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LeagueShipping Revival Thread! (Ash x Ritchie)

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by jais, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. jais

    jais LeagueShip4Life

    Welcome to the LeagueShipping revival thread!


    LeagueShipping isn't a very popular ship, which I believe is a shame.
    Just the general chemistry between Ash (Satoshi) and Ritchie (Hiroshi) is bloody adorable.
    In this thread I'm hoping to bring in fellow LeagueShippers. Feel free
    to discuss the pairing, hints, episodes and such.​


    1. Absolutely NO bashing or flaming other members, shippings or characters.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    2. Please don't post the same thing repeatedly, remember the forum may lag.
    Just delete the repeated post if needed.

    3. Try to not go off topic.

    4. Actually post something relevant, no simple "Leagueshipping is the best",
    even though I totally agree with you XD

    5. Be nice kiddies. Respect each other and all. If rude things are said,
    A warning will be sent out.

    6. Feel free to post your fan art! If it isn't your own make sure you credit the owner,
    And also write something about the topic as well!

    7. Just follow to the Rules of Serebii and Shippers FAQ and Rules and we will get along fine!

    Now Let's Meet The Family

    JaiS - Owner





    Ash's Secret Love Affair - Kinda has a long start, but around chapter 6 get's really good!
    Loneliness - - This one is very sweet
    Challenge of a Lifetime - I absolutely LOVE this fic.. Adorable
    Prostitution is the Worlds Oldest Profession - That one made me giggle :p

    Awesome! Alright so let's get this thread underway!
    Maybe I should throw a starting place out there..?

    "What Drew You Into LeagueShipping?"

    There's a pretty broad question!

    For me, I guess it's the idea of love that drew me to shipping in the first place. It's like, Ritchie is the perfect guy! Haha! So caring and sweet! And the fact that they are so similar, they fit together perfectly. They knew each other only for days but they became so close. I mean they spent the night camped out under the stars together! Ritchie gave Ash his sleeping back for crying out loud! And even though Ritchie beat Ash, Ash was still able to be happy for Ritchie. That moment when they found out they were in fact opponents, you could see the heartbreak in their eyes, when they were staring at each other for like an eternity.. so sad!

    But yeah.. That's sort of my thought's I guess.. :p

    Come on peoples, I know there is still LeagueShippers out there somewhere! Let's get back into it!

    If there is anything you want me to add to the links, fan art or fan fiction and such, private message me and let me know! I don't bite.. much.

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