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League Enchanted Garden

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shadow beat me 4-0 gg

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
Lost to Lance 1-0, we won through my hax :')

Confirming the win... Awesome game... yeah that helped me in the end!
and so I claim 8 badges under my belt and I will soon start challenging the elite four!


The Boss
ahhh dammit lol i still need that last badge but i dont mind i can hehehehehe


The Boss
beat scizorftw 2-0 unfortunate hax at the begining but gg see you 2moro


PSN ID is on sig
TheMetalOverlord(2) vs. ScizorFTW(0)
GG ScizorFTW. See you for a rematch tomorrow.


The Boss
beat darkespeon 3-0 gg darky
this brings me to 8 badges too i advice you lance dont look behind you cause imma be infront lol


She wants it
4-0'd chello. I could have been a bit more smart and got a 5-0 or 6-0 but i made two dumb mistakes. Ah well, gg!


Artistically angry
confirming the loss, came into the battle expecting a LOT worse though, so it wasnt to bad, gg ill have a new monotype team for you next time (one that isnt walled by steels lol, probably an electric one)


<--- EVIL
Beat ShadowFox11.
A miss changed the game
GG :)
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