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Legendaries- Are they really all that bad?

Are Legendary Pokémon really all that bad?

  • Yes, they are for losers.

    Votes: 1 5.0%
  • No, Legendary Pokémon, even though they are considered very powerful, I do not hate them.

    Votes: 9 45.0%
  • I care for all Pokémon, legendary or not.

    Votes: 10 50.0%

  • Total voters


Justified Trope
As the title states, do any of YOU think using legendaries is bad, and is the most nabbish thing in the world? Personally, I don't mind legends. Deoxys is a very cool guy, and I dislike Deoxys-haters, but, I'm not here to judge. Let's see what you guys think, hmm?


Well-Known Member
What are your thoughts on Zekrom? Celebii maybe? How about Mewtwo? I'm sure you can figure out why I chose those three.

I really don't see what's the big deal with legendaries. I mean, some of them (Phione, Manaphy, Heatran) barely even seem legendary.


Not a tool
Legendaries are just like any other pokemon, except super strong. Using a Jirachi on your team is less noobish than using a Garchomp, since Garchomp has arguably better overall stats. Legendaries should just be treated as other pokemon, and whether you decide to use them on your team or not is your choice just like any other pokemon. I personally don't use legends, but that's because I become attached to the pokemon I train in my party.
I see them like every other Pokemon. I use mostly the creation trio and Shaymin and I plan on using Phione in the future.


Dr. Geek
To be honest, many of my teams have at least one legandary, usually the games signature legendary, like Zekrom in White or Groudon in Ruby.

I use legendary Pokemon a lot. I can use them if I want. If they were meant to never be used, than why would they be put in game.

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
Legendaries are not that special there just overused and kinda pointless.
Except minor legendaries.

kaiser soze

Reading ADWD
As long as you can beat a pokemon game without having to resort to a team of six Arceus, I think it's fine.


Bug Maniac
Personally, I don't like using them, and I prefer it when other people don't. It ruins the creativity of the game. there's 650+ pokemon in the game for a reason, not just the legendaries. But it's more the fact that from another angle, I like to say to myself, "Is it really possible for, say, 600 trainers to ALL have Lugia?" It doesn't make sense. at least this way, you can tell a story. Thats my opinion, though. Some of them, like Celebi, however, can likely be used by multiple trainers, so they aren't so bad. But when you see fourty guys weilding a Zekrom/Arceus/Groudon, I think it's kind of unbelieveable.