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Leap 'n' Climb: Stakataka! (1028)

By the way, Bourgain's translated name is Viren.


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Better than the stupid wedding and sport episodes.

At least the TRio are likeable.... unlike Bourgain

They were going to get married eventually given the games.

Also, the baseball episode was perfect. Lana getting the better of Kiawe is probably the only reason you hate it so much.


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Yeah, riiiight.
I caught your earlier comment about me liking SM no matter how bad of an episode it has before you edited it and that's not true. I didn't like one of the Ultra Beasts episode dealing with Celesteela, the recent episode where Steenee evolved, the Ilima episodes, and I'm aware of it's problems, which I'm not too happy about but I always tried to say something positive most of the time. I was the same with XY&Z back when it was airing.

By the way, Bourgain's translated name is Viren.
Now that's a strange name. Why didn't they just call him by his original name? It's really no different.


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It would be cool during the part where the cast are throwing UB balls at Stakataka, but Lillie is throwing it as well and the UB noticed her awful and less threatening throwing skill that it intentionally get inside her UB Ball like Snowy did and captured it.

As for the large amount of slapsticks in this episode, it doesn't really bother me. Then again I don't care about Ash, but those who do, especially they wanted to see him as badass and experienced guy, those scenes were most likely embarrassing to them.

Ok episode I guess, not as good than the other UB episodes imo.


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I actually have something nice to say about this episode for a change, I like how it looked like Ash asked Stakataka if it wanted to go home, instead automatically assuming all UBs want to go home for a change. Granted it still sucks that it chose to go back to its homeworld, but it was nice to see someone ask what the UB wanted for a change instead of sending it straight back home (please go ahead and correct me if I am wrong)

I also like how they tried attacking Stakataka, even if it did dodge the attacks although I am sure why it decided to dodge the attacks you think it being a walking fortress it could just tank them.

I didn't care for the slapstick, and yes that is saying a lot I normally enjoy it especially when Ash is the victim of it but this time around I just didn't enjoy it.

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The opening updated with Amajo. We still have the Movie 21 footage as an ending... we'll probably have it for a while. I miss the PokeProblem segment. ^^
Amajo was added to the opening the very next episode after evolving. And she was technically added to the ending in the episode she evolved... It's just that, at the moment, the Amajo version of the ending is only available on the streaming version because the TV-broadcast cuts out both that ending and the PokéMondai segments to promote the movie instead... But they do exist. The question this week was "Where does the Ultra Beast in this episode first show up?" and the post-episode skit had Satoshi and Suiren walking along the road when Satoshi spots a stone wall that looks a lot like Tsundetsunde and freaks out, only for Suiren to be all "That wall's been there for ages".

Anyway, episode. Not exactly my favorite thing in the world, and every single time that awful "ganbaLilie" pun gets used I want to kill somebody, but I did enjoy Kaki's obvious enjoyment of causing Bourgain pain, and I will never not appreciate Suiren trolling people. Her beating Kaki's record this time was particularly funny because of how implausible it is, I mean, the ten step stack was already taller than anyone there, and Kaki jumping over it was seen as a huge deal... And she just casually beats his record with no fanfare. Despite being tiny. Like, I think she'd have to jump twice her own height just to get over that thing.

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This episode was meh. That is literally all I can say. Just meh. I don’t think it was as bad as people say it was but I still feel like it could have been ten times better.

The beginning part of having the classmates jump over the vault was interesting to watch. I cracked up when Ash tripped and fell face first into the vault was pretty funny. I never realized just how much Lana tries to one up everyone but dang, she is super competitive. Bourgain remembering Ash as “Royal Ash” is kind of ironic, seeing as how Ash can never seem to see through any of Team Rocket’s obvious disguises. Kiawe’s enjoyment of repeatedly causing Bourgain pain was funny for me too. Ash pretty much asked Stakataka is it wanted to go home and I acutally liked that. But that was literally it. Nothing else about this episode was memorable to me.

Honestly, the first half of the episode was so boring, I found it to be rather boring. But the second half really picked up and got interesting but I couldn’t help but feel like Ash catching Stakataka was so underwhelming, seeing as how all it wanted was to get the statue off.

I literally have nothing else to say. This is easily the worst episode of the Ultra Guardians yet. 5/10


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This episode was much better than Celesteela's and both of Poipole's focus episodes. It was very anti climatic, yes, but I found the simple things like Kiawe being enraged at Bourgain, how Bourgain reacted to Stakataka "coming alive", and, most importantly, Stakataka's puppy eyes.


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I can take anti climaxes so long as they're not an excuse to make the show and the cast bland and boring (which sadly the anime has a track record for with it's 900+ TR interruptions that all play nearly exactly the same and turn the twerps on 'automated' most of the time). This was more mundane, but it let the cast shine perfectly.


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For the Ultra Beast and the Ultra Guardians episode are really lame. I don't even care if Ash and the other work together as a team, I just don't care about them as the Guardians.

I can even say that normal Pokemon can cause more trouble than the Ultra Beast can in previous series like Malmar, Lampent, Litwick, Beeheyem, and others. I rather watch normal Pokemon causing people problem then the boring Ultra Beast.

Even though there was some funny moments. I say there was way too much slapstick and dumb moments to make it entertaining for me as a viewer. I wonder why Kaiwai, Ash or Lana didn't try their Z-Moves on Stakataka to see if that works. To a point where they go back to their old ways of just wasting their Ultra beast balls.

So I'll give this episode a 4/10


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I can even say that normal Pokemon can cause more trouble than the Ultra Beast can in previous series like Malmar, Lampent, Litwick, Beeheyem, and others. I rather watch normal Pokemon causing people problem then the boring Ultra Beast.

But weren't most of those also stopped in a laughably easy way like a curb stomp battle or just making peace with them? At least the UG aren't trying to take a laughable situation seriously.


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IMO, the ranking now goes:
Poipole 2 (84)
Blacephalon+Xurkitree (78)
Celesteela/Poipole 1 (69/67)
Stakataka (85)
Buzzwole (61)


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I'm holding hope on Pheromosa actually trying to hurt ugly beings.

But knowing the anime, it will probably gain an unhealthy desire for fashion.

Where in the Dex or the games does it say Pheromosa wants to do that?! All we know from the games is that it doesn't want to touch anything it deems unclean.

They are also very fast, have pheromones that make others more submissive and like living in deserts.

It might make things a bit easier if we take away the interpretation that the Ultra Beasts are aliens that want to exterminate all life on earth and view them as what the Looker Quest and the Anime are trying to portray them as.

Animals in a foreign world that would rather be at home. (Or with Nihilego, has no desire for anything because it isn't sentient enough for anything but instinctual behavior.)


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After re-watching the episode, I like it a lot more. Don't be like me and watch Pokemon episodes at 6 AM, kids.

It's nice to see Kiawe actually getting back at Viren for his previous actions.

Also, "Bourgain Tower". I wonder if that's a reference to an actual thing. Hmm...

Yeah, I miss times when the twerps were shown to be mischievous or vindictive around the bad guys instead of just 'stock righteous outrage' all the time.

I miss when they could be outright jerks to people, bad or otherwise.

Back when Ash first met Max in AG, he got so annoyed by the kid's obnoxious personality that in one scene, Torchic lit Max on fire and Ash can be seen grinning evilly. Sadly cut from the dub, I believe.

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It's nice to see Kiawe actually getting back at Viren for his previous actions.
Yeah I definitely liked Kiawe’s reactions after seeing Viren but at least the Ultra Guardians got some revenge on him. It was funny to see him get hit by a Bonemerang.