" May nervously asked as she saw Pipa getting back on her feet, with an angry sound in the smaller girl's voice.

    "Don't worry," Eternia said, "PiPa's having one of her episodes again..." he tuts, then said, "That's why we don't like to piss her off that much..."

    "I feel sorry for that creature... Wait, no," said May, looking at her injured hand, then back at PiPa, who then swiftly jumped at the creature and scratched it with her own fingernails right in the left cheek, making four stratches marked their place. "Fury Swipes...?"

    PiPa then growled and pulled out the stylus from her pocket. She then began to stab the creature with it. It kept missing because the creature was too fast. "Stop dodging, you piece of junk!" PiPa exclaimed in frustration. She finally hit the creature right in its shoulder. Then its left paw. Suddenly, something shone through the places where PiPa poked the creature with rapid thrusts. Instead of sparkles, rays came out of where it was getting poked. "What... What's going on?!" she asked.

    She stopped and the creature landed on its hand and feet, holding its injured shoulder. "PiPa, what's wrong?" Meow asked, running up to the taller girl.

    "I'm not sure... I saw... rays from where I stabbed that thing..." PiPa explained, then whisking the stylus in front of her. Rays were seen in the trail of the stylus. It was like playing with the sparkle fireworks last New Years Eve. She then had an idea. She began drawing a weird, crooked looking stick in mid-air. It was elaborated from the rays. "All done... What if I..."


    That moment, the doodle PiPa just drew fell right in front of her, making a clang sound against the cement. Putting the stylus back in her pocket, she bend down and scooped the item with her hands. It felt cold and hard. It was real metal. It shaped like a long and thin golden cylinder. "Wonder if I..." PiPa placed the cylinder item in both her hands, facing it forward like some weapon. "Light, come forth!" she exclaimed. The golden stick turned white and it stretched out all of a sudden into a spindly shaped stick, causing it to hit her right leg, making it to bleed a little. "Ah-ha-ha-ha-howw!!"

    "PiPa," Meow said, worried, "are you okay?!"

    "Nah, I'm bleeding for fun, Meowcy!" PiPa said, sarcastically.

    "Don't be reckless," said Meow. She just wiped PiPa's wound with her bare hand.

    "I think I summoned this weapon the other way around." PiPa flipped her weapon and it was pure gold. The bit where it hit her had a design like the tip of a stylus and the other end had a two lightning shaped pattern there. "This... This must be a staff! I wonder if Lucario is inside it? Hmm..." she then started to shake it.

    "Stop being so stupid, PiPa and hit that thing!" exclaimed May.

    "Sheesh, looks like someone doesn't like the classics!" PiPa shrugged it off. She then pointed the golden staff at the creature and began spinning it above her head like a baton. Yellow and orange sparkles were making their way around the staff's trails as she spun it faster. "Power of the Gods!" PiPa exclaimed and laughed hysterically.

    "PiPa, you're scaring me..."

    "Yeah, she's starting to creep me out, too..." mumbled Eternia.

    Suddenly, the sky grew dark. Clouds became darker and gathered around. Flashes of lightning and thunder stroked straight at PiPa's staff and it absorbed the impact. Sounds of thunder can be heard as flashes of light were seen when the staff kept absorbing. Once the staff was pure white coloured, the sky began to go back to its original form. PiPa's staff stopped spinning and she held it in front of her. Sparks were sparking out of her staff as she was grasping it. It looked like a glowstick as she held it. She wasn't bothered by all the sparks. They didn't electrify her or anything. "Haa-yaaah!" she exclaimed, running towards the creature.

    She then jumped and slashed the creature. Orange and yellow sparks came out of the staff and hits the creature. It uncontrollably shook and had a massive cut across its kimono as it cried out, "Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn!!!" It was so loud that the four covered their ears.

    PiPa stumbled down to cover her ears, dropping her staff and made clanging noises next to her. "Oh, golly-gosh!"

    "My ears!" May exclaimed, burying her whole head with her hands.

    "It's worse than Eternia singing in the shower!" Meow said.

    "V...Very funny Meow..." Eternia shot back at Meow.

    The creature kept crying out, making glass from windows and cars to shatter nearby. All of a sudden, its cry was fading out and its body began to dissolve away. Once it fully dissolved away, bits of digital-like pixels scattered all over the place.

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    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Rants: Hope ye guys like the ending C; Weird how this whole Fic didn't even last one day. Also, I'm already writing the sequel for this Fic. It's more exciting than this one xD nya~


    Chapter Six: And then, there were two.

