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Last Call, First Round! (642)


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Grand Festival! The Art of Flame & Ice!

It's time for the Grand Festival of Sinnoh and many co-ordinators are taking part. Meeting up with her rivals Zoey, Nando, Kenny & Ursula as well as Jessie in disguise, Dawn faces her toughest challenge yet. The first round is the appeal round and all six co-ordinators have various appeals planned. Will they all get through to the next round?

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Kenny losing out in the first round was a bit of a surprise to me. In all the episode was ok i would say. Also it seems that just like Ash, Nando hasn't won his 8th gym badge till now.
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Just saw the episode.


Ursula- Used two Eevees and did a Iron Tail Appeal then evolved them in the end of the appeal ending with a rain of bubles of fire and water.

Nando- Used Kriketoot and Altaria and did a musical appeal with music notes flying and all with some sparkles from altaria.

Jessie- Did a smockscreen, sonic boom appeal.

Zoey- Had the most awesome along with Dawn's, she used Lumineon and Gastrodon, Lumineon did Aquea Ring then Gastrodon sent a Water Pulse i think and divided it into 3 whirlpools wich came up and the pokemons and Zoey each stood on one.

Kenny- Was doing an amazing Whirlpool, Razor Wind appeal but Empoleon hurt Floatzel in the process, Kenny wasnt able to go past the appeal round and left in the end of the chapter after wishing good luck to Dawn and saying good bye to the group and Zoey.

Dawn- Was the awesome rollecoaster appeal we saw on the preview, with Cyndaquil ending with the wing of fire with Buneary trapped in the ball of ice beneath it it was awesome.

Also for the fans Fantina was the guest judge.

Loved the chapter really nice appeal all around but if i can say something about the rest of the contests by the appeals Dawn and Zoey appeals were clearly on another level of the others.

Professor Oak pokemon of the day was Hitmonlee.

Preview of next chapter shows Flareon and Gabite vs Pachiruse and Mamoswine.
Kenny lost in appeals just like Gary lost in prelims in Kanto. Flash Cannon and Whirlpool combination didn't worked out. Dawn's combination was nice but there is no explanation how can a Cyndaquil turn the flames at its back, just more of Anime physics. Nando has collected seven badges. So Jessie, Zoey, Ursula and dawn are moving on.

And next match is Dawn vs Ursula.


So kenny lost.. Wow. Very surprising, well, no wonder why they didn't show Dawn's semi-final battle.

By the way Jessie's new outfit appeared during her appeal.


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copypasted from bulba, because I am lazy. Verklagt mich doch! :p

Kengo didn't make it through the appeal round. o_O

He left at the end of the episode. Talking about writing somebody out quickly without anything interesting to do after all the while he was absent.

Urara's appeal was cool because of the evolution factor. Pretty neat idea.

I thought Nozomi's appeal was kinda meh, but then she magically started standing on a current of water. Standing on water like jesus...that can't be topped. give her the trophy already.

I thought they would only show the end of Musashi's appeal but I was happy to see the whole thing. Her new dress isn't that different from the ld one, but I liked the idea behind her show. She mostly has the most creative appeals of the bunch anyway.


Well, it was very predictable to see Kenny being eliminated. I'm very happy.
He's benn so mean with Dawn, with the whole Pikari thing. To me, he was the meanest. And his appeals were just awful. Especially the Sandalshraw contest one.
HAHAHAHAH now we'll get Dawn vs Jessie in semi-finals *____*
I thought they would only show the end of Musashi's appeal but I was happy to see the whole thing. Her new dress isn't that different from the ld one, but I liked the idea behind her show. She mostly has the most creative appeals of the bunch anyway.
I got to agree with you. Jessi's appeal was the most creative one among them.

One thing I forgot, Ash was training Gible to master DM and it nearly hit Kenny. I am hoping that Gible masters DM during the GF so that it can prove itself in last gym battle.


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Kenny might possibly strengthen like Gary and fight against Dawn.
Gary failed in a preliminary in Indigo league, too.
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Kenny might possibly strengthen like Gary and fight against Dawn.
Gary failed in a preliminary in Kanto league, too.
I could see that happening to, Hmm maybe Kenny didn't train as hard as the others that's why he didnt make it through the appeal round. Also Zoey's Glameow didnt appear at all this whole entire episode that was a shocker to me, Jessie was the only one who seemed to have a good appeal.


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Kengo didn't make it because Floatsel was hurt by the big, old, mean penguin during the appeal.

I believe his attacks were actually too strong and that's why he lost control over them.

I am still rooting for Muashi. I hope she gets at least one battle-round win.


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So seeing as how nobody has a Lobunny is it safe to assume Dawn's little bunny friend will be evolving soon?


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So Kenny is out now, many expected that Jessie was the first to leave but she didn't :)
So next match should be Dawn vs Ursula
The semi finals will be ( hoping for) Dawn vs Jessie and Zoey vs Nando
Then the final Dawn vs Zoey.
I still like Jessie to come to the semi finals.
That would also be the first time the whole top 4 are rivals + dawn itself not like other GF's or League's.


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Nando finally appeared. He’s alive with great company, the Sinnoh Crew. I was expecting the boom guy to hit the reporter but sadly it didn’t happen. Instead we got a nice little scene showing Dawn’s girly side.

