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Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine (560)


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Return to the Basics, Team Rocket!

In the aftermath of the Pokémon Summer School, Team Rocket have come to live the life of luxury a bit too much and soon discover that they have lost the mission. Eager to get back to their routes, Team Rocket begin rigourous training and have their eyes set on a new place to steal Pokémon from, going back to their first appearance; a Pokémon Center...

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Korobooshi Kojiro

From what I heard, this episode was somewhat nostalgic in a good way.

We apparently had flashbacks from that one Hoso with Team Rocket starting out. Yes, a HOSO special got a flashback.

And from what I hear Team Rocket used their old motto and attacked the Pokecenter just like in Episode 2. The Piplup subplot seemed just to get the twerps in the Pokecenter.

Sounds pretty neat, imo.


Contaminated KFC
It was a great episode, but I feel that all the scenes involving Pochama and Hikari bonding were largely unnecessary, redundant even, and were more of a hindrance rather than actually adding anything entertaining or worthwhile. It could have been spared to make way for more Team Rocket goodness, which is all I really wanted to see in the first place.
Even so, it's forgivable when you level it out with a fun kitchen diversion and one of the more humorous 'Brock n' his hormones' routines.

-Jessie and James' constant 'Hmmm....hmm,' sounds as they broke into that room. Methinks there's such a thing as trying a little too hard to come across as cool and mysterious.

-I wish we could see more heists like this. The humans go off one way, while the pokémon deal with something else. It gives them all a chance to do something, especially Manene and Wobba, who seriously need it.

-Carnivine gets my respect for being able to keep plastic spheres in his mouth for an extended period of time without throwing up. He had my respect for being an exploding, split-personallity, hamburger mayor-inspired plant anyway, but it had to be said.

- The mecha scene was awesome, if only because of all those wonderfully generic background characters fleeing in terror as the Rocket’s machine kicked and punched holes in a glorified veterinary centre. You can’t make this stuff up.

-Team Rocket’s first motto really was the best of the 3. I expect it’s usage here to be nothing more than a one-off thing, but I wish it’d stick around for a little while longer, if only because it’s nicer to listen to than the new one. Gravy: Resident Nostalgia Nut.


I take it this is one of those episodes that pretty much was like those other 2 DP episodes that dealt with Pikachu fighting another Raichu, and Jesse releasing her Dustox, similar to Ash releasing his Butterfree.


Contaminated KFC
Not really. The only similarity I can think of is the fact that they plan to rob a pokémon center, but how many times has that been on their agenda?


Not really. The only similarity I can think of is the fact that they plan to rob a pokémon center, but how many times has that been on their agenda?

The only time I can remember they "tried" to rob a pokemon center, was probably back in episode 2. Since I haven't watched too much Pokemon between Johto and Hoenn, so I wouldn't know the details inbetween. Usually from what I see, they attempt to rob mostly from gyms more often than Pokemon centers.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Oh dear, back at college with my good ol' intolerably sluggish Wi-Fi. Now that my mind is stimulated once again after vegging for three months, I can gladly rip this episode to shreds in an eloquent and verbose fashion. And now, instead of using saying "Bloody F*cking Penguin", I must force myself into saying "Accursed Cobalt Antarctic Avian Engaging in Intercourse".

I feel so sophistimacated.

This was a good episode, but it would have benefitted moreso if the writers hadn't felt to keep the main gang in as much spotlight. As pleasurable as it was to watch ACAAEI (see above for acronym) on its deathbed, TR deserved the center of attention here. The moments where they did receive the spotlight were highly entertaining, and even the mecha was amusing, with Optimus Prime being featured in many less CG explosions here than when Michael Bay dealt with him.
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Pokemon Master
i liked this episode it was pretty funny at the beginning then a great finish. lol at first i was like...um since when do TR drive cars? then when it transformed i was like...should have known lol


Well-Known Member
So what exactly happens with Piplup?

