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(Least) Favourite in-game battle


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What i would like to know is your favourite and your least favourite in-game battle(wether its the battle vs Red or maybe your very first gymbattle vs Brock, i'll take anything) Mine is the battle vs Ghetsis in Black/White, my little brother's favourite is You & Steven vs Team Magma Admin and Leader

Least favourite of mine is the ones vs Bianca...i mean come on...
My little brother has to go with the battle vs Red(its to hard for him LOL)

Post plz...whats your favourite/least favourite

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Probably Lance in HGSS, as I usually end up underlevelled and his Dragonites are Bulky >:C


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Wallace in emerald, because he sucks so much as a champion compared to steven. For gym leaders, burgh is practically impossible in both bw and bw2 if you don't have a fire or flying type by then.


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Whitney. Miltank is the bane of my existence - and why is mine never that good?!

Rayze Darr

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Anyone with magikarp x6.

Was just coming in to say this.

I also have recollection of a trainer with a Noctowl midway through Gold and Silver that would absolutely DESTROY my team. T-T


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I'd say my least favorite was one of these 5;

Tia and Mia (the twin gym leaders)
The ice guy in gen 3
Battling good at the end of victory road, my team is always ridiculously underleveled and it just isn't fun


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I love fighting with Hugh against anyone. :p I also liked fighting Marlon.
My least favorite battle was against Whitney and her Miltank.
Elesa and her stupid emolga was my least favorite.
Battling Red at the end of HG was my favorite.


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least favorite: having blaziken as your starter in RSE and fighting tate & liza.

favorite: battle with steven in meteor falls in emerald.
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hmm... i just got wasted by colress at the bottom of ss badguyship. probably should have known to save before i talked to him with just one lv 70.


My Favorite would be teaming up with Silver to battle Lance and Claire.

Least Favorite is Cheren in B/W after collecting the last badge. I thought he would be a really tough opponent but it was just same old Cheren.