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Least Favourite of each Starter Trio?

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X&Y Supporter
Gen 1: Squirtle
Gen 2: Totodile
Gen 3: Torchic
Gen 4: Chimchar
Gen 5: Oshawott

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Gen 1: Bulbasaur
Gen 2: Chikorita
Gen 3: Treeko, maybe? IDK, I like the Gen 3 starters about equally.
Gen 4: Turtwig
Gen 5: Tepig


Well-Known Member
Lets see...

Gen 1: Squirtle would be my least favorite, although I do really like wartortle.
Gen 2: I actually quite like all of the starters from this gen. Chikorita is my current favorite, but totodile was my first starter, so I can't say its my least favorite. I guess I have to say cyndaquil, even though I do still like it.
Gen 3: Treeko. I rather like all of the base forms from this gen, but none of the third stages very much.
Gen 4: Piplup, I guess.
Gen 5: Tepig. Oshawott is the only one of the three I've ever actually trained, though


Dragon Trainer
1: None, honestly I can't decide. I really don't like Venasaur but I love Bulbasaur and Ivysaur.
2: Chikorita
3: Torchic
4: Chimchar
5: Oshawott

It's funny because in almost every intstance, my least favorite is the one I picked in my first play through of each. Ha!


Petal Blizzard
It's funny because in almost every intstance, my least favorite is the one I picked in my first play through of each. Ha!

I did that with Turtwig even though I hate Torterra, just because I wanted to have a Lucario in my team and didn't want any pokemon of the same type together :p
I regret it now though, 'cause I got the change to use Empoleon (the best one) in platinum but never really trained an Infernape, who is also very cool.


Active Member
Let's see

Kanto: Squirtle - A difficult choice but ultimately Squirtle while cool isn't as cool as Bulbasaur or Charmander
Johto: Totodile - Again difficult choice. I don't like Chikorita much.
Hoenn: Mudkip - Just don't like the line much...
Sinnoh: Chimchar - Don't really like the Sinnoh starters much at all, but I like Chimchar least of all
Unova: Tepig - Not much of a problem deciding here. At least Snivy looks great.

Pokemon Robot

Fighting n Steel ftw
I'd do this with a poll if it weren't for the max of ten options...
So in each starter set, Kanto to Unova, what is your least favourite in that set? Here are mine:

Kanto: Charmander line. Game only they are all equal in my eyes, the Squirtle line maybe taking 1st. However, this may sound cliché, but the way some (only a minority) fans harp on about Charizard, just gets to me. I did a Diamond playthrough with all three Kanto starters and you know who did the best? Venusaur (named Maryjuana), followed by Blastoise. Charizard was actually somewhat underwhelming.

Johto: Totodile line. Again a fairly close one. However I like Chikorita the most and Cyndaquil just edges out so sorry my little Croc.

Hoenn: Mudkip line. I no liekz mudkipz? Yeah, some of the starter designs irk me in this gen. Sceptile is awkward, Combusken is ugly as sin and I don't like the Marshtomp's or Swampert's cheek things. So it came down to (in game) performance. Swampert felt the most awkward.

Sinnoh: Chimchar line. God I hate Chimchar. It has a poop on its head for Pete's sake. Monferno looks fairly cool, but Infernape just returns to the ugly with its stupid armour stuff.

Unova: Tepig line. Another Fire-Fighting, awkward design, unappealing stats. The Tepig line pale in comparison to both Oshawott and Snivy.

Funny. I never disliked the Grass types.

I majorly disagree with people that hate the fourth generation strarter Chimchar line. Infernape is able to make it into the OU, as well as being able to pown both Empoleon and Torterra in a battle. (Close Combat on Empoleon and Overheat on Torterra).

My least favorite starter for all generations are water starters. Water is one of the weakest types, no matter how many advantages you give it. Fire is my favorite. I agree, Fire and Fighting gets a bit annoying, but it has many advantages. And grass is just...... meh.....


Gen1: Probably Bulbasaur, but honestly all of these are good.
Gen2: Totodile.
Gen3: Treecko, mostly because the other two are two of my favorite starter lines ever. Though Gen3 overall had really good starters.
Gen4: PIPLUP. And no, not because of the anime. I started my first Gen4 game with Piplup and I hate its final form so much. I just didn't like the Water/Steel combo at all.
Gen5: I can't really say here because I haven't had Snivy yet.
Gen 1: Charmander, but only because Charmeleon is weird looking, at least to me.
Gen 2: Tododile. Same thing, Croconaw ruins it.
Gen 3: Treeko. I honestly love all the Hoenn starters, but Treeko was the one that I had the least fun with.
Gen 4: Chimchar. I really don't like Chimchar for some reason. It's design is just so awkward.
Gen 5: Tepig. Same thing, something about it is just weird. Although, Emboar is pretty cool looking.

Aura Flare Riolu

Cutest Riolu around!
Generation 1: Charmander! While I like Charmander, I despise Charizard so much and I love all 3 members of the other starter lines.
Generation 2: I just cannot choose. I love all 3 of them (Especially Quilava :3). But if I had to choose, it'll be Meganium.
Generation 3: Mudkip. I used to like it but I just can't get into it's evolution line anymore.
Generation 4: Same as Gen 2, I can't choose. If anything, the Turtwig line. It doesn't work well with my battle style.
Generation 5: Probably the Snivy line. While I like all 3, the moveset of the Snivy line is just way too bad.


Well-Known Member
Gen 1: Bulbasaur (I don't dislike it, it's last place just by a margin)
Gen 2: Chikorita (same thing with Bulbasaur)
Gen 3: Mudkip (no one kill me for this)
Gen 4: Turtwig (never liked it)
Gen 5: Tepig (we don't need another Fire/Fighting type line)...


Back in the meantime
Ok here goes....

Gen 1 - Bulbasaur - Never really appealed to me.
Gen 2 - Chikorita - Tough to choose from this since I never really liked Johto's starters. But overall, I'll have to go with her since it was hard to use her. Sorry, but I still think your good!
Gen 3 - Treecko - Also a bit tough to use. He's also not my type.
Gen 4 - Piplup - Close call between these this and Turtwig but I have to go with Piplup because he isn't my type too.
Gen 5 - Tepig - Disappointing, just disappointing and it's not because he's a fire/fighting type. I did use him at one time and did prove as a great team member though, but I never really liked him and I didn't like his design either. Sorry man...

Notice that majority were grass starters? I never really liked grass starters anyway... :/
Peace if you don't agree with me or my choices or reasons! :)


I'll do my Lilliest
Kanto: None
Johto: None
Hoenn: None
Sinnoh: Chimchar (But Monferno is cool), Infernape and Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra.
Unova: Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Pignite, Emboar and Samurott.

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