    Eternia flopped back on his side, gasping for air and freed his hands from his ears, the others did too. "Oh, crap! That was so horrible in my ears!"

    "So, I guess we win, then?" May asked.

    Just that moment, the ground shook. Meow fell on her hands and knees. "Owwie..." she mumbled. Then something was digging its way out of the cement right under her nose. The cement was slowly crumbling up in a small hill-shape. "A Diglett?" she asked. Suddenly, the ground shook really violently and something dug its way out. The small girl hastily held onto it. The first thing she noticed was the texture of the weird thing that encountered her was so rough, it felt like she was clinging onto something that was covered with sandpaper. The rough texture was grazing her skin. Meow tried to hop off, but she saw grey slit-pupil eyes between her legs eyeing her.

    She gasped nervously.

    It looked like another creature. It growled at the sight of Meow and she felt a tug on her shirt and she was pulled away in one swift motion. "Meowcy!" a voice called out. Meow turned around and it was PiPa running towards her. "Hold on, I'm coming to save ye!"

    Just then, the creature that was holding Meow, it fully dug its way out of the hole underground. It was cone-shaped and it had spikey black triangular cones in the back of it. It looked like an armadillo. The black skin it had slowly became grey when it came out of the hole. It had white claws that held Meow with and its hands had straps on them. "Graaagh!" It growled, chucking Meow straight at PiPa.

    "Whhhoooahh! PiPa, catch me!" Meow exclaimed, waving her arms about in mid-air.

    PiPa let her hands out and ran, but took a step back, seeing May in front of her, leaving Meow landing straight at May and they both fell onto the cement, hard. "Agggh!" the two girls exclaimed. May was laying on her stomach, with Meow on her back. They were covered with pebbles and dust.

    "Yike... That got to hurt..." PiPa mumbled.

    The two girls stood up and Meow bolted straight at PiPa, shouting, "I told you to catch me, PiPa!"

    "We-Well, at least ye didn't break any bones..."

    "Didn't break any bones... my ass! Now time to hit that creature before I hit you!"

    "Wait, what? With my staff?"

    "No, I'll just use my bare fists. Come get some!" Meow stood up proudly on her feet. Bits of stones and pebbles fell from her body. She then ran rapidly straight at the new creature, but it let it hand out and a set of ten black cones shot straight at her. Luckily, they landed just in front of her feet with a thud, making holes on the cement. "Waaah! Draw me a nun-chuck, quick, PiPa! I want that, not your staff!"

    "Show off..." PiPa said as she began to scribble the weapon Meow wanted in mid-air and Meow swiftly grabbed them before they hit the ground. It had two black and gray cylinder. In the middle, they were connected with metal silver chain. The cylinders were shaped like styluses. They looked like big black crayons.

    Meow decided to twirl them about around her. Her first tries were... alright, until she smack her shoulder with one of them. "Oww!" she exclaimed in pain, rubbing the pain on her bruised shoulder. "Bruce Lee was better..."

    May got up on her feet, brushing the dirt off her. "Whoa, man... That was harsh..." she said.

    "May!" said PiPa, helping her friend out. "Are ye alright?"

    "Yes, I am," the taller girl said. "How come ye drew Meow that nun-chuck? What about me?"

    "Hm? Well, you fainted..."

    "Draw me an axe!" May happily exclaimed, with her hands clasp together, her eyes sparkling.

    "What the... heck?! An axe?! No!"

    May frowned and sighed to herself, "Fine. A bow and arrow!" PiPa quickly drew May her weapon with the stylus near her and she grabbed it from the ground when it dropped. "Oh, wow, this is so cute... I wonder how will it work...?" May fiddled with her bow and arrow. The bow was mint-green colours and it was metal and had a little decoration in the middle of a gold star in it. The arrow was shaped like a stylus. "Yikes... does the weapon you create have to be based on a stylus, PiPa?"

    "No, I didn't do that. I only doodle... I guess its the stylus's doing, not me."

    "Guys, look at meee!" Meow exclaimed. The two girls turned to look at her, find her flying in mid-air using her nun-chuck's cylinders to spin. "I can actually use my feet while doing this!" She then flew across the creature and jumped on it, kicking it straight in the face, then it growled at her, letting it claws out, but Meow landed on her feet and used her nun-chuck to trap the creatures claws in the ground. She stabbed her nun-chuck to the cement and it made a crack on the ground.

    The creature tried to free its hand, but didn't work. It kept struggling. "Graaaghhh!" it growled.

    "Wow," PiPa exclaimed. "Nice thinking, Meowcy!"

