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Lapras Of Luxury! (259)


I wonder if Laplace coming back was a reference to the single Lapras that was available on Fridays in the Jouto games. Well even if it wasn't, I now kind of wish that Satoshi's reunion with Laplace had resulted in Satoshi recapturing it.
It was very convenient that Lapras and its family just so happened to show up in Johto when they could've been swimming anywhere else in the world. I didn't mind his return though it's just that nothing good came out of it. Lapras will always be one of my favorite Water Pokemon that Ash ever owned but since it didn't exactly do much in this episode it's kind of forgettable.
Lapras! It should have rejoined Ash's team here imo.
It’s weird how Lapras looks so old when imo Lapras age slowly