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Ladies/Rich Boys

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Since the trainers are wealthy, some of them prefer to show off. As such they will spend their money on Full Restores to show how they're higher up in the social ladder. Of course, they should be wise enough to know that a Potion or Super Potion would do just as good as a Full Restore in some cases.

maxx unlimited

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Yes, I think its crazy!


Well-Known Member
lol i never new that. it's just dumb. omg i cant believe game freak would do this


Maybe they should buy a brain w/ all that extra cash. 50 Super Potions > 1 Full Restore...


Scummy Man
it's nice to be rich.
long ago, if i use a full restore on my lv. 5 pokemon, i'll go broke in a second.

but fate has changed.

now i'm ultra rich.
i can use 10 full restores on my lv. 5 zigzagoon. LOL
even though their HP is still 90% full.
Sure it's annoying, you won't find me complaining.
It's thanks to people like them that I always have max'd monies. :'D

Pokemon Trainer 619

Pokemon Trainer 619
The first time i saw them use a full restore i was like WTF why waste a full restore on a lv.7 zigzagoon. if they want to show off they could have thrown nuggets around the trainer for him to pick up. it bugs me when they do that.

The Composer

The Composer
I think that the game designers just threw that in as a chuckle for people who understand why they have them. It is kind of silly if you look at it from the standpoint of a beginning trainer, but like all other rich people, why not?
Well, it's to do with them being rich really. I find it quite amusing, if anything. Plus, they give you a LOT more money than everyone else does when you beat them.


They just want it to be challenging for you. They give out lots of money.


</3 Kid
I just like them because of their money especially with amulet coin:D
it doesn't matter that they use full restores, they give you heaps of money at the end


Vintage much?
That is why they do it..Too flaunt their Cash..


tsundere full force!
I don't really care. At least I pwn them hohohoho. And they give a good sum of money.



Well-Known Member
haha it is pointless... But theyre loaded so why not buy full restores? Not like they're hard to beat anyways lol.. should be 1 shotting them :p
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