    Meow faced May and said, "Don't just stand there, May! Shoot it!"

    "Don't rush me, genius!" exclaimed May. She positioned her arrow at the struggling creature. "I'll make you see stars!" She lets the arrow go, but it was poor aim and the arrow landed right in front of her and it released faded stars. The creature growled.

    "May!" PiPa shouted.

    "Hurry up, Slowpoke! And do it right this time!" Meow said, waving her hand about.

    "Whatever!" May answered, then she shot the creature again. But to her surprised, she didn't aim it and went straight for Meow.

    "Agh!" Meow screamed while running away, but it was too late and the star shaped arrow hacked itself onto the side of her butt. "Shi--" Before she could finish what she was saying, she flopped over the hard ground and fainted, face down.

    "Meowcy!" PiPa shrieked. "Eternia, get yer butt here!"

    "What?!" he said from the distance, running towards the girls. "What happened?"

    "May attacked Meowcy..."

    "Ain't my fault! She was rushing the hell out of me!" May complained.

    "Yare yare..." PiPa sat herself next to Meow's body and poked her with her staff. She didn't move. "Eternia!" She faced him. "Do CPR on Meowcy, RIGHT NOW!"

    "WHAT?!" Eternia snapped. "Why in the world do I want to do THAT?!" He began to blush.

    "Y-Yer a guy, for God's steak!"

    "Y-Yeah, so...?"

    "Soo.... YE do it!"

    "No, way!"

    "Yes, way!"

    "No, way!"

    "Yes, way!"

    "You do it, PiPa!"

    "Do not want! I'll just tell ye what to do!"

    "If you know CPR, why don't YOU do it?!"

    "Ew, disgusting! Who know what she ate last!"

    "Stop arguing you two," May interrupted. "Before you two start bitch-slappin' each other, I'll do it instead!"

    "WHAT?!" Eternia and PiPa asked in confusion, facing May, bringing their foreheads closer together, looking at May's actions closely.

    May swiftly grabbed Meow's fainted body and carried her straight to her face. She lifted her hand, but she just started to slap Meow in the face repeatedly to wake her up. "Oi! Oi! Oi! Meow!"

    Eternia and PiPa face faulted.

    "Agh! Aghh! Aghhhh!" exclaimed Meow and woke up. "What the... May! Let me go!" The smaller girl crawled out of May's grasp.

    "Geez, May. I thought ye were going to do the mouth-to-mouth thing with Meowcy for a moment there..." said PiPa, rubbing her head.

    "What?!" May shouted. "What makes you guys think that I wanted to do THAT?!"

    "I don't know... maybe 'cause Eternia and I were arguing of who was going to do it..."


    At that moment, the creature was making its way to the group. The ground shook as it made stomping noises on the ground. "Waaaaghhhh! It set itself freeeeee!" Meow shouted, seeing the creature was launching her nun-chuck straight at her. She screeched and moved back using her hands and feet. "Agh! Aghh! AGHHHH!" Her weapon hacked itself on the ground right in front of her feet. "Whoa.. that was close!"

    The creature was walking to them, slowly, but the ground shook as it walked. "This isn't fair, now is it?" Eternia wondered suddenly. "You three girls have weapons when I don't!"

    PiPa sighed, taking the stylus out to draw, "Well, hurry up and--"

    "No way, PiPa!" Eternia went and grabbed the stylus from her hand. "I'll draw my own sword, thanks!" PiPa frowned as Eternia drew himself a sword. It landed with a clang on the cold hard ground. He then picked it up. From his surprise, he couldn't get a hold of it for even a second. It kept slipping out his hands. "Eesh, this sword is pretty heavy!"

    "Hee hee. That's what you get," laughed PiPa.

    "Go be stupid somewhere else!" growled Eternia.

    "My, my..."

    "I... I th-think I've got it..." he said, picking up the sword and fully holding it up high. "Yyyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!" he exclaimed, but his arms wobbled and the flat part of the sword's blade fell straight upon his head. "Yaaaaargggh!"

    "Oh, my goodness, Eternia, are you alright?!" May asked as she ran for his aid when he fell over.

    "Yeah, I have to get used to this first." He began to swing his sword around and it became lighter as he did. "Yeah, I'm so ready!"

    The gang went straight at the creature to attack it. "Me first! Me first!" Meow said, picking her nun-chuck up and pulled the cylinders apart, extending the chain on the middle of them and whipped the creature with it. Then whipped it one last time and it tied it up.

