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Lapras Of Luxury! (259)


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I found this episode to be quite boring and unnecessary. Did Lapras have to return now of all times? I mean, Lapras was as cute as always, but why even show it again if it wasn't going to stay with Ash? I think the writers were just teasting us Lapras fans haha. Anyway, that Larvitar Egg is more trouble than it's worth. 3/10
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It was nice to see Lapras make a return to the series even if it was only for this one episode. Other than the bonding moments we got, this really wasn't the most exciting episode though I do like the Gyarados submarine we got here. It's always nice to see a little change in transportation for Team Rocket.


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This episode was cool. It was great to see Ash's old Lapras again, and seeing how much it really had grown since. It was odd to hear Brock say that he remembers when they traveled with Lapras together when he wasn't even with them during the Orange Islands episodes. I'm surprised that they used/called "Cold Beam" as an attack...



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It was definitely great to see Lapras again after it left at the end of the Orange League and you can see it clearly grew and its awesome it became the leader of the herd. It was also cool to see Ash getting that egg with a awesome Pokémon inside it! Again, I love how Johto brings both characters and Pokémon back during the entire saga.


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A good episode, it was nice seeing Ash's Lapras again. It brought back memories from the Orange Islands. Im assuming the dub made an error by acting as if Brock really knew Ash's Lapras. I liked Naomi, she was a good COTD.
Yay. Ash got to see his Lapras again. It's grown up so well. I wish he introduced his team to it. But, it's okay. And Lapras becoming the leader of its school was really cool as well.


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It was definitely nice getting to see Lapras again and see how much it grew to the point of becoming the leader of the pack. The rest of the episode was kinda lackluster unfortunately =/


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I missed Laplace for a long time and always great to see she comes back. Takeshi was actually taking on a battle instead of Satoshi and Crobat did great in my opinion. Other than those scenes the episode was not too interesting although this is not a bad episode.
I'm surprised that they used/called "Cold Beam" as an attack...


Good, I'm not the only one who heard that.

It was neat to see Ash's old friend Lapras again. :)

Uh, Brock, you've never met Laras until now...

Mrs. Oreo

Ash needing to deliver a pokemon egg to professor Elm reminded me of the GSC games hee hee. I was so happy to see Ash and his old Lapras reunite as well even tho it was only for this episode. :3
I was so happy to see Ash's baby Lapras back since I've always been a Lapras fan + Ash getting an egg to take to Prof. Elm was interesting too.

Mrs. Oreo

Meh. Ash and Lapras meeting again would've been so much better if Lapras had just rejoined Ash's team IMO.

Lapras was with its group and seemed happy however, so I'm glad it didn't go back to Ash's team cuz knowing Ash's habit, he would've just abandoned Lapras at Oak's place any ways.

Mrs. Oreo

Was that supposed to be Ice Beam? How did 4Kids mess that up when Ice Beam is like in the Top 5 most common attacks in the series. :/

Judging from the animation of the move, yea it looked like a typical Ice Beam attack that was just misidentified by the dubbers hee hee. Not that it's a big deal from my perspective cuz this mistake only happened this one time. ^^;


Ah, did I hear right when Brock said that the Lapras was the same one he and the others traveled with in the Orange Islands? Even though Brock wasn't even there and never even met Lapras?


It was nice to see Utsugi-hakase make a cameo here, and Satoshi having to take a Pokemon Egg to him was reminiscent of the Jouto games. The return of Satoshi's old Laplace was also satisfying. I'm just confused regarding why the Rocket-dan used the Gyarados sub here when they used the Koiking sub in the previous episode.