Original Motto? Very interesting.

Again I say, Swinubs do have tails....

Sounds like a very interesting epsiode. Can't wait for the pics.


Pokemon Master
well Piplup made a big ball of Bubble Beam and then molded it into a Piplup sculpture then to finish popped the whole thing...it smiled for about a few seconds then collapsed


Well-Known Member
I just came back from my job where I work with psychically ill people just to watch the new episode as fast as possible, and now...I´m posting on a forum full of psychically ill people again...coincidence?

I really enjoyed the TR-based storyline of this episode.
James and Jessie are probably my favourite characters of the show and seeing fat, lazy version of themselves was highly entertaining enough to make this episode awesome.
The flashbacks, little references to their first episode, Jessie in a sexy thief-outfit, the old motto ( which is the best one, I agree with Gravy) , old nostalgic music, an awesome mecha which shot at people ( I wonder how long it´ll take some idiot to suggest that this episode won´t be aired in the USA because of the violence towards the pokemon-center-trainers) and some action for almost all of TRs Pokemon...just great.

Brock´s daydream was very cute and kinda romantically insane at the same time...he needs to see a doctor.

Pachirisu STILL doesn´t do **** in this episode. a roaring stomach isn´t doing something dammit....

The episode would have been much better without Hikari´s dull storyline...every second of pochama and hikari felt like a second stolen from Team Rocket...

Korobooshi Kojiro

Also, Carnivine wearing the mask. :)

Hmmm...Seviper was totally absent in this episode (haven't seen the whole thing yet, but it seems that way). I thought that was kinda odd...

Although Yanmega's really grown on me as well, and after 4+ years of having Seviper basically Jessie's main Pokemon, I guess its okay for it to take a backseat for a bit.


Low on power...
~I can't believe it. TR almost got away with it, if it weren't for those meddling twerps and that pesky Piplup. Actually, it was Carnivine's fault when it coughed out some of the pokeballs.

~Buneary was so cute when she was looking at her reflection.
~I was wondering why Piplup passed out at the beginning, but then I realized that it was pushing itself too hard, and Dawn later felt bad about it.
~Huge points for TR reciting their old motto! And their disguises were sweet as well.

Shiny pokemon lower

Well-Known Member
It is a scpeculation about if it is some spesical events in the episode like Piplup evolving, Meowth learning Pay Day etc. I wonder why so people think that? That with Piplup MABYE happens, but not that with Meowth. Why should the writers give him Payday now, after so many generations?


Well-Known Member
So, what did Professor Oak say about Gliscor?

I asked Sushi and she was kind enough to translate :)

Oak: Gliscor's large body allows it to launch some very powerful attacks, but on the other hand it is also a hindrance since it can also be hit more easily.
That's why I think you should focus on Gliscor's speed when you train it.
Ash: Its speed, huh?
[Oak makes a haiku about how Gliscor's speed is the key to success]


Well-Known Member
So Piplup decides to make a statue made of bubbles that represents just how big the stupid penguin's ego actually is. I see.

The highlight of this episode for me was seeing Team Rocket being fat, since I found it pretty amusing. It's amazing how fast they were able to lose weight. They'll be an inspiration to fat Americans everywhere. Some nostalgia is nice every once in a while, too.


This episode was delightful. I wish Piplup would have spent the entire episode on the bench after almost dying, but alas, he had to spend half the episode selling talking figures. "POCHA POCHA!"

The nostalgic value of this episode was great. One of my favorite parts was when TR was rolling, Loco-Roco style before they fell off the Earth because the ground made a 45 degree slant. I wonder why they were so upset about the elderly couple. Probably because they weren't being evil enough, or something.

The mecha scene was awesome, if only because of all those wonderfully generic background characters fleeing in terror as the Rocket’s machine kicked and punched holes in a glorified veterinary centre. You can’t make this stuff up.

You could not have summed this up better.