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Learn To Fly - A Rocketshippy SongFic

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Blissfully Ignorant

Erm... hi guys. =D My name's Holly, and I'm new here, but I was just wondering if you could rate my first ever SongFic? It'd be greatly appreciated if you could spare the time. I'm not sure if you like SongFics here, because they're not my general thing, but I thought I'd pioneer the idea.

OK, here goes nothing. I don't care about criticism, by the way, because I'd like to receive your feedback in order to improve. If you like it, then all the better, but don't be put off from a response if you dislike it.

It's based on the Foo Fighters song, Learn To Fly, and no, I own neither the song, the band, Pokemon itself and, very sadly, I don't own Dave Grohl. =(

Learn To Fly

James glanced up the night's eternal landscape, tears invading his vision and sadness enveloping his heart.

She was gone. His best friend, his soulmate, his reason for living... it was all dead.

He'd never felt so hopeless in his life.

He'd even left Meowth temporarily and sprinted off, unable to cope with the Hospital's constant concerns over his mental state, and had begun to mourn off his own accord. He couldn't accept their patronising antics anymore. The woman he had secretly loved for over a decade had just died, for God's sake - he needed to be alone, not with idiotic counsellors! As though they could ever acknowledge the extent of his emotional torment anyway...

Run and tell all of the angels

That this could take all night

If he would have been totally honest with himself, he'd have realised that he was frightened of living without his Jessie. Terrified, in fact. She had been an integral part of his being for so long, the prospect of existing without her there everyday petrified him, and he wasn't sure if, or for how long, he could cope with the pressure. She'd taken a part of him with him when she'd left, and he needed that portion back. He wasn't ever going to get it though, was he?

Think I need a devil to help me

Get things right

Through his tears, he made out several, beautiful constellations, the like of which were illuminating the evening's canvas. He'd never seen them shine so brightly... even Orion seemed so much more luminous tonight.

It was almost as if Jessie was attempting to cheer her best friend up. It was an impossible concept, but James clung to it with all his spiritual might, because it offered him a shred of comfort.

Hook me up a new revolution

Cos this one is a lie

The visions of her form, lying deathly pale and stationary on a hard, cold mattress in the Hospital, soon convinced him otherwise, and he collapsed into a deep, dark mood, sobbing loudly.

"I love you," he whispered through his infinite misery, staring at what he recognised to be the shimmer of Venus high above his blue-haired scalp. "I always did, and I always will..."

We sat around laughing

And watch the last one die

Not even the majesty of the Universe could occupy his mind tonight. He needed nothing other than that which he couldn't have - and that not only saddened, but frustrated him. There were murderers, rapists, tyrants, warlords, all living perfectly happily and adequately... why did it have to be Jessie who died? She wasn't an evil person...

Sighing, he lay on the grass, not endeavouring to unravel his sleeping bag. Only she could have warmed him up. Witnessing her final resting place, icy flush creeping up her naturally pale skin, he felt heartless to have laid claim to the warmth of a proper blanket.

Instead, he lay there, bare, shivering, and wishing that he could die in his sleep. Ungrateful, it may have seemed to another; to James, it was realistic and necessary.

I’m looking to the sky to save me

Looking for a sign of life

Looking for something to help me burn out bright

There was no use in this, he realised quickly. His streaming eyes virtually screamed to be prised open whenever he tried to close them, and the guilt he felt at leaving Meowth alone was overwhelming his every thought. He had to find him. Then, they could talk, share their grief, and possibly be able to accomplish some sleep, although James seriously doubted the latter wish.

I’m looking for complications

Looking cos I’m tired of lying

However, one of his desires was sated as he regarded that his other best friend was standing in front of him, looking almost as upset as James himself did.

They exchanged pained looks for a moment, and then, as though through some manner of psychic agreement, Meowth started forwards, and met James' embrace.

Together, beneath the night's splendour, they sobbed into each others' shoulders, each of them recognising that they were all the other had.

Make my way back home

When I learn to fly

The friends remained in that position for a long time, neither willing to allow their partner movement. It was the manner of misery that only truly best friends can share - something that couldn't be accomplished alone, nor with a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. In life, there were just certain things that only your nearest and dearest understood.

This, the duo were both aware, was one of those things. Thankfully, they both had each other to support and comfort, and to be supported and be comforted.

Think I’m done nursing the patience

I can wait one night

"Dis is no good, Jimmy," Meowth murmured, finally pulling away from James' grasp. "Jessie wouldn't want us ta be like dis. She'd want us ta stay strong, and move on wit our lives."

"Then perhaps she should come back and take my place," the male snarled at the cat, furious that he was dismissing her death in such a fashion, "because I can't be strong, Meowth."

I’d give it all away

If you give me one last try

"James..." the feline began, but the man wouldn't allow any more of this discussion to unfold. Not now... he couldn't handle it...

