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Last Call, First Round! (642)


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-Kengo now has Empoleon & Floatzel. I was totally expecting Cyber to complain at the latter but alas, he didn't. I think it's pretty stupid for him to have an Empoleon, not only because Jun has one already, but because it was an entire bridge of Piplup family members owned by main characters, it's now ruined.

- Nando (aka the only coordinator this season who wasn't given a stupid Dub name) now has Kricketot and Altaria. Great choices there, but odd for him to go back and get another Kricketot.
I agree that Kenny having an Empoleon ruins the unique chain they had going with 3 characters (Dawn, Kenny, Barry).

Whats wrong with the rest of the dub names?

Quick thoughts on the episode.

-the animators made Nando's appeal look better than it actually was. I also don't get the point behind Nando having a Kricketot when it's evolved form could pretty much serve the same purpose.

-neat ideas behind jesselina and ursula's appeals.

-Zoey's appeal with the ending looked stunning.

-Kenny getting eliminated early was shocking, but does give the feeling of anything can happen (to a certain degree).

-Dawn's appeal was the show stealer. I loved what she did with the ice beam creating what seemed like an ice roller coaster. Also Dawn's contest dress looked really adorable.

Platinum fan.

I don't see the problem with Kenny getting a Empoleon as
1: Kenny and Barry are two different character's
2: Barry having a Empoleon doesn't mean anyone else can't have one. Harrison's Blaziken didn't stop May from getting one. Ash and Paul's Torterra's anyone? Two Staraptor's?
3: It's not like Barry and Kenny will ever been seen again after Sinnoh end's so what difference does it make, Dawn will be the only trainer with a Piplup Pokemon anyway.

With that said I'm glad Kenny got Empoleon and broke that stupid little Piplup cycle. Maybe when the writer's will actually evolve Piplup offscreen....nah. Also why is it Johanna will leave the house to go judge some random coordinator's contest (Jessie's) yet she won't bother to see her own daughter's Grand Festival in person? And that balcony Dawn and her team were on is strong to support a 600 pound Mammoth.


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I forgot to mention, I also liked the balcony scene, where Dawn was thanking Ash/Pikachu/Brock and her pokemon.


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I forgot to mention that too. It was nice to see a full team of six great Pokémon and compare that to the balcony scene from DP011 years ago. One questions though.....how would Mamoswine fit on a hotel balcony anyone? Must be a master suite lol.


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I thoroughly enjoyed this episode i must say i felt the tension slowly building up inside me for the conclusion of the Sinnoh Contests

Majorly disappointed that Kenny didn't get through although i had feared it for a while. It was good how they actually gave him a decent send off at the end of the episode it'll prob be like that for the next 3 as well with one main character being dropped each episode and saying goodbye to them all except Jessie of course as she will be seen again plenty of times

The appeals were great Dawn's was much better than i expected great finish to it and in terms of Zoey how the hell did she jump so high on to the whirlpool :O
I forgot to mention that too. It was nice to see a full team of six great Pokémon and compare that to the balcony scene from DP011 years ago. One questions though.....how would Mamoswine fit on a hotel balcony anyone? Must be a master suite lol.
And yet a Togekiss was there, which Dawn only owned for 2 eps, instead of Ambipom, which she actually trained.

Togekiss has no history with Dawn, it felt odd there.


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And yet a Togekiss was there, which Dawn only owned for 2 eps, instead of Ambipom, which she actually trained.

Togekiss has no history with Dawn, it felt odd there.
I haven't seen it yet, but wasn't there a training episode with Togekiss just before that Ditto epiode? She seemed to bond with Togekiss in that one.

And technically, Ambi wasn't an untrained pokemon either.

I still hope for an Ambi cameo at least...


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Apparently I'm in a minority of thinking that Jessie's appeal was the worst. :S (Kenny's was good up until the mess up)

Still, good ep. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the GF, which is saying a lot, as I never used to like contests at all.


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:( Poor Kenny...I didn't expect him to leave so early...but I do love the way he says: Pikari!~ XD Good episode...I loved all of the appeals (but still I was surprised with Kenny's mess up in the end, it was looking cool too...but that's what makes this unpredictable so that's a good thing, I guess)


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Nice start to the Grand Festival, its great to see all of Dawn's rivals in one place, although Kenny departs fast, especially after being gone for so long. Oh well, at least they remembered to include him, and out of Dawn's rivals, he was probably the weakest and the least developed, compared to her rivalries with Zoey and Ursala, and Nando is probably too powerful to lose this early (with how he's portrayed as being good at both Gyms and Contests, compared to Ash and Dawn who just focus on one). Well, it was either him or Jessie, and glad to see Jessie made it past the appeals at least.

The appeals were all nice enough, liked how Dawn used Cyndaquil to hide the ice sculpting making for a nice final appeal. And nice way for Jessie to reveal her new outfit.

Too bad Kenny messed up, but at least it was a visible difference, not just a "list everyone who passed and Kenny is missing for some reason" reveal at the end. It was fun to hear the old Pikari nickname after a long while, especially since in the meantime we found out where that name came from. Though he's gone, there's plenty of other tough battles ahead, although not sure how many we'll get to see (all of Dawn's, of course, but not sure about the others).

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Ooh! Ursula has two Eeveelutions! I love her now! :D


I guess I'm one of the few people who appreciated Jessie's appeal. I thought it was unique, something only she would have come up with. The whole Haze thing was a bit bland but the Silver Wind combo that tore her clothes off was amazing. That's what seperates her from all the other wannabe Coordinators that we've seen throughout the series; class. Jessie has class.

