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Leave Everything To Us! The Plusle and Minun Handymen! (1150)


Pokemon World Champion
Hmm....well ...decent character driven episode. It could have been a more interesting side-story if they had focused on the brother and sister bond in my opinion. But stuff like this have potential. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t solve the problem at the end by using some psychic type and levitating them out of that hole?
The episode would've been 45 seconds long if they had come with the right tools for the job though


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
TR saved this episode... still waiting on more seriours devlopment episodes for TR. My fav thing about Pokemon.


Deluded Dreamer
This episode is overly hated, it was really a cute episode and I loved the handymen, such good characterisation hope they return at some point. TR was pretty amazing here, they captured their charm perfectly here, wish they did that more in Journeys


Alola Shill
Mulply is really cute and I wish she was a game character so her design wouldn’t be wasted on a filler. I liked how TR helped out too.

And…..that’s it. This episode was very dull, even for Journeys.

Satomine Night

The Power of Z!
Sweet mother of Tapu Koko, Ash nearly recognized Team Rocket while they were disguised?! My mind has been blown! o_O

This episode was kind of cute. To be more specific, Plusle and Minun were cute. However, the episode itself was not really that interesting. With the exception of those rare "enemy mine" situations, I don't like it when Ash and his friends team up with Team Rocket. I don't care if Meowth is stuck under a pile of Tauros. I wouldn't have trusted any member of Team Rocket to operate a wench without someone keeping an eye on them.

Starswirl Pikachu

Well-Known Member
My first reaction to the handypeople is that this is the sort of thing that Team Rocket would do. (Team Rocket shows up) But then again I would say its not bad. Kind of a huge coincidence that are so many Tauros around but it led to a good chance for Ash and Goh to help out. Raises the question of what can a trainer do when pokeballs get lost? Who do they call to get replacements?

Yuugis Black Magician

Namaikina Imouto
Finally catching up on episodes I didn't watch when they initially aired. This was such a cute episode! I loved all of the faces that Mulply made, she was such a mood. I, too, become overwhelmed by stuff and am a cute girl.