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Lack of focus on the Water-type starters

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by iml908, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. iml908

    iml908 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else feel like the Water-type starters have kinda been underutilized in the manga? Specifically the first stages, much more so than the other starters.

    Squirtle only appeared in flashback, and Totodile appeared only like twice before evolving. You could argue this was because they were owned by characters who weren't the focus of their arcs (ie not the male player character), but Charmander and Chikorita weren't owned by focus characters and still appeared more than the Water-types.

    Mudkip was owned by the focus character of his arc, and thus got a lot of panel time. Piplup also got a lot of panel time, though this can be attributed to all main characters getting roughly equal focus in the arc.

    Oshawott was owned by Bianca, the first time a Water-starter was given to a non-main character. Bianca still appeared a lot, and Oshawott definitely had a personality to it, so this wasn't all that egregious. Although, Lack-Two was introduced with an already evolved Dewott, so Oshawott kinda lost out on its turn to be the focus. Froakie, like Piplup, got a lot of focus because the main characters traveled in a group.

    Popplio wasn't owned by a main character, and was probably the least focused on starter in all of PokeSpe. Now, Sobble is where this kinda came apparent that Water-types were getting the short end of the stick. The male player characters have always cycled through the types, from Grass to Fire to Water, and back to Grass. After Sun owned Litten, it looked like Sword was going to own Sobble. However, as we all know, Sobble instead went to Marvin. While we don't know how this arc is going to go, the fact is, while Marvin may get a lot of focus, he won't be as important on the Galar Dex Holders.

    So, of all 8 first stage Water-type starters, 3 got significant focus, 2 were owned by main characters but didn't appear a lot, and the last 3 weren't owned by main characters.
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  2. horrahforyou

    horrahforyou Pokemon and Kamen Rider is life

    I was expecting before that Soudo will receive Sobble since Schilly has a Scorbunny. I hope it will change as the story progresses
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  3. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    I noticed that there are only six dex holders in the water type starters group. The grass type starters and fire type starters group have eight each.

    And in my opinion Marvin will show Gigantamax Inteleon, just don't know how he will get a dynamax band and use it. :D
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2020
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  4. lolipiece

    lolipiece All smiles Staff Member Moderator

    Grookey fits Soudo's tool theme, Sobble does not. It's as simple as that.

    Also, both Soudo and Marvin have given their starters nicknames. It'd be weird to establish that just to pull a switch on us.
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  5. Lord Godwin

    Lord Godwin The Lord of Darkness

    Well, once Intelion get's his sniper rifle he would fit Soudo theme:p
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  6. lolipiece

    lolipiece All smiles Staff Member Moderator

    Soudo only catches Pokemon that carry objects. Base Inteleon only shoots water from its finger. G-Inteleon's rifle isn't the same thing since it's made from Inteleon's own water.
  7. iml908

    iml908 Well-Known Member

    I mean, Soudo didn't need to have a tool theme. And it's not like past Dex Holders have had their starter break their team theme, like X.
  8. lolipiece

    lolipiece All smiles Staff Member Moderator

    Yeah, but with X, none of the Kalos starters have Megas (yet). So it's either he gets one or he gets none, and we can't have that. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd break the pattern for X if Froakie or Fennekin had a Mega.

    I do wonder if this means we're starting from a new pattern. Or will Kusaka just not bother anymore and give whoever whatever.

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