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Legendary Island Sign ups


< So cute! *huggles*
Please head to the discusion thread if you have signed up and need help.

Please, only sign up as a Pokémon, or as a Team Aqua, O-Zone, or magma member. Thanks

Hello, I have decided to make an RPG. You can be a trainer, a member of Team Aqua, Team Magma, or even the new, Team O-Zone. Or, better yet, you could be a wild pokemon! You may also have two characters, but no more.

NEW INFO: Divonte is the co-owner with me. And also, the sign ups will almost always be open! Also, please put lots of detail into your apperence, I, alon with Divonte, are able to kick you or anyone out. And I also need some Team Aqua, O-Zone, and Magma members please!

Info: This story takes place after Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emeralde.Team Aqua, Team Magma, and the newly formed Team O-Zone are all after Hoeens three legendery Pokemon, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza (respectivliy), and I have found a secret island, that has been hidden for ages.

According to my thoughts, it has all the legendary pokemon, and even some rare ones! (yes, all of these ones!)
;138; ;139; ;140; ;141; ;142; ;144; ;145; ;146; ;150; ;151;
;201-a; All of the Unknowns ;243; ;244; ;245; ;249; ;250; ;251;
;345; ;346; ;347; ;348; ;377; ;378; ;379; ;380; ;381;
;382; ;383; ;384; ;385; ;386; ;386-a; ;386-d; :386-s: and finnally Rukario

Our job, is to get to the island, and stop Teams Magma, Aqua, and O-zone from stealing all the legendarys, and using them for evil. It's going to be a dangerous journey. We have to travel,a wwek on the ocean, and then we have to get past whirlpools, dangouresly huge rocks, a soild wall of rock, and other stuff, all the while, keeping Teams O-zone, Aqua, and Magma at bay.

Sign Up info:
For Trainers Closed
Anything else important:

Teams Aqua, Magma, and O-Zone Open

For Pokemon:Open
Pokemon Species:
Trainer or Wild(Please change if caught)
(Please note, that unless caught, do not show any stats or moves. If you are caught by a trainer, PM the trainer to tell them the moves you have, and also PM them to me AND Divonte so we can make sure you are not over powering your self.)

Misc. Extra stuff: Team Magma and Aqua look like they did in Ruby and Sapphire. Team O-Zone wears all light green, and on their chest there is a Red, Orange, and Yellow O. (They are trying to get Rayquaza, while Magma and Aqua still what Kyogre, and Groudon.)


Metroid0630: Rayquaza and the Dexoys

Zerodius: Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi(Note: Celebi is also partially controlled by me) and Jirachi

Zangetsu: Raikou and Suicune

Bombsey: Latios and Latias

Civic Avenger: Entei

Quincy: Moltres

Exiled: All 3 regis

Mossheart: Articuno

My Info:

Name: Takun

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Apperence: He is about 5'11 and wieghs 150 lbs. He wears a white shirt with a tan button up shirt over it, along with tan pants with multiple pockets. He wears a regular red cap with a blue OM on it for Oceanic Muesum. He also wears a black bag over him that is slung to one side. It carries all his research stuff, his drawing supplies, and his potions and pokeballs and other items. He wears black shoes with white v's on them.

History: He and his father own and live in the Oceanic Musem. His mother died when he was only three years old trying to save him while he was drowning. He has always been intrested in legendery pokemon. He got intrested in them because of all the saliors around Slateport that tell storys of the legendery pokemon. He also has all three starting Pokemon from the Kanto region because he found them abandened in the wild.

Pokemon: ;003; Venusuar Lvl 47 named Veany, ;006; Charizard Lvl 77 named Chary, ;009; Blastoise Lvl 61 named Blasty, ;264; Linoone Lv 55

Anything else important: He can speak, read, write, and understand Japanese and he understands what his Pokémon say.

Character 2

Species: Rayquaza ;384;
Level: 100
Gender: N/A
Trainer or Wild: Wild
Anything Else: Rayquaza, also known as, "The Dragon" or "Dragon" by many of the legendery Pokémon, is basically the protecter and watcher of Legendery Island. Any who have landed on the island, were incinereted by him. He doesn't treat strangers well, unless he knows they have good intentions.


And there you go.