"Don't you 'James' me," he growled, unable to prevent his verbal cruelty. Meowth, however, to his credit, stood there, and faced James, bleeding internally for his acquaintance's agony. "She's DEAD, Meowth! It's not like she's been promoted, demoted, kicked out, or injured - she's DEAD! And you're... you're daring to stand there and tell me that she'd want us to be strong?! Well, you know what?! I'd like to see HER cope with this any better! I don't give a **** what you think of me, Meowth, I honestly couldn't care less... but I can't deal with this, alright?! Pathetic, I might be. Cowardly, useless, excuse for a man I might be, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I need her... and I love her. So don't you stand there, looking all courageous, and tell me to move on, because I CAN'T, OK? I CAN'T!"

James fell to the compacted Earth again, crying like a small child, not feeling any better for releasing some emotion.

Meowth climbed onto his lap, and hugged him again, feeling slightly relieved as James' arms wrapped round him and held him in return.

We live happily ever trapped

If you just save my life

"I'm sorry," the man whispered to the cat, to which he nodded reassuringly, telling him that he comprehended why he'd taken out his turmoil out on him. "You're right... Jessie wouldn't want us to be like this. She'd want us to live the rest of our lives in peace, and remember her, but not exist in a permanent state of misery. But it's just so difficult, Meowth..."

"I know, James," the feline replied in earnest. "I know."

The Human glanced up, and managed a half-smile at his friend. It gave his expression a little less contortion, which, Meowth deduced, could only be a good thing.

"Ya know, when I was jus' a baby Meowth, my fadder died, and my mudder told me a little story about what had happened to him," the cat informed his companion quietly. "She told me dat he'd learnt ta fly, and was on a big adventure in da Universe. I remember askin' her why we couldn't join him, and she looked sad, and ya know what she said, Jimmy?"

James' head shook slightly - his way of informing the Pokemon that he hadn't a clue what his mother had told him.

"She told me dat one day, we'd all learnt ta fly, and zoom across da sky like we were born ta do it," the animal recalled fondly. "And when dat day came, we'd all be one, big, happy family again, and be reunited forever."

Run and tell the angels

That everything is all right

"You've never told me that story before," James muttered calmly, stealing a glance at the glistening stars, high above his head, and beginning to question their significance once more.

"I've never needed ta, James," the feline answered gently, to which the male nodded in comprehension.

"So, you think she's making the stars brighter tonight?" James queried softly.

"If you're askin' me if I t'ink dat it's a coincidence, then da answer's no," Meowth said quietly, raising his wide eyes to the heavens, and sighing wistfully as he realised what James meant.

I’m looking to the sky to save me

Looking for a sign of life

Looking for something to help me burn out bright

"Do you think it's J -" the Human began, but he froze as he viewed the stars seemingly begin to move.

"Youse can't be tellin' me dat's normal," he replied, evidently stunned as he saw what his friend was staring so avidly at.

"Let's just watch," James murmured, astounded as he watched Orion's beauty dissipate and be replaced with several letters.

James and Meowth waited patiently as a message was spelt out across the galactical spreadsheet.

I’m looking for complications

Looking cos I’m tired of trying

"Ain't she screwin' up da Universe?" The cat asked in wonder, not actually caring whether Jessie was destroying the natural order of space and time.

"I don't give a damn," James replied emphatically, gasping as he acknowledged the shining calligraphy of the sky. It truly was as though the deceased women considered the Galaxy a canvas, and the stars as her raw materials.

After the pair next blinked, written, in a shimmering line of miniature suns, were the words:


"We will, Jessica," James whispered, a smile twirling round his lips as more tears fell from his eyes. This time, however, they were of relief - knowing that wherever his soulmate was, she was physically adequate, was a huge burden removed from his soul. "One day, my love..."

Meowth endeavoured to smile as he curled up on James' lap, finally contented enough to allow sleep to enfold him.

Make my way back home

When I learn to fly

The End

Please tell me if you like it! ^_^

Crystal Walrein

You've relapsed into Rocket fics, Holly. That's all I have to say. Very good, though.

Blissfully Ignorant

Crystal Walrein said:
You've relapsed into Rocket fics, Holly. That's all I have to say. Very good, though.

Thank you! =D You're awesome, William honey. You know you love Rocketshipping REALLY... lol. Cheers for the review, though.


Beautiful and emotional one-shot. ;; The song fits perfectly well through the whole fic. The description and grammar was perfect as well. Looking forward to another one. Keep up the great work. ^^

Blissfully Ignorant

Wow, that's positive of you all, thank you very much. =) I thought this song was appropriate too, Pikachublue.

Perhaps you would like to read Harmony...? Something I wrote a while back, but it still rocks. =)
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