Interesting, Nando only has 7 badges, some I don’t recognize or care enough to recognize. He’s so tall. O_O

Oh hey, it’s generic character number 1, Kenny! Cute at Dawn telling Kenny she got over the Pikari stuff because of Ursula and right when she said it those electric rats jump on her and mess up her hair.

OMG IT’S ZOEY! AND THEY ARE HOLDING HANDS! LOL @ the music. It makes it so… romantic~

‘Bout time Jessie showed herself. Ursula seems ~very~ excited to see her.

I love that scene with Dawn’s pokemon. The huge fat ones on the back, the cute little ones on the front. Love their determination. Sweet scene, it’s nice to see how much Dawn appreciates her pokemon for all their effort.

Really? I hate this, I don’t want Ash to get screen time during the Grand Festival especially with that annoying dumb piece of dragon./ rant No, Draco Meteor hitting Kengo wasn’t funny, the joke died a while ago.

Wow, that was quite the entrance Fantina did. Love her weirdness.

Dawn’s dress looks so cute. She looks like a princess.

Eevee… what an uncommon pokemon for coordinators. ~That was quite the clever appeal. Ursula knows what she’s doing. Love that the evolutions was surrounded by Hidden Power.

Didn’t like Nando’s appeal. It was too generic and not exciting.

Jessie was incredible. She thinks outside the box. Nice way to unveil a new dress even if the dress it’s hideous. And Fantina goes crazy for her.

I have no idea what Zoey did but it looked cool. Hate Lumineon. What an ugly fish…

Kenny’s appeal was lackluster as well. Nice to see Empoleon and Floatzel work together. Oh I did not expect Kenny to mess up his appeal.

Dawn takes the prize for most impressive appeal. Even though it was using ice again, the combination between Cyndaquil and Buneary was incredible. Buneary looked extremely cute sliding down the ice. Smokescreen + Ice Beam was fantastic . The final result looked like an angel with flame wings. It’s amazing how her problems at the beginning were about appeals and now she’s perfect at them.

Oh goodness Kenny didn’t make it…O_O

Overall this was definitely the best appeal round from a Grand Festival. Impressive episode.

Trainer Yusuf

-Ooh a party!
-I have to say, this time Brock's gag is hilarious, because he tries to hit everyone on party.
-Oh lookie, it is Rhonda!
-Nando brings all reporters to yard.
-Dawn, daijobu, you look good enough.
-Oh, Kenny!
-Oh, Dee Dee nor Plusle and Minun bothers her anymore!
-Did somebody said Plusle and Minun?
"Wait, whose Plusle and mİnun these are?" There aren't much choices are there?
-Yeah, Kenny indeed has no idea who the hell that ***** is.
-Oh look at their hands they are totally lesbians!/sarcasm]
-"What final promise?"
-Oh more eavesdropping!
-Jessie is so determined that it annoys Ursula, which is a good sign.
-Yeah, Jess, you will totally win this.
-Why doesn't that balcony break because of all that weight?
-Ash trains a Pokémon of his, again.
-And he is still the butt monkey just like his BFF Barry.
-Where is Dawn?
-Zoey comes to rescue again.
-Fantina, Ash is right, you are still ignoring the gym, but don't worry, you are like the most amazing judge here.
-And there is a Joy for every stage.
-Eevee, Evolution Pokémon. Now I wonder what is it's gimmick.
-Decide on Iron Tail while smiling!
-So, Iron Tail can make Pokémon fly?
-No, that is just because they are Ursula's Pokémon, they are destined to fly aimlessly and fight each other to take attention of crowd.
-Their Hidden Powers make them sparkly. TAKE THAT PLUSLE AND MINUN!
-So, evolving makes them create fire and water?
- And they are still flying.
-And they are firing off Hidden Power.
-And they didn't collide. FFFFFFFFF-
-Harley Face!
-Nando's appeal is way too calm that is boring. But flying Kricketot!
-Jessie's appeal is interesting as always. A shame that it focused on herself than her Pokémon, as opposed to DP171.
-But still, clothing change as an appeal is something that can only come form her mind!
-Cheerleading Wobbuffet. What.
-I have to admit, soem of those Pokémon combinations in still screens made me lol.
-Zoey's appeal was awesome. As always. I never thought Aqua Ring could be controlled like that. Haha, even Gastrodon does Lumineon's trick. And final was entertaining too.
-Kenny's appeal was actually cool. Powering up Aqua Jet like that. And using Razor Wind to turn water into into water balls.
-Kenny is indeed powerful.
-...Ok, way too powerful for his own good.
-Wait, Dawn actaully worried about Kenny?
-Dawn's appeal was the best. Also, using Smokescreen to cover the creation of Ice Ball was good. And because of Cyndaquil's back flame, it sparklez!
-Zoey/Ursula interaction! No *****slapping, I is sad.
-PAKEPAKE was right, there are indeed 32 people passing the rounds.
-Poor Kenny...
-In Next GF Kenny!
-Kenny ennoys Dawn as usual.
-Good bye Kenny! Don't worry, Ash will handle that Draco Meteor.
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