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Lavender town theme

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No. Should it? I do get headaches from it more than other tunes as I'm prone to headaches (Psyduck=me) though... But other than that... It's actually pretty cheerful to me.


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Nope, I liked it


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I listened to it on youtube last night around midnight. After I finished I had a headache and youtube started giving me error messages...O.O Needless to say, I didn't sleep much and I am terrified of that "song"


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I played the US version where the higher pitched frequencies weren't there, it didn't really scare me and I was a pre-teen back then, it was a sad tune more than anything and I had played alot more traumatizing games before that, like Doom & Doom II, don't remember how old and I'm too lazy to calculate the age, but I have heard the original Japanese music and noticed there was a slight difference. I didn't listen to it with headphones on, I've heard children who listened to it with headphones on it messed with their brain waves due to their ears not being fully developed and made them sick or something, though I don't really believe it true or it would have resulted in lawsuits and such instead of just creepypasta.


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If LTS was real, it would be mentioned in many reputable sources, just like Electric Soldier Porygon.
well... after seeing a single Lavender Town creepypasta video which contained a ghost story and some utterly creepy noises (if I was epileptic, things wouldn't have gone well), I got very anxious for a few days and even had a disturbing nightmare about it a few weeks later. triggered back my fear of darkness for a while (I know, it's ironic when you consider my username and my liking of Dark and Ghost type Pokémon).

needless to say, thanks to these ghost stories that I can't stop associating the song with them. nice job, Internet. :mad:

anyway, before those incidents, I liked the song for its mixture between a sad, mournful tone with scary music. but, like I said, the Internet ruined the song forever. it's shameful.
I was surprised when I first heard it because a lot of the town music was pretty similar up to that point. The town itself never had an impact on me though. It was the tower and its music that made me incredible sad, because it never occurred to me that Pokemon could die before that point.

I like the music though, its unique. I've listened to the Japanese version with headphones, and it didn't make me sick, but it gave me a minor headache because it was looped for so long. Besides, listening to most things with headphones give me a headache.

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Well, i didn't think it was that creepy until it got stuck in my head for 2 hours. then i realized the creepy aspect of that music. xD
It was since the first time I listened to it my favorite R/B/Y FR/LG theme.
It's creepy indeed, but it's still amazing.

All the Lavander Town remixes are just fabulous, too.
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