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Last Call, First Round! (642)


OpInIoNaTeD at <3
Here's a short summary

Dawn - Her appeal was just amazing, the ice-like rollercoaster ending with Buneary frozen in an ice sphere and Cyndiquil's flam wings - beautiful!

Ursula - Very well done. The eevolution appeal was priceless - I'll even give her a thumbs up for picking Eeveelutions

Zoey - Just as beautiful - Nice combination of two water pokemon.

The rest did just as well. A shame that Kenny fell out, though.
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Ursula's performance was pretty good. Didn't expect to see evolutions. And it's interesting to see Flareon do well in the anime when it sucks in the games (give it Flare Blitz).

Jessie's wasn't all that good. Haven't they said "it isn't about the coordinator, but the Pokemon" several times?

And while using fully evolved Pokemon in contests doesn't seem to be as bad as it is in the games, I don't think that helped Kenny all that much.
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The Grand Festival is finally here! And what an awesome episode with the meet up of all 6 coordinators: Dawn, Zoey, Kenny, Nando Jessie and Ursula. I really liked having everyone gather at the meet up and seeing everyone again. x3 It was quite funny how Brock went through like 3 girls to tell them they were pretty, then getting Croagunk's Poison Jab, for the usual.

Everyone's appeals were quite awesome too; Ursula's was quite awesome with that Evolution Appeal of the two Eevee! Especially how she started with Iron Tail and Hidden Power. Then evolving to Flareon and Vaporen! :O

Nando's looked quite lovely, with his Altaria and Kricketot making dazziling music notes and what not.

Jessie's looked like it was about her again, but I loved how her costume changed during it though. Surprised Fantina loved the appeal.

Zoey's water level appeal with Lumineon and Gastrodon was quite cool! Nice to see her Finneon and Shellos evolved before the Festival began.

Kenny's looked indeed quite powerful, but hard to control? Oh yeah. Not actually so surprised that his Prinplup evolved to Empoleon, guess he chose to have more power. Shame that his Floatzel wasnt able to hold the Whirlpool + Flash Cannon.

Dawn's appeal at last. It was my favorite! Roller Coaster made of Ice was awesome! I especially liked how it ended, with Buneary in a Ice Sphere and Cyndaquil on top with its back fired up.

With the results, happy that Zoey, Nando, Jessie, Ursula and Dawn made it!... But not Kenny. Owch. Poor guy. And then he leaves, kinda feel bad for him by getting eliminated from the 1st Round. Before he left, it was quite funny when Kenny called Dawn "Dee Dee" again, Dawn talks back with her usual "ITS DAWN!" XD It's great to have ya here Dawn.

Awesome episode was awesome! Now that the first round is over and went amazing, I cant wait for next weeks episode!
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Is it just me, or has Kenny yet again got a voice change? Too bad he lost cause I want to see him defeated this time. I'm pretty sure that sudden evolutions aren't allowed in contests, but looks like they are. Now for Dawn's new contest dress: looks alright. Love the how her front hair is all down.


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A great episode. A lot of the coordinators have pulled off some neat performances. Too bad Kenny didn't make it though, there's always next time. I can't wait to see what's next.


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@Dattebayo - Yeah youre right, Kenny's voice sounded very different to me as well. Sounded like a new VA. Even the flashback with him, Dawn and Leona, his voice sounded the same from his previous appearances.

Ursula's voice sounds as though its between her first and 2nd appearance. But I cant complain too much about it, since the VA is the same. Another note from Ursula, the Team Magma/Team Aqua battle music played in the background during her appeal was completely fitting! Knowing the Eevee evolved into Flareon and Vaporeon; Fire/Water, yeah.


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Not just Kenny, a lot of the voices of the characters we haven't seen in a while sounded different. When Rhonda was interviewing people at the beginning, her voice sounded really slow. And Dawn and Zoey's voices sounded weird when they were saying "the Pokemon are the stars".

But anyway, apart from some of the dialouge, the episode was great. I liked Dawn, Zoey and Ursula's appeals. Nando's seemed average and Kenny's was good until Empoleon destroyed Floatzel. Another thing about the dialoue: I forgot what exactly he said, but when Kenny told Empoleon and Floatzel to do their Whirlpool/Flash Cannon thing, he said something like "I hope it works" or something, in a way that made it seem this was the first time he tried that combination. Shouldn't Co-ordinators practice their appeal before a contest, especially the Grand Festival?


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It sucks that Kenny lost in the appeal round, although at least it showed how powerful his Empoleon & Floatzel were. Nice to see everyone else passing. Has Kenny's voice changed? Gee, I haven't head Nando talk in about 2 years. No wonder his voice sounded weird. Overall, good start to the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

Nope, she still voices Kenny (Rhonda Krempa), but I'm use to his voice being raspy regardless. It was remarkable seeing Nando again, he is mesmerizing. When was the last time we saw Zoey? Snowpoint City? Anyways, it was nice to hear A Greeting and a Parting in the ending, but we'll see Kenny within a few weeks. Oh yeah, I loved hearing Gastradon's voice, it was so freaking hilarious!
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I love the references to the Generation I Main Games. They have Red, Blue & Green Stages, referring to RBG, which are the paired and third version games for Japan. They also have Ursula with Vaporeon & Flareon, which both are a pair and reference RB. Ursula's Pluse & Minun also appear, referencing RB. Kind of cool, eh?
I love the references to the Generation I Main Games. They have Red, Blue & Green Stages, referring to RBG, which are the paired and third version games for Japan. They also have Ursula with Vaporeon & Flareon, which both are a pair and reference RB. Ursula's Pluse & Minun also appear, referencing RB. Kind of cool, eh?
and don't forget, Dawn took stage on the green arena whereas she worn her yellow gown and lovely blue curls!

