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Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine (560)


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Great filler episode ^_^. loved all the old team rocket refrences like James rose and the old motto and Team Rockets rocking. Also liked Dawn freaking out at professor oak hehe and also Piplup freaking out at Meouth and the rest of Team Rockets pokemon


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A good Team Rocket episode this was, with the humor I've come to expect out of Jessie, James, and Meowth. I couldn't resist chuckling when "Double Trouble" began playing, and a few moments ago, I finished playing that song on my Windows Media Player, if to capture the basic spirit behind this episode. That motto from the past may have been refreshing to hear, but to tell all of you the truth, I've grown quite used to hearing the current one. That said, I find Jessie, James, and Meowth to be a humorous band of thieves, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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I hate that Double Trouble song. I skip it when it comes up on my iPod.

But the context of it in the episode, with just the chorus on repeat, is absolutely corny hilarious. It's so bad in the Evil Dead II sense.

It was also nice to see the Team Rocket trio actually seem like a real threat. For once, I was actually thinking they might pull it off.

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You'd think with all the agility talk Ash would teach Gliscor the actual attack. Meh, Fire Fang and Screech are good substitutes at least.
I missed the old motto.


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Great Episode. Brought back a lot of past Pokemon episodes of TeamRocket. I miss the good old days and it was great of being reminded.

TeamRocket did surprisingly well in this episode, very thieve-ish of them. They should be more like that in every episode when they are stealing. They almost got away on stealing some Pokes. To bad Carnivine couldn't it in. I too was relieved that he didn't swallow them...wondered what will happened if he did o_O You know what would be more basic? Having Arbok and Weezing. Now that would be classic. *sigh* I miss those two...

And the Mech they had was powerful enough beat them. Could had taken them all if it was Electric resistance but thats TeamRocket for ya. Theres always a flaw in their plan. Also, Hooray for the Old Motto. Never knew I missed that so much....

Awesome music by the way. Reminded me of the past musics they had when old Pokemon episodes were done.

Good Times...



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This episode was an interesting one. They believed and re-motivated themselves. ANd now they had a good boss fantasy too.


Uh, Dawn's pokemon here―"Please let us back in the show!"

I see I wasn't the only one who took up Denny's on their free Grand Slams.
(I actually had to hit two separate joints for my fill)

Piplup and Dawn acting like this is a telenovela. Next is the revelation of Piplup's (gasp!) second trainer, then comes the amnesia. I don't think I'll ever take those two seriously after this.

All those years of stress and fast food finally caught up with the Rockets..

"You mean your belly was billowing out over your buckle?" :p

...this is what networking was like before MySpace.

Now we know why Sinnoh bans japanese convertibles.

Were stashing the pokeballs under the chins now? Ah, a multi-butted chin offensive.

I think TR's return to glory suddenly spawned dozens of victims from thin air.
...victims who ran outside despite the building being in no danger.
...and who didn't go OUTSIDE like they were supposed to?
It's like going after Wile E. Coyote with these guys. A tough act to follow.

Wow we got the lean, the mean, and THE MACHINE all in here. GJ!

7/10 This week, I got my head bashed in amazon-style and found myself prancing to Machoke aerobics and words that begin with the letter B. Not forgetting THE MACHINE CRAFTED BY THE GODS (lest I get tarred, feathered, and ran out of town on a rail), writing an appropriate response to this appears a little inconceivable.
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This is one of the best pokemon episodes I have seen in a long time. Team Rocket goes back to their basics in which their not just goofy people in the backround watching Ash fight. Team Rocket actually used their old moto(which they should stick with) and I loved it when that team rocket music was playing while Team Rocket was stealing all the poke balls in the pokemon center which I last saw in episode 2. (Dang that was 558 episodes ago)

They should stick with the basics(with that team rocket music playing when they go into action) and actually do good against Ash and Pikachu instead of saying "Lets waste all our money on a dumb machine that does nothing and have Pikachu blast us off again!"

This episode showed the REAL Team Rocket


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I loved the nostalgia in this episode. Hearing the old motto and the Team Rocket Rockin' song was awesome.


One of the best episodes I've seen so far in Sinnoh. Even though any of Battle Dimension is yet to air in Australia, I just finished watching it on you-know-where and it is truly great. The hilarious antics of Team Rocket, coupled with their huge weight gain/loss were very funny. As well as the mecha, which was actually posing a threat for once. 8/10!


I loved how this whole episode was focued on Team Rocket, especially on reminding us how and why we've liked Team Rocket up to now. Great ending, says it all. :)


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What Food did Team Rocket eat to get fat? It was a food served with orange sauce.
Did anyone noticed there was PARIS music? WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING!?
"Well, we were going to change this restaunt to a place in Paris!!!"
Did anyone see a girl was moving her mouth, but all you can hear was Team Rocket eating like pigs?
I wish they died in this episode.


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Also, Carnivine wearing the mask. :)

Hmmm...Seviper was totally absent in this episode (haven't seen the whole thing yet, but it seems that way). I thought that was kinda odd...

Although Yanmega's really grown on me as well, and after 4+ years of having Seviper basically Jessie's main Pokemon, I guess its okay for it to take a backseat for a bit.

Woo hoo! Yanmega Rules! I think that Yanmega is the coolest Team Rocket Pokemon ever, though I wish that Ash could have a Yanmega too. ;469;

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It was nice to see the old motto again, i miss that.

I never realised that Yanmega could use Silverwind, has Jessie ever used that in a contest?


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Fantastic to see Jessie and James do a bit more than usual... and see glimpses of how they were back in the second episode. Total nostalgia drive there with the old motto... loved Dawn's reaction to that... James with the rose, Team Rocket's Rocking... and them almost kicking butt.

I also liked their new outfits too. Shame they were short-lived.

Also OMA at Brock's little fantasy with Nurse Joy. I found it cute and could have screamed at Croagunk for breaking it up as usual. I know it's what the Pokemon does but still. Brock is right, imagination shouldn't be a crime! ;P


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This episode rocked! The old motto was cool. Also, it was weird how the trio loked as fatties.(no offense) Also, I liked how Team Rocket almost beat Ash and Co.


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They failed AGAIN and will be loosers forever, what was the point of this episode!?
But, hearing TR's old motto was cool... :)