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Legendary Survivor!


Well-Known Member
Welcome to Legendary Survivor, (sequel to Starter Survivor), the game that determines the popularity of legendaries by voting them off!

Each round will go like this:
  1. A new round is announced and the remaining legendaries are listed
  2. A 24-hour voting period begins where everyone votes three legendaries to be removed (order doesn't matter)
  3. The two legendaries with the most votes at the end of the round "leave the island" and are stuck with whatever placing they have
  4. The legendary with the third most votes at the end of the round (or multiple if there's a tie) gets a "Luck Bonus" and cannot be voted off in the next round (any votes for the legendary with the Luck Bonus will not be counted as a vote). THIS RULE IS NULL AND VOID ONCE ONLY FIVE LEGENDARIES REMAIN
  5. If two or more legendaries had the most votes (example: if Coballion and Uxie both got 6 votes and no one got 7 or more), a sudden death round begins. The next one voted is out
  6. Then the process repeats for the next round
  7. Eventually, one legendary will be left. That legendary will be the winner and gets bragging rights

  1. Articuno, Kanto
  2. Zapdos, Kanto
  3. Moltres, Kanto
  4. Mewtwo, Kanto
  5. Raikou, Johto
  6. Entei, Johto
  7. Suicune, Johto
  8. Lugia, Johto
  9. Ho-oh, Johto
  10. Regirock, Hoenn
  11. Regice, Hoenn
  12. Registeel, Hoenn
  13. Latias, Hoenn
  14. Latios, Hoenn
  15. Kyogre, Hoenn
  16. Groudon, Hoenn
  17. Rayquaza, Hoenn
  18. Uxie, Sinnoh
  19. Mesprit, Sinnoh
  20. Azelf, Sinnoh
  21. Dialga, Sinnoh
  22. Palkia, Sinnoh
  23. Heatran, Sinnoh
  24. Regigigas, Sinnoh
  25. Giratina, Sinnoh
  26. Cresselia, Sinnoh
  27. Coballion, Unova
  28. Terrakion, Unova
  29. Virizion, Unova
  30. Tornadus, Unova
  31. Thundurus, Unova
  32. Reshiram, Unova
  33. Zekrom, Unova
  34. Landorus, Unova
  35. Kyurem, Unova
  36. Xerneas, Kalos
  37. Yveltal, Kalos
  38. Zygarde, Kalos
  39. Type: Null, Alola
  40. Silvally, Alola
  41. Tapu Koko, Alola
  42. Tapu Lele, Alola
  43. Tapu Bulu, Alola
  44. Tapu Fini, Alola
  45. Cosmog, Alola
  46. Cosmoem, Alola
  47. Solgaleo, Alola
  48. Lunala, Alola
  49. Necrozma, Alola
  50. Zacian, Galar
  51. Zamazenta, Galar
  52. Eternatus, Galar
  53. Kubfu, Galar
  54. Urshifu, Galar
  55. Calyrex, Galar

The first voting period ends at 10:30 PM (UTC), Sunday, May 31st


Pokémon Master (Kinda)
I’m voting Raikou,Uxie,and Cresselia

Shouldn’t we remove the new dlc legendaries since none of us have actually battled with them yet?


Sky High Knight
Registeel, Cosmoem and Type: Null


Paladin of the Snow Queen
Kyogre, Lugia, Registeel


A single misplaced step
Cosmoem, Landorus, Thundurus


Not thinking twice!
Cresselia, Terrakion, Moltres


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Registeel, Raikou, Moltres


Well-Known Member

Due to a 7-way tie for 3rd most votes (at 2 each), Moltres, Raikou, Uxie, Regigigas, Cresselia, Type: Null, and Tapu Fini each have a Luck Bonus and cannot be voted off in Round 2.

  1. Registeel (57th)
  2. Cosmoem (56th)

  1. Articuno, Kanto
  2. Zapdos, Kanto
  3. Moltres, Kanto
  4. Mewtwo, Kanto
  5. Raikou, Johto
  6. Entei, Johto
  7. Suicune, Johto
  8. Lugia, Johto
  9. Ho-oh, Johto
  10. Regirock, Hoenn
  11. Regice, Hoenn
  12. Latias, Hoenn
  13. Latios, Hoenn
  14. Kyogre, Hoenn
  15. Groudon, Hoenn
  16. Rayquaza, Hoenn
  17. Uxie, Sinnoh
  18. Mesprit, Sinnoh
  19. Azelf, Sinnoh
  20. Dialga, Sinnoh
  21. Palkia, Sinnoh
  22. Heatran, Sinnoh
  23. Regigigas, Sinnoh
  24. Giratina, Sinnoh
  25. Cresselia, Sinnoh
  26. Coballion, Unova
  27. Terrakion, Unova
  28. Virizion, Unova
  29. Tornadus, Unova
  30. Thundurus, Unova
  31. Reshiram, Unova
  32. Zekrom, Unova
  33. Landorus, Unova
  34. Kyurem, Unova
  35. Xerneas, Kalos
  36. Yveltal, Kalos
  37. Zygarde, Kalos
  38. Type: Null, Alola
  39. Silvally, Alola
  40. Tapu Koko, Alola
  41. Tapu Lele, Alola
  42. Tapu Bulu, Alola
  43. Tapu Fini, Alola
  44. Cosmog, Alola
  45. Solgaleo, Alola
  46. Lunala, Alola
  47. Necrozma, Alola
  48. Zacian, Galar
  49. Zamazenta, Galar
  50. Eternatus, Galar
  51. Kubfu, Galar
  52. Urshifu, Galar
  53. Calyrex, Galar
*italicized legendaries may not be voted in this round

Round 2's voting period ends at 11:30 PM (UTC), Monday, June 1st
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