Now I myself must prepare for the Pokemon Coordination.....erg wedding I must attend. Man, talk about irony.

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Eevee is quite popular among these coordinators isnt it?

First we saw Johanna's Umbreon
Then, May's Glaceon
Now Ursala's Flareon & Vaporeon

And Kenny sounds kinda like he's being Voiced by Bella Hudson..(Who also voiced Salvia a few weeks ago)


Laughs at thunder
Finally it's time for my favorite part of the series; the Grand Festival.

The little rival meet and greet was nice. I laughed at Brock's obligatory role of explaining things when he had to explain to Nando who Kenny was, only because it felt so out of place with the dialogue going on.

Kenny-"Gotcha Dee-dee! Gotcha!"


Ash-"Hey Kenny, long time no see."

Kenny-"Ash? Hey man."

Brock-"You see, Kenny is from Twinleaf Town, which is where Dawns from."

It's not as if Nando asked and I really doubt that he cared. Anyway, while rewatching the episode, I couldn't help notice how weird Kenny's voice sounded when he said "Fusion move".

Moving on, Nando is still boring, Kenny is still annoying, Ursula is still a witch, and Zoey is still gaga for Dawn.

I found Nando's performance to be very bland and I have no idea how singing would cause multi-colored music notes to float around in the air.

Two water appeals and an ice appeal. Not all that exciting, but certainly skillful. I found Ursula's appeal to be boring as well, since the double evolution was the only interesting part.

Very surprised that Kenny messed up his appeal, but after that is was obvious he wouldn't make it to the next round.

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This episode was good. Interesting to see a double evolution occur in a contest. Zoe's performance was kinda awesome. Dawn's performance was also awesome.


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I was surprised that Kenny was elimanated so early, and the fact that Gastrodon has 6 feet 0.o


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Poor Kenny he seemed really disapointed..but this is the grand festival... I'd be disapointed to eliminated from the first round. but he's looking up and carrying on.


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Dawn's performance was the best to me, others seemed like they were so rushed. I'm glad that Kenny got kicked out right in the first round, I just can't stand him though I have to admit his performance could've been top of the board if it wasn't 4 the failed attempt at the end, he really should've practiced better 4 the GF...

Anyway, it was a decent ep, 7.5/10


The Razzle Dazzle Festival is upon us! Time to lock & load, people!

- Inside the Coordinator Room, Brock is going crazy with his Sex-O-Vision Powers, but he gets stopped by Croagunk just as fast.
- In the meantime, the entire gang is here, from friendly faces like Nando & Zoey, to that @&^$# Ursula & even Jesselina.
- Hell, even the Sinnoh Now crew is here, doing interviews all over the place. Jesselina doesn't hesitate to hog all the cameras...
- Ash uses the lapse of time to get some more training with his Gible. Again, he has no such luck, but since he's not with Dawn, that stray meteor has nowhere else to go...
- ...except right towards poor Kenny. Whoops!
- Why is Ash by himself? Well... Dawn is fussing with her hair, completely nervous of the upcoming festival. Then Zoey comes & offer her the best advice one can give: relax. Yeah, easy for her to say...
- The festival gets underway, but in retrospects of the previous contests, they have three judging tables, each with a stage.
- The usual judges are here, but there are also three Nurse Joys, but what's even better is that Fantina makes her presence known here.
- Appeal Round Start! We begin with Ursula, who uses two Eevees, which clashes with each other with Iron Tail. They then use Hidden Power, & Ursula gives them both an evo stone, one a Fire stone, the other a Water stone. A one-way trip to an upgrade, utilized as an appeal.
- Nando's appeal: A duet with his Kricketot & Altaria... yawn...
- Zoey's appeal: A Water Show with Gastrodon & Lumineon, & I daresay that it's a doozy!
- Kenny's appeal: A clash to blows with Empoleon & Floatzel. But once they tried to execute their Flash Cannon & Whirlpool Fusion, it winds up overloading.
- Jesselina's appeal: A Haze aura surrounds her Seviper, & once she jumps on its head, Yanmega blows Silver Wind her way, but the results are rather surprising; her costume looks different than previously...
- Dawn's appeal: An Ice Roller Coaster! In which her Cyndaquil rolls along with Flame Wheel, with Buneary not far behind. Once they come out, Cyndaquil covers up Buneary with a Smokescreen. Buneary uses Ice Beam once more, & as the smoke clears, Buneary is encased in an ice ball, in which Cyndaquil jumps up top & bursts its backburner into two seperate flames.
- Thyne results: Amongst the odd-some other people advancing, Nando, Ursula, Jesselina of all people, Zoey, & Dawn make it. Kenny, however, gets unked, which is not that surprising seeing as to how his fusion technique backfired on him.
- However, rather than to spend the rest of the festival spectating, Kenny opts to travel somewhere else. Where, I don't know...

First part of the Razzle Dazzle Festival is done, & already a major character doesn't make it... What's even worse for me is that Jesselina is still in it! I've still got my rifle in hand in case she wins, though...