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Least Favorite Characters in Pokemon Manga

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by JDogindy, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Lord_Storm

    Lord_Storm Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but I dont find them as interesting as the actual things
  2. Ludi-Cola

    Ludi-Cola Drink Responsibly

    Mika_Coyote I'm not quite sure what you mean by Red and Yellow coming out of nowhere. It struck me as a first crush spurred by his personality; quick decision making, helping anyone who is in danger (Yellow just happened to be lost & startled by Dratini while Red approached Viridian Forest from another direction), and most important his inspiring words on pokemon training. Yellow loves pokemon and feels a strong emotional bond w/ them more as "friends" than typical battle partners, and while she admired Red's closeness to Saur and Pika lacked the basic knowledge and perhaps guts to try capturing one on her own. I'm unsure whether she and Red would make a good romantic couple, certainly she still has shyness issues to overcome first-- but in a mentor/student role they worked for me.
    I did understand your comments on Emerald and Mitsumi's looks, their hairdos are a bit distracting compared to the in-game designs of Wally & Platinum (perhaps b/c we've seen the sprites/official artwork often that they were based on?) After I got used to the physical style changes they appealed more and I got curius to find more off their stories but they weren't insta-faves for me either.
  3. --C4--

    --C4-- Only my Railgun

    I only really disliked Yellow to be honest , Sapphire(I think its Sapphire never can remember whether it was Sapphire or Ruby) didn't the character any dignity either but thats just my thoughts.
  4. Lugion

    Lugion Well-Known Member

    Sapphire was the girl. The badass girl.
  5. --C4--

    --C4-- Only my Railgun

    Ah well then, now I can say that Ruby god damn sucks.
  6. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Except Wally and Emerald are completely different characters. Wally exists in Special as Wally.
  7. Ludi-Cola

    Ludi-Cola Drink Responsibly

    That's what I meant tho, I was agreeing w/ Mika in that Emerald's hairdo and appearance seemed strange, compared to Wally who we'd already met in Special. But once I got used to Emerald's design I took an interest in his story. I felt bad for how alone he grew up, even w/ Crys' support and the Lati twins watching over him. I wish I was less shallow sometime but my first impression of Emerald was "oh my eyes, it's a fugness overload". ^^;
  8. joanaugusts

    joanaugusts Banned

    My least favourite is Ami. My reasons being, that I'm an offense chick, and her powers are really for defense. Her only offensive attack is the harp one, so if she's ever alone, she's screwed.
  9. TehGr81

    TehGr81 College graduate

    I hated Emerald, due to the fact that he had to borrow Pokemon from Crystal in order to battle.
  10. Lugion

    Lugion Well-Known Member

    Well, considering he had none of his own, and hated Pokémon... Plus, he was there to capture Jirachi, and Crystal's Pokémon are specifically trained for capturing.

    Crystal couldn't do it herself because she doesn't have Emerald's "gift".
  11. Dashing

    Dashing Well-Known Member

    I must say I didn't care for Emerald in the slightest. He seemed to be a spoiled little brat. And, although it sounds shallow, I don't like his hair and the emerald he has on his forehead. What is that about? I find it so distracting that I can't really concentrate on reading the story...
  12. deokishisu.123

    deokishisu.123 Justified Trope

    i onlyt have to say, that Emerald was a waste of space. we were fine without him. i think Wally should have gotton the part.
  13. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    Poor Emerald...(almost)Everyone seems to hate the guy... :(
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2010
  14. CrazedPochama

    CrazedPochama UxieWorshiper

    I hate Yellow. I find her annoying and weird.. ..>.> They didn't have to put her in the manga. I also hate Pearl in the manga. He's a spaz. But he is less annoying than his anime counterpart. That is all.
  15. xXForGotten

    xXForGotten Pokemon Breeder x3

    hmm...i really dont like Pearl or Emerald....they seem so annoying to me...
  16. Yamato-san

    Yamato-san I own the 5th gen

    you could probably blame this on the games making Mitsuru/Wally a character with an established name rather than letting you name him, like you could with the rivals in the other games (he doesn't get a starter Pokemon with a type-advantage to your starter, either). That said, the fault really lies in the 3rd generation and its failure to give you any really noteworthy rival characters (your gender counterpart being a very, very sad excuse of one whom, even in the Emerald rematches, can never evolve his/her starter to its final form).

    The guys behind Special, judging from official artwork, were likely tempted to make Mitsuru act as the third child in the first place. But then the third version came out, and a new character had to represent Emerald version rather than having a pre-established character be reworked for the role.
  17. Dreamingflower

    Dreamingflower Trying out new games

    It's no reason to hate Emerald because he replaced Wally. You should judge a character because of his personality. It's like judging someone because of it's looks that's unfair. It's not Emeralds fault the writer chose to make Emerald the main chara in the Emerald arc. At least Wally got some spotlight time in RS arc. I like Emerald he's funny his behavior when he met the frontier vbrains the first time was hilarious and the meeting with Ruby and Sapphire too.
  18. Satoshi_poketo monsta

    Satoshi_poketo monsta Home-Made Trainer.

    I would prefer Ruby and Red both has a great personality and cool looking to me.
    Especially when Red came to Fire Red series. Both has a different personality and appearance but I like them both. But that doesn't mean I hate the other Character.
  19. Lunar-Sneasel

    Lunar-Sneasel Well-Known Member

    I'm about halfway through DP Adventure and I'm in the middle of the Ruby & Sapphire arc in Pokemon Adventures/Special. So far there hasn't been anyone I really hated.

    That being said, Charmaine/Shum and Keane/Cart strike me as ridiculously bland, seeing as how they seem to be Pryce's second in commands. They don't have much personality outside of being generic henchmen, which is sad seeing as how Pryce also had working for him a fairly good comic relief team rocket group and Will and Karen, who I thought should have been developed more.
  20. Dreamingflower

    Dreamingflower Trying out new games

    Don't wprry you will see karen and Will back in HGSS the're they'll be more developed I hope. You'll be very happy with FRLG arc I just finished that one for the 3rd time and I still love it.

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