On a similar note, apparently Nando uses cheat codes since Kricketot used Sing, a move it cannot learn :/


I suppose I should actually watch the episode and do a commentary now that something imporant is happening.

-Grand Festibaru Festival time, complete with a werukommu paatii welcome party. Whoo!
-Among the normal people in the party...there's a witch! BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!
-Oh hey, it's Mr. "nyeh nyeh nyeh I do gyms AND contests but you'll never actually see me competing against the main characters who do either one of those things nyeh nyeh nyeh"
-I'll admit it. I giggled a little at Dawn busting out a mirror to make sure she looked good enough to be on camera.
-Johanna wasn't bothered to actually go see Dawn in persona for the GF despite the fact that, as far as I can tell, she doesn't really do anything all day.
-I like how 99% of the people attending this party appear to be statues. It's especially breathtaking when you look at people who are completely immobile, yet appear to be talking and holding drinks.
-Nando didn't grab the Sunyshore gym badge while it was "buy a solar panel, get 5 badges free" day. Sucks to be him.
-And it's Kenny, aka "oh, right, he's one of Dawn's rivals isn't he?"
-It looks like Dawn's not overreacting to being called Pikari anymore...
-And then Ursula's Plusle and Minun jump out of nowhere and shock her hair into sparkly marvelosity. Dawn does her best to be unfazed by it anyway.
-Kenny asks who Ursula was. Silly boy, she's clearly the best contest rival in all of DP! How can he not know who she is?
-And it's Zoey. Looks like the gang's all here!
-That one guy with the weird green headband's been standing perfectly still for at least two minutes. You go guy! Beat that guiness world record for standing perfectly still at a party!
-Oh wait, the gang wasn't quite all there. I forgot about Musalina! Now there's a woman who appreciates getting some quality time in front of a TV camera.
-Only Dawn could pull off pajamas that double as a track suit.
-Next morning, Ash is having Gible practice Draco Meteor. With no Piplup around, he's sure to succed this time!
-The meteor goes after Kenny instead. Coincidence?
-Good lord, Dawn's room is pink(and red).
-I love how, despite all the luxuries the Grand Festival building seems to have, the TVs in the contestant's bedrooms are tiny.
-Blah blah judges blah just get to the effing appeals already blah
-Then suddenly, unexpectedly, out of nowhere...FANTINA?! Oh hell yes.
-Ursula's appeal is first. She has two Eevees, undoubtedly hoping to tap into the lucrative "mindless fan who can't get enough of that goddamned evo line" market.
-Luckily for Ursula, at least one shot of the crowd is full of Eeveelution fans.
-Damn, I'm liking Zoey's outfit. Kenny, meanwhile, is wearing basically the same damn thing he wears every contest, bless his overshadowed soul.
-Nando's appeal is musical. Yawn.
-Musalina's appeal. HELL YES.
-She has Yanmega use razor wind to cut her clothes off(not THAT way, you pervs) and reveal her new GF outfit. And...the new outfit kinda sucks. It's too much like something Dawn would wear. Despite Musalina's fashion disaster, Fantina is quite impressed by the appeal.
-And now it's time for an appeal montage to make it look like more than 5 people are taking part in the contest. FEATURING: Team Houen starters, Blaziken and Sceptile! Team "they look vaguely similar if you squint a lot", Rapidash and Girafarig! Team POKEMON STRAIGHT FROM TEAM GALACTIC I SWEAR, Skuntank and Toxicroak! Team Hilarious Mismatch, Cleffa and Steelix! Team I'm Getting Tired of Naming These Things, Lickylikkilickylickilickiyiyiyiy and Rattata! And finally, we get to a real character with a real appeal - Zoey!
-Water appeal. Yawn.
-Kenny's up next. Yawn.
-More goddamn water appeals? I guess it's better than sitting through ice appeals, but...
-Aw sheeeeeet, Kenny done screwed up. Congrats, you're the only person in the history of the Grand Festival to make a mistake in his appeal. Go home, loser.
-Dawn has no time to worry about her friend failing miserably at his life's dream, since it's her time to shine now!
-This ice appeal feels almost refreshing after sitting through two water appeals in a row.
-Holy ****, Cyndaquil can split its back flame into two? Where was Dawn when Ash needed help just to get his Cyndaquil's flame to start on command?
-Now it's time to see who made the cut for the battle round. And the results are...everyone made it! Except the failure loser who made a big mistake in his appeal for the major event standing between him and his life's goal.
-Goddamn, Kenny's outfit reminds me of something other than "his normal outfit", but I can't quite place what. A pallette swap of Juan's outfit, maybe?
-Wait, Kenny's not even sticking around to cheer Dawn on? Some friend he is. No wonder he lost, he doesn't have enough ~friendship power~ to succeed.

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-Holy ****, Cyndaquil can split its back flame into two? Where was Dawn when Ash needed help just to get his Cyndaquil's flame to start on command?
She wasn't even BORN for one thing.

Kinda weird that Ash did not make a big deal about how Ursula basically FORCED her two Eevee to evolve.


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I'm disappointed at Kenny, but i'm glad about Ursula's appeal, using evolution as part of her appeal is quite clever.

I like Dawn's new dress too.


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The appeals were so good but Ursala's stole the show for me. I didn't feel bad at all that Kenny didn't advance past the appeals because he was the worst rival overall. But I was happy to see Jessie advance because she deserved it and is a really good coordinator to me. This was a great episode and a great way to start off the GF.