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LeafGreen First Time Usage Challenge


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I've decided to do another runthrough of LG, but this time I've given myself a challenge. Aside from my starter, all of my other members have to be Pokemon I've never used. I picked the starter I'd used the least and went from there. Please don't suggest Egg or BF moves as this is a solely ingame team and I can't trade to get BF moves. I could use Item suggestions though.

Ability: Overgrow
Sludge Bomb
Frenzy Plant
Razor Leaf
Double Edge

Ability: Sand Veil
Rock Slide
Aerial Ace

Ability: Volt Absorb
Thunder Wave
Double Kick
Quick Attack

Ability: Early Bird
Tri Attack
Steel Wing
Drill Peck

Ability: Natural Cure
Ice Beam

Ability: Limber
Brick Break
Rock Tomb
Hi Jump Kick

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Darth Sabreus

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Why give Dodrio Quick Claw? It's fast enough ingame already. Give it to Sandslash instead. I would also replace Hi Jump Kick with Foresight on Hitmonlee. Foresight enables you to hit Ghosts and a STAB Brick Break will do more in one turn to a Ghost type than 2 Rock Tomb attacks. HJK is only slightly more powerful, it 10% less accurate and carries the downside of recoil if you miss. I'd value that base 10 power loss more and 10% more accuracy than the chance of recoil for only 10 more base power.

Also scrap Double Edge on Venusaur. STAB Sludge Bomb has 15 more power than Double Edge, has no recoil and has a Poison chance. You could replace it with Sleep Powder or even Leech Seed to help you last longer if you include Leftovers. You can get Lefties by using the Itemfinder right on top of either Snorlax tile after you catch or defeat it.