Sign ups are now open.
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Flame Trainer
may i join?
name: Divonte age:16

gender: male

apperence: Divonte wears a black t-shirt with a flame on it with blue jeans a cap on backwards and black shoes his skin is light brown and he has red eyes also he has a backpack on he is about 6'2 and he wieghs 170 lbs .

history: Divonte has allways heard of lengedary pokemon but he had never seen one untill one day when he saw Ho-oh. one day Divonte was walking home to lilycove when the police stoped him "whats the probelm sir?" Divonte asked. "we are sorry but you cant go through team magma has been attacking the city and a few houses are on fire." "WHAT?! i gotta go see if my famliy is ok!" "no way! its to dangerous to go out there!" Divonte then backed off for a moment then he ran at them as if he was about to ram them then he tossed a pokeball at the ground "FLYGON USE FLY" Flygon burst out of the pokeball then Divonte jumped on its back and they flew off toward his house when they landed Divonte stared at the burning house "no......no it cant be....." Divonte then fell to his knees and started crying "no no no...." he then looked up in the sky and saw a rainbow suddenly huge rainbow colored bird appeared above Divonte's house and started flaping its wings and starting a gust that Quickly blew the fire out Divonte simply stared at Ho-oh as it flew away.6 months later "time to check the mail" Divonte said as he went through the mail then he saw a invite to legendary island "hmm legendary island huh well this should be fun."
Pokemon:Typhlosion lvl 85 ;157; Gardevoir lvl 75 ;282; Pikachu lvl 80 ;025; Flygon lvl 70 ;330; Espeon lvl 75 ;196; Absol lvl 80 ;359;

Other: Divonte is very brave and frinendly but he gets angry when he is annoyed and dose not like to be bored Divonte also likes to play with his pokemon and due to having mental contact to garedevoir and espeon he can mentaly speak to all pokemon.
Team Magma leader
Pokemon:Alakazam lvl 90 ;065; Salamence lvl 90 ;373; Tyranitar lvl 90 ;248; Blaziken lvl 90 ;257; Aggron lvl 90 ;306; Charzard lvl 95 ;006;
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Pachirisu Master
¡¡¡¡¡I EDITED IT!!!!!

I'll join...

Name: Richy

Gender: Male

Appearence: Richy


Pokemon: ;351; lvl. 50 female; ;351; lvl. 50 male; ;351; lvl. 50 female; ;351; lvl. 50 male; ;351; lvl. 50 female; ;351; lvl. 50 male;
Male= Normal, Female= Shiny​

Other: The six Castforms had been orphan, sence their eggs were laid. The parents both died from an attack from Cipher Admin Snattle (Wazzle). Then Snattle stole them. Three days later, they used them as test Pokemon for the Ultimate Shadow Pokemon. Then they were transformed (like Lugia) to perma-Shadow Pokemon. Then, Richy saw te Shadow Castforms, and Snagged them. Then out of nowhere, Cipher Peons of Snattle kidnapped Richy. Somehow, they turned Richy to a Shadow Human. (Like, Shadow Pokemon, but human.) Weirdly, he knew Shadow Sky and Shadow Storm. Then, he woke up in the Hoenn, but he was kidnapped in the Orre... He heard two things, that there was a ship going to Legendary Island, and that Snattle was their trying to turn the Regis into Shadow Pokemon. Now he wants to go to Legendary Island, get revenge on Snattle, and try to stop himself from destroying everything from his reverse mode tantrums. When he gets a reverse mode tantrum, he sends out a scury of Shadow Skys and Storms. Same goes with his Castforms.

His Castforms are also weird due to they have eight attacks!!! Five normal attacks, and three shadow attacks, which one is a new attack, Shadow Cloud, which is equiption to the other weather attacks, including Shadow Sky.Their attcks are:
  • Weather Ball
  • Hail
  • Rain Dance
  • Sunny Day
  • Sandstorm
  • Shadow Sky
  • Shadow Cloud
  • Shadow Storm
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Well-Known Member
Pokemon Species: Jirachi
Level: 80
Gender: Male
Trainer or Wild: Wild


Spartan G-26
Name:Travis Seekono
Apperence:Travis is 5'12'' and weighs 176 ibs. He has navy blue with hair with silver stripes in it. he has long hair which reaches a little under his shoulder. He wears a jet black T-shirt with a a pokeball in the middle and a master ball on his back. He usually wears a green vest over it equipped with pokeballs on it. He wears blue jeans with a scrap on the knee. He wears red running shoes which are always tied tight.
Pokemon: ;094;Shadow lv.60 ;115; lv.60 ;323;Volcano lv.58 ;006;Blaze lv.63 ;254;Razor lv.65 ;134; Hydro lv.56


I don't think this RPG is developed. This is another generic Pokemon-journey RPG, with no significant plot twist. If you want to make better RPGs, be original, and please, please, please, be more descriptive.

Besides, what is the history with team "O-Zone?"

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
This RPG isn't developed. This is another generic Pokemon-journey RPG, with no significant plot twist. If you want to make better RPGs, be original, and please, please, please, be more descriptive.