    "My turn, then," May added, shooting the creature with her arrows. They were good aim this time and kept hitting the creature's eyes to blind it. The stars that spreads out from the arrows explodes and it growled at the explosives around it. "That should do it!"

    "You guys should help, you know," said Meow to Eternia and PiPa.

    "Right!" PiPa exclaimed.

    Just that moment something came behind her and Eternia. They both turned around and it looked like a brown powder-puff with a swirly shape with a heart shape in the tip of it and pink pig nose. It had springs for arms and red boxing-gloves as hands and it make weird pig-like noises. "Do ye think that one will be nice to us...?" Eternia asked PiPa.

    "Let me check..." PiPa said, walking towards it and it suddenly attacked her with its springy arms. Luckily, she dodged just in time. "I don't think this one is friendly as well!"

    "PiPa, get out of its way!"

    "I'm already try-- Waghh!" The brown creature rolled its arms inside of itself and began to roll out. PiPa couldn't move and all she could do was get herself onto the creature's silky fur as it rolled itself around the road.

    Eternia was running away for his life. "Achk! This is like Crash Dash!"

    "Whoa! What's that thing?!" Meow asked as she saw the other brown creature behind them. "May, get out of the way!"

    "Wah?!" May exclaimed as she accidentally dropped her weapon in shocked. She ran with Meow and Eternia, leaving the other black creature behind and it got run over by the brown creature and it dissolve away. "Wow. Nothing is going to stop that thing! It even attacked its own comrade!" She then sighed, looking for her weapon. "My weapon is gone!"

    "Agh! It destroyed my weapon, too!" Meow cried.

    "Guys! Hello?! Like, help meeeee!!" PiPa exclaimed her lungs out. "Agh! Agh!"

    "Wasn't that PiPa's voice?! Where is she?!"

    "She's... She's up there..." Eternia said, pointing up. The other two girls saw the other girl. She was running above the rolling creature.

    "Whoa, crap! How'd she get up there?! We have to help her!"

    "Yeah, but how? We're majorly running for out options here, genius!"

    "I know! I know! I'm thinking here! Stop rushing me! You're not the boss of me!"

    PiPa started to scream her head off. "Why me? Why? PORQUI??!!!"

    "Stop your yapping, PiPa! Eternia's got a plan!" May shouted.

    "Well, hurry up-- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............" The creature stopped in its tracks and sent PiPa flying straight to the nearby grass and skidded right on her back. She didn't stop until she hit her head against a tree trunk. "Owch. That was really painful that those dictionaries..." she cried, rubbing her hand. She opened her eyes and saw Eternia hacked his sword onto the creature's body. "That should stop it!" That moment, something began to luster in her pocket. She took the stylus out as it started to dissolve away. "N-No! But how?!" She looked up. "Could it be that third creature is the boss...?"

    The brown creature growled. "I think you just made it angrier!" May exclaimed at Eternia.

    "I'm coming! Aaaaaaagh!" PiPa exclaimed. "I know what I'm doing, I know what I'm doing, I know what I'm doing..." She then gulped as she was running. "What the hell am I doing?!" She then took a deep breath as she stopped right in front of the creature, striking her staff on the creature. It growled again when she did. "Eternia! Go and slash this thing in half while its weak!"

    Eternia did just that. He removed his sword off and jumped very high and slashed the creature. There was no blood that came out, it was weird digital-like pixels that did and scattered everywhere. PiPa looked at the stylus that was in her hand as it dissolved away. 'Buh-bye, stylus...'

    "Yay! They did it!" Meow and May exclaimed happily at the same time, suddenly hugging each other without knowing it. "...Huh?!" They pushed each other when they realized that they did. "Eww!"

    ~*~*~*~*~. Epilogue .~*~*~*~*~

    Hours later, May looked around the place. "Hm. Looks like nothing was left after that. Even the stylus was gone. Guess I better do more research, then," said May. "I'll be seeing you guys later." She waved goodbye and walked away.

    "Bye," the other three said.

    "Uhm, Eternia... There's something I have to say..."

    "What is it, PiPa?"

    She was still sitting on the ground, then looked up at him, saying, "That stylus was never dangerous..."

    He gave her a pleasant smile that caused her to smile back at him, then he pointed in front of them. PiPa looked at where he pointed. "Explain that to the houses they destroyed here."

    "Nya?!" PiPa stood up back on her wobbling-spaghetti legs and looked around the place and found that every single house insight were crumbled into ruins, cracked cement were all over the place, pile of broken bricks messed up the road, cars were in tatters, slight flames engulfed some houses and people ran around scared. "I guess we've got a lot of cleaning up to do, huh..."
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