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Lavender town theme

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Anyone talking about LTS. There's a billion versions. and theyre all fake. If you search it on youtube. People tend to edit the sound to make it more uneasy, as well as pictures. If there was any sort of death/injury from it gamefreak would have announced something, and nothing was said of this until 2010.

Personally i found it slightly creepy thats for sure. But you grow to like it eventually. I whistle it all the time.


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It never creeped me out and I actually quite like the song. I am not even sure why anyone would be scared of a tune in Pokemon, especially since this whole Lavender Town Syndrome thing is just a big hoax
Honestly, the music that plays in Pokemon Tower is the one that gives me the creeps. The town itself is mostly just catchy.


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When I was a kid I didn't really realize the theme was that scary. I knew it was supposed to be scary with all the death and stuff surrounding the town but as a kid I didn't really think of it and just played the game. I didn't get that freaked out until I started reading and listening to creepy pastas and those type of things.


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I downloaded it on my phone, and tricked my friends into thinking it would make you commit suicide. Only one really took it seriously, and it's funny to watch him run away with his fingers in his ears every time I play it.


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Nah, the music and the atmosphere didn't scare me.
I had to playthrough the game to begin with.



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Nope, I never understood why people got creeped out by it. I always loved it as a kid and thought it was so cool. I still love it.


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The song never really was creepy to me the Lavender town theme was actually kinda calming in a way


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It was sorta creepy, but I liked it being creepy. Pokemon Tower music however... THAT was creepy.


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I actually liked both the town and tower themes. The town theme was actually quite sad, but the tower one could maybe be considered creepy. Great themes for such an old game!! (And old person, Agatha!)


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It's a bit creepy, but I like it. It is what it's supposed to be.


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i remember the first time i went threw lavender town. i was about 8, but i didn't now anything about its reputation. it was just so creepy! i remember turning down the volume, because the music would give me headaches and freak me out. i was about 13 or 14 when i learned more about its reputation. this was after i beat the game and haven't played it for a cupple years. so i decided to go back to lavender town and listen to the music. and believe it or not, it sounded a lot different then a cupple years ago when i was younger.


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nah I just thought it was sad like most ppl. I hate the many many many rumors about lavender town. no the music is not some super secret code, no it does not make u commit suicide, its just a sad tune.
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