Well-Known Member
XDLord said:
1. Let RaZoR do the talking.
2. It's not like it's a generic get 8 badges and compete in a league RPG. It's a Jurrasic Park kind of journey.
3. I was wondering what was up with O-Zone too, but it's not like Aqua and Magma were creative names either.

1. Razor has NO objections to others constructively critisizing other's RPGs. He frowns upon Spamming said threads up, however.

2: He hasn't explained the plot. He doesn't say WHY the teams are there, he doesn't explain O-Zone, and thus the RPG is underdeveloped. Why would an island have all the Legendaries on it? How would someone even uncover this island? I'm under the impression that most Legendaries do NOT want to be found, but maybe that's just a load of bull.

3: He could STILL explain what O-Zone is, and why the three teams are on the island, and why they have to get past them.


Name: Nicholas
Age: 10
Gender: male
Apperence: a boy who is 4 feet 6 inches. Who whas Dark brown Hair with Blond streaks and som silver ones. he always wears a orange t-shirt and some dark green shorts. Nicholas has some tan skin. withtrue;">black sandals with a tinche of blue on them. Nicholas was son to one of the greatest pokemon trainers of all time Steven stone. Steven taught Nicholas everything he knows about pokemon. Nicholas is considered a prefessional pokemon trainer.
Pokemon: ;200;lv: 59. ;126; lv. 61 ;242; lv.60 ;169; lv. 60 ;176; lv. 60 ;149; lv.65
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I want to join...

Sign Up info:

Apperence: A girl with long black hair up to her waist. Her swellow is usually always out and on her shoulder and she wears a red jacket all the time, even if its blazing hot. She has brown eyes which sometimes turn red when she's very angry and white skin.
Pokemon: Ninetales Lvl:60, Espeon: Lvl 50, Umbreon: lvl 51, Swellow: lvl 60, Quagsire: lvl 58, Altaria: lvl 73
Anything else important: Luna is a fire/dark trainer. She is closely linked with fire pokemon, and the legendary phoenix, ho-oh. Luna can somehow heal people and pokemon, but it takes up a lot of energy for her.


i want to change my profile...

Name: Tikal Kinomoto
Age: 11
Gender: female

History: she was abandoned by her father and mother because she got lost in the zoo. luckliy she had her absol that was not yet tamed. she was so scared that she didnt even know she was out of the zoo while her parents were looking for her. a few years later tikal lerend the ways of the out side world. her first pokemon was an absol and she loved it very much. she looks pretty but the only thing she dosent know is the way of friendship bettween people insted of pokemon.
Pokemon: 1) absol nickname shadi lv. 80
2)mightyena nickname: yena lv. 77
3)blazekien nickname: blazen lv. 77
4)quilava nickname: lava lv. 55
5) umbreon nickname: yin lv. 57
6)espeon nickname: yang lv.56
Anything else important: she was 5 when she got lost and she had a distant friend and her name was luna. she dosent know yet though. she dosent remember even her past life
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dragon tamer drakano

pokemon:salamance lvl 80,flygon lvl 70,dragonite lvl 70,milotic lvl 70,charizard lvl 70,tyranitar lvl 70.
anything else important: dragon trainer also can take the form of any pokemon but feels quite weak after doing so (doesnt use often)


< So cute! *huggles*
Sorry, haven't been able to get on, but next week I will be on for 3 days, so I should get the RP topic up and running around then. Again, sorry that I haven't been on much, school has been hectic, and we just upgraded the only internet computer avilibale in this house. Please PM with any questions about the RP (not discription questions though) and I will try to reply asap. Sorry again.


name: Alex Reetz
appernce: wears a bark robe
pokemon: look at my sig...


Poor Torchic
This sounds fun

Name:Tommy Lee
Apperence:Tommy is a little tall for his age.Tommy has short black spikey hair and is also slim.Tommy wears no shirt, but a red vest so little of his chest is showing,he wears long black baggy pants with lots of pockets,and Tommy also wears a necklace.
History:When Tommy was little there was a big storm Tommy looked out the window and saw glowing eyes and big shaped dragon/bird shadowy figure.After a few years Tommy studied then found out it was a Lugia the Legendary pokemon who dwells on the bottom of the ocean.
Personality:Tommy is gentle and kind.He'll risk his life for his friends and such.Just don't get Tommy mad.
Pokemon:Charizard Lv.60 ;006; ,Aggron Lv.47 ;306; ,Walrein Lv.53 ;365; ,Seedot Lv.26 ;273; ,Scizor Lv.47 ;212; Machoke Lv.44 ;067;
Anything else important:Tommy knows Cantonese(if thats important).

Hope thats ok
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