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Leading a Stray (577)


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This was an ok episode. I liked the idea of the pokemon helping the Waillord and it wasllgood to see a Luxio as well. But apart from that it was an okish episode. I dont really have much to say about it
I like Luxio and Swampert. And we havn't see those nidorans for a long time!
Wailmer's voice is so funny. The most suprising thing is those Ratatas and Nidorans learned electrick move! o_O


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This being one of the first episodes of the season I've actually caught on television, I thought overall it was pretty enjoyable. I was wondering a little about the jazzy background music from the second Pikachu Adventure; is it being placed in multiple episodes? It adds to the moment, but I find it mildly weird they would pull the music so casually.

About the Team Rocket scene. It seemed like the script was desperately trying to squeeze them in at the only possible moment. Even though they minorly contributed to the plot, they were only in the episode for a couple minutes. Have they been regularly receiving less and less airtime like this?

Another thing I noted was the scene where the company broke into the drawbridge control room. When Pikachu used his electric shock on the wires to give it power (which seemed like a pretty horrible solution to the situation), many of the electric Pokemon available pitched in to help. But even when the amount of electricity at hand wasn't enough, non-electric typed pitched in and managed to give it the extra kick. Did I miss something here?

Also, I was surprised at how mindlessly Ash decided to take such a major risk by diving in fount of TR's machine after Pikachu earlier in the episode, and later by jumping off the bridge. If that wasn't enough, he was going to take on the Swampert? It adds excitement and all, but wasn't that a little too much for him individually?

Anyway, the part I liked most was when Ash instructed the Pokemon on how to help the Wailmer, and after the plan was executed. When the frozen slide shattered and Wailmer flew in the air, I ended up cheering, "Fly Wailmer, Fly!"


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It was cool how you get to see Pokemon that you haven't seen in a long time.

It was also cool to see Ratatta and Nidoran using electric attacks which they mush have learned with TMs.


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This episode seems okay. It wouldn't been alot easier if Ash just caught the Wailmer instead of going through all that crap on trying to get it out of the sewer by getting it up the waterfall. And since it evolve at the end, it could've least gave Ash & co. a ride to their next location.
he already had 6 pokemon so he couldn't do it. yea it could have given them a ride but like it matters
That Wailmer had really bad timing when it evolved before going under the bridge. It makes me wonder what would have happened if Ash and co. hadn't gotten it out of the sewer when they did. If it evolved while in the sewer, things would have gotten really messy. Also, I wonder why Swampert was still attacking after they had left the sewer. If it was just territorial, why should it care once they are out of its territory?


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That Wailmer had really bad timing when it evolved before going under the bridge. It makes me wonder what would have happened if Ash and co. hadn't gotten it out of the sewer when they did. If it evolved while in the sewer, things would have gotten really messy. Also, I wonder why Swampert was still attacking after they had left the sewer. If it was just territorial, why should it care once they are out of its territory?
it wanted revenge for losing to grotle.


I think it was actually a great episode, although it is a filler.
i loved how Ash, Luxray and the wild pokemon managed to return wailmer to the sea, it was cool.


Certainly a change in the anime since Ash is rarely separated from his friends. This episode was Filler but in a good way since Luxio appeared in the anime(I don't count Luxio since it appeared in movie 10). I liked how the Pokemon in the sewers all helped the baby Wailmer get back to the sea; teamwork always gets the job done in this anime. I like that Ash helped too, despite hm having bigger things to worry about, like Dawn and Brock. 5/10.
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Not one of the best episodes, but it was interesting the different methods Ash used with the pokemon to try and get the wailmer out of the sewers and back out to the waterway. I also liked seeing a luxio. The shinx family has been my favorite of the new Sinnoh pokemon, and I love when I get to see one in the anime. :)


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It was cool to see Swampert again since it's one of my favorite pokemon, it was kinda cool to see it playing the bad guy role too. I also thought it was funny when Wailmer tried to fly because it thought it wasn't going to make it pass the wall. Nice episode.
This was one of those episodes where it was definitely better than I thought it was going be!

Mostly for the following two points:

- Hey there, Male Nidoran! Haven't seen one of your evolutions for a while!

- Oh, and a friendly hello to you too, Swampert! It's really nice to see you again after so long! We should get together for lunch one of these days!

I think the last time I saw a Swampert in the show was way back in the episode "Abandon Ship!" I think that was the name of the episode...

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Wonderful episode.... getting the wailmer to the ocean and crossing the many obstacles like that Swampert was really good to see

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Was an interesting and kind of funny episode. When the ice broke I too started going Walimer fly! Fly! lol

So the Nidorans and Ratattas had electric attacks? I was trying to figure out what was going on there. Mamoswine is scary when it's charging after someone, when Dawn went flying I said "Looks like I am blasting off! But I am not Team Rocket!" XD

Piplup scolding the two when they found Ash was funny too.


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This episode was ok... It was cool to finally see a Luxio for the 1st time. It was cool to see Ash try so hard to help the Pokemon get Wailmer back to its Wailord friends on top of the waterfall/ocean. Wow, that Wailmer was really heavy, they had so much trouble trying to get it up the waterfall. It was great to see a Swampert again. It was funny when Dawn was trying to feed Mamoswine so they would get its attention, and Mamoswine knocked Dawn and Piplup in the air to get to the Poffins. It was cool to see Wailmer evolve in the end.



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Okay, summer has been here for a while, but now I'm ready to get back to these reviews. These are going to be a little different than the ones before, in that Sinnoh is really out of continuity with what's going on currently in BW. So, rather than looking to see how well these episodes would predict the future and things like that (they don't, so no pt), I'll instead be looking more at how well the episodes are written and how fun they are.

I was totally blown away rewatching this episode. This is a really great one, really on par with the Rotom episode. I actually think there's much more thought in this episode compared to the Rotom episode; there aren't mindless (but funny) chase scenes here, but a real story, that someone with some imagination really developed out of something as trivial as pokemon stealing food. It's really incredible how one event leads to the other, and most of it really makes sense. The two things that are maybe overdone are TR's robot (although maybe that was the best said writers could think of to block the entrance to the underground water supply) and the way the group of Rattata and Nidoran get to the control room for the gate SO much faster than Swampert's swimming to Wailord. In fact, you wonder why exactly Ash jumped into the water in the first place. If he's really providing the protection necessary for Wailord, then the "dramatic" scene really isn't necessary. And it isn't, really. But those are honestly minor nitpicks. In fact, the fact that Ash jumped into the water was a very Ash-like thing to do, and I think it speaks to how comfortable Ash, Brock, and Dawn are with one another that no one is surprised at all that Ash does jump into the river like he does. There's plenty of scenes like that in this episode, and that's why it's as good as it is.

But, I know Cybercubed will read this some day in the next century, so I better defend this as best as I can. First of all, though Brock says very little in this episode, he's really important. The first scene is the one where Ash says he's hungry when the trio are discussing what to do now that the harbor is blocked by the Wailord. Dawn laughs, Piplup is unimpressed, Pikachu has a knowing, cynical smile, while Brock is exasperated. That's all that's really needed; no words are said, but the scene works. All of our characters are different, and I think that Brock's and Pikachu's expressions in particular have a "We know you too well, Ash" feel to them. Dawn is more good natured about it, but that's Dawn (Piplup is more expressive of its disapproval); she's also not traveled as long with Ash, compared to Brock and Pikachu. I also think this works both ways; if only Pikachu and Brock were there, I doubt Ash would be blushing as he is (less formality with Brock and Pikachu). But hey, despite his disapproval of Ash's "thinking," Brock still makes lunch. And you know, that's not meant as a knock at Ash at all. It's not that he can't think, it's just that he was being himself and showing that he's comfortable being honest in front of Brock and Dawn. Later on in this episode, we see him come up with a really brilliant plan to save Wailmer. Also, the decisiveness in having Pikachu act like an engineer when the gate needs to be opened for Wailord is all Ash's judgement. However, if Ash is the one willing to talk (and Dawn does as well) in this episode, then someone has to be willing to listen. That's what Brock does. Though he says very little, he does listen. You can also feel a difference in his comfort level when he's with Dawn and when he's with Ash. While Dawn is the one questioning Ash's decision to play engineer, Brock doesn't even blink; he's traveled with Ash long enough to know that's the way things go. He's also, again, really not shy to express his feeling of Ash's immaturity about saying that Ash wants lunch (in the same way Ash expresses his uncertainty about Brock's flirtations with girls). But with Dawn, Brock is a bit more hesitant and concerned. He's quite scared when Mamoswine launches Dawn up into the air, and it's up to Happiny to save the day. That may sound like a "Duh, Dawn's in the air!" statement, but I really think if that had been Ash, Brock would have been much more confident that Ash would have taken care of himself. Also, in the search underground, you can feel Brock is uncertain of what to do, and follows Dawn's lead in following Piplup more b/c he doesn't really have a plan himself. I really like the way it all worked out. I know next region, if this same type of episode had been shown (which it wouldn't have, b/c all old pokemon don't exist in the next region), then the 2 "other" characters would have been arguing the whole time during the search for Ash.

Sinnoh Ash really has a Goku/Naruto feel to him; the smile he flashes to Luxio (Oh goodness, I forgot its name) is one that's typical of that type of hero. Ash doesn't even blame the electric pokemon for being mad at him, instead just giving a sheepish smile and changing the subject.


I screamed when that wild Luxio stole Brock's paper bag; I also felt bad for Piplup getting attacked. Team Rocket working as maintainence workers and attacking Ash and Pikachu with a bulldozer mecha made me cackle, and I was glad that Brock and Dawn got some alone time here to interact. That random sewer Swampert was beyond ratchet though.


Oh man why didn't someone catch Luxio here. It was a stray Pokemon so it should've happened but instead we got a simple filler plot with a Wailmer rescue. 4/10

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Wow Luxio seemed so cool and watching Dawn bribe Mamoswine with Poffins was funny. Ash helping Wailmer escape the sewers was sweet, plus I liked when the Wailmer evolved and rejoined its family.