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Learn from My Mistake

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Est sularus oth mith
So this winter I bought a house. And it's a beautiful home, but I learned a valuable lesson. Never buy a house in the Winter.

See the basement walls were painted and partially finished. But once spring sprung, I watched my basement walls crack from under the cement paint used to cover the light cracks, and the drywall I just had to remove due to leaks uncovered massive cracks which were supposed to be disclosed if not repaired.

I now have, several thousand dollars of demolition to perform before I can have the walls repaired. Then there is disposal costs on top of all that! Not to mention if there is black mold, I could loose my family's home.

So learn from my mistake, if you're buying a house, do so in the Spring or Fall, and even better, on a rainy day!


Okay, what are we supposed to talk about? How your house sucks? The amount of people that relate to your situation is probably abysmal so I can't see much discussion happening here.
Not open for further replies.