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Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine (560)


I wonder how much time team rocket took to get thin again... because to be thin after so fatness taking a long of time.


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It was good hearing the old motto again. If only they used it ALL the time instead of the stupid "Is that a voice I hear? Speaking to me loud and clear" and w/e is after that:mad:


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I enjoyed this episode very much, one of my favorites of the 11th season. It was awesome to see Team Rocket getting back to their roots for an episode. It was interesting to see the old 1.0 motto again, and have Jessie and James and Meowth trying to take over the pokemon center like they did in their first episode. The parts at the beginning where they're out of shape were a bit @-@, but the second half of the episode was awesome. :) And I loved the return of the old Team Rocket song too. Now if only they'd bring back the song motto.


The old motto? I didn't even notice that they said it haha. I was paying more attention to Team Rocket's plan in this episode and the background music. In the dub, they used "Team Rocket's Rockin'" as a background theme once, which I thought was great to hear again. Overall, this seemed like another episode where Team Rocket tried to change their tactics, but didn't succeed. It was certainly nostalgic, and I liked that. 7/10.
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I thought the beginning of the episode was very fun, I liked all the fat jokes. It was also refreshing and nostalgic to see TR in tip top form and actually posing a threat. Great episode.

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Good episode, but I do question how did TR get that fat, James and Meowth sure but you think after all that running Jessie did in the previous episode would have made her even more in shape, then again they got pretty skinny as well lol unless it was over a course of weeks but even so.

Nice to hear the old motto again, I don't like the Sinnoh one it was kinda stupid. Prepare for Trouble, and Make it Double I never got sick of, I got sick of the Sinnoh motto after the fifth time. (Wish Dawn had done Prepare for Double rather then Is that a voice I hear because even when Ash/Dawn/Brock did the three lines of it in another episode it kinda stunk)


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Did anyone else notice at one point the background music from their song from "The Song Of Jigglypuff" season 1 was playing?

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Nice to hear the old team rocket song again


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There's more bad than good or significant in this episode, and, the overall feeling, I think, is that the series is starting to drag a little. But it'll right itself out.

So to focus on what's good here...This is your preview of next region TR, which is sort of funny b/c of the premise of this episode is TR going to their roots. The TR you see that successfully and skillfully breaks into the pokemon center and bypasses security is the type of TR you see in the next region (and the different uniforms is actually a good preview, as well, of what they'll be wearing). Maybe this episode was really successful in some manner, that the writers decided to dedicate next region to writing TR this way.

The only other scene I really liked was Brock's fantasy of Nurse Joy, and seeing some of Ash's exasperation. There just wasn't enough of these type of scenes b/w Ash and Brock, and it's nice to enjoy them the few times they show up. I think Ash and Brock respected each other very much, but personality wise, I think Ash and serious Brock are just such different people that scenes like this are kind of rare.

Well, finally, despite how rather boring much of this episode was, the ending did bring a smile to my face, with Meowth purposely not making the robot electric-proof, with James sort of complimenting Meowth for paying really good attention to detail. A few more references like that, maybe, would have made this episode really memorable. There just wasn't enough, though, and Dawn's predicament in this episode is just out-of-the-blue, and really taken nowhere. Whatever the writers wanted to say about this, and also Professor Oak's advice about interacting with other trainers, wasn't really well thought-out or developed to a point where it would make an impact.
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This episode was ok... It was interesting how TR tried to rob the Pokemon Center, it's been a really long time since they did that last. It was cool that TR recited their old motto in this episode, it's been a really long time since they did that. It was cool when Piplup used Bubblebeam to make a bubble-sculpture of itself and then do a circular Bubblebeam to pop them all. Unfortunately Piplup fainted from exhaustion after doing far to many spins.

Ehh......I didn't like this episode much. I found it kind of boring.


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Loved the old school bgm!


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Team rocket was awesome in this one! They would have gotten away with it ifit werent for piplup!!!!!!!!!!


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I loved how they put up Team Rockets old song,motto, and the Double trouble theme song. To me that was really special. It reminded me of the old Team Rocket as well.


Piplup's giant bubble version of himself made me cringe, especially given that he had to stay at the Pokemon Center. I screamed at Team Rocket getting fat after eating too much and seeing them work out to lose weight made me cackle. Brock's fantasy about Nurse Joy was good too, as was Meowth storing all those Poke Balls in Carnivine's mouth.
With this episode, I actually forgot that Dawn still had Pachirisu with her.


The TRio getting fat was hilarious and the best thing about this episode was all the old BGM that was used. I felt nostalgia. 7/10