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Leads needed for WiFi Battles?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Direksone, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Direksone

    Direksone Well-Known Member

    Well as the title says do you guys feel lead pokes are needed in PBR wifi battles? Most teams are just sweepers that I've seen so far on youtube and such.

    For instance a lead with Taunt: useful? I personally think not since barely ANYONE uses for instance Stealth Rock or an equivalent in PBR WiFi battles.

    So share your thoughts with me why a lead is a neccesity or isnt.
  2. Charmander#4

    Charmander#4 Dating Rosie Palms?

    I use a couple of walls, three sweepers (One of them a Starmie with Rapid Spin) and then I bring a really powerful Uber to use on all those people who use Salamence, Latias, Garchomp or likewise. An Uber is an Uber, regardless of which one it is.
  3. hitoshura0

    hitoshura0 Well-Known Member

    I've had limited success with Leadodactyl. I just try to guess wheteher to just straight away SR or Taunt, but I have caught a couple people with the Taunt. I think it's mostly people who aren't that competitive and don't use the non-damaging moves. I did find an Umbreon with no Attacking moves as a lead and wrecked it with generous Taunting.
  4. Direksone

    Direksone Well-Known Member

    Yea exactly. I could use a Crobat Taunter but I RARELY see on youtube and such people using SR, Spikes or anything else. Most people just have 6 straight forward sweepers in their team, SOME might have a wall or two... Taunt and the likes dont seem very good for PBR random battles since there are so few that have competitive teams...
  5. Swiftrz & Milotic

    Swiftrz & Milotic Feed me a stray cat

    I almost always use my Espeon as a lead (I do double battling) paired with any one of three of my team to set up Reflect/Light Screen. Defenses are your friend ^.^
  6. xsedr

    xsedr The Moral Aethiest

    I rarely need to use a lead as no one usues anything but attack moves, except the occasional ev trained strategic team which are a godsend, I'm tired of getting perfect victories againsr in-game teams. I also usually do doubles and My Floatzel and Roserade are my most common first pokemon.
  7. on PBR i'd go with no, because as you say mostly are sweepers, unless you'd like to use a lead like infernape or heatran :p
  8. Jikkle

    Jikkle Volcano Trainer

    For many reasons listed above is one reason why I avoid 3 vs 3 single battles and usually stick with 4 vs 4 double battles.

    I love single battles but the 3 vs 3 format largely comes down to correctly guessing and countering the 3 your opponent brings out. So rather than non attacking moves you're better served picking powerful Pokemon with a wide coverage of move types.

    So you can have a really awesome team of 6 with great synergy and coverage but do absolutely terrible in 3 vs 3.
  9. Victoria

    Victoria My my my...

    Asking for a lead seems very odd, seeing as there are so many options. Although from my own experience in PBR, just set up and sweep. People don't bother with the whole SR and taunt stuff.
  10. duabrown

    duabrown Banned

    Interestingly, many wireless battlers of YouTube will be falling over themselves to the opportunity to fight the British Telecom. They can not even fathom 100,000 users who are most flags in their community is Nacho, and he sat like 15-20K's? They will be a huge risk, more and more people into Pokemon than some possible ideas. Of course, you always have the 12-year-old ****s who are like "deposit insurance pogeymonz was the industrial area, I would like Moar call dootay ".

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