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lance's backview and more


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please to collectors and other people. please don't steal this stuff


lance's backview: made by me and me only (the backviews) i'm so proud of the way he turned out


gold and crystal marina. double credits to coronis for the first 4 original gold and marina sprite. double credits to gridiron for his profiles (i edited them to make them look from the manga)


may, brendan, and wally easter eggs
oh and here's mom


room decor MATT goes to this forum just that i'd rather not use his forum name since i don't know if MATT is MATT'S real name but i guess he'll speak out if it's ok to call him MATT


revamped train


GAMEGUY (you probably don't know him) made the actual pokegear while I just added the maps, icons, radio, phone, and the not obtained screens. GAMEGUY also updated the sheet to make the clock and radio more modern


apricorns and berries. credits to coronis who made the actual apricorn pics and balladofthewindfishes (you guys don't know him either) for the actual berry item icons and the first berry tree (yes i just basicly recolored the berries)

i trust everyone knows by now what all this stuff about gold, silver, and crystal put together mean. if you don't know then just guess but don't pm me about (like anyone would really care that much)
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Well, I can see that you really like Gold/Silver/Crystal. They are very well done, and I'm very glad you gave all the credit necessary. Good work!


"Just kidding!"
OMG, I LOVE YOU! T_T I looooove Gold, Silver, Crystal! I can't believe you actually went out of your way to revamp this (along with others' help)! Thank you soooo much, I was hoping someone would revamp certain things from that game! ^^ Good job!
Thoses are GOOD. My spriting is limited to Reclolors, but thoses are AWSOME


Whoa, those are awesome! You've revamped so much stuff, and it looks great too. Can't wait to see more. ^^


This looks great.


AKA mattgcn
I'd rather you didn't post the decor here, since we've have problems with theft before...

But meh, who cares. As long as others give credit to Pokemon Treasures (I'm far too lazy to list all those that worked on decor..)


WHOA. Nice sprites. Want to put them in my comic series. Will give credit. Want to make Krystal appear as an ally. You want to see my comics go to "GG's Comics" thread. You are too awesome. [/half-mindedness] Sorry about that. May I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease use them for my series? Please? Pleeeeeeeeeeease??? [/pleading] I solemnly swear to give credit. PM me to answer please.


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Jakley said:
They look awesome! You should try to make more Character sprites too (Like Silver and Elm) Keep Up the good work!
well silver is done but we didn't post him since it's just a simple walking and using the pokeball sprite. btw if anyone has a fr/lg emulator i was wondering if they would rip frame by frame of the flight animation starting from coming out of the pokeball to the landing. please i really need that animation since we still don't have one for gold and crystal marina


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gamguy decided that he wanted to update the pokegear so the clock and radio are more modernized
Wow I liked how you did the revamps for the GSC version stuff and items. I give it 9.5/10

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Epona4 said:
what do i need to do to get those extra .5 points :p
We arent suppost to gave number ratings anymore but not evrything is going to be perfect you know.

;003;Dark Venusaur;003;
Absolutely fantastic. It's good someone took the time to revamp these.