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latias or latios

latias or latios

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I've only have got an Latias, because my game is Sapphire, but I think Latios is much cooler ^^


Back I guess??
latias is better than latios, also she´s cutier!


hooray, it's Jetx!
Ask all of my friends, one has a lvl 94 latias and it loses to my lvl 84 latios and my latios has much higher speed, special defence and special attack.

Flying Tropius

I like Latias because it is Alive unlike some PKMN......*grin*


I like Latias better for some reason. (amazing...I picked a cute Pokemon over a cool Pokemon. The world must be ending.)


i love latias because my saphire version would kill me if i didn pick him that is why i picked red for my emerald version i love latias for some reason probly becase she is harder to catch than latios
Latios is meh. Latias is wayyyyy cooler imo. ^_^ One of my favorites.

and.... I'm saying that 'cause I don't like the Ruby exclusives that much. >_<
I like both. But I prefer Latias for she's a girl. :D But Latios is Blue. hard choice. I like both equally...

*Flips coin* Latias. ^^

Guitar dude bill

It's here, it's near
charykill said:
i love latias because my saphire version would kill me if i didn pick him
like other people said but didn't point out, it is a girl so say her, not him ok!
i choose latios, it's stronger, cooler, and a male. I'm not really a great fan of the latis anyway, but latias is much easier to beat in record corner than latios. though none are that hard

+Chaos Blade+

My vote goes to Latios. Latios is a pretty cooler Pokémon, IMO, and I have an E-Reader [somewhere], and I can get me an Eon Ticket to get a Latias.

+Chaos Blade+

Valkyrie X

Well-Known Member
S-H-U-P-P-E-T said:
I vote for Latias, because Its more speedy.
Latias isn't faster than Latios. Their base stats are exactly the same, only their offensive and defensive stats are switched.

Anyway, I like Latios more, although I love both dragons. It's because he's blue, he's got better offensive stats, and he just looks cooler.



Really and truly
I voted Latias. Not quite sure why, as I like Latios' blue body more. I suppose it's her cute-ness (and no, I haven't seen the movie nor I have I either dragon in any game).
Also, my brother helped pick, and he likes red. XD



Because she is cute, she is friendlier, and *points to banner*
Plus she is open to making new friends, where Latios if you go into where he lives (like in the movie) he is like "I'll kill you!"
But I still love Latios (not the way I do Latias I'